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  1. I could understand the calls to sign him last summer when Lampard's system needed a sitting DM but now I'm not really getting it. We are defensively solid and controlling games in the middle against even the best opposition, there isn't a gap in our team for a sitter type this time round.
  2. Mount played for the perfect manager for him. If we send Billy to play for say Steve Bruce then I genuinely believe a handful of appearances here would trump playing week in week out there. He has to go to a manager who suits his skillset preferably with a recall clause if they then appoint an unsuitable manager mid season (for example if we send him to Norwich for the purpose of playing under Farke but they then appoint Tony Pulis mid season).
  3. It's (very wrongly) part of the package from such fame tragically. It's inevitable someone will decide to take the same route Caroline Flack did sooner rather than later and it will be galling seeing some of the same people preach be kind and whatnot, like Piers Morgan did when she died only to a matter of months later publicly bully Denise Welch on social media and national TV for trying to raise mental health awareness.
  4. I think there were some signs that the pleasing style we played under Frank initially was waning, I thought we were very poor after the restart but Pulisic stuck a sticky plaster on it. I felt even during the unbeaten run there was some signs we were starting to become a bit too reliant on crossing and set pieces but in the winter it went to whole new levels, we were literally looking like a Tony Pulis side, it was utterly brutal to watch. @venom2011 makes a very interesting point actually, did the muscle memory from Sarri's tactics combined with Frank's introduction of the youngster
  5. Recycling possesion is an effective tool to prevent counter attacks. Often he becomes an option for an under pressure player to pass who will then find a player not under pressure, that was his main role under Sarri especially and I remember Barkley a lot of times had his backside saved by having the "Jorginho option" there. It stops the ball being pinched off us in dangerous areas and allows us to play through pressure. When Jorginho isn't playing or has an off day ala West Brom how effective he is playing well becomes apparent. But the main point i was making is he's already shown he ca
  6. I got that there would be bumps in the road and he will get stuff right and wrong but what really shocked me in the last couple of months especially was there was no style of play anymore. I know we lost them but remember early on in Frank's reign when we went toe to toe with peak Liverpool and Pep's City and looked not a bit out of place? Many teams will get hammered if they do that but we honestly looked like we belonged on the level with them for the 90 minutes, I don't think I was ever more content after defeats because I truly felt something was happening. Out footballing Ajax (a tea
  7. Our record against the lesser teams under Sarri (where the system was literally built around Jorginho) was next to perfect (57 out of 66 against the bottom 11). Turkey parked a double decker against Italy and they still created chances at will. We create more than enough against these sh*t house teams it's the finishing that's been the biggest problem.
  8. This is why if we do send him out on loan we have to he very careful as to where. As Foden shown staying and learning under a world class coach but not playing as many minutes as you would like isn't the career killer it's portrayed as and it certainly wouldn't be for Billy who's type of player usually lasts till mid 30's anyway.
  9. Looks like Mount has claimed a 4th blackmail victim. Jose has stated that Mason would be in his team if he was the England manager and has done a complete U turn on his comments in the sky studio on his debut. https://www.si.com/soccer/chelsea/news/jose-mourinho-chelsea-midfielder-mason-mount-proved-me-wrong
  10. Last time round Portugal went through with three draws and only won one game in normal time throughout.
  11. Personally speaking if I knew he was on the mend I'd probably want to get back out there. The alternative was sitting around in their own thoughts.
  12. From our perspective there should be no excuse not to use our full squad now. I'll go as far as saying give any of our players a month off if they ask for it during the season.
  13. Had it on mute turned my head up from posting on here and assumed the player on the floor "only" broke his leg. This is not good, atall.
  14. Personally speaking I have a lot of belief in this squad going forward (which was the main reason I became as vocal as I did with Frank, i want a change at national level for similar reasons) and think sky is the limit for them. I didn't expect us to win but I fancied our chances in one off circumstances against everyone bar Bayern (and even then we had half a chance due to the insane high line Flick played). My gut instinct was we were going to have a couple of great scalps but ultimately our lack or experience would show.
  15. I was speaking more in a general sense, if I had £1 for the amount of times i argued that line. And was it against all odds? A surprise maybe but as soon as the quarter final draw was made I knew we had a really strong chance and had us as favourites to make the final from our side.
  16. Yes i really don't like the narrative that everything was next to perfect for a season and a bit then a mere few bad results and all of a sudden people lost patience. The previous season we produced borderline relegation fighting form for nearly half a season and Lampard still kept his job, the notion he was sacked at the very first sign of trouble is complete nonsense.
  17. We've had nearly four years to get use to it 😉 😂 (Ampadu was the first).
  18. The problem with Jorginho is he's never been fully accepted due to the Sarri regime which means any bad game has people calling for him to be sold (ala Arsenal at home).
  19. I'm at a loss to work out exactly what more Edou has to do to get the recognition he deserves.
  20. Even if we factored out the fact they will likely be utilised in different positions we have an obscene amount of games next year on top of what will be after the Euro's over a year of non stop football for most of our squad. There will be a lot of games to go round for everyone barring our 3rd choice keeper.
  21. That theory was banded about even last summer. There was also the theory Tuchel was going to come in and send the academy lads back to the reserves. Neither of which came (or where ever going to) come to fruition.
  22. That is simply not true, all the underlying metrics have him in or around the top when it comes to key passes, dribbles etc when matched up against other players his age. For example that 2-2 vs Arsenal that you're holding against him he created about 6 clear chances on the night.
  23. In a back 2 I would agree but outside CB in a back 3 is a totally different ball game, you almost have to be a hybrid CB and RB and that would especially be true if Hakimi (or CHO) is the the wingback infront of him. How many times has Azpi gone forward and made key contributions in that role? (And that was with Moses who is worse defensively than Hakimi). The main sell point of a wingback formation is to create the kind of overloads that simply aren't possible (without seriously compromising your structure) in a standard back four, two attacking fullbacks down one side is one of them.
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