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  1. Nibs


    One of the worst sub appearances I can ever recall. Everyone should be fighting for a place - Lamps has said he want to see everyone playing for that blue shirt and yet Willian showed no energy or interest to even break sweat. Inexcusable.
  2. It is going to take time and so far we are seeing glimpses of what Lamps & Jody are trying to create. First 25 minutes was excellent but we dropped off and second half Leicester got stronger and Maddison dictated everything and we were lucky they didn't take all 3 points. Abraham for Giroud was a good sub as he gave us a bit more energy where we needed it but the Kovacic and Willian subs failed badly. When you are the home side chasing the points, to see Willian so lacklustre and disinterested and keep giving the ball away - just inexcusable and sums up why supporters get on his back. Some good signs today - especially Mount, but still a LOT of work to do.
  3. Blimey, they only "out-scored" us on goals, fouls and offsides. If only Morata had played, we would have at least beaten them on the offside count.
  4. Think we all view Pedro with frustration. At times he is brilliant and scores goals like the one he scored in pre-season - absolutely worldy. But more often than not he runs about with plenty of energy enthusiasm but loses possession or chooses the wrong option and that's why for me he is a handy squad player but not someone you want to rely on and start big games like the one yesterday. And unfortunately we have more of the same with Willian. Anyone missing Hazard yet.......................................?
  5. Even before a ball was kicked, my main concern was how we would deal with United pace on the counter with Martial, Rashford & Linguard and that turned out to be our un-doing, with our defence playing like four blokes who had just met for the first time. There were positives though - we looked good up until that second goal went in. With the squad we have now and quite a few inexperienced, younger players, it was never going to all click into place in the first game - it WILL take time. Feel gutted for Frank & Jody that this will go down on their record and it's probably the worst debut result for f**k knows how long, but as long as lessons have been learned and we dust ourselves down and go into the next game positively, we just have to accept it and move on.
  6. This forum has been quicker than Zouma today!
  7. We've played some nice stuff but Utd have had the quality where is matters. It's going to be a tough learning process for some of these players and we'll see who is up to it and who isn't.
  8. Be sad to see Luiz go, especially if it is to the gooners, but it could be for the best. He was a decent footballer but never had the concentration levels to be a really good defender. As good as he could be at times, he had Far too many mistakes in his game. But I will miss his personality - seemed a genuinely nice & funny bloke. We've all seen the video clips of visits to hospitals and schools and how great he is with kids - everyone seems to love the bloke and I will miss that but also look forward to his first major gaff in that Arsenal back four!!
  9. Just seen the footage of the motor-bike attempted assault on Ozil & Kolasinac. Fair play to Kolasinac - taking on a couple of blokes with knives. He is a bit of a beast and looks like he has more backbone than the rest of the Arsenal squad put together.
  10. Sure he made a bad judgment but many would understand what he meant whereas others just like to act outraged and wave the racist banner. He's lucky to be in the comfortable position where he can accept offers if they do come but he doesn't need to work and will make money from writing anyway.
  11. He's too good at what he does to be out of work for long. Once the dust has settled he'll be back doing his stuff somewhere (although he probably doesn't need to work to be honest).
  12. Blimey the Bakayoko thread is such a long thread for a very average player. Thinks that's down to how long it took for us to actually sign him and boy what an anti-climax that turned out to be. I remember not long after signing for us he rolled his new car into a ditch near the training ground. Turns out his driving is pretty much on a par with his footballing ability.
  13. He's 35, although he's looked all of 35 for most of his playing career!!
  14. I love Shane Meadows stuff and also fan of Stephen Graham but must admit I watched first episode and found it pretty depressing so didn't watch any more. Will perhaps have to go back to it and watch the rest. Did it remain pretty bleak? I like gritty but after a bad day at work you sometimes need something to cheer the mood up a bit!!

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