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  1. Considering Michy is back-up to Lukaku and won't be starting next year in the Euros but coming off the bench, maybe he should prefer a season where Michy is an impact sub.
  2. I prefer club football but that doesn't mean I or an even significant number of football fans "don't give a toss" about their national team / would turn down playing for their country as you suggest mount should do.
  3. I don't think you realise that your opinion of the national team isn't shared by the majority of footballers or English fans
  4. I think that was in patience rather than anything on sarri
  5. Fans have taken to overanalysing every performances, perhaps since every game became available to be watched. Some fans expected there to be a noticeable improvement from Azpi which is a mad view to take when hes come back from injury and never played at this level. He played well enough, he didn't look out of place, thats all i expected and hoped for.
  6. Tonights game is the most important of our qualification, the biggest test and would cement qualification. Every England game is important because we want to be seeded for the next tournament - in 9 months time - and have our team together. But tonight is slightly bigger than that and the idea that Mount shouldn't play for England because he's played a lot recently is nonsense. Football is more important than who pays someones wages.
  7. There's some sarri revisionism coming in about RLC. Sarri made RLC a fantastic player, had he not been constantly injured in the first half of the season he would have been playing more. The rest is true though. Southgate does like to play the kids, which is great because previously we just picked the players that saw it as their right to play for England, they weren't excited.
  8. If we sign chilwell and Sancho in the summer I think we've got a real chance of one of the big two next season. That should be fully in our plans for the summer. I anticipate we will sign Zaha and miss out on Chilwell.
  9. We need to continue to be brave. Next season, do we actually need to sign a striker? We have Tammy and Michy, move on Giroud and have a youth prospect be third choice. Do we need another CB could Zouma / Christensen make way for Ampadu / Guehi. These are the brave decisions we need to continue making if this method continues to work. Potentially the only signing we need next season is a wide player to replace Willian + Pedro. Arguably every other position we have covered with current+youth. Spend BIG on Sancho with the savings we are making. That's how we evolve.
  10. We've got one of the best academies in the world and probably the best funded. Our youth players haven't come about by accident, it's been ten years of work with each of them. Other clubs literally can't do the same. So they shouldn't. The media seem to not realise how our academy has been on a different level for 10+ years
  11. Hudson odoi Tammy and tomori definitely not?
  12. Abraham: It was the great Jimmy Greaves who said that football is a funny old game. Well, who would have thought that Chelsea fans would be chanting the name of Tammy Abraham in the same manner they used to celebrate Didier Drogba. That is because the young striker is leading the line in a similar manner to the Ivory Coast legend. If Abraham continues to develop at this rate, manager Frank Lampard will have another problem on his hands - keeping him at Stamford Bridge. Garth crooks on Tammy Abraham. f**k.Off. Has he ever said this about salah mane or Kane?
  13. I'm interested to see how he plays in Feb once he's signed a new contract with a different team or us. I've always said he's too streaky and he hasn't made the most of his undoubted talent. A few games doesn't change that view, it reinforces it.
  14. I just don't think the song has a anything to do with the ethnic group of Irish travellers. The term can be used to abuse someone of that group but in this context it's about a poor part of London and calling them scummy chavs. I've called people a pikey before. I've never meant that to mean they are part of that specific ethnic group. Just that they are cheap or a thief ... Looked it up, that is the original meaning and it got bastardised to refer principally to gypsies. In essence, by calling West Ham pikeys we are returning the phrase to it's original and non racist slur. It's not like West Ham have a historically high gypsy fan base. It's not like the n word, p*k* or y*d which can only mean one group.
  15. Should we stop calling West Ham pikeys? The miserable sod Dan levene is on at it again, lampard had to agree with him on the presser. But is it actually offensive? I don't think it's used as a racist term and think we need to stop diluting fans passion.

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