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  1. man, that is quite the list and i am not sure all are necessary. Maybe the new CB. I'm not sure about Andreas C. Doesn't seem to handle not playing well and looks nervous a lot, and with Cahill on the way I think a new CB is a good shout. LB with Palmieri and Alonso I think we are pretty well covered. Striker seems fine with Giroud, Morata, and Mitchy. But if one of them were to leave, sure. But I doubt it is an area we are looking at in the January Transfer window.
  2. He did. Dropped back into the middle a couple of times, and would play balls out wide and then push forward. One stood out toward the end, where he was back in the mid and then passed out to Zappa (not Frank) before making a play into the box. I think Davide tried to pass in and got a corner out of it.
  3. FT, win, lucky. Play a few fringe players in the following games
  4. He is handsome and good, Olivier Giroud.
  5. Hope we can get a solid enough lead to give one, or both, of Ampadu or CHO a run out.
  6. mad_mac

    European Super League

    Load of pish. Worse than today's politics of the rich getting richer and the rest can just do one
  7. Thoroughly enjoyable. Just a shame Giroud didn't score
  8. mad_mac

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Something that stood out in the post match comments from Sarri was him saying that he knew Ruben was a very good player, and he has adapted to Sarri's style...BUT, he still need to work on his defensive aspect of the game.
  9. mad_mac

    Forgotten Players That Scored Great Goals

    think Jose even raised his eyebrows at that one!
  10. mad_mac

    Eden Hazard

    I just read this in a Donald Trump voice. Dude is obsessed about people liking him
  11. mad_mac

    Eden Hazard

    Sounds like Bruce Buck wants him to stay, even talking about the personal traits of Eden as a "good lad." f**kit, I actually think Real want Neymar, and we need to keep Hazard, so just get it done Chelsea
  12. mad_mac

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    I think most other teams hate him; all you have to do is look at Twitter or anything else like that and you'll see it. I don't care. I love what he gave to the club, and he has earned his retirement with his head held high from a playing perspective. I am not sure if coaching will be the path for him though, but I think he could come back to Chelsea in some capacity within the Youth ranks to see if it is for him. The stories of his support for young lads coming through the academy makes me feel that role would suit him quite nicely, and them to be honest. Captain Leader Legend. Thanks JT26
  13. Honestly expect Jose to sit back and try hit us on the counter, which could be dangerous. A big test for sure, and thankfully the international break may be good for us after their confidence booster of coming back against Newcastle.
  14. mad_mac

    A new striker in January.

    I don't think we will see any movement in January regarding a striker. I think top 4 and back into the CL will be our priority. If we are to make a move, I'd rather us recall Bats if that is an option. I think he and Giroud would be fine to secure top 4. In the summer, I think it has to be a priority, and I'd add fullbacks into that necessary category also.