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  1. If Sarri goes to Juventus and Conte takes the tougher job of managing Inter Milan, lots of people will put there money on Inter Milan or Ancelotti's Napoli winning the league next season despite being underdogs for the title. There's more chance of Wenger returning to Arsenal and winning the title than Ancelotti winning the league with Napoli.
  2. On the contary, I think Lampard is one of the very few people the crowd will stick by no matter what. Which will be a good thing if he's genuinely building something but a very bad thing if he's flopping.
  3. No manager will get that time at Chelsea the aim is to win. Also what do we define as progress who measures that progress the club the fan's the bias media. What do we define as playing youth? I actually think Roman will give time if it came to it, it's the crowd I don't trust, as shown with Ruben's substitution Vs Frankfurt they aren't exactly known for thinking outside the box. I have always tried to defend the crowd on the basis of them being fellow supporters but I have left almost every single game since October pissed off, my issue is not that they want Sarri out or don't rate Jorginho, it's the way they've gone about it, and I'm already annoyed thinking about the likely sh*t Pulisic will be subjected too if he doesn't hit the ground running. The ironic thing is, the two times they decided to break the mould and show some patience (with Torres and Jose) and are the two times that they really really shouldn't have.
  4. Yeah right, it only took a bad month for some to completely turn on Christensen and I bet any money Pulisic will be getting booed by Christmas at the latest.
  5. I would rather have no one then Batshauyi back, genuinely. If it weren't for his ability to take chances when they come I would genuinely consider him the worst striker to have played for us in the modern era his all round play is that bad.
  6. I can answer that. The two main reason's i started developing serious doubts over Sarri in that period was his squad management and our tendency to completely collapse after falling behind especially away from home. Both aspects have been improved on since, he rotated quite well In the run in and the total collapses we saw in January/February haven't been the case of late. We came from behind to get past Frankfurt, we came from behind against Burnley, Wolves and Cardiff, we even made a fight of it at Anfield after going two down and had a 15 minute spell where we battered Liverpool but Hazard couldn't finish his dinner (a few months back we would have surrendered meekly after Mane and Salah's quick fire goals and lost by 4). And I think we have got better going forward since that period, far from perfect but the ball does get moved a lot faster now and our lack of bite is more down to dire finishing compared to the winter period where it was more down to the fact we were barely creating anything. I'm not 100% sold on Sarri but all things considered he deserves the benefit of the doubt in my view.
  7. Now while i won't pretend next season looks too promising if the bans enforced, that is way ott. Look how bad Spurs, United, Arsenal and Liverpool have got during various periods this decade yet none of them fell to mid table, not a chance it will happen to us.
  8. Why should you move on from something that has brought you so much success? Because the games moving on to a more high pressing/possession based game. if we don't evolve with the times we will get left behind. If he was doing things to "save his job" then Kante would have become a DM by now. The mental gymnastics being used to turn even his good things into bad is hilarious.
  9. If it was between the two, its Nuno for me. Am highly impressed with Lampard's achievement at Derby but he is still inexperienced for me. While I rate the job Nuno has done at Wolves he plays the style of football we've invested time and money trying to move on from. If Sarri goes we need someone with a possession/attacking based philosophy.
  10. Stop mentioning the name Gracia. Even all the fans who want Sarri out knows he can never be replaced by Gracia. There is much more chance of Howe or Nuno coming here than Gracia. Nuno would be even worse. If Sarri goes Lampard should be the replacement.
  11. I have been one of Sarri's advocates on here but I think he deserves his share of blame on this one unless he was specifically instructed to play Ruben. I get that we had to put a strong team out initially but there was no need to risk Ruben given his injury record and his new found importance to the set up, totally unnecessary.
  12. This is what annoys me. Want him out? Fair enough your opinion, but i find this insistence to play down even the good things he does very hard to accept.
  13. While we're on the subject i wonder if David Luiz will go back to number 4 now Cesc is gone.
  14. We should only sell if the ban is stayed, if it ain't f**k the £100m and keep him next year should be the only option. I'm not one to slate the club on a whim (quite frankly the FIFA career mode mentality some have makes me cringe) but selling him without a chance to replace will be ludicrously stupid.
  15. June this year? Haha, the media will slaughter our board for not being patient with him after qualifying us for the champions league. I personally already know he will struggle next year because he has overachieved by finishing 3rd in the league this season, it will be even more difficult to finish 4th next season because Spurs, Arsenal and United will be stronger next season. But I think it's fair to give him till next season, if by November he is still throwing tantrums about not knowing how to motivate the players or he still doesn't know why we come out of the dressing room and have a bad second half, we should just let him go and appoint a new manager in December. The only team that may get better are Arsenal. Spurs have stagnanted and United are f**ked even more so than Liverpool circa 10-12.
  16. He simply would have been another Morata here. We don't create chances as much as Arsenal does, he definitely would have struggle here. Don't forget he gets missing in most games and he and Morata are few of the laziest forwards I have ever seen. Us and Arsenal are roughly level on the XG metre (which in layman terms calculates the quality of chances create and probability of a goal).
  17. Because he was well loved at Chelsea and the average fan made it clear he didn't want him sacked, one even went as far as telling Jose in person (when he arrived to watch Chelsea Vs Monaco) "don't come here we love Claudio".
  18. Of all the Sarri critisism that's one I never really did get. Most of the managers at the top level have set formations and stick to them come rain or shine, you maybe get a slight tweak like Jose shifting from 433/4231 or Conte's 343/352 but such drastic shifts are unheard of and managers that do it (like Emery) are ones that don't really have an identity as a manager.
  19. This may be an unpopular opinion but I think Ranieri is a bang average manager at absolute best and apart from the season he got us 4th I didn't rate the job he did here atall.
  20. You know what? You are yet to name a manager that is worse than Sarri, all the above managers will do better here than Sarri! As Ancelotti's proving by improving Sarri's Napoli. Oh wait..........
  21. Argo


    It won't happen, the only reason the exception was made for Luiz is because his contract was running out immediately and there was all the uncertainty of the lingering and Rudiger potentially being injured for the start of next season. David was in the very rare position of having a seriously strong hand to play, leverage I can't see Willian having this time next year.
  22. For all the talk of the last penalty nerves thing i swear no one ever misses a match point penalty, THAT one in Moscow is literally the only exception i can think of.
  23. There's a risk no matter what we do, United appointed a proven PL winner in Jose and he didn't get close to doing it with them, likewise Kenny at Liverpool. Given he has a track record of giving a team league consistentcy all be it in a different league i would rather gamble on Sarri getting us to at the very least a challenging position more than i would a Emery for example who despite an impressive cup record has a very average league history littered with inconsistentcy, i would put Ancelotti in that category aswell.

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