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  1. Yeah. Then Frank didn't either. Conte played him in a box to box role alongside a classic DM. So did Ranieri at Leicester.
  2. Why? Mount has played there. I guarantee there will be games he plays as a right forward. Well he's been sh*t every time he's played at the base of the midfield for us. Kante has always played a box to box pressing midfielder. When he's deployed at the base of midfield we are left exposed - which is why he rarely plays there. So no,I'm not a troll. But this isn't the kante conversation.
  3. I don't think he will join united either. But if they pony up and we don't, then they will get him. I just don't see that happening. He's not going to choose to stay at bayer over joining united.
  4. Personally I think kai if he joined united would supplant Pogba who is incredibly suspect for me. We are the best place for him to join and he would be taking Kantes role in our team. I don't know who is taking the DM role. Hopefully Rice but I expect it's going to be Kante or Kovacic and that worries me a lot.
  5. Well then havertz would be a great signing because they aren't signing Sancho and he can play there. As well as rotating with Pogba and Bruno to give greenwood (who is the most promising teenager in english football since Rooney) rashford and martial time on the right as well. Dan james isn't good enough for a top 6 side and since lockdown it's been martial rashford and greenwood rotating those positions.
  6. And who else can play there? They have 0 depth for their front 5 positions. Havertz can play in all of those roles.
  7. LCB joke clearly something they were chatting about.
  8. Have they? I think Havertz would be an ideal signing for them. Pogba and Bruno would be his competition in midfield, whilst he would compete with martial rashford and greenwood for the top 3. I have always wondered why they are linked with Sancho when Havertz is exactly what their team needs.
  9. I think we'd have sacked him. We certainly didn't try and keep him because the fans were not on side.
  10. Rice? I think we are going to end up signing him, a LB and Onana.
  11. So did I. 😆 I thought when I was watching that Kova was deeper. Either way, neither of them can do that role. We need a proper CDM who can protect our Centre Backs.
  12. Based on these heatmaps (and also my eyes) it felt like Kovacic was playing the central DM role (poorly I might add) whilst Kante was out to the right as per how he's played for most of the last 2 years. If Kante was actually supposed to be playing CDM, then he was so atrocious at it and that is something that should never happen again. But I think he was playing the number 8 role and played it relatively okay.
  13. I'm pretty sure Kova was playing CDM Neither of them can do it. Those pictures are depressing. Why are they not talking to each other. Lewandowski is the biggest threat in Europe and Christensen needs to know where he is. If he's not looking then James needs to be telling. Christensen has to be covering him. This is basics.
  14. Does it? Kante didn't play there against Bayern. I don't know if Lampard has ever played him there. Kovacic played there and was rubbish. When the game is opened up Kante also gets exposed in that role. He has never been that good at positional discipline. I'd rather Havertz played on the right of the midfield 3 (which is where Kante played on Saturday and where he usually plays).

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