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  1. I'm saying he COULD become better than Kepa. Kepa was okay last season. At times excellent, other times not so good - did he look like £70M worth of keeper - NO, not by a long way. Hopefully he will get better. I expect Bulka will also get better and he's currently only 19 and COULD become great. He may disappear and end up in non-league football but who know's at this stage? Would have been nice to keep him and find out though.
  2. Jesus, is he really THAT bad?!!
  3. Real shame. He was the one youth keeper who looked really promising. Don't get me wrong, Kepa is very decent but we spunked, what, £70M on him when we had a really good young keeper on our books who could turn out just as good, maybe better. Hope we got a massive fee from PSG if it is confirmed, as promising keepers are hard to come by and PSG aren't short of a few quid.
  4. As much as I despise Liverpool these days, back in the '70's, most folk had a soft-spot for them and that would have been down to Shankly and then Paisley. I know Paisley was a very quiet & shy man who didn't make great TV but Shankly, I could listen to him talk about football for hours - great man.
  5. I agree to a degree. Rather a cool, level headed guy than one who is a bit of a loose cannon and shows himself up. But when I look back on footage of Conte, boy do I miss that. The passion he showed at times and the joy when we won and the jumping into the crowd etc. I know he turned into a sulky bugger but that first season he had the balance of coolness and passion spot on.
  6. ............and Joey Cole - what an absolute Bargain.
  7. Nibs


    Finally - someone showing a bit of faith in me!! Must admit, I haven't seen Coco play, but I have no doubt he's not got my sort of ability and I guarantee I will take a better corner than Willian!!
  8. Caught a bit of the game and Solanke didn't look great. Was surprised he made starting line-up ahead of Abraham and Calvert-Lewin. Sounds like we were unlucky conceding two late goals when down to 10 men, although France did miss two penalties. We need someone to convert the chances though.
  9. This thread is akin to a Chelsea Supporter not bothering to support the team when things go downhill (next season?) and then turning up at Wembley when they somehow happen to make the Cup Final. You should all be ashamed of yourselves you glory hunters - where were you when the forum was sh*te?!!!
  10. Nibs


    And over-rated by just as many!
  11. I won't expect any trophies or top 4 next season - not even if Harry f**king Houdini was in charge. Regardless of who is coach, with no Hazard and no ability to sign any real quality, all we can hope for is to try and progress the youngsters already part of the first team (RLC, CHO & Christensen) and hope that the likes of Mount, Abraham and James also become 1st team squad regulars and that they blend well with the experienced players like Dave, Rudiger, Kante, Luiz etc. It's gonna be one of those "transitional" seasons (again) - lets just hope the highs outweigh the lows. If we can start by beating United at Old Trafford, that would certainly help to set the ball rolling but even that will be a task, looking at the list of injuries.
  12. Never mind "no offence" - a post as bad as that deserves all the offence going.
  13. I think many of us are of the same opinion. We all love the idea of Lamps & Jody but felt now was too soon and yet circumstances mean that now looks likely to be the time so we may as well go with it. I'm sure he would rather have taken over with a stronger looking squad and the ability to sign players he wants but let's hope our Board and the powers that be appreciate the situation he is coming into and GIVE HIM TIME. We will all have to accept that given the circumstances, expectations will have to be realistic and there no doubt will be hiccups along the way. but it could be exciting times and I would rather Lamps & Jody than any of the other names that have been banded about. Could well spell the end of Zola's role - unless he moves sideways, but hopefully the club will back Frank with whatever choices he decides.
  14. Ironic that Courtois has Respect on his sleeve the way he behaves AND he looks as creepy as that!! So glad he's not a CFC player any more.
  15. Think you should consider changing your user name too!

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