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  1. It's not just going on strike, but making digs about Chelsea whenever he can. I don't understand the value in it, when he retires he could have done a Cudicini but we would never employ him.
  2. He will always be a blue. Always be welcome back at the bridge. I find it mad that players (like tibo) make no effort to leave on good terms. It surely affects their earnings long term.
  3. I think I read he's being sent back tomorrow after this game.
  4. I love Rudi. He's the name on the back of my shirt this year.
  5. What affect? It just applies the rules more accurately.
  6. It's one of those stories that is a classic media made up story. It sounds like something that could happen, so write it up. I'll believe it if it happens. Don't really care either way though!
  7. Hes tiny, that's the point. He has no strength. Personally I don't really like him. I wouldn't be upset if we sold him and then he turned out to be half decent. He rankles me somewhat. Seems overtly arrogant, expectant. I'd rather he be somewhere else
  8. Well we don't actually have our former captain anymore. So yes.
  9. If everyone agreed to pretend VAR didn't exist and it was just the ref making every call, it wouldn't be controversial.
  10. He's only started walking today, insta vid of him trying to push 5kg of weights on his leg and struggling....He's quite a bit behind CHO then in his recovery who was jumping and kicking a ball a week or two ago. Hopefully though he will be available for the first team by November.
  11. I propose we start the lampard in or out poll now. I'm hoping he's here at least 2 years. Am looking forward to the Leicester game, got tickets, will be a great atmosphere.
  12. Only the 6th English manager to manage an English club in the CL group stages by my reckoning. A real mixed bags of names. Harry Redknapp, Bobby Robson, Gary Neville, Phil Thompson, Roy Harford
  13. I got the notification on my phone and nearly shat myself.
  14. One nil up against Newcastle at home after 20 minutes and he doesn't dive into the crowd. Shock horror
  15. Yeah I keep neither of them on a pedestal. I worship none of our ex managers. Except Robbie.
  16. Can we close this thread? Sarri, like Conte, isn't a Chelsea man. I wanted Sarri to stay, I wanted Conte to leave, but now both have gone I don't think about them anymore. There's only one club in Italy I will be supporting next year. Napoli.
  17. Very interested to see how he does in a set-up with SFL and Jody giving him the advice and support. At the moment, our 6 in midfield looks like; Jorginho, Kante, RLC Kovacic, Barkley, Mount I have no issue with that being our 6. In a year's time we will likely look to improve in some way, but for now, that's better than not signing Kovacic.
  18. Very bad advice. If someone told me he would be plying his trade for Crystal Palace in 5 years time and his career never went further than that, I wouldn't be surprised. No guarentees in football and if your homegrown club offers you that contract, you take it. If he ends up leaving us next summer I think he could end up regretting turning down a new contract here. He seems to believe his own hype. Not necessarily a bad thing, but he needs to apply himself if he is going to reach the levels he already thinks he is at.
  19. I'm all for this Although I tend to only moan about two things Our fan base. And willian. Hopefully I don't have any reason to moan about either this season.
  20. I just assumed they'd been left out at the top of the thread by accident. Wise should always be counted as a legend.
  21. Benitez would probably have the finish highest in the league / give us the best chance of winning a trophy out of anyone we could get. But I'd rather piss in my eye than have him join.
  22. Kharine Clarke, Johnsen, Lebouef Ferreira, Morris, Le Saux Gronkjaer, Robben Flo, Eidur
  23. I think comments like this (that I agree with) are why he has this vague title. We need to get a better structure. But this seems to be a step in the right direction. I've goaded a few of my united mates that we've done this quicker than them
  24. Bit hard to advise on transfers at the moment! I think it's an entry job to what will be director of football. Regardless of titles, a director of football is essentially what is job is described as.

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