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  1. Had to be done! I was just seeing the latest in this Tammy thread and didn't realise it was a thread I started back in 2015. So I just went back to thread beginning to have a look. Back then he was behind Solanke and Izzie Brown in the pecking order and as much as we all wanted youth to come through to the first team, who would honestly believe in 2015, how many would be involved in 1st team now? It's so easy to get complacent but I hope this trend continues - as long as Lamps and Jody are at the helm, I think it will.
  2. No Ampadu tonight? Actually starting to feel sorry for Jose these days. Once top of the pile but falling like a stone.
  3. No RLC? You turn-coat!! EDIT. Just seen your following post. Sure sign of out of sight out of mind!
  4. Solanke knocked on my door last night. Bought some tea towels and clothes pegs off him.
  5. I think this topic went live at the wrong time. We're understandably all full of joy and hope having thrashed Merseyside in the last two games - playing some great football and keeping 2 clean sheets with everyone playing well. If that continues great, but let's see if we keep that view next time Willian & Dave play like they did against Southampton and Bournemouth Giroud and Pedro play like they did against West Ham Alonso gets left for dead by some average journeyman. I am still for keeping Dave, Alonso and Giroud as squad players but let's not wait for players to become really crap before releasing them. Why I admired Fergie so much in that he rarely got it wrong when selling players - always looking to keep the squad fresh and improve it rather than let players get too comfortable and complacent and lack that hunger.
  6. It's always been his dream to be the No. 9 for Chelsea so I'm sure he'll sign. Sure, he and his agent will want best deal and as much £££ as possible but I can't see him leaving. He knows he still has a lot to prove and is not the finished article. One's thing for sure, he will need to keep improving as he will face more competition next season.
  7. I too might have to back-track on Barkley as he was very near the top of my list of players to be moved on in the summer. It was the cliche of make or break season for him this one and the signs were it was break as he had slipped well down the pecking order and that's before Gilmour was starting and with RLC still to return. But I've always thought he can offer us SOMETHING and last couple of games we can see what that is. He still frustrates, still makes too many wrong decisions and in tight games he can be a liability but then again in tight games he could equally be the difference that helps win the game. He 100% gives us more goal threat than Kante, Kovacic or Jorginho ( just don't let him take the penalties!). I've always hoped he'll succeed, despite having major doubts but I like him and I'm happy for him to battle for his place again next season.
  8. You'd sell a young, sought after prospect like CHO ahead of Pedro and Willian? That's the sort of short-sightedness the club has shown in the past that has weakened our squad so much. Let's not forget (how could we) that our squad could currently include KDB, Salah and Lukaku. No. it's time to move older players on - not keep them because they have outstanding games now & again. I will forgive the younger players bad games because they are still learning (and in CHO's case coming back from a bad injury). But the older players should be having more good games than bad and this season they haven't and I see no reason to think they will improve and that will change.
  9. After recent games where all have contributed well, it would be all too easy to say keep them all. But I think as good as they can be on their day, NONE of them should be first team regulars next season and beyond. I would not be concerned if they did all leave but I think Frank will want to keep some for stability and experience. As others have touched on, as good as both were yesterday, Pedro and Willian need to move on in the summer. The other three are all good squad players and if they are happy to play that role, then I would retain them.
  10. Did well last night so fair play. That's the sort of performance you expect when you splash out £70m on a keeper, so hopefully that will become the norm and if so he keeps his place and we'll all be happy.
  11. What a great MOTM performance. So composed and assured and hardly put a foot wrong. Love his attitude and it's about time we had some Scottish grit in the team. Reminds me a lot of one of our other youngsters at a similar age. I bet a certain Josh McEachran was watching that game tonight thinking what might have been. Gilmour looks to have a bit more about him and with Lamps & Jody to help him he looks destined to go all the way.
  12. If only we had some better attacking options. Pleased for young Gilmour. Come On Chelsea - do us Proud!
  13. Forgot all about this but we had a narrow 1-0 win with Broja netting the winner and we're through to the semi's. But United, City and Arsenal all still in.
  14. It's kinda tricky so I will word it slightly differently: Players I 100% want us to retain and form nucleus of squad Abraham Loftus-Cheek Kovačić Mount Hudson-Odoi Pulišić James Kanté Ziyech Gilmour Ampadu Likely to be retained but won't be too concerned if they leave Rüdiger Christensen Jorginho Kepa Alonso (has shown in recent weeks the benefits of keeping him as an option) Caballero Azpilicueta Tomori Time to say goodbye - MUST leave Pedro Willian Barkley Giroud Batshuayi Emerson Zouma I am so disillusioned with all of our centre backs that I'd be happy if we got 4 new ones. Of course that won't happen and the chances are we will retain Rudiger and Tomori, maybe even Christensen but I expect at least one to depart - favourite being Zouma. Chances are Kepa will stay and have to battle it out with whichever keeper we sign but I would be happier for a new No.1 and an experienced older keeper (but not as old as Willy) as back up. As for strikers, we all know we need two signings to add to Tammy. Despite the fact we should have plenty of funds available, it will be hard to get a marquee name as Munich, Barca and Madrid will be favourites for players like Halland, Martinez and Werner. But if we can't get one of them, I would look closer to home and if we finish top 4 and can give players CL football next season, we could look at both Aubameyang and Calvert-Lewin. That would be a massive improvement on this season, esepcially if we can get Sancho to play out wide too!

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