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  1. Lol. He's not paid a lot because hes not signed a new contract for a while. He would easily be in the top 10 paid players if he signed s new contract.
  2. Maybe we need to replace Zola with Terry for next season. They'd be awake then.
  3. Lol. We really don't like managers who get us to Europa League semis do we
  4. It's marinas domain currently, but she's a negotiator not a scout. She wouldn't have a wider picture of our football strategy like a true DoF would have. Who would not just look at players we should be bringing in, but also tasked with understanding with youth prospects should be in the first team squad. My view of a DoF is that they pick the squad for the season, they are in charge of that. The manager has input and picks the match day squad and takes care of training.
  5. Never won a trophy. sh*t manager.
  6. Because Chelsea ban fan who threw flare is easy to report But as Liverpool pretend that nothing happened, it gets left to a police incident and the press can't report on that in the same way. It's clever from Liverpool but not good. Everyone has forgotten about the arsenal fan on video shouting the n word. Because they "investigated it". They didn't ban anyone immediately, they brushed it under the carpet. We don't do that.
  7. That's actually the reason why our issues get reported so much. Because our club responds immediately. Without our club being so fast to respond and take action the media wouldn't have much of a story and wouldn't have the confidence to report on it without a backlash from us.
  8. I know a little about organisational structure and trust me our marketing team will have very little insight into our plans for next season at this stage.
  9. He used to play 4-2-3-1. No idea why he has only ever used it very rarely here. It suits our players better and its the system he used permanently at Empoli.
  10. I dunno. I feel a lot of the Sarri outers assume we'd pick up a top top manager who has won European cups or at least league titles. Not someone who has had a good time at Watford
  11. For those who are ardent Sarri out Would you rather Sarri stays or Javi Garcia replaces him?
  12. Haha, even the board new they gotta allow Conte to finish the season so they can at least win a trophy. That's not patience, that's wisdom! Ironically the first cup competition he ever won. But Conte = born winner, knows how to win trophies. Sarri = bumbling idiot who wets himself at the thought of a final. Some people place too much emphasis on narratives.
  13. I agree with you, can't see us beating Arsenal in the final or Sarri beating Emery in a final. I just don't understand why people think this. We were a pen shoot out from beating a team far superior to us. We could have won the game in 120 minutes. We beat Tottenham over two legs in the semis. We aren't sh*t! What is it about Emery and arsenal that makes everyone think they will be impossible to beat because Sarri is our manager. Emery isn't a magician because Sevilla won a couple of Europa leagues and Sarri isn't an idiot because pep beat him on penalties. A significant number of arsenal fans don't like Emery and a lot of people are questioning if Arsenal have actually improved this season. Personally I think Napoli will beat them, but if they don't I can see us beating Arsenal 2 or 3 nil in a final. I really don't rate arsenal as a team.
  14. Genuinely I would have been happy to see him sold 6 months ago. Now I think he's our most important midfielder. Absolutely ridiculous Sarri doesn't get universal credit for that.

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