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  1. Moussa Dembele and Alfredo Morelos look two strikers who are attainable and have scope to grow into top players. Beyond that our scouts who are payed to watch games daily should be able to find some players of similar ilk, ten years ago I'd have been able to offer a wide range of potential targets as I use to watch atleast 6/7 games a weekend but not any more.
  2. We shouldn't be looking for back ups, we should be looking for someone to compete with Tammy, preferably someone who can double up as a winger. The West Ham game shows how fragile we still are up top, one long injury to Tammy and we're back shuffling between two strikers who don't cut it and false 9. Pukki or Mitrovic would just be another Ba level player, at best. We need to try and find whoever the current day version of Hoffenheims Firminho is (ie very good with scope to develop into a beast) and target them.
  3. Our recruitment since we have started changing our football style has been excellent. Kova, Jorginho and Pulisic have been huge hit, few question marks over Kepa but he's not exactly flop of the decade and Higuain served a purpose. In 2016 we signed Kante, Alonso and Luiz all went onto to be key players in us winning the league and while we should have signed more players in 2015 the one we did manage to get over the line has been a very good player for us. The only really really bad window in terms of recruitment in the last four years has been 2017/18 but your post makes it sound like we've systematically been signing poor players, which couldn't be further from the truth.
  4. With Tammy's emergence we can afford to take a bit more of a gamble. While I can't imagine we'd see prime Cavani he won't be the absolute liability Michy is when starting games. I actually want Morelos as the long term option but he won't be available in January which makes Cavani for the short run all the more appealing.
  5. Is that really that much in the modern day? If anything that's probably underpaying for a player of that quality.
  6. We got rid of the original Zappacosta and Drinkwater to give room to these young players. Anyone who thinks we'll now suddenly get rid of Mount etc to find replicas are just finding an excuse to moan for the sake of it.
  7. Thats obviously not going to happen.
  8. Things won't change under Frank. The notion that he's being forced to play youth is the highest load of balloney I've ever heard.
  9. Not for me. I always felt safe with Courtois on set pieces and if you go through my history I mentioned it many times while he was here. I don't know the exact stats for how many serious chances we allowed on corners or dangerous free kicks with him in goal but id be surprised if it was any worse than one in three games.
  10. No news on Marco Silva yet. If he's in the dugout on Saturday the atmosphere would make our first game under Benitez look like a happy clapping tea party.
  11. I'd say a more accurate comparison was O Neil's Villa and I'm not joking. The way they try and break on teams at pace with Rashford and Dan James remind me of that Villa side doing it with Young and Agbonlahor. It's absolutely nuts how far they've fallen from grace, people moan about our decision making at board level (sometimes rightly) but Marina is the absolute nuts in comparison to Ed Woodward.
  12. I think people go too far the other way these days, people are so convinced everyone is lying/guessing including one's that have historically credible sources. Many things get leaked in advance and turn out to be spot on (for example David Martin coming in for West Ham at Stamford Bridge), there was also numerous spreads in papers detailing how Lampard was going to run Chelsea which were all pretty much on the money. I have a friend who's a journalist and according to him any piece with 'a source within the club' in it is often information given by the man who the main topic of the article in question.
  13. Think Barca were banned in the calendar year 2015 but not 100% sure.
  14. They signed Turan but he could only train for six months. We could have done the same if we wanted and the player agreed to it.
  15. He timed his rise to prominence ridiculously well from our perspective. Had he still been a loanee we wouldn't have a snowball in hell's chance of keeping him.
  16. Actually Kante is a fine shout. Typical 90 minutes from him. Totally under stated and entirely reliable every time he is involved. I still prefer him to Jorginho in that role regardless of how much Jorginho has improved this season. I can't really name a MOTM myself, this victory was the definition of a team effort.
  17. New manager bounce, even with that they have been getting extremely fortunate (Bournemouth missing a sitter, Rice goal not standing). Even if Spurs somehow get level with us I'm confident we can claw it back (like we did when United got ahead of us out of nothing last year) because their form doesn't look sustainable.
  18. Just to give people who don't have Amazon Prime the heads up you can activate a 30 day free trial which will allow you to access this game and our game Vs Southampton on Boxing Day.
  19. Barkley's place will be filled by Conor Gallagher. Unless there's a bonafide world option and I'm talking prime Iniesta/Xavi/Pirlo level option available and genuinely attainable midfield is the last place we need to invest in anytime soon, it's the one position on the pitch where our options are title winning.
  20. I agree he still has a lot of developing to do but when he's on despite some errors we don't seem to see the sheer amount of space and systematic chaos we saw in Valencia and at home to Leicester. While that probably says just as much about the chaotic nature of the Zouma and Christensen partnership as it does about him, it still means he's an important player back there by default until Toni returns.
  21. I don't remember the 80s but I do remember the last couple years of being a midtable PL side before the Zola, Robbie, Gullit movement and I would say it beats 15/16. Reason being realistically that was as good as it was going to get with the team we had. That's why I never got the narrative of "you're moaning about 5th try being around in the 80s and early 90s" when it's all about context for me, should we have the worst squad in the league and finish 17th I'd say give the manager a statue, anyone finishes 17th with this squad and they're the worst manager in our and quite possibly English football history.
  22. The last week has put into perspective just how important Tammy and Tomori have become, atleast until we can get in the market and get Rudiger back respectively. For the talk about Tammy being mainly a scorer his goalscoring record since Wolves has actually been quite average so the fact no one's really noticed just goes to show how well his game has developed. I actually forgot how much of a nightmare our striker situation has been but I got a reminder on Saturday. Tomori while he has been a bit sloppy at times our open space defending is so much better when he's playing, Valencia was the worst game of open play defending since United/Leicester incidentally before he came in the team.

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