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  1. Not sure how vocal I was, but I didn't feel right about the signing. The fact he's working out gives me hope that our scouting team know what they are doing. I wonder whether if we signed Rice we'd have the same reaction.
  2. 😂 I wasn't being 100% serious. I know 3 is too small a sample size. But I do have a feeling Although, there really aren't any good defences in the country currently. We haven't shipped 4+ this season and we haven't let a 3 goal lead slip. On that basis we are better than tottenham, man city, liverpool and man utd.
  3. Defensive frailties? We've conceded 1 goal in 3 games this season. We have one of the best defences in the country. *I've now decided to not count any games when Kepa/Willy is playing.
  4. Say soccer all you want. It's an english word. It's short for aSOCCiation football which is the formal term for football. Same as Rugby is Rugby Football and people call it Rugger. There's a lot of english people who refer to american football as NFL. That's the name of the league, not the sport. That's more offensive in my opinion!
  5. Only the one goal conceded though in that. Mendy 3 games 1 goal Kepa 3 games 6 goals Willy 2 games 3 goals (but one game was barnsley)
  6. Kepa would have saved it and palmed it into danger and it would have been blamed on one of the defenders by some people. This is what it feels like to have a proper goalkeeper. Hope it continues!
  7. He looked vulnerable tonight more than usual. Maybe he's suffering from the chelsea defender curse of one mistake and they turn rubbish. Still. Prefer him to the others
  8. I think kepa turns defensive errors into goals conceded and makes mistakes himself that lead to goals conceded. Kepa puts a lot of pressure on the defence at set pieces because the only confidence he brings is that he won't collect the ball. I think we would concede 30-40 goals in the PL under Mendy with the same defence as last year. I think add in chilwell and silva and that turns into a number in the 20s. I cannot overstate how bad I believe kepa to be. I think he is the worst goalkeeper in PL history. I think he's not even championship standard. I am baffled he gets games for S
  9. He's definitely still the second best keeper at chelsea.
  10. A replacement of the current champions league into an invite only competition. It will devalue european football even further for me.
  11. Sign any defender you want, if you have kepa in goal then it's a coin flip if you win.
  12. I really don't understand why Mount isn't playing in the role Kante is. Surely Mount can do that role? Didn't he essentially do it at Derby.
  13. He couldn't handle it on the first but weird he didn't on the second go. He just needed to boot it out. Every other keeper in the world would have just charged out and booted to row z and then shouted at zouma. Weird weird keeper.
  14. I think you are confusing me with someone who supports Chelsea because we are a financial behomoth. As you say, if I failed only my integral core of family and friends would stick around and the same is true of Chelsea if they failed. I would stick around and I doubt most of our international fans would if we were a league 1 side. That is why they aren't as important as the match going fans who have been a part of Chelsea for decades. The club should first and foremost be for the fans that are match going. That doesn't mean international fans are not welcome or important, but to say
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