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  1. I really thought Christensen was a great CB prospect when he came through the academy. He looked class and it was either Drummy or Viveash who touted him as the best young defender in Europe and a future star. And at that point they were probably right and I was so glad we didn't spunk a load of money on John Stones when we had our own potential CB for the future. So I am gutted that it looks unlikely now as it is apparent that as good as he can be, he won't cut it at the top level. We were spolit by the JT, Gallas, Carvalho, Ivan years. Christensen is one of these modern era footballers and is clearly not a CB in the classic mold, like JT, Tony Adams etc. Maybe if he had a JT in his prime playing alongside him he would be okay, but he ain't what we need right now and I would look to move both him and Zouma on and get as much as we can for them.
  2. You might be right @justthat Zouma's positives outweigh his negatives but CB is such a crucial position and when a CB has as many mistakes in his game as Zouma does, IMO it would just be too risky to keep playing him and hope somehow he improves. I saw plenty of Everton games last season and just like Luiz, he would have the occasional faultless display but he still switched off far too often and those lapses / mistakes often result in goals. We need a top quality CB to partner Rudiger with Tomori being first cover and that would leave Zouma 4th choice or we let him go.
  3. The thing is, I keep hearing "you should ignore the £71m transfer fee as that's not his fault". But there is no getting away from the fact that he IS the worlds most expensive keeper by some distance and as supporters, we should expect that for that, we have got the best or very close to the best. IMO, he is not even close.
  4. It is a tricky one for Lamps. No doubt, we need upgrades in certain areas but he will need to balance any upgrades with showing faith in SOME of the youngsters. I wonder whether Lamps actually welcomes the lift of the transfer ban or was maybe hoping it stayed in place so he could continue to work with what he had and experiment knowing he had a "free ride" and the pressure was off. IF we make a number of big signings, the pressure will be on to make top 4 a certainty and the powers that be won't be so accepting of defeats like today and against West Ham. I have faith in Lamps & Jody that they will be ruthless when they need to be and replace the players that just aren't up to what we are looking to achieve. No room for sentiments in football - especially at this level.
  5. I'd have to disagree. There have been times this season we have dominated games to the extent Kepa has not been called upon a great deal. Sure, he has had some decent games this season but not enough. You need your keeper to win you games - to be an imposing figure and make the difference. Kepa doesn't do that anywhere near enough. I know he doesn't have the luxury of a great defence in front of him but equally the defence doesn't have the luxury of having a world-class keeper behind them to give them confidence. I have always had my doubts on Kepa and even more so now than ever.
  6. Think we all like Zouma and hoped he might be the answer. He will have good games, even the odd exceptional one but the hard facts are, for a club of our stature and looking to challenge for trophies, he is just not good enough, not by a long way.
  7. Everton has always been a bit of a bogey team and with Silva going and a club folk-hero coming in, the signs were ominous, even more so when our defence and keeper decided to have an absolute mare. We all knew this season was going to be a work in progress with ups & downs. This joins the West Ham game as another of the downs. At times our play is great and when our attackers and midfielders are on form we are brilliant to watch. But in tight games and when we aren't putting away the chances, we need to be able to rely on our defence and keeper and one thing is very clear -our defence and keeper are not good enough and the January window can't come soon enough for me.
  8. Typical West Ham. Raise their game against us (even though we were poor) but revert to type last night at Wolves. Would have put money on that. Looks likely Silva won't be Everton boss when we play them Saturday. Let's just hope interim or whoever is in charge doesn't give them a lift and we play as well as we did last night.
  9. ^^^^^ Love the interviews with Lamps. Spot on - he doesn't talk in cliches like most managers and he sees it pretty much how I see it as a fan. Would still give that defence extra training next few days though. When we have a one goal lead and teams attack us and win corners, my nerves are shot to pieces!
  10. Thank f**k for that. With all that possession and all those chances it really did look like one of those games where Villa would snatch a late, undeserved equaliser and every time they lofted a ball into our box, i feared the worst. But we deserved that win. Good performance and we should have won by a lot more. Don't think any of our boys played badly although hard to pick a MOTM as there were a lot of 7/10. Would probably go for Kante but good display by all tonight and I personally thought Christensen had a very good game.
  11. Same pattern so many times this season. We dominate possession and boss games, get one goal and then relax and don't try and kick-on and build on it. And you just know that our defence is not good enough to keep a clean sheet and the opponents will gain confidence and eventually score. We need to start the second half strong and just hope we can go on to collect all 3 points but I'm not over-confident.
  12. Oops! That should have read BBC drama! But the point stands - if you haven't watched WOTW yet, don't bother. 3 hours of your life you won't get back!
  13. Blimey, I forgot about Ampadu. Any reports on how he's been doing? Last I heard he wasn't getting much game time even though he starts for Wales.
  14. I do love a BBC and was really looking forward to War of the Worlds. Well, what an utter disappointment. It was probably the bleakest and most boring BBC adaption I have ever seen. I stayed with it but thankfully it finished last night and I've a good mind to write to the BBC and request part of my licence fee back - it was THAT bad!!
  15. Yeah, any teams around us I usually want to lose or at least drop points and I was kinda hoping Everton would hold on. But the PL isn't that strong this season with only the dippers out of the top teams looking stronger than last season and at the rate they are picking up points, they could win the league at a canter. That said, even they don't look that convincing and seem to be winning a lot of games by the odd goal. Still a long way to go and a couple of injuries to key players + a suspension or two and we can but hope they choke again!!

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