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  1. It seems that Newcastle have been a bit of a bogey team for us, since the 2010 season when they binned us 3-0 in the League Cup. followed by a couple draws then a string of losses up at their place too. Andy Carroll will be a handful and they've just beat UTD so will be as confident as we are. Expect a tough game...will Rudiger be fit? I feel that's an important part of the puzzle
  2. WIllians goal he absolutely meant to hit it low, maybe not into the ground to bounce over the keeper, but he shaped to keep it low. Anyway, I do like the fact that Frank is willing to change personnel and formation midway though the match. I felt we were starting to lose it in the middle around the time he brought CHO on. Bringing him on and then changing to a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 was exactly what was needed at the time. Also, massive kudos to Kepa, absolutely won this for us. This whole team is still learning, but we just went away and beat a Lille side that has, by all accounts including the French press running up to the game, were heavily favoured. The type of performance we needed. Kante isn't fit, and that was obvious, so I think he should be rested next game out against Southampton
  3. Agreed, which is why it was frustrating early on to see him drifting wide
  4. this past week. It was a story that Chelsea weren't going to extend his contract, not an actual statement by the club.
  5. Going to need a stream for this, as I'll be remote on a tablet while my car is getting serviced. silly me
  6. I wonder if Pulisic is being made an example of after he spoke out about how Frank wasn't giving him playing time. That said, Frank last week did say that he was still young and developing. I think for Pulisic, and his fans, they're obviously going to look at his time in Germany as being good enough. But Franks familiarity with Mount is also something to consider.
  7. It's already getting that feeling of "this isn't going to work out for him"
  8. MAke of it what you will, but the club have seemingly stated that they're not renewing Willian's contract. Also next year we don't have a ban and some money to spend, so if a winger is needed, we'll get one. We still ahve Pulisic, CHO, Mount, and Pedro if Willian leaves
  9. yeah exactly, mate. HE's a LB so I don't think height is as important as it is for say a CB. It just seems surprisingly short. I mean Kante at LB would look out of place
  10. Glad that this saga is behind us and we can focus on him developing into a top player at the club. 5 year deal mean's we'll be back at the table again when he's 22 and I think by then we'll have a really good grasp of where he's at. I like Callum, I think there is a lot of potential, but I too have been frustrated by him, and I do feel that there's some levels of blue-tinted-youth-glasses when it comes to talking about him. That said, I think Frank being here is a good thing as he'll play him; other managers, in this situation, would probably continue to reply on experience rather than blood in a young prospect. I do wonder if the contract is a signal from the club that whomever the manager is, they should be playing CHO (but that's pure conjecture on my part). I think with the club also announcing recently that they'll not extend Willian's contract, the we are seeing the natural progression of CHO taking his place. I expect them to interchange a lot in the starting 11s this season.
  11. He's only 5'6", which seems too short. Not that Emerson, or Cole were that tall, but 5'6" seems particularly small
  12. Think he's a squad player and nothing more, but he keeps getting selected and he's playing for England. I think he takes too many touches, but he is at least willing to have a go. If we had someone with Kova's skill and Barkley's willingness to take a shot... hmmm Also, another thin that perplexes me, he's 25 and been about for a while, but the commentators keep talking about how Lampard will develop him into a better midfielder, and I'm not sure that opportunity hasn't passed a while ago
  13. Exactly what I was thinking of yesterday when I saw Henderson and Jorginho having a go at one another. I thought "well, last time you tried to pick on a Portuguese speaking player at Chelsea, Diego made you sh*t yourself!" Looks like he tried to go for the smaller option but with as much success. Hendo is a grade A tosser

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