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  1. I'm not sure we'll spend this window. I think we see what we can do with what we have, obviously with top 4 being a priority. Then we spend in the summer. However, that can be risky if we fail to land top 4 then we don't have the pull of CL, and thus pay over the odds for attracting talent.
  2. Spurs have a good record at home too. This will likely come down to what manager can get their team fired up for it the most. Sadly, I fear that'll be Jose
  3. A relief to go through, but we managed to make hard work of it. And going through in 2nd has opened up some potentially massive games, which I'll predict it will be Sarri's Juventus. At this point though, you've got to be in it to win it, and you just never know. Will be interesting now to see if we attract any new players in January seeing as we are into the next round. But I think anyone worth an effort is probably cup tied at this point. Azpi and Kante absolute MotM for me, with honourable mentions to WIllian, Pulisic, and Zouma. CHO, I'm still not convinced of him, and fear we may have thrown a lot of money at him and we'll get little return. Anyway, well done to Frank and the boys. A very tricky group, and we are through. UTC
  4. NC Was the first State I lived in, just north east of Raleigh toward Henderson: was all set to go to UNC, but ended up going to the SEC for a program down there. Welcome
  5. One of the dullest games under Frank. Toothless in attack, no really meaningful threat from corners. Shows how important Tammy is, I suppose. No real need to dig any one player out, but just such a turgid display.
  6. i think we signed him and Bakayoko in the same window, or at least successive ones. I always said we should have saved the money on them and gone with one great signing. I think we added Zappacosta around the same time too. Man, what a load of cash to piss away.
  7. you going to give us the answers? Some great questions, but man, no way I'm close without Google.
  8. First Chelsea Hero: John Spencer Club Signing That Excited You The Most: Gullit then Vialli Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed: Ronalidinho Favourite Chelsea Goal: Drogba pen, Munich, 2012 Fav XI: Cech Super Dan, Terry, Desailly, A Cole Makelele Essien Lampard Robben Hazard Drogba Bench: Robbie D, Dennis Wise, Zola, Gudjohnsen, Crespo, Cudicini, Percy
  9. looking for a new game and I loved New Vegas. Might just get this today as I've completed the two games I had on hand.
  10. maybe what we needed. Very inexperienced team to begin with.
  11. Can someone remind me: if this is tied at the end of 90 is there a replay, or does it go straight to pens? Thanks
  12. It seems that Newcastle have been a bit of a bogey team for us, since the 2010 season when they binned us 3-0 in the League Cup. followed by a couple draws then a string of losses up at their place too. Andy Carroll will be a handful and they've just beat UTD so will be as confident as we are. Expect a tough game...will Rudiger be fit? I feel that's an important part of the puzzle
  13. WIllians goal he absolutely meant to hit it low, maybe not into the ground to bounce over the keeper, but he shaped to keep it low. Anyway, I do like the fact that Frank is willing to change personnel and formation midway though the match. I felt we were starting to lose it in the middle around the time he brought CHO on. Bringing him on and then changing to a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 was exactly what was needed at the time. Also, massive kudos to Kepa, absolutely won this for us. This whole team is still learning, but we just went away and beat a Lille side that has, by all accounts including the French press running up to the game, were heavily favoured. The type of performance we needed. Kante isn't fit, and that was obvious, so I think he should be rested next game out against Southampton

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