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  1. I came on to make exactly the same sort of point. I think it is unfortunate that the timing of blooding so many youngsters coincides with the senior players not being all that. You imagine, if Tammy, Mount, James, CHO etc were playing alongside players like JT, Lamps, Cech. It's been said time and again that we're lacking leaders and that is unfortunately effecting things a lot right now. As good a pro as someone like Azpi is, you will never turn him into a JT.
  2. Not having a pop at you Scott, but I think those sort of claims are laughable. I rate Kovacic, but I do also think be can be a bit up & down form wise (seems to be the case with our whole squad). Don't think it's so much as dropped but more a case of rotation. Yes, players and a team can gain momentum if you stick to the same line-up but then you also run the risk of fatigue (especially in the winter) and complacency. In the modern game, players have to expect rotation (look at City with the likes of Silva, Aguerro and KDB all getting left out). Really it should keep them on their toes and 100% focused as if they miss a game then get selected next, they know they have to play well.
  3. What a difference a few months makes! I know what you are saying and agree to an extent but I think that's maybe a tad harsh. Earlier in the season everyone was talking about the "feelgood factor" and even in games we lost, we were still enjoying the football. But that was when the likes of Tammy, Mount, Tamori and Pulicic were on fire and the whole team seemed to be gaining momentum each game. Things have definitely gone downhill - maybe a bit of fatigue and we're in that "grueling winter period". The enjoyment factor is certainly not what it was and the sooner we can move on some of the deadwood and try and revitalize the side again - the return of Pulicic and RLC would definitely help.
  4. Not if any prospective buyers have been watching him.
  5. On that note though, how about Stath lets flats? What are folks views on that? We've watched every episode and some of them are cringeingly bad, but we still watch the next one. It's one of those programmes you watch and say that was rubbish, but still kinda funny.
  6. What you mean like Mrs Browns Boys and The Masked Singer? oh no, they truly are sh*t. in fact they're worse than that!
  7. I can't see bringing in a new goal-keeping coach making much difference. As the saying goes, "you can't polish a turd".
  8. This. Knowing what our home form is like and how Arsenal wanted revenge after we beat them in the New Year, I had a feeling this might be a draw. BUT when they went down to 10 men and we went 1-0 up, it's hard to accept that we let that slip and that's what I'm so pissed off about. I acn accept that we are inconsistent and the fact that some of our players aren't that great. But 1-0 up against 10 men, and this is the crunch, ARSENAL of all teams, how did we manage to f**k that up! Everyone knows how flaky they are and yet because of us, everyone is now talking of the "new spirited Arsenal side". We should have battered them. When it became clear we didn't have it in us to batter them, we should at least have managed the game to see out the win. We got lucky to get back in the lead late on and we STILL didn't have the brains or ability to see the game out. Where are the leaders? It really is the basics. Get your noses back in front, minutes to go, they've got one less player - just keep possession and wind the clock down. Tammy goes down injured so use that to waste time and get the ball out of play. Any side would do that, but no, not us. It's schoolboy stuff. Very disappointing and we don't seem to be learning from the same mistakes. On a side note, I already said earlier in the season, think the Gooners have a player on their hands in Martinelli. Looks the real deal. Wonder if we could prise him away..........
  9. Can't believe we let Bulka go and on a free to PSG. We had him for three years from 16-19 and I said before, he looked the best keeper we have ever had at the academy. I thought we finally had a good young keeper who could go on to be our No.1 for a good few years. Then suddenly we sign Kepa (who I had never heard of) for £70M and our young prospect sees the way blocked to regular first team football and leaves for £0. Mark my words, in a couple of seasons, this lad will be one of the top keepers in football whilst Kepa is plying his trade in the third tier of La Liga. Really poor business by the club. We have been well & truly Mugged.
  10. Nibs


    I'll second that. Signing ageing, past their best strikers goes against everything. I guess if it was to replace both Giroud and Batshuayi and it was just short-term to the end of the season, until we can sign Werner, I might reluctantly come around. But let's face it, he does have really sh*t hair and it would be hard to warm to him on that basis!!
  11. Nibs

    Mason Mount

    Agreed they have been harsh (I hate seeing that kind of vitriol) but a part of that is down to him being an undeserved first choice player. He shouldn't be and fans are rightfully frustrated. I don't know when last I've seen our team so incapable of playing in tight spaces. And yet we have Kovacic, Pedro and of course Pulisic (injury aside) around. Most chances right now are being wasted because the guys in high positions (Mount, Tammy, Willian and Kante) have poor control, play badly weighted passes or can't see past their nose. I don't think Mount is an undeserved first choice player - he has been great at times this season. But he shouldn't be starting every game. I recall it was similar for him at Derby last season - he suffered a dip in form there too, but it's to be expected and it's down to the coaching team to manage that. ALL of our youngsters should make the use of the situation this season as they will largely all get "free-ride". Next season and beyond they will be viewed as more established and expectation levels will be that much higher and fans will be less forgiving if they are inconsistent.
  12. I have heard a few moans on Mount not being good enough or over-hyped but I think on the whole, the majority of us knew this was how it would be this season and are largely accepting of the inconsistent form. I was quite scathing in the player ratings thread and I thinks that's fair enough. The youngsters have been getting plenty of plaudits this season when things have gone well so I think they have to expect the flip side. Don't think too many are suggesting we discard them after a few bad performances but we do need more options when they are struggling. In Mounts case we already have Barkley and hopefully will have RLC again at some point but when Tammy has an off day, we DO need another DECENT striker. Not to replace him but as an option and rotate.
  13. Liverpool now have what we had in JT. A quality centre back who also scores his fair share of headers. How we could do with a JT now.
  14. Before we signed or were even linked with Kepa, I thought we would go for someone like Pope or Heaton. Wish we had as would have cost us a fraction and both are better.

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