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  1. I would have still said 66 points was a good season regardless of position, to only have 6 less after losing your only world class player is nothing to be sniffed at even if we got a transfer window (for context Liverpool had 22 less after losing Suarez and they still had Sterling, Sturridge and Coutinho, United had 5 less after losing CR7 and they still had Rooney) There's also been very encouraging signs because when we're good we're very good, Lampard has also beaten all the top 8 (plus Ajax) atleast once and has outdone four CL winning managers (and not only that he handed Ancelotti his joint highest career defeat and became the first manager to the double on Mourinho). Yes he has to improve on some aspects of his management if he wants us to challenge for the league on his watch, but the projected end product is very exciting in my opinion. Regarding Arsenal and Spurs, it hasn't surprised me atall what's happening to them this season, them challenging us so closely for 4th last season was a lot more than they deserved, this season was results catching up with them.
  2. Not quite sure where this narrative comes from that only Sarri will want him, seems a pretty lazy myth given Pep was desperate for him aswell. Furthermore, Pirlo was a regista so there's every chance he'd want one for his Juve team and alas go after Jorgi himself.
  3. We had to be more open and attacking, we lost our game changer with no chance to replace him, had we played the cautious possession football Sarri did (or counter football Mou did) without Hazard we'd have been lucky to get 50 goals (and even that projected prediction is due to the fact Pulisic exploded at the business end). Even with the attacking tactics we still hugely struggled against low blocks whenever one of Pulisic or CHO weren't on form, sometimes even when they were, imagine how badly it would have worked out if we were largely relying on our front 3 without Eden to find a way to break them, I'd dread to think how many games we would have gone without a goal at some points. You say it's an underwhelming performance but no one expected us to be top four this season, infact people kept saying they would have widely accepted 10th aslong as youth were playing and there was some positive encouragement of a potential end product, as it happened we got both of them along with 4th.
  4. The ties gone but if we can get a result on the night from two down that could be a massive mentality boost for us going forward, especially the academy boys.
  5. Argo


    Barkley as well if we stretch to International duty.
  6. You're really underestimate just how big an advantage match fitness is. We have been playing do and die games non stop for the last 6/7 weeks while Bayern played their last game around the start of that. It's hard enough being comfortable in your league then going straight into a do or die CL game (it's no coincidence a runaway domestic champion rarely win the CL) let alone not playing at-all. Like i said though on this occasion the team we put out plus the deficit will more than likely make the task too much despite that advantage, if we lose big then questions have to be asked. It's sort of frustrating in a way because with a full team and a more manageable deficit we'd actually have a unique opportunity to actually win this thing with our match fitness advantage over the rest.
  7. I love him but i wouldn't want him back now. He's approaching 30 and looking like his knees are going, could easily end up being another Kante situation were he plays when fit no matter what form he's in compared to his competitor largely because of what he was. If you think Kante coming straight back in after Jorgi and Kova smashed it in his absence was frustrating, imagine an fully firing Puli being took away from his best position to the opposite side to accommodate Eden. We got a fantastic price and replaced him well, we should close that fantastic chapter and move on to the next era.
  8. With a full team i'd actually be quite if not confident hopeful. Our match fitness advantage is massive and with a fully fit Puli, Azpi and even Willian if we brought a similar A game to what we did in our clashes vs City there was genuinely a chance, an early goal would have had a rusty Bayern very tense especially with the history of us playing in that stadium. But yeah, it's almost certainly going to be too much with tonights team.
  9. Do we really know it's that? For all we know Lampard could have looked at his disciplinary issues this season decided he was too big a risk in terms of squad makeup and decided to pass.
  10. I won't lie I was a bit gutted when it became obvious he wasn't coming here, i brought into the romance of him coming to the club he supports and mixing with our academy lads (all of whom he's good mates with). But since it's become clear we're getting Ziyech, Werner and especially Havertz I genuinely couldn't care less.
  11. It's not regular but it does happen, Inter Milan since Conte's arrival a recent example. It won't happen this summer for us because above all else we simply don't have the time, but a full summer with the board working overtime it would have been doable.
  12. Argo


    He was the back up under Sarri and didn't (to our knowledge) kick up a fuss. Infact come to think of it he fell out with Conte in the period he was starting the most under him, however as i said earlier i find it a little hard to judge Willian on that, Conte's behaviour that season was a lot worse and would have tested even Angel Gabriel's patience.
  13. Argo

    Kai Havertz

    More i think about this the more i'm looking forward to seeing him and Mount together, they compliment each others skillsets perfectly.
  14. Given the way Conte behaved in the second half of that season i find it very hard to get outraged over Willian doing that. Conte did a lot worse what felt like every week.
  15. In fairness similar was said in September when Pulisic was ignored vs Valencia and Liverpool. In think in that moment Frank probably had Pedro's experience of major finals in his thought process, rightly or wrongly.
  16. Argo


    I'm the opposite, when players go to rivals to wind down after giving us their peak that's a huge nod of approval in my eyes (even more so now given who's coming to us in his place). I saw Cech and Luiz at Arsenal and pitied/pity the fans knowing they will never see them smash a CL final with them like they did with us, when i see Spurs fans talking about Jose knowing they will never see the charismatic dominant version we did i think it's brilliant. And when they try and lord it over us like they done a Bayern/any other German club on us poached these guys when on the up/in their prime makes it all the more hilarious.
  17. Argo


    Short term i think we'll miss him, with Pulisic out for christ knows how long and the new boys potentially needing time to settle he'd have been a nice bit of stability in a vastly changing lineup (similar to what he was at the start of this season actually). However 3 years is too much at his age, right decision to let him go.
  18. I actually think he's much worse than Mourinho behaviour wise. Jose has his faults but some of Conte's actions (like going AWOL from the club for 2 weeks) is next level. Jose gets a bit grumpy and passive agressive if he has a poor transfer window and results go south, Conte is capable of starting a war in an empty box room.
  19. Argo

    Alphonse Areola

    Not sure about him, i remember Liverpool specifically targeted him at set pieces when they played PSG which is the last thing we need in our next keeper. Is it rumoured loan or perm?
  20. That's true actually, he's literally playing with 7 teammates that are world class and at the peak of their powers, imagine if RJ's era was the mid 00's and he broke through with the old guard in their prime, he'd have been able to ride out his off days without being punished.
  21. This is after he's been backed to the absolute hilt aswell. €200m (€270m if he activates his options to buy) worth of players most recent of which one of the worlds best wingbacks born to play in his system. He's going to ruin what could have been an unbelievable career and he'll have no one to blame but himself (although it won't be for the want of trying).
  22. I though he was excellent in the couple months before the Bayern game halted his momentum a bit. I remember feeling absolutely wounded that he didn't make it in time to play Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.
  23. Absolutely not! You never wave the white flag while there's still technically a chance no matter how small, it goes against the fabric of this club in literally every sense and could have disastrous implications to team morale and mentality going forward. Imagine if we play a scratch side Bayern have a shocker and we win 1-0 on the night? We will forever kick ourselves knowing we may actually have done it if we took the game seriously. With the team we have available for this it will be up there with one of the biggest European upsets ever (certainly between two big clubs) if we turn this round, but flying to Bavaria with any other intention than to try and achieve the (next to) impossible will be completely and utterly unacceptable.
  24. Suspensions are now exclusive to competitions, he'll miss the third round of next season's cup as opposed to the first game next season.

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