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  1. I very highly doubt either would be options for the 6 in any game of note.
  2. Yep was very wishful thinking that we would get the best Saul. That said we with the three midfielders we have it isn't exactly an urgent requirement, just need him to get to a level where he can competently fill in when needed.
  3. Him signing for us in itself made me suspicious. If he was his best self why would he have come here knowing he'd have a fight on to even be the first substitute?
  4. It's not "picking on a player" it's a conclusion I've come too watching him at youth level, on loan and now with the first team. Being a squad player isn't exactly an insult btw, good depth wins things and he's the exact profile of academy squad depth that use to beef up Fergie's title winning squad's.
  5. I still wouldn't be comfortable with him back as number 1 for a prolonged period but he's certainly starting to make me feel a lot less uneasy about the ACON next year. Hooefully he keeps this momentum up because I remember everytime I thought Hilario was becoming a reliable back up he'd have an absolute disasterclass, really hope this is different.
  6. I never got the narrative we will waste him in that position, the majority of Azpi's best attacking contributions down the years have come from that role and as you said the crossing angles are actually better. If we're still playing back 3 this time next year we should really consider resigning Livramento and moving James to RCB full time.
  7. I'll feel more confident once @Snedgercomes on and tells us it's a foregon conclusion for City.
  8. His game time was also in frequent under Frank but he never fell to these depths. He was actually up there with KDB and Bruno last year with key passes per 90.
  9. I don't think he was bad under Lampard (argument for another day) but since his initial burst under TT he's regressed big time. Not sure what's happened.
  10. Yep, he has really explosive moments in games which gives the impression he's having better games than he actually is.
  11. Even in a three he's had moments he's looked dodgy (super cup for example). He's a good squad player but hopefully that's how he stays, we've had too many squad level players get roles above their station in recent times.
  12. I love Chalobah and think he could become a good squad player but he has too many sketchy moments in games to be starter level.
  13. The funniest thing is the main point of his argument was their respective ages. Can't wait to come across him again now they've signed a certain someone also in his mid 30's.
  14. A United fan genuinely tries to argue with me that Maguire is better.
  15. To say we've struck gold with this guy would be a massively misguided understatement. Funny you mention that because Fergie widely regarded as the greatest ever actually had Ronaldo on the bench at Stamford Bridge in both his last two season's during his first spell at United. Once due to the game being sandwiched inbetween UCL semi's and the other for pretty much the same reason Kante was on the bench today (managing his fitness due to a recent injury).
  16. Three guarantees in life. Death, taxes and Harry Kane getting schooled by Thiago Silva!
  17. I'm actually pissed Nuno is at Spurs, thought we saw the back of him when he left Wolves. Every time we've faced him bar the 2-5 he's murdered the match as a spectacule.
  18. That's my biggest worry, James and Chilwell don't have the level of attacking output to be the pair of wingbacks every week. I wouldn't be against trying Pulisic there as all be it only a friendly he looked okay there at The Emirates and he's not been cutting it in anyway shape or form on the left for sometime.
  19. People will critise his finishing and no arguments there it's abysmal, but there's a reason we create so many chances to waste with him on. Last year the correlation of bad/average performances and results to good under Tuchel directly correlated to whether or not he started. Thanks to Rom we're getting results without him (for now) but the performances in attack have been lacking bar the first half against Arsenal.
  20. We miss Werner from a tactical perspective. There you go I've said it.
  21. Thiago Silva's first game infront of a full Stamford Bridge crowd.
  22. f**k sake we missed out on the net spend trophy. 0/10.
  23. Absolute wow Kane has just signed for City https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58393587 Speechless!
  24. This is the one downside of having such top class/untouchable options, we will struggle to find anyone of any real note happy to come in knowing they will more than likely be nothing but cover. Other examples would be Liverpool and their front three (ever since they established themselves the only other player in that area of any real note they have attracted is Jota) and Spurs' struggles to find a proper back up to Kane (knowing that's all they'll be).
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