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  1. He actually said if Frank has another sub he would have subbed him.
  2. I don’t care about what he says now. It was bad when he was still a Chelsea player but he’s not anymore so he can say what he likes!
  3. We try not to take anything too seriously in Britain. Otherwise you end up angry all the time. English football fans aren't like those on the continent. Where it is much more organised into different ultras / dedicated fans. Here, that element has been broadly stamped out and the fans just go along and sing songs and that's pretty much it. There aren't things like banners (if there ever were in England) or rival fan groups anymore. I wouldn't say Christianity had any part to play in London becoming a great city. I would actually say the absence of it. London has been for a very long time an open city that welcomes all backgrounds.
  4. I'm assuming you aren't English? In England, we don't take religion very seriously. Most people are agnostic or atheist. Other than Chelsea fans, who follow their lord Frank lampard and his disciples, Mount, RLC and Kante wherever they shall be.
  5. Not even that difficult or controversial to implement. Account created under 1 month ago or less than a certain number of tweets, using hate speech (identifiable easily by the words) then just place a block on the tweet and potentially ban the account. It's easy because all anyone does after a match now is search Abraham + N word, or Pogba + N word and see what comes up. If it turned out Gary from Crawley who had been posting about Chelsea for 10 years had posted Tammy is an n word, then its different and trickier to stop...but that isnt what is happening.
  6. Pogba got similar abuse that Tammy got, looks like he actually got a lot more. Looking at the accounts seems to definitely be foreign accounts doing it. My concern is that the media backlash against Chelsea because of 3-4 attention seeking trolls actually has magnified the issue, rather than solve anything. Now every time a black player does anything, there will be tonnes of troll comments because that's what society is like now. Nothing you can do to fix it unfortunately and I'd rather they were just ignored and deleted.
  7. We stopped singing that song by Christmas!
  8. We REALLY need to stop singing the Willian song. I accept its brilliant, but I genuinely believe it’s the reason he has never been sold and why he’s on so many of our posters / merch I genuinely think our board is that basic.
  9. Kepa Azpi Christensen zouma Emerson Jorginho kante Barkley mount pulisic Abraham That's what I reckon we will be going with today. I'll be cheering from MHU.
  10. Still will hear pundits say his best position is deep lying midfielder as if it's an absolute fact.
  11. She has been a top flight referee. https://www.espn.com/soccer/french-ligue-1/story/3837476/stephanie-frappart-becomes-first-woman-to-referee-ligue-1-match Additionally she has experience in a high profile, globally televised game using VAR, not many refs can say that. It was obvious she had that experience right as VAR was used effectively - better than. In the men's world cup. Yes it's social engineering to give her the job. But she's the best female referee in the world, it wasn't a risk to give her the job in the super cup and her team did a better job that most PL refs would have done.
  12. So what would have merited her getting the job? She has reffed at the top flight in the men's game and she's reffed a women's world cup final. They wanted to give her men's uefa experience, great stage to do it on. That's good enough for me. This isnt a champions league final.
  13. She's reffed in the French first division and reffed the womens world cup final. Her CV was good enough to be given this glorified friendly If this gets more women into refereeing then great. There clearly aren't enough top refs in our country and so the more the better. One bad decision a bad game does not make.
  14. Whenever I see anyone tweeting about Chelsea who has an aggressive / weird stance, I assume they have never been to a Chelsea game before. Just vermin Should be ignored. One of the tweeters accounts was somethingV12 because he had already been banned by Twitter 11 times.
  15. That didn't work in Moscow!

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