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  1. All must win games really. But we have West Ham to play not Spurs and that is a big 6 pointer.
  2. Havertz was great today and the only reason I voted Mount instead of him was that he did fade a bit and then bottled it when through against the keeper. But very good signs today of hopefully what is to come...................
  3. Whole team played well today and produced some football that was excellent to watch. A few contenders - Havertz, Azpi, Zouma, Jorginho, Also good to see Pulicic looking much better and CHO too, although he needs to work on his decsion making and final ball. But it's Mount for me. As Chris Coleman said, he was involved in most of the good stuff today and just never seems to tire. Wonder just how good this lad can become.
  4. Wow - what a fantastic half of football. Brilliant stuff. More of the same second half please.
  5. All the stats supporting the theory that Jorginho is a world class player are meaningless. I rate him as a decent squad player but ignore stats that try and make him out to be something I know he isn't. I watch the game and can see when a player has done well or when he has had a complete mare and should get subbed at half-time. I have never seen opposing players go past Rice as they go past Jorginho on a regular basis and have never seen Rice have a half as bad as Jorginho did against WBA. Repeat though, that I don't really want us to sign Rice!
  6. That's an amazing result for Leeds - wouldn't have predicted that one. What a roller-coaster season they have had. Also shows why City need to spend big on a striker.
  7. I agree to be honest. I like him, but not necessarily sure he is the right fit for us. Obviously the fact he was on our books as a kid and is such big pals with Mount makes it seem the right move but I wouldn't want to spend huge sums on him.
  8. Jorginho is a decent squad player. Rice is first name on West Ham teamsheet and being touted as future England captain. Rice has been getting rave reviews from all & sundry for the past two seasons. The only person giving Jorginho rave reviews is..............you know who! West Ham will be looking for £70M + if they sell Rice. We'll take whatever we can get for Jorginho..................!
  9. I've been watching football for well over 50 years and hamstring injuries have always been part of the game. Of course some are worse than others but I'm sure professional medical teams know how bad they are and how best to treat them. Don't see why Pulicic's hamstring should be so much worse than anyone who has gone before him! On his day he's a very good player and a big asset and I certainly don't want another KDB / Salah scenario but then neither of those were / are so injury prone so time will tell if he can become the player we all hope he can be, but if not, I don't see him coming
  10. Be interesting to see what the line-up will be for this one. I know TT will have an eye on the Porto second leg, but hopefully he has now learned from the WBA fiasco that you cannot take ANY team lightly in the PL. Palace are one of those sides who look sh*t on many occasions but can cause lots of problems when they are up for it as we have seen more than once ourselves. Want to get a close look at Eze who does look quality on his day and a player I wouldn't mind us nicking of them if he continues to improve and develop.
  11. You could be right - I hope you are. Would love us to sign Haaland as he is the REAL DEAL. But I think with Aguerro going, City WILL spend big on a striker so it's either Haaland or Kane. Play under a great coach, in a great squad with almost guaranteed CL football every season + play for a club his Dad played for. Be surprised if he ends up anywhere but City and if it's us I'll be absolutely ECSTATIC!!
  12. Oh I know, it;s the players that are supposedly match winners and the ones we signed to take us to another level who are letting us down the most and have been big disappointments. Not disagreeing with that. But I still maintain we have too many squad players who aren't good enough to start regularly. Yes, both Azpi and Alonso have won honours with us but that's a while ago now and both are in decline. Great to come in and do a job at times, but don't want to see either starting regularly and that goes for Jorginho, Alonso, Zouma etc..........
  13. Weird Game. Would say Porto played the better football and looked very skillful at times but very little end product. Thankfully, they always got that final pass wrong and attacks fizzled out. For once, we were more clinical than our opponents and looked stronger as the game went on and could have won by a couple more. Scrappy at times but Job Done and well done to All.
  14. But sometimes you have to go looking for the ball and try and play yourself into the game. They have given us zilch.
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