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  1. Lol fair. I did think that. I meant to say give me one more game that was utterly embarrassing. Those games weren't embarrassing to me. A draw against southampton and wolves doesn't make me want to sack a manager. Our performances now are more painful than they were under Sarri. Because it feels like it's getting worse, not better. Sarri to me felt like it was getting better. It felt like the pain was for a reason.
  2. Those games happen. They happened last season. They will happen next season. They happen every year a team doesn't win the league and even then, they still happen. It was turgid to watch, but I actually liked it. It made sense to me. It was actively watching a team change its style completely and learn, and occasionally something exciting would happen. I was excited to see how it would develop the next year. I was excited to see how Sarri would adapt without hazard, would we be lifted the same way he lifted Napoli when their best player left. But it didn't happen. He left. Oh well.
  3. I agree. The problems were defensive! However Frank didnt. Frank thought the problems were that we weren't clinical enough. He said that in almost every bloody press conference last season. So when we go out and buy attacking players who score goals, you have to think that Frank did get what he wants! I'm literally just pointing out that you can't say Frank wanted the defence fixed and the board didn't deliver. The whole club decided which players to sign and Frank was very much a part of that.
  4. I know. But that was one of two games, back to back, where things went wrong. Outside of that, there really isn't any eye opening results. But people parrot those two games as if that was happening every week. There were bad and turgid performances and I know I'm in a minority where I didn't mind too much, I was enjoying the style, but I shouldn't be in a minority who thinks those performances were a means to an end. I accept Sarri bashing for how he engaged with the fans, how he never really wanted to be here after the (win!) In cardiff. But he gets bashed for those two results lik
  5. I asked for one more match than man city and bournemouth. You showed me a quote about us losing to Bournemouth (lol) as well as arsenal away and the first leg of a carabao cup semi final that we then went on to win!! It's hardly end of days And do I really give a sh*t about substitutions? No. I really don't know why people care so much about who is subbed. We had 2 bad losses. Outside of that our performances were as they should be for a team transitioning to a new style and our results were fantastic. 2 cup finals, barely dropped any points against the bottom half of table,
  6. Okay. But can you explain how frank repeatedly, and I mean almost every game, said the reason we werent winning more games is because we weren't clinical enough in the final 3rd. Frank wanted these players.
  7. It was widely reported that Lampard and Cech travelled to Germany to meet Werner and set out the vision. I assume he was as involved in all the other signings. But I agree with your point that the club signs players. The manager shouldn't have a big influence because chances are he will be gone in a year or two. However that doesn't mean we didn't sign 200m worth of talent that teams of scouts, Cech, and Lampard all collectively felt would improve the team. We aren't a mid table squad.
  8. We say that, but Roman hasn't actually sacked Frank yet! He didn't sack Sarri despite 90% of the fan base demanding he go. He sacked Conte because he absolutely 100% was begging to get sacked and he sacked Jose because we were on the brink of relegation. We've actually given managers a lot of time in the last few years. If we were sitting in 4th-6th all year, I daresay Lampard would get another year.
  9. I don't really disagree with you, but in my view he improve Liverpool whilst there. I credit/blame a manager for the whole season, I don't credit/blame Managers for one off games. I don't credit Sarri for winning the Europa league final and blame Lampard for losing the FA Cup final. So for me, I credit Rodgers for getting Liverpool to that position, a position they had never been at in the PL. For Leicester, success is not about winning trophies, they aren't Chelsea. It's why he will leave them for a big club when they come calling and why simply getting them to 5th last year and lookin
  10. Nah. He would 100% jump ship. He would leave this week if we offered. He did the same at celtic. Hes not stupid. If he takes the job at chelsea, after what should be regarded as successful stints at leicester, celtic and liverpool, he will be cemented as a top tier manager. He could go to a sevilla or milan once us fans inevitably turn on him and he gets sacked in 2 years 😂 If leicester don't get top 4 and then they fall away, he could end up on the roundtable of managers who no one really trusts with the top job.
  11. Yeah. If I was in the ground i'd be singing his name. I'd love to see how we would play with a full crowd. Maybe all this cooped up trapped in house is making us all a bit mad.
  12. I'm not an old fart, but I'm also not a tactical hipster, yet for me 4231 is basically the same as 433. Are we trying to press high and it's failing? Are we trying to utilise a number 10? What is the point of Kante? Kovacic? What does he want from Mount other than to "get in the box a bit more". Why is Havertz not being passed to. Why are we not releasing balls over the top to Werner? Why did Werner play out wide (is there a reason or was it because our wide players were injured) why does Giroud play some games and not others, is there any reason to it? Was the only reason Zouma was dropp
  13. I think the person who was "criticising" was actually referring to others. But it's impossible to know because there's a million and one posts now. Think we all care about chelsea a bit! For me, I want to hear frank communicate to the fans what his style is. What is he trying to do and what isn't happening. Because I am tired of only hearing about "effort". Maybe I've missed the memo, but it seems to be a 433 and cross a lot. If I knew he was thinking in a style of play, I'd be prepared to be more patient. But we're all going round the houses. I completely get your opinion.
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