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  1. He looked back to his absolute best when he came on last night. We know what he can do and how important he can be - it's down to Lamps and the coaching staff work out how to use his abilities to best benefit the team. He's definitely in our best starting 11.
  2. As I have turned over a new leaf, I will firstly say that Jorginho was one of our better performers last night. Had a better game and fair play, took a penalty in the shoot out and tucked it away. The issue I have with the figures given above are things like 118 touches, 94 passes. He was alright last night but from posts like above are trying to make out he gave some kind of football masterclass, where truth be told, he was tidy - received the ball here, gave it there and so on. I think it was Jorginho who did play that one really good ball forward that CHO or Abraham should have made a
  3. To be fair Dier did have a decent game last night - despite the toilet break! Can't stand him, but fair play - he was the first to go up to Mount and console him.
  4. I wonder what on earth made them choose Barkley over Loftus "Treatment Room Cheek?!!!
  5. This is the crux for me at the moment. What has happened to the football we were playing at times last season? This pass, pass, pass without us going anywhere and creating nothing is painful and dull to watch. That's going back to Sarri times when the big difference was we had Hazard, who could produce something out of nothing, beat 3 or 4 players and be the difference. Maybe when Pulicic and Ziyech come back we will see a change but there has to be an improvement as last night was poor.
  6. Yes, overall had a decent debut bar the one flap but he was disappointing in the penalties. I know they are a lottery but he did pretty much the same thing on every penalty and didn't get near one. Would much rather a keeper dive, even if he gets sent the wrong way.
  7. Yeah, we're probably both right somehow! Suffice to say it's a night to forget. I'm off to bed and I make the resolution of not being so critical of Jorg and Kova from now on!
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree. I'm not alone - look at the thread at half-time - many thought we were bad in that first half and it's only because Spurs were so bad and the game was so dull that we looked comfortable, but as soon as Spurs stepped it up, they caused us problems. For the record, I thought Jorginho was better than Kovacic and the right man came off!
  9. I know. I mean f**k me, it's not as if they got us back into the game on Saturday against WBA.
  10. No agenda. Don't think too many would argue that we looked much better after the changes were made and we should have put the game to bed. So yes, we concede but that was not down to Kante being on the pitch and Kovacic being off it (perhaps in your world it IS down to that?)
  11. That's annoying. Fair play to the Spurs players = all going up to Mount to console him.
  12. Not bollocks at all. When I think they play well and they have both had decent games in the past, I will say so. Right now, looking at our squad, I think both struggle to make the first 11, but it's horses for courses and everyone will get games.
  13. I'll give them credit when it's due but both have been poor despite the possession stats (as they are pretty meaningless when you are creating zero). Spurs scoring has a lot to do with then bringing their best players on and Emerson's lack of marking and nothing to do with Kante, who has given us a whole lot more than Kovacic managed.
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