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  1. Nibs

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Then again............................! How the mighty fall. Unfortunately when you have been at the top, there is only one way to go and boy Jose has plummeted in recent years.
  2. Nibs

    Alvaro Morata

    Let's retire that No. 29 shirt. Or better still burn it (with Morata still in it!) Hope his injury is not bad but we do need to get rid of ASAP. I seem to recall @Scott Harris has Morata in his Fantasy Team? You must be devastated Scott!!
  3. To be fair, in the past every time we have been linked with an African player, that has always been my first thought - the fact we could lose them every other season at a crunch time of the season, so I can well understand some coaches viewpoint.
  4. Nibs

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I've always maintained that every team needs a David Luiz - he is the biggest character in a squad where characters are a bit thin on the ground. When he's good he is very f**king good but when he's bad.................................................. But today, Viva Luiz - love him again!
  5. Didn't expect us to beat City and keep a clean sheet but none of us should be that surprised. It's what Football is all about - pulling off the unexpected. I posted before the game, just wanted the boys to put in a decent performance and make us proud. They have certainly done that. Carefree.................
  6. Get In - we're battering them!!!
  7. Must admit they are climbing the table but struggling to a 1-0 win over Huddlesfield isn't much to shout about.
  8. Trouble is City score goals from all over the park. Disappointed neither RLC or Barkley start and Alonso still starting but let's hope we're well up for it today and give 'em a game. COME ON THE CHELS!
  9. Come on, you don't honestly believe teams just roll over for some teams but up their game against us? Really? Nothing to do with the others sides being better than us and causing them more problems whereas they feel they can get something against us? Conspiracy...................................
  10. If Morata is anywhere near the starting line-up then I will honestly start questioning Sarri. Think this is the first time in a fair while that the pressure is kind of off as everyone expects City to win. Think Guadiola will show respect to us and Sarri and I am not expecting us to get hammered and as long as we give a good account of ourselves I'll be ok. Make us proud lads.
  11. Nibs

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    To be fair though, stats like that are pretty meaningless. Don't get me wrong, up until recent weeks I have been impressed with the start Sarri made but it is pointless comparing his start to Peps or Klopps as a big factor is the opposition they would have had to play (home & away), injuries etc. I really do hope Sarri does well and we can have a coach long-term (at least until Lamps & Jody have done their apprenticeship at Derby!). But it is early days and he still has a lot to prove. Someone like Guadiola would always be given more time after a disappointing first season due to his pedigree / track record. Unfortunately for Sarri he is a 60 year old guy who has won nothing in the game and is now at a club who have a record of axing coaches as soon as things aren't going too well so he'd be well advised to not drag his feet.
  12. Nibs

    Tammy Abraham

    They usually are season long loans (sometimes two), but I have heard we can recall Tammy in January if we want and right now I WANT!!
  13. Nibs

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It has been commented on a bit but what I hope is that Sarri doesn't continue to be too stubborn, as it could well end up costing him his job. I am all for a coach sticking to his principals and it is still relatively early days, but the signs are when thinks don't work, he is struggling to find a solution. Now a lot of that is down to shockingly poor striker options and that will HAVE to be addressed. But what always get's me and has done with a whole procession of coaches we've gone through down the years, is how they will all ignore possible a alternative in risking a younger, untried player and continue to go with the tried & tested, same old, same old. I know as soon as a few bad results come folk shout "Play the Youth" and I am one of the worse culprits. But it does forever frustrate me that other sides are at least giving their young prospects a chance when we don't. I can recall back in the day having debates with @Chippy (whatever happened to you fella?). When performances & results went tits up, I would clamour for the youth whereas Chippy (and others) would argue the coach see's the players day in, day out in training and we have to accept his decisions. But look at some of the youngsters who have forced their way in to other PL Teams and are doing well - Alexander-Arnold & Gomez at Liverpool (although Solanke is probably regretting his move to Dipperland). Declan Rice at West Ham, Brooks at Bournemouth and a real choker last night seeing Wolves play Gibbs-White and him have a decent game. If we were looking as good as City, I could accept it. Foden has got some game time for them this season but it is going to be hard with the amount of talent ahead of him. So I just hope that if we do continue to drop points, Sarri will try alternatives and shake things up a bit. Guadiola has gone on record as saying even the very best (untouchables) still need to know their place isn't guranteed and there is always competition for places, otherwise players play withinin themselves and get too comfortable and unfortunately, a number of our players look that way just now.
  14. Nibs

    Tammy Abraham

    His goal return wasn't good but Tammy wasn't sh*te - he was handicapped by playing in a poor team and also suffered injuries. I would love us to call Abraham back in January and rotate his with Giroud and find some mugs to take Morata of our hands. Tammy or Batshuayi, I really don't care to be honest but the thought of going the rest of the season with just Morata and Giroud is enough to make any Chelsea supporter clinically depressed. When folk are even suggesting Moses as a back-up striker, you know things have reached critical levels
  15. I know Willian is a player often singled out but even you have to admit that he was poor last night @yorkleyblue