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  1. All of our defenders have looked average this season. There is not one of them you would say, "Yep, he's a quality defender and HAS to start" - even Azpi has looked all over the place at times. When he was injured, we all hoped Rudiger would return and solve the problem but bar one or two good games, he has actually made things worse. Christensen is the best with the ball at his feet and the most "cultured" - a Barca / Pep type defender but has errors his game and at times is too easily bullied. Tomori is still only 22 and playing for CFC in PL is a massive jump from Derby in the Championship. Not totally convinced with him but he does have time on his side. Still a question mark over Zouma. I thought a team like Everton was perhaps his level and he had a shocker in that first game against Man Utd which probably stuck in Lamp's mind. But he is our biggest unit and took his chance against Watford (bar the one bad error), so can see him keeping his place with Christensen, but all of our defenders seem to be one bad howler away from being dropped again. We need to spend in the Summer.
  2. Nicely summed up EB. Frank has had a real dilemma with the defence (and keepers) this season and you would have to question if ANY of them would get into teams looking to compete in PL and CL, although that said, most sides have struggled defensively this season. None of our defenders have been consistent and it's no wonder Lamps has kept changing things. I know it was only Watford, but I would stick with those players now until the end of the season but hope we invest in a CB and LB in the Summer.
  3. Feel sorry for Jorginho, but he clearly isn't going to be a Chelsea player beyond this season.
  4. MUCH better and much more like it tonight. Bar one or two moments, the defence looked a lot more solid tonight and you would expect to see those players keep their places, despite the number of games. Mount, Pulicic, Barkley and Willian all good and Giroud put in decent striker performance. Love what Mount and Pulicic give us with their pressing, quick movement and skill. The changes in the second half upset the rhythm a bit and I worried that we might let Watford back into it but good save from Kepa and they missed their other chance and then Ross sealed it for us. Can go to bed happy tonight!
  5. That's the line up I would like to see start but can't see it happening. Never been a fan of Zouma but he HAS to start tonight.
  6. To be fair, it will make a change from teams being sh*t and then coming into form when they actua;;y play us! I bet Bournemouth wish they still had a couple of games against us in their remaining fixtures.
  7. You say that and I agree to an extent but it works both ways. Just as a keeper could do with better defenders in front of him, the defence would gain confidence in having a better, more commanding keeper behind them. The sorry truth is, NONE of them are good enough and we need replacements.
  8. Yep, I can. His performance is sh*t!
  9. I went to bed so pissed off that we didn't even get a point and the realisation that the pikeys have taken 6 points off us this season. We get it back to 2-2 with nearly 20 minutes to go and look the team in the ascendency with better players on the pitch to take the 3 points. And with the clock running down, West Ham were clearly happy with the point. Taking time every time the ball went out whilst we were rushing to keep things moving, but even then, I had that nagging doubt that our defence could also hold out if they got one more opportunity, and so it turned out. Said it back in January and nothing has changed. As exciting as the future is at CFC, with regards to the defence and keeper who played last night, not one of them are good enough to be starting for a team hoping to be challenging for the PL & CL and I wouldn't mind if all were moved on.
  10. We've managed to make Antonio look one of the best forwards in the world tonight. Spammers have become our bogey team. SIGH.....................
  11. It will forever frustrate me and piss me off how our corners are always so sh*t and yet whenever we give away a corner, we look likely to concede. Massive improvement needed second half - quite a few candidates to be subbed. COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  12. Must admit, since the end of March, me and the Mrs have had loads of evening walks, locally in the Norfolk countryside and across farmland and it has been really enjoyable. The great weather helped but felt at one with nature and wildlife. Thought I would miss football more than I did, but watching some of the games since football started, honestly thought I would rather be going for another walk (not in respect of the mighty CFC of course!) Anyway, let's hope Lamps has the lads fired up for revenge tonight and we give those 'ammers a lesson in Football.
  13. f**k me, I hope you're wrong, as otherwise I might as well go for another walk with the Mrs!
  14. Me Too. Over the years I had countless Adidas and Puma plus the odd pair of New Balance but I do think the Patrick Kangeroo skin boots were the most comfortable boots I ever had. Think Kevin Keegan put his name to them?

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