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  1. Results shouldn't be taken completely seriously (say for example if we conceded 3 goals after we sent the scratch side on and lost 3-1 i'd still feel happy because we "won" 1-0 with the first choice lineup) but performances can definitely give you an idea of what's to come. I called a sh*t season in 2015/16 during pre season (although i never thought it would have been as bad as it actually turned out), it was clear just watching the pre season games that something was seriously seriously wrong.
  2. It's makes sense that it's now we are truly starting to reap the rewards as these guys would have been recruited around or just after the time of Roman overhauling the academy structure.
  3. Argo


    5 sackings in the last 10 years is below average in the modern era. For perspective in the same timeframe Liverpool are on 4, Spurs are on 4 and United are on 3 and this is despite all 3 clubs having long term manager's in the hotseat for almost half of the period.
  4. Argo


    Ultimately Willian will be gone next year (he will want more than one year extension while the club won't budge on one), I don't particularly agree with him getting it but I think him getting the 10 for a year is a sort of thankyou for his service to the club while we work out who out of CHO and Pulisic get it in the long run.
  5. Thankfully we have good cover in Jorginho and Kovacic, imagine if this happened when the Cesc and Matic/Baka partnership was the alternative?
  6. Argo

    Mason Mount

    Found this interesting. The year before Alli went to Spurs he scored 16 goals in 44 games playing in League One, Mason last year scored 11 in 44 playing a division higher. If Mount can have a similar impact to Alli's first season at sh*te Hart Lane (10 goals, 9 assists in the league and a further 2 assist's in Europe) that will come in very handy.
  7. https://www.football-italia.net/140988/conte-inter-need-start-selling Looks like the mask is slipping earlier than usual this time.
  8. I disagree, playing defensive won't be guaranteed better results (afterall it was a crap league season playing to our supposed strength's that triggered this change of direction) but even if it does it would be another 1 step forward 2 steps back approach which is what ultimately has got us in this sh*t in the first place. I don't think i can take another season similar to what Conte served up in 17/18, we will be taking a lot of short term punches this year regardless so i'd rather take them building something sustainable as opposed to wasting a year.
  9. It does make me laugh that in an era where midfield dominantion and press resistance is key, they decide of all player's to go after they pick our most technically acomplished midfielder and also our best player at resisting pressure.
  10. Argo

    Mason Mount

    As much as Willian is not the best corner taker ever seen, corners have always been 95% about who's in the box as opposed to who's taking them, Willian was also a corner taker back in 13-16 when we were getting a lot of joy because JT, Ivan and Cahill were in there causing havoc. That's why I was an advocate of the short corners that became a regular feature in our play under Conte, because with our current lack of height and gusto in the team we could have Beckham and De Bruyne taking our corners and most still won't go anywhere when put into the box.
  11. Watch the Arsenal fans turn on him now.
  12. I think Lampard will benefit a lot from Sarri laying the groundwork. Their style's are more similar than people think.
  13. I think a two year loan to the Bundesliga will suit him down to the ground.
  14. Yeah he's the type of defender that you add to an already stable backline, not to hope to solidify a sh*t one. Rumours DDG is getting a new 500k deal which is a crazy gamble for them. If his season just gone is decline instead of just bad form they have yet another huge problem that will hold them back further.
  15. I think he meant the likes of Silva, Aguero etc.
  16. Don't really think it's worth it now all things considered. Any fee we get for him will unlikely bag us a quality replacement anyway so we may aswell keep him and see how it plays out.
  17. New five year contract. Now he's a full member of the squad i feel he deserves his own page on the main forum.
  18. I kid you not on another platform somebody tried to tell me Jorginho will be discarded while Bakayoko will make the final cut. Makes me wonder if they've done any even basic research on what Lampard's like as a manager.
  19. Argo


    Very much so. In reality he's been pretty bad ever since his form dropped of a cliff his last year here, we just assumed it was because he was sulking. If we resigned him now he would make the Falcao us and United had look like his prime version.
  20. I don't deny that but I feel Hazard did have his legacy in mind aswell. He see's it as important part of his path, creating history and becoming immortal at his clubs, which is why he made sure he covered his back to make sure no one was able to have any scope to turn on him. He would never have done a Tibo and gone on strike, but I feel it was his love for the club and wanting to go down in Chelsea folklore is what prevented him being a bit more persistent with his desires in 2018.
  21. Lol Bats has had a great half in terms of general play but couldn't finish, I'm use to the opposite.
  22. Hourses for courses, Hazard seems like someone who wants to build legacy's wherever he goes so will behave accordingly whereas Tibo see's football as more of a job and will do whatever best suits his personnel circumstances.
  23. Argo


    Tbh i'm think he may even be punching above his weight with those 2. He's declined just as badly as Alexis has if not worse.
  24. Any fee we could get will be peanuts in this market so we may aswell see how it plays out. I think he will sign but either way i'm pretty relaxed now with him as unlike with KDB (who no doubt people will draw comparisons with if he goes) we've done everything possible. If the appearances he got at the second half of last season, the number 10 shirt, two of his academy coaches in the set up, a player he idolized (who's talked him right up) becoming the manager, being able to skip the loan process (something not even Terry did) and being one of the big faces of the new era isn't enough to convince him then meh whatever.
  25. I agree they wouldn't help us out, but selling us Lingard would be far from helping us just like us selling them Bakayoko won't. If United want to keep paying over the odds for our past it and/or unwanted assets that's brilliant for us as far as I'm concerned.

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