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  1. Hopefully nothing bad. Just as he was getting a run of games too
  2. The question then becomes if Callum has the patience that RLC did? Obviously when CHO is meant to have clubs like Bayern interested it can inflate ego a little
  3. Is it Martin Tyler commenting on this? He's always finding a way yo have a dig at us. Something positive happens "well, it's complicated here with Chelsea not knowing what's happening with the pending 2 transfer window ban..." something else positive "well, something else at Chelsea is no one knows what's happening with ownership of the club and it might be up for sale." I get they have to fill the conversation, but they just seemed out of the blue and not at all relevant to the flow of the game
  4. Ruben looks such a player. Much more important to the current side than CHO. That's not a bash on Callum, as Ruben has age and experience, but my God Ruben is deceptively fleet footed and very strong on the ball.
  5. We are going to need some luck today. They won at the Bridge last season, and they are in a situation of "3 points and we stay up." It will be a cup final for them, and they'll come out hungry, which is worrying especially as lackluster as we have looked at the start of the second halves lately. The results this weekend have favoured us, but we need to do the business today.
  6. Still in the "shake it all about" camp
  7. Something for the statistician out there. Chelsea are the first side in this season's PL to have 3 players complete 5+ take-ons in a single game Eden (8) CHO (6) RLC (5)
  8. A tale of two halves for certain, but the most important part of the story is us with 3 points and back into 3rd. Fantastic result I don't think there's been a more deserved MOTM award in wuite a while, but Eden was just on another level today. I also think Dave and Emerson played really well today, as did Kante, RLC, and Rudiger. Luiz at times good and at times frustrating. Gonzalo and Jorginho not really showing why Sarri trusts them so much. CHO in and out, and really should have had an assist.
  9. Sarri stated pre match that RLC wasn't able to play a full 90 yet. So this isn't as bad as it may initially look
  10. Worryingly, we've not adapted to West ham's change at the half
  11. I know mate. He's been solid. I can see the CHO sub making sense though
  12. CHO showed some energy early in the first half, but has really faded this half. More game time I'm sure is the answer, but not sure he's making a strong case for that today
  13. Barkley and Pedro warming up. Can only imagine for RLC and CHO

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