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  1. You're the one who follows me around here trying to correct everything I say. Pulling quotes out of context trying to get a laugh. Jumping in on conversations and trying to start a fight. Pathetic. Either have an adult conversation or piss off. I've got a different opinion from you. I don't have to start every sentence with "in my opinion which may or may not be incorrect".
  2. Jesus christ. Bore off. I was responding to someone with the certainty that Lampard wanted to sign this incredible DM and the board messed him about and it never listens to our managers. You then chimed up for no reason. Why are you getting involved? No one was talking to you. It's actually really depressing how many stupid chelsea fans are on this forum. You are one of them
  3. We have no idea if Lampard wanted to sign Rice. We have no idea if Lampard wanted to sign Havertz. Or Silva. Or Werner. This is all speculation. So if I'm not allowed to speculate that Lampard wanted Rice as a centre back (which was widely reported), then no one can speculate that Lampard or Conte or Jose or Sarri did or didn't get the players they wanted. FYI - I was one of the minority on here who wanted to sign Rice. Who thought he'd be a fantastic DM. I wanted to sell Kante to fund it. I didn't quite understand why we wanted him as a CB. I'm just frustrated that eve
  4. Well personally I think werner has been one of our best players since Tuchel joined. I think in his current role he is class. We just need the entire team to gel more, which hopefully Tuchel can make happen. If we listened to Lampard we'd have spent 70m on Rice and he'd be our centre back next to Zouma and we wouldn't have got Silva. Rice wouldn't be having a fantastic season, he'd be learning how to be a centre back. Would that have made our team better?
  5. That's fine, that's a valid view. I just disagree. I think Werner and Havertz fit into our style. One has not been supported by the right passes and the other has struggled to adapt to the league - but I think he will get there. But some people say the board should have spent 70m instead on Rice and Lampard was right. That's idiotic. No one thought that was a better signing and Lampard wanted to shove him in defence.
  6. Well they clearly did do the research. They didn't just watch clips. They didn't miss anything. Lampard wanted this great defensive midfielder who we should have definitely signed apparently for 60m+ instead of Havertz, to play in defence. Which would have been a stupid thing to do when it's obvious he's top class as a DM. So let's not forget that either. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But let's be realistic. Some players just turn out to be duds. Some take time to adapt. You can't avoid that. Hopefully these players come good. Personally I think Werner has been one of our best pl
  7. Did you think that in July last year? Did anyone? I don't think even frank thought that to be honest. It's just assumed by some now that he did.
  8. You aren't wrong However these world class players for City broadly became world class at city under Pep. So with a good coach, who knows what could be unlocked here.
  9. Same. I always thought Lampard was such a curious intellectual, that he'd be constantly looking for how to improve. However he actually morphed into another Harry Redknapp. Someone who was very much of the old school, "work harder and you win, that's all that matters" type. Im completely ambivalent about this year now though. If Tuchel is going to take us back to the elite of world.football, it won't be seen this season. Right now the order of the day is grind out the results and get top 4. We should be able to do that.
  10. Yeah it was definitely zoumas fault. And I'm a Zouma fan boy. I'm nowhere near as stressed by yesterday as everyone else seems to be. We were facing a team on a horrible run of form, obviously we don't win! Can't wait for the liverpool game when we get them post 4 home losses in a row.
  11. Okay fine, pre roman yes. But I was talking more post vialli
  12. I don't think we've ever been known as entertaining. Sarri was brought in to change that as he was known as a manager with an entertaining style. He didn't get us there, frank did at times, Tuchel might eventually. Prior to sarri always been counter attacking pragmatic football. Defense first.
  13. Why are we spending time asking if these fouls are reds. Never in a million years are these reds. I've never even seen these being conversations before. So weird.
  14. We held league champions iverpool to a draw. Featuring a fantastic free kick from Barnes and a Hitchcock penalty save in the 85th minute. Must explain why I'm such a glory hunter 😉. I was born in the week when we were equal to the best team in the country. Looked it up. We got relegated that season (via a playoff) despite only losing 2 home games all year. Kevin Hitchcock Joe McLaughlin Stephen Wicks Gareth Hall Tony Dorigo Steve Clarke John Bumstead Micky Hazard Pat Nevin Gordon Durie Kerry Dixon
  15. Sorry I don't disagree with you. It is a problem for the reasons you outline in this country. I don't care if it's a bigger problem in italy or not. I don't live there. I was mainly highlighting that racist abuse on social media is a global problem. Not just an English one.
  16. Well yes, although a lot of that abuse to black players has come from overseas accounts. The issue with the PL is it is so global that on social media you will be abused from all countries. Not just English people. Sounds like Tomori wasn't given a fair deal by Lampard. I always felt he was somewhat overrated by many on here, but I couldn't see why he was playing so much less than Rudiger or Christensen.
  17. Bruno is currently the best player in the premier league. When Bruno was Havertz's age he scored 5 goals in 33 games for Sampdoria and was then sold to Sporting Lisbon for about £10m.
  18. Yeah Werner and Mount are playing as a "double 10". You could put Pulisic or Havertz in where Werner and Mount are playing quite easily. You could arguably slot Pulisic in the RWB slot. No reason why he can't do that. Ziyech feels the odd one out for me. I don't think he works in this system. I also think he's too one footed for the PL and doesn't work hard enough on defence.
  19. Yeah and I think if I'm hiring someone to do the job you've outlined, I'd expect them to report on how those departments are doing. I also read when the club says he advises the club on football matters, that the club is the board. Whereas you think it's not the board and it's those departments. That's the difference. I can kind of see how you have come to that conclusion. But it feels a bit of a stretch to me. We are talking about the guy who flew to Germany to convince werner and Havertz to sign. Who was central to the decision to sign mendy. But when it comes to havin
  20. I actually don't think either describe it differently. Yes I'm a fundamentalist. I accept that here. I don't want my mind changed. I like my world where Cech is at the centre of footballing decisions. I don't want chelsea to be run by business people. I want a footballing man at the heart of it I think we have that. I think Cech and the club have described his role to me like that. Your quotes don't read differently to me. What might be the case is that he has no power, he's a glorified figurehead. I hope we haven't done that.
  21. Well there we differ. I read it differently. I don't see how we hired him to report into frank lampard. Or to advise the coaches. If we did. It's a sh*t appointment. Cech has no coaching experience. Throughout the club to me means he reports into marina or bruce. If they aren't including on this list, then he isn't reporting throughout the club. I'm fairly certain I'm correct on this and I don't want to have my mind changed. It will make me incredibly pessimistic about the future of our club. What has excited me about chelsea is Cech and how he's creating a long term future for
  22. Well it's what is on the website. He advises on football and performance matters. It's the first line of what his job is. Look, I want Cech to be in the role I've described. I want Cech to have been the sacker of Lampard. It would be the best thing all round. A footballing man with a long term vision being at the heart of decisions. I don't care who the manager is, but someone who bleeds chelsea and who loves football being in that role, making the real decisions that affect our club. That's what I want. If I'm wrong and he's actually just performing a figure head role a
  23. both of you are literally writing 2+2 and then to me, saying 5. I can't understand this chat at all. Cech advises the board on football and performance matters. You then both talk about what he says his job is and isn't from quotes, none of that proves your point or disproves mine. So he isn't responsible for what happens on the pitch, yeah okay I never said Cech was. That he works with the different departments, okay sure what does that have to do with anything. Obviously he's not going to tell an interviewer "so yeah if Frank ever f**ks up I'll be there to tell Marina
  24. Well let's be clear here. I wasn't slagging Frank off for his team selections when we were winning. And so I am not going to slag off Tuchel either. I don't really know why anyone would and I repeatedly backed Frank's selections at the time. I questioned more than anything else how he was getting his players who were playing to be better, but that wasn't when we were winning! People are also slagging off Tuchel's selections though. People are constantly asking why Rudiger is being played. Why is Pulisic on the bench - I see that on twitter a lot. Havertz is injured. Kante was injur
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