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  1. As a Chelsea fan, I always want us to win. Top 4 is our priority, and therefore we need the points. Don't give a toss if that helps others, we have to play our game.
  2. mad_mac

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Sure thing, it was a little bit of a joke. I'm sure he does want to play for us, but I also think he realizes that he can sit back and claim large pay without ever kicking a ball for us, like WB did
  3. mad_mac

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Agreed mate, its so interesting, and frustrating, watching Barkley play the way he is. I want a bit of that mad scouse about him out on the field. I'm not sure if he's being instructed not to maraud forward, which would be strange, or if he's still got his injury lingering in the back of his mind and therefore is playing it safe. I remember our own Damien Duff, he was never the same after his injury.
  4. mad_mac

    Eden Hazard

    Cheers Ducavis, I bow to your superior knowledge on the lad. I've seen him come up a few times on twitter by Chelsea fan acounts, but I never know how seriously to take them. I know he scored a couple of nights ago in a 2-1 loss to Renne in the French Cup. I also know that he's a Chelsea fan (probably due to Drogba), so it would be good if we could act fast on him should his form continue. I agree with you, we need to act fast on the Eden situation. The worst possible outcome is we toy around for too long, Eden then leaves, and we are left scrambling at the end of a window and spend over the odds for the likes of Zaha
  5. mad_mac

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    If we could stop bashing Kev, and get back to Ross: I don't see what he offers, really. A solid squad player, who we didn't pay over the odds for. Worth a shot, but I see nothing from him that suggests he should be blocking the path of RLC getting game time. I'd like to see him and Drinkwater sold in the summer. I think we'll obviously take a bath on Danny, but may be able to recoup some of that with Barkley's sale. The only issue is I don't think Danny will want sold. he's our modern day Winston Bogarde.
  6. mad_mac

    Eden Hazard

    this is a rumour that seems to be bubbling away in the background, so I'll try pay more interest in Pepe. The problem being, if they think he's the next hot thing to come from French Football, they'll probably be asking insane amounts of money for him. If we sell Eden, we have to be looking in the 100M range, and that can be used to bring in another young winger, and bolster the squad in other areas. I don't think we will sell both Willian and Pedro in the summer, I believe we'll only sell one of them. So, hypothetically, we could sell Hazard and Willian, and go into next season with: Pulisic, Pepe (or other) CHO, and Pedro as our wingers. I'd also think that RLC could be used in a pinch there, but I'd rather see him take over the LCM role. I also agree with @EdinburghBlue that Eden is more susceptible to slow play down, and that maybe doesn't fit with Sarri's style. So the question then becomes, do we stand by Sarri, or pander to Eden?
  7. mad_mac

    Eden Hazard

    Sam, we did with Joe Cole in the past, and Juan Mata at times too. But I don't think they had to carry the teams themselves, more they were our only creative outlet. I feel the same about Eden, and I think we are maybe fortunate that the likes of PSG and Real have exceptional RW'ers right now otherwise he'd be off
  8. mad_mac

    Eden Hazard

    I'm not in the camp of selling Hazard, but I firmly believe we rely on him entirely too much
  9. mad_mac

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I'm on the fence about CHO, but before I progress any further I should state that my ideal scenario is we keep him through the end of the season with legitimate game time in all competitions. I very much doubt Sarri plays him in a Cup Final against City, but that would be a huge statement if he did. I also think some of the games in the Premiership are a must, but I'm also realistic that I don't expect him to be starting against the likes of the Manchester Clubs, nor any of the top 6 in reality (but that does not mean he shouldn't feature). As for the transfer request, it is a little bit of a slap in the face, but I also think it was a bargaining tool. If we've really put an offer on the table of 85K a week for an 18yo, that's a pretty serious statement that the club sees him as a talent, and one able to make the first team. I'm not sure what RLC is on, but I don't think it's this much. I can fully understand CHO's frustration at seeing our feckless/tepid attack and asking himself "why aren't they at least trying me, why are they persisting with a false 9, why!?!?" Now, as for CHO, if he stays he needs to show why the club should continue to invest in him. I've watched him for a while, coming through the ranks, and always been a standout player, but so was Kakuta, Solanke, and a whole list of other before that. Callum really needs to focus on becoming what we all hope he can be. And, at this point (and yes I know he came back to bite me on the arse with this comment in the FA Cup game) he is nothing more that a hope for us. I don't think I've seen enough to suggest he has the maturity and consistency to deliver week in week out. Now, I know Pedro and Willian fall in that same category, but there is a feeling of familiarity with them that any coach would tend toward over an unknown 18yo that just happens to be a fan favourite. I hope we keep him, and if we do, I hope we play him. If we keep him and then continue to persist with the same old, then I'd have not issue whatsoever with him leaving in the summer.
  10. mad_mac

    Chelsea Wolves Different Seats

    I think you should be able to stick together if you just talk with the folks around you. All it takes is for one person to move, unless they're really superstitious
  11. mad_mac

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK

    Whatever stream I'm watching they've just awarded CHO the MOTM I thought he looked mediocre today. His goal was very well taken, but I saw a lot of running with little to no end product. He gave possession away a few times too. I'd love for him to stay here and develop, but i'm not seeing too much that makes me feel we'd make a mistake selling him to Bayern for 35Million or whatever.
  12. mad_mac

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK

    We are giving away possession so cheaply. And CHO is again showing me that he's maybe not as great as some are making him out to be
  13. mad_mac

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK

    Really tough against a Wednesday team that's come to park and break to try nick a goal.
  14. mad_mac

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK