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  1. Loz is back and we're talking about Pauly....maybe Baka is our saviour?
  2. not a knock on the man, but it's sad days that Ross is the face of the club. Decent player, perennial sub, and face of Chelsea FC.
  3. He kissed the badge on an unveiling day for a club he has dreamed of playing for since a child...he didn't diss us and then run off to Real. Saying he is a snake is ridiculous
  4. UNited i'm pretty sure will be the big spenders. Real already acting fast and spending big. I'd say the two Spanish, and the two Manchester clubs will be up there in some form.
  5. He can't come back after comments like that? Imagine we recall him (we'd have a handsome strike force at least), and he get's booed the first time he falls to the floor at the merest of touches? You'd probably be able to see any semblance of character shatter right there on the pitch. If we can get teh 55 mill from Atletico, even a year from now (considering the pending ban) then I'd take it. If the ban is lifted I say we make Atleti pay now
  6. Welp, it's that time again (maybe, as Sarri is still with us at this point. However, his comments about being homesick, missing family, elderly parents, etc, I'm pretty sure we will not be starting next season with Sarri at the helm). You got it folks, I'm pretty sure the manager-merry-go-round is about to start again here at our beloved club. And as always, I will plead into the void as much as I can that the club act quickly. This season however, is slightly different. For once it feels like the manager wants away as much as the club want rid. I'm not sure Sarri was ever a long term vision for the club to be honest; I never fully bought into the talk of giving him time to implement his style and philosophy. He got us back into the top 4, delivered another wonderful trophy, and now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The had place being ever more "hard" (steady!!!) this season as we face a potential 2 window ban, and we are seeing our most creative player ever leave for pastures new. Only incoming player is Pulisic, a bit of an enigma, and then we are probably going to have to finally take a look at some homegrown talent this summer. Silver linings and all that. Despite the depth of youngsters and loanees we have available, we need someone who can 1) Make sure we are competitive 2) Work with some youngsters already established, and 3) Probably be forced to work in some youngsters that we don't know enough about yet. So, who is that person? Lampard?? I'd love to see him given the time and backing, but I'm not sure he will and I'd hate to see fans potentially turning on my all time favourite Chelsea player. Garcia?? A big step up from Watford to Chelsea, for sure. However, what has he won, what is his pedigree? So, fellow posters, who do we think is likely to take the reigns from Sarri this summer given the astounding levels of uncertainty coupled with the crippling weight of expectation even in times of adversity?
  7. An absolute joy to have watched him play for us over 7 seasons. One of my favourite to have ever watched play for Chelsea, with his mazey runs, his low center of gravity, and amazing posterior. I think when Zindane came back to Real it was all but a done deal at that point. Eden wants a CL medal, and he's the type of player who's legacy deserves it. I don't think he could get one here, not that Real aren't as big a circus every year, but with the pending ban, the lack of certainty of a manager, and probably yo-yoing between CL and EL for a few more seasons, I can't blame him at all. I think Eden genuinely loved, and is loved by the fans. He spoke about being Chelsea, and loving London, the fans, etc. There has always been an element of him flirting with Real, we knew that for seasons, it's just finally come to fruition. And despite that, he goes out a winner, still loved, and with dignity and grace. A Legend, no question. Was always more of an individual I felt, from a leadership perspective. Was never keen on suggesting he be captain, it's not his style. The style he did bring, however, will take a long time to be replicated. All the best Eden.
  8. coming back against Germans on penalties. Chelsea, that
  9. Zappa saving us there too, man this isn't good
  10. STrange body language between Eden and Luiz there before kick off. Essentially shrugging at one another, not firing each other up. Sad to say, they just don't look interested
  11. Hopefully nothing bad. Just as he was getting a run of games too

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