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  1. Would Tomori want that though? First team at Milan or 4th choice at Chelsea. No brainer to me. What I am surprised by is that Man United aren't dropping in a £30m+ bid to us to test resolve. They could do with Tomori in their team I'd sell Zouma and bring in Guehi for the squad next year. I'd also look at whether there is a top top CB on the market as a replacement for Silva the year after next. I'd be very happy with a squad of Rudi + AC + Silva/new CB + Guehi.
  2. He'd just say no. Barca and real Madrid are doing all their business now on the free as they are skint. He'll end up going to Madrid next year. Probably with Pogba.
  3. I think I'd actually struggle to watch us next season if that happened. I've really enjoyed this season where the only player I've actively disliked playing for us is our second choice keeper.
  4. Spend all our money on Kane. Im happy with our defenders and our wide players. I'd wait another year for a new DM. Fix the striker and use what we've got. Maybe sell Zouma or Christensen and replace with Guehi. If we can't get Kane them I have no idea. Haaland won't come here. I'm not sure on Lukaku either. Andre Silva maybe from Frankfurt??
  5. Few players who look after their body like Eden does make it as top players in their 30s. It would be throwing money away at any price.
  6. Think I'd be happy with offsides being eliminated fully from VAR. If the linesman f**ks up, he f**ks up. I've never felt truly robbed on an offside goal as a fan in the past. On penalty tackles, it does stop players diving, I'd probably keep that in. I'm not fussed by the Werner non penalty, that's just officials being crap. Could happen with or without. It should be less likely to happen with VAR. Handball calls for penalties or goals, that's the bit that stresses me out. Handball is such a messy area and I think I preferred it when it was just up to the ref on the pitch rather th
  7. No one seriously thinks this. Surely. I think a lot of people think Roman is more trigger happy than he actually is.
  8. CHELSEA FAN VIEW: Thomas Tuchel will be SACKED if he ends the season with no top four or trophies... his tactics have been found out at a crucial time and Roman Abramovich has shown NO manager is safe after his treatment of Frank Lampard How does Rory Jennings get work. This is nonsense from start to finish.
  9. That we care more about our players than other fans do. But one thing other fans have said is what incredible saves Kasper made and he won them the game. Mendy hasn't conceded one of those shots from 35 yards. Kepa has consistently conceded goals from long range. We shouldn't be having this conversation because our number 1 keeper should have been in goal. If leicester had also played their second string keeper we'd have won the game 2-1. But they didn't.
  10. 3 clear cut chances, one marginally offside that turned into a goal. That's all I ask for in the last ten minutes.
  11. I don't care what anyone says about that strke. Today you saw a first team keeper beat a second team keeper. Mendy saves that.
  12. Thing is currently leicester are 3rd and west ham 4th. The big 6 don't hog all the best players as much as people think. I think the league currently is more exciting than it has ever been in the PL era and it's getting better.
  13. Can I ask,as I see it a lot. What have Sky and BT done wrong? Why are they lumbered in with the crooks? They pay the league to show games on tv. Fans then have to pay to watch. That seems fair enough. The PPV debacle had nothing to do with them as all revenue after cost went to the clubs, they actually showed more games for no extra cost. Before sky and BT these games weren't on TV. You don't have to watch the games on TV. I just don't see a problem with a media company selling content. I'd like to see us fight for more sensible viewing times, 70% of games on at the same
  14. To be fair. BT and Sky weren't behind that pricing. That was the clubs, BT and Sky were doing this not for profit in return for getting to show more games.
  15. I'm firmly against this. But the opposing view should be, Theres too much football currently and it's too low quality. This gives the opportunity to strip the best teams in the world back, it creates an event each week that will be insanely watchable. Players will go from playing 70 games a year to 30, they will be fitter and better quality. I don't believe it, but that's the angle for me.
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