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  1. I've consistently said we need a new left back and I'm not sure why tomori has been benched for Christensen. He's not looked at it for the three games he's started. Rudiger needs to come back. But kepa is a problem and the fans pretending he isn't is getting more and more confusing.
  2. No that's hugely unfair. Zouma realised the ball was gone and that the play had changed to a defensive one. If he went chasing then Walcott would have skipped passed him. Kepa has had a howler, that's all on him. The first goal is another example of a header going in on the 6 yard line whilst kepa is rooted to the spot. He just isn't premier league quality for me
  3. It's just poor form. It's because his defenders in front of him keep changing. Courtois wasn't that good. Let's change the record. He's a sh*t keeper and needs to go.
  4. RLC provides that height when he is fit, which has never been more than 50% in any season. As horrible as it sounds, our squad will be more balanced if we replace Kante with MS. We can't have a consistent midfield 3 consisting of Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic and Mount and win the league, the lack of height there is 80% of the reason we are dire at set pieces (the other 20% being Kepa). Add RLC and Milinkovic Savic to our squad and someone needs to go, Kante will get the most money and for me looks like a square peg in our system. If we can get Koulibaly, great, but I don't see that happening. I actually have warmed a lot more to the idea of Mings for our CB spot, but I believe CB should wait until the Summer and see who we can get - I still think we will just get Ake for £40m and sell Christensen for £50m. It makes the most financial sense. Can Werner play on the right? I've never heard that before. Out: Giroud, Barkley, Drinkwater, Alonso, Christensen, Kante (circa £200m) In: Sancho, Milinkovic Savic, Chilwell, Ake (circa £300m) Making those changes, I genuinely think we'd be heading for an 80+point season. Never that simple though
  5. I still think we don't need a striker. If we get a right winger (Sancho would be incredible) who can score goals, then michy is more than capable enough as backup. No one out there is better than him who would join. No club needs 3 strikers. Left back can wait until summer and chilwell makes sense. Ake we will probably just sign because he's worth double what we'd need to pay. He'd be a decent swap for Christensen and would provide cover for left back as well. I cant see us signing Zaha because he's not worth whar palace would sell for but we'd definitely enquire. In the summer we should go for milinkovic savic, he offers height in the midfield 3. Which we desperately need. Set pieces are weak because we don't have the height. Sarri made this point a lot and it's why alonso got so much game time when RLC was injured. I think it's also why giroud started against West Ham as Abraham does a lot of work defensively from set pieces
  6. With kovacic and MS, our defence would be screened AND we'd have a more potent attacking threat AND we'd have someone who is tall enough to actually defend corners. With kante we just have the former. It's not a popular opinion I agree, maybe not even one I fully think. Is kovacic and savic better than kovacic and Kante. Is Kante and savic the solution? We'd have to sell someone out of those 3 if we buy savic.
  7. I agree. But if we buy savic, I can only see a home for him if kante goes. We'd get big money for him and savic would offer the things in our team we need kante to improve on. Jorginho can be a rotational player, kante just can't.
  8. The only player I can see exiting for MS is Kante. Jorginho isn't going anywhere.
  9. Surprised how our fans all (other than small pockets) listened to the Chelsea advice and didn't sing the lampard scored against the pikey song.
  10. How would you do it differently? That's the maximum amount of time we could get between Everton and lille. Stop moaning.
  11. First misstep from Frank for me. The team selection with two players who have barely featured all season, showed for me that he was taking the game a bit for granted. That is how.it felt the players were playing. He took far too long to sub them both. I don't know what CHO has done wrong, but that game needed pace and CHO Michy and Kante starting would have given it. It happens, just hope the team learn from it and the club learn we need to make a couple of big acquisitions next year.
  12. Jesus and lacazette same level. Rashford is man United's first choice striker and that's not even his best position. Son isn't a striker Origi isn't better than bats.
  13. Exactly. Could argue that we should spunk the money on a world class right winger who can score goals rather than an out and out striker. Son, mane, martial, salah aren't strikers. Jesus and lacazette are the only ones comparable to michy and I'd say they are on the same level as him.
  14. I'm happy with michy as second striker. Wouldn't say no to an upgrade but would rather we spend selectively and big elsewhere. Name a second striker in the PL that is as strong as michy...Jesus? Lacazette?
  15. Shame we can't have two of him. He was clearly knackered by the end of the game which is the only draw back from his performance.

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