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  1. Don't want Conte joining Spurs as he is a serial winner and he will improve them. Much rather Sarri went to Spurs and we could enjoy watching that unfold. Conte also being linked with Man Utd. If he goes there, they will win something within a season.
  2. Still hasn't really sunk in. Quite an unbelievable achievement by TT and the players. We have all made umpteen posts how there are no leaders in this squad and we are lacking the spine of previous great sides with no Cech, JT, Lamps, Ash, Essien, Drogba etc. Before a ball was kicked back in September last year, everyone would expect Bayern, PSG, Real Madrid or Barcelona to be lifting the trophy in May, but oh no, somehow, against the odds we are Champions of Europe again and on merit. It's Crazy and it's Wonderful. I've been walking around today with a slight air of "I'm Chelse
  3. So many good performances tonight and that#s why we won. Most of the players were involved in some key moments and they all deserves that winners medal. But I'd give it to Rudiger. All the defenders played well and all made important tackles / won headers etc. But that sliding block he made from Foden when the score was still 0-0 was crucial and I have to admit I was wrong when I said he was pony some months back!
  4. Thought City actually looked more dangerous AFTER KDB went off and they created their best chances. Old @yorkleybluewill have been watching that tonight nodding his head and muttering "I told you he ain't all that................!"
  5. Can't believe that BBC and ITV aren't showing highlights. Can;t believe we are Champions of f**king Europe. AGAIN!!!
  6. Agreed. If only we could have refs like that every week. Firm but reffed with a smile on his face. I wanna buy that man a pint!!
  7. Wow! Couldn't post during game as was a complete bag of nerves but WHAT a performance and TT got it spot on. Proud of each and every one of them. "CELERY, CELERY...................................!!!"
  8. Was him mum. Great video. Hope TT has made the players watched that and they're really pumped up tonight.
  9. Can't see Ziyech starting. He's a bit too lightweight for such a huge game. After the Madrid game, Havertz showed he can be a big game player so can only see him, Mount and Werner up top and the line up @LongtimerLurker has given above. That currently looks our strongest line up and nearly picks itself and that leaves likes of CHO, Pulicic, Ziyech, Kovacic on the bench to come on when need be. Got my second vaccine in an hour, then will come home and cut the grass and try and occupy the mind to get rid of the nerves. Massive game tonight - calls for one more MASSIVE performance
  10. Got to say, he looks a different player in that footage above Gol. You can 100% understand why Pep wanted to sign him based on that performance. Calm, controlled, keeping the ball moving with plenty of forward passes. If we were getting that on a regular basis I am sure no-one would be complaining about him!
  11. When you think back to the quality we have had in the midfield over the seasons and the goals and assists that have come from those players. Lamps, Joey Cole, Ballack, Essien, Fabregas - even Ramires and Oscar, neither of who I rated that highly. It's no wonder we have such a dismal record of troubling the keeper. No prolific striker and zero threat from the midfield.
  12. But his prime still won't be good enough. He's not world class like Kante. He carries the ball well but invariably doesn't do a lot with it. Even kante carries more of a goal threat. Happy for him to be a squad player but not a player to start regularly for me and if he starts the CL final, I can see City getting at him as one of our weaknesses. Pep will have done his homework and know that if either Jorginho or Kovacic start (God forbid both), press them and it's easy pickings.
  13. We certainly need an upgrade on Jorginho and Kovacic but we equally need a striker who can find the back of the net or at least trouble the keeper.
  14. As long as he hasn't cracked a rib, just get it strapped up and get him out there to face City next Saturday as a strapped up Mendy is a way better option than short-arms Kepa.
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