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  1. a completely unintelligent player, very frustrating and slow. When he gets fouled near the opponents area that's usually a relief
  2. I also wish Frank had just thrown a bunch of kids on when we had 20 minutes left. Why not give them some experience
  3. The first two goals were individual errors that they capitalized on. The other 2 show just how weak we can be through the middle. Christensen marking no-one, and Zouma tracking what shouldn't be his player, just bad overall. Not sure we can magically fix it all in one window to be honest.
  4. I like Kova, I like that he is at least willing to carry the ball forward, and he shields it well making him tough to tackle. At times I just wish he'd continue those runs right past the keeper
  5. lol, what did you find particularly hard? I didn't struggle too much with it, as I kind of remembered a lot from when I originally played it...don't waste bullets unnecessarily, and running away from certain enemies doesn't help as running makes noise. It's wonderfully scary, and I liked the bits (I think this was a new addition) where you can board up windows to stop more zombies coming in. Those damn "lickers" suck though, and it was always tough to leave something unsolved by Chris, hoping that Jane would be able to get that on her turns)
  6. Thanks for the heads up on RE3, shame as it was a great game originally. Wonder if they are going to remake them all, because RE4 was amazing, then they really fell off until 7, IMHO. I'm only just getting into FF7, and so far it seems ok. Hoping it will grow on me, as right now I can only control 2 characters.
  7. still a sh*tty feeling 3 days on, but when Pulisic was through for a potential second and not only did he miss but he fell to the ground in agony, I knew our day was over at that moment.
  8. Certainly seems to be one that's flown under the radar, but given his stats, how he was on loan at Sevilla after Real signed Mendy, and while on loan he excelled, it makes it an interesting option. I'm not sold on Chilwell at all, and Reguilon seems to have Ben pipped in all stats (for what they are worth). I truly believe that Chilwell's price is seriously inflated because of him being English; again, nothing we need to worry about given the number of lads we have in our team.
  9. WHy would we publicly state that these players are up for sale? Surely that drives their price down
  10. from my optimism to your pessimism, maybe we'll be somewhere in the middle. I had genuine high hopes for MVG.
  11. loved him as a player, a great servant and I wish him nothing but continued success at Roma. Also love his "wee pants" whenever they seemed to get pics of him in the dressing room.
  12. yes, thanks It's evergreen in that we see this same type thread each year.
  13. such a shame for the lad, I have such high hopes for him. Loved his goal last season where he essentially carbon copied the goal Eden had just scored earlier. I do fear injuries mean we will never see the best of him, and that next season will sadly be his last with his boyhood club
  14. I did say "at most." And I maybe padded a little given the English side of things.

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