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  1. Now you're moving the goal post's. You said we would call for his head if he had a "horrid start like Klopp" well results wise, he did! I think Klopp may have got top 4 (or just missed it) if the table was only counted from after his arrival. And while we're on the subject of Liverpool fans, both Roy Hogsdon and Brendan Rodgers had similarly woeful results at the start of their tenure, one they aggressively called to be fired and the other they backed to the moon and the back, why? Because one shown a clear vision, blueprint and hope better results will come while the other was branding a
  2. What we see on the pitch is more important than previous track record in my opinion (what did BVB have to go on when Klopp started slow there?), we had a world cup winning manager in 2008 but it was clear by Christmas he simply wasn't cutting it.
  3. Klopp is a mere one point down on Lampard in his first 38 league games (65 to 66) and got to two finals to Frank's one. Klopp also inherited a weaker squad. So Lampard did actually have a similar "horrid" start to what Klopp did yet the minority which includes "those same posters" were fully behind him at that point.
  4. How did we all know Diego Costa was coming to Chelsea months before it was official? If you're so certain you're right this should be the easiest question you've answered!
  5. As you conveniently cut it out i'll ask directly. How do you explain the fact we all knew Costa was Chelsea bound when we faced him in a CL semi?
  6. The fact we've let that garbage within touching distance of us is the most annoying thing about the recent run.
  7. There's always people closely connected with the club to report on things, usually by little murmurings from people in the club. I have an ex sports journalist friend and often when a story involves the line "a source inside the club says" 9 times out of 10 it's a guy closely involved in whatever the story is about. How do you think the news on (off the top of my head) Conte, Sarri, Ancelotti, Chilwell, Mendy, Havertz, Mou returning, Lampard's appointment and plan with the youth, Schurrle and Diego Costa become common knowledge weeks/months in advance? We watched the latter dump us out in the
  8. To answer your question, if it became clear Roman is going to go all in on backing Frank in the medium/long term (whether that news comes from a reliable source or a mouthpiece in the boardroom) then yes because of his (in my opinion) by in large good judgement with timings of managerial appointments/sackings I will trust/give the benefit of the doubt that he's seeing something that I (at this moment in time) ain't.
  9. How much difference would Pogba and Stones (who he wanted) have made though really? Nearly 6 years on and they're both only now starting to find some proper consistency, and with the latter it's still hard to tell whether it's a legit improvement in himself or whether he's a Ruben Dias injury away from reverting to type.
  10. To cut a long story short, do you think AVB would have delivered big ears? Or Scolari the 2010 double or even the 2009 FA Cup? Would Mou have delivered the 16/17 title? Regardless on what my stance on any particular manager is I've always trusted Roman's judgement on it because by inlarge he's got the decisions to sack right, especially in hindsight.
  11. But surely the most important comparison is with ourselves? Pretty much every time the board/Roman has taken the tough decision it's worked out.
  12. Also Drogba's personal record of 80 in one stadium is safe, would have been under threat from Mane if that run carried on.
  13. Weirdly I think Spurs is the one we may do the best in for two reasons. 1. Jose will give us more tactical respect than our recent form warrants. 2. Frank seems to have his number, unbeaten in 5 and properly outdone him in 3 of them. If there's any game our form will fly out of the window it will be that one.
  14. It's not that you wanted Sarri out and are sticking by Lampard 100% that I was challenging, it was more some of the wording. Ultimately wherever someone stood on Sarri and stands on Frank the majority only think what they do in the belief it's what best for the club. End of the day we all (apart from the odd few trolls that pop up occasionally) post with one agenda and that's what we believe is best for Chelsea football club, and in my view that comes before anyone, me, you, Frank, Sarri, even Roman. One example on my end, Drogba is my all time idol (for what he does off the pitch aswell
  15. Gilmour can play DM as can Gallagher. If we're looking from within for options those two are the best ones.
  16. But with those metrics i can raise the fact we won the reverse fixture at The Bridge under Sarri and didn't that season under Conte, so the toe to toe methods actually yielded more points.
  17. Half decent keepers don't let that in, it was almost straight at him. I've seen Mendy face similar shots and he just plucked them out of the sky with minimum fuss.
  18. Pretty sure we started the better side then let in three quickfire goals none of which would have happened with Mendy in nets.
  19. First game in the super cup we matched them all the way, drew the game but unfortunately lost the shootout. First league game were the better side but our poor finishing cost us. Cup game (ironically almost two years to the day from that disgrace) we had even more injury's, were forced to give a teenager with only 3 prior appearances a start at DM (well i say forced Conte would have probably stuck Zouma there and used that to justify not leaving our own area) and beat them comfortably. Second league game we were the better side but a Kepa disasterclass meant we weren't rewarded
  20. Then how do you explain two season's later with a weaker squad Lampard going toe to toe with the runaway champions four times and us putting on a good account of ourselves on every single occasion?
  21. Not me, I don't care if it was only 1-0, that was the most humiliated I ever felt as a Chelsea fan and what causes me to turn against Conte.
  22. But going by your logic that we have no entitlement to be top half, surely that also applies to being top 6 (which we were under Sarri all season long) or competing with one of the best teams at the peak of it's powers (which we actually done in the clashes either side of that 6-0)? Then here below you were moaning about Sarri (while we were in 6th position with a game in hand) because you believed we were going to finish 6th and fail to win the Europa League, so if people criticising and wanting a change while In 8th and on a run of 3 wins in 10 are (according to you) being a spoilt brat
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