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  1. Nicely summed up. Agree with all of that- best film I've seen in ages!
  2. Such a poor game and underlined just how far United & Arsenal have fallen. Some very average players in both sides. Must admit do love Roy Keane as a pundit. I know he is a bit marmite but I could listen to him talk football all night.
  3. Josh McEachran could make Birmingham debut tonight following free transfer from Brentford. Things could have been oh so different..........................................
  4. 17 shots on goal against 0 from Brighton. Just need one to go in second half but I would look to bring on some fresh legs, hopefully CHO for Willian ASAP.
  5. Proud of the team yesterday. We were a bit patchy but with players missing and having to change two defenders in the first half against a very good Liverpool side we did well to nearly get a result. We all know this is a work in progress and there are some very positive signs and we must expect the odd set-back - especially with the involvement of f**king VAR which most definitely robbed us of a point yesterday. We were never gonna win the PL this season but as long as we keep seeing progression - Onwards & upwards Blues............................
  6. Well we all knew that VAR would come to hurt us at some point and boy what a complete f**ker yesterday. The day before Spurs had an even worse decision and although we all laughed, you know something is seriously wrong when you find yourself feeling sorry for a hated rival. No question, the way VAR is being used right now it IS ruining the game. No true football fan can honestly say that goals being disallowed two minutes after a massive celebration because someone in the build-up was offside by their big toe, is a good thing for the game. In Mount's case, if his nose was a bit smaller he may have been onside! It's complete bollox and the game and supporters enjoyment is being ruined. I'm not interested in us getting a dodgy VAR call in our favour - I rather wouldn't win a game in such fashion. At some point we will get another ludicrous VAR decision in a massive game that could decide a trophy or relegation and supporters will be excused for a riot. It has to be revised NOW. #VARRUININGFOOTBALL
  7. I am 100% enjoying this season so far a lot more than I did last season under Sarri. Sure, last season we still had Hazard who had a brilliant farewell season and was a joy to watch. But other than that, I am getting so much more from watching this Lamps era unfold. I don't expect us to win anything or even finish top 4 but it's so refreshing to see players who WANT to play for Chelsea and are desperate to wear the blue shirt and prove themselves worthy. I know every team plays to win and we would all like to have success and win trophies every season but sometimes you have to look past that and try and build something and I sincerely hope that is allowed to happen. City getting beat by Norwich and Arsenal being given a football lesson in the second half by mighty Watford, shows the top sides won't get it all their own way and you cannot keep buying success - at some point you need a bit more than that, which is why I think all genuine Chelsea Supporters will enjoy this season, almost regardless of the outcome.
  8. Exactly what I was going to post. Hopefully Rudi will come back and hit the ground running (as he's good but no JT). But with those three available for selection + hopefully soon, CHO and RLC - we will have a much stronger squad for Lamps to choose from and players out of form can be dropped more easily.
  9. Wise words Davey. Looks like Tammy just needed someone to show a bit of faith in him. Let's hope there is no stopping the lad now he's getting going.
  10. Would have to disagree that he is a great player NOW. With Barkley, it is all still potential but he has to turn that into consistent performances week in, week out, rather than be the frustrating player who just shows glimpses we have seen up to now. There aren't going to be too many better people to get that out of him than Lamps so fingers crossed we see that potential realized we finally have a proper player on our hands.
  11. Have to say, thought Zouma's goal was right to be disallowed as Giroud did clearly impede the keeper. It was just the lack of whistle that made it all a bit confusing. And Azpi's didn't look a penalty to me either. Minimal if any contact and he does have a habit of going down and crying out very loudly!!
  12. Nibs


    One of the worst sub appearances I can ever recall. Everyone should be fighting for a place - Lamps has said he want to see everyone playing for that blue shirt and yet Willian showed no energy or interest to even break sweat. Inexcusable.
  13. It is going to take time and so far we are seeing glimpses of what Lamps & Jody are trying to create. First 25 minutes was excellent but we dropped off and second half Leicester got stronger and Maddison dictated everything and we were lucky they didn't take all 3 points. Abraham for Giroud was a good sub as he gave us a bit more energy where we needed it but the Kovacic and Willian subs failed badly. When you are the home side chasing the points, to see Willian so lacklustre and disinterested and keep giving the ball away - just inexcusable and sums up why supporters get on his back. Some good signs today - especially Mount, but still a LOT of work to do.
  14. Blimey, they only "out-scored" us on goals, fouls and offsides. If only Morata had played, we would have at least beaten them on the offside count.
  15. Think we all view Pedro with frustration. At times he is brilliant and scores goals like the one he scored in pre-season - absolutely worldy. But more often than not he runs about with plenty of energy enthusiasm but loses possession or chooses the wrong option and that's why for me he is a handy squad player but not someone you want to rely on and start big games like the one yesterday. And unfortunately we have more of the same with Willian. Anyone missing Hazard yet.......................................?

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