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  1. I value it. Just i place it 3rd. But hand on heart, I'd take a run to the champions League final over an fa cup win next year. Mainly because I think with a good wind, we could always win it, we could have won it in any year of the past 25 years. We could win it in any year of the next 25. But we would really by making a statement if we reach the final of the CL. No one expects that. It will be devastating if we lose, but I'd be overjoyed to see us competing back at the top table.
  2. I really can't apologise for not being old enough to go to football matches in the 80s. I liked going to Chelsea more in the 90s than today, so I imagine I would have been happier in an atmosphere and not the library that the bridge is today where I get nothing back when I try to make a bit of noise. Missed my point much? Look if we are in the Championship and tickets are £60 a match, I'll go just as much as I do now. Not much, mainly take up the cheaper cup games and one or two league games. Because I can't afford it. Neither can most people in their 20s and early 30s. There's a reason the bridge is tired, boring and a library now. It's full of old farts who can afford the ticket prices. There's a reason the atmosphere was great in the 80s, because people like @coco could go regularly as a teenager.
  3. I had a check on their forum. They are so different to us. So who knows. Some seemingly would trade for a trophy but some are actually talking about losing and playing well is better than winning ugly. Urgh.
  4. Would Tottenham fans go back in time and exit the champions League at the group stage in exchange for winning the league cup. I say they wouldn't. Some people think I'm a lunatic.
  5. Am I? We bring up the barcelona semi final win a lot more than any league cup win we've ever had. Would we no longer talk about that game if we lost the final to Bayern? Can't see how people disagree with that.
  6. Maybe the difference is when I think of a final, I think of a quarter final and a semi final. And I think of the experience on the day, waking up, buzzed from 9am. If I was a Tottenham fan, id prefer the journey. Beating city. Beating Ajax. The day of the game, the week before. For one league cup win. When you talk now of a final, you think purely of the 90 minutes. If that's how I thought, of course I'd rather a league cup win. But that's not what I'm talking about. Can I ask, why is poch more in demand than Wenger? Wenger won 2 fa cups while poch was here. Would people regard Simeone as a great manager if atletico Madrid didn't reach the cl final? Do you know how many Copa del Rey's atletico Madrid have won?
  7. I guarantee you more Tottenham fans will talk about beating Ajax in the CL semis than man city fans will talk about beating Chelsea in the league cup over the next 5 years. Do you remember who won the league cup last year? I bet you remember Liverpool lost to Madrid though. I bet that's more front of your mind. In fact, Tottenham fans will bring up "were you in Madrid" all the time I bet for decades. I got asked if I was in Moscow a few weeks ago. I don't think anyones talked about our win against Portsmouth in the fa cup since it happened. This idea that people don't remember the runners up (or being runners up) is a myth.
  8. I was born in 88 and supported Chelsea all my life. I don't really have a choice. I'm not going to support a board that makes awful decisions but that's not going to change my love of Chelsea. Some people confuse the two to show off.
  9. Wow. That's interesting. That must mean when we lose a final the entire journey is ruined for you. I'd hate to have that much riding on a game. I'd never trade a CL final for an fa cup win. I don't think we will be in a CL final for the next 5-10 years, I'd love to see us win a QF and Semi next year. I'd rather that than a league cup win!!
  10. I'd rather Chelsea's trophy cabinet than a champions League loss, obviously. But I doubt a Tottenham fan would trade a league cup win for that journey to the final and that experience. I imagine they would be talking about the CL final for longer than the league cup win they had in - nope can't remember the year. Next season, they'd trade a final loss for a league cup, of course. But this was Tottenham on the big stage for the first time. It's never happened before. It was a European cup final, with everything that involves. If we'd lost in Munich, id still have been happier with that journey than some fa cup wins. Maybe that's just me. But give me the Barca semi over beating Portsmouth in the fa cup final any day.
  11. Of course I'd still support the club. However I'm not going to support the club making decisions that lead to that happening. That's not what a fan does. Would you rather we win trophies or win f**k all. If it's the latter, fine. Stop trying to have a dick measuring contest over who can accept the most miserable season. It's pointless. All of us want to win trophies, none of us want to see us compete in the championship. If you do, then what are you supporting.
  12. What? Didn't mention Sarri. He is in the past, I'm over it. I'm onto giving lampard time and I suspect you won't be willing to give him that if the football isn't to your liking after 6 months. I responded to someone saying they'd be happy with mediocrity for a couple of seasons because it was good in the 80s. 1) tickets are too expensive to be happy with mediocrity 2) I think if we sit in mid table for 2 years, we will sit there for 5.
  13. I doubt they'd trade it for any trophy bar the premier league.
  14. I really dislike it when people say "it was worse in the 80s" It cost f**k all to attend a game then as well. Everything is relative. The 80s are in the past. If the club is going to be happy to be mid table for 2-3 years, what do you think the match going fans will think - I imagine they won't go anymore (when it's £60 for a ticket). What would our sponsors think? We won't get much TV revenue either. We could completely collapse as a big club. No guarantee we will ever compete for trophies again. Maybe that's ok. But I'd rather we beat Tottenham most seasons than trade it in for an away trip to Grimsby.

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