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  1. Love all the "generational talent" quotes and you tube clips telling us why Havertz is so special. need to get my eyes tested as I'm clearly missing something. Last night he "made loads of runs" and "found loads of space" and it's his team mates fault that he actually did very little when he did have the ball and ended up being subbed. I know he's still young, has had COVID and adjusting to a new league in a new country but at some point the excuses need to stop and he actually need to start looking like the footballer many are making him out to be.
  2. I was hoping Ampadu might be that player but has anyone seen or heard how he has been doing at Sheff United? I suspect not great looking at their form and the fact I have seen no good reviews or articles about him. In danger of becoming another forgotten man.
  3. Spot On. I touched on it elsewhere. We all clamour for player X to be in the side and then when they play its "oh, he's not as good as I thought he was". NO player is doing enough to warrant a continued run in the starting 11. The only exceptions are probably Mendy (as we all know what the alternative is), Silva (who may be 36 but is head & shoulders above everyone else) and Mount, who gets a lot of criticism and is accused of being Franks blue-eyed boy but he TRIES. Wasn't great last night but put in more effort than thes rest combined and actually looked hurt at the end. We need a f
  4. Sorry but that's a Horrible side and the experienced players really haven't played any better than the younger ones. I know James was really poor against Leicester but Azpi has struggled every time he plays FB for some time. Nothing to suggest he would have done any better against Barnes last night who did have a good game. And the midfield of Jorginho, Kovacic & Kante is comfortably the most turgid, dullest midfield I have seen. Playing those three together is akin to sticking needles in ones eyes.
  5. Just saw Jon Swift score a great free-kick for Reading tonight. Sign him back up!!
  6. I am giving Lamps leeway 'cos I think he still deserves a bit of time. He has to try some other options and hope things gel more than they are currently. But I admit the clock is ticking for him and he needs to halt this poor form a bit sharpish. The annoying thing is the players who get some minutes, look good but then get whole games or get to start games and then do nothing or play badly. CHO, Pulicic, Kovacic' Jorginho, Abraham, Ziyech, Havertz, James...........................all of them you think "they deserve to start" but NONE of them are taking their chances to hold down a place
  7. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Only way of knowing for sure is to play him now in a few games because he can't be any worse than those who have been playing recently.
  8. Said it earlier in the thread and it was yet again apparent tonight. We have some talented individuals but that doesn't make a great team. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what has gone wrong but right now we always look likely to concede yet very rarely trouble the opposition keeper. Maddison touched on it in his interview about the importance of putting in the effort and how you don't need to spend millions on supposed stars on big wages (who have it too easy). Just not good enough. Frank will know that more than anyone and know that he's under increasing pressure. I want t
  9. Yep, can't help but feel we've taken the wrong route. That was us at times last season but players have go too comfortable and with the addition of the likes of Havertz and Ziyech who stroll around without breaking sweat, it was easy to see the difference. The only player I never minded seeing strolling from time to time was Hazard, as more often than not, he would win you games. Others have got to earn it and right now they are a million miles away from doing so.
  10. Rodgers just summed it up in his first sentence of interview. "Chelsea have some great individual quality but I think as a TEAM we were excellent".
  11. Very few positives to take out of that performance. Leicester better in EVERY department. Few who escape criticism are Silva, Pulicic and Mount. The rest varied from average to shocking. Great interview on Sky now with Maddison. Very modest but what a great player. How we could do with a player like him now, and Barnes and Vardy and Fofana and Justin and...............
  12. Must say Rodgers has got Leicester playing really well as a TEAM and we were largely outclassed tonight. That was the difference tonight, players all drilled, working for each other and always looking dangerous as opposed to us, slow, predictable & ponderous and lack of effort from most. You look at Leicesters players who many wouldn't have heard of before this season and then look at the way some of ours go strolling around. Pathetic, over paid, over hyped believing they are the "generational talents" that they've been made out to be by some when they need to achieve a bit more in t
  13. Jesus Christ, every time Leicester counter they look like they will score. On the flip side, we just don't look like scoring.
  14. Do me a favour. He's had trouble controlling the ball every time it has gone near him!
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