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  1. Lots of people talking about him playing with werner. This season werner will miss 20+ games and Abraham will be vital in his place. Top performance.
  2. I wonder if the twitter army will lay off Frank for playing mount over him
  3. When is Frank going to bring CHO on. Can't believe he didn't start. More seriously, what a strange game. How are we 4-0 up.
  4. Yeah AC is routinely abused, including on here. I agree, think he's been fine the first two games and the red card could happen to anyone.
  5. Yes helped. But not key to why they are here and neither will lose sleep over rudiger going. It's a football club, people leave all the time.
  6. Neither of them have said once that rudiger was important to them joining. Let alone repeatedly. There is not a chance in hell this will dent their morale. The club may consider that it will be easier to sell rudiger and raise funds than any other defender. Lampard considers him sellable. We have 3 defenders he thinks are better.
  7. Yeah and if he's as dog sh*t in training as Frank thinks, wouldn't he be dogsh*t in Germany too? He should go to a club that might actually play him and then pay money for him next summer. If Frank thinks he aint good enough for Chelsea, he definitely isn't going to be good enough for Bayern.
  8. I imagine Hazard was actually excellent in training. CHO was actually a good trainer under Sarri by all accounts. He played him because he proved in his fits and starts he was ready. He took time over it because that's what you should do with an 18 year old. Lampard has consistently said that CHO isn't training hard. If he isn't training hard he doesn't start. There is no other option here. You can't give players short cuts - especially players who when they do get played they don't actually deliver. His career is at a crossroads and he could be one of the MANY players who do
  9. Wahey! Hopefully he can start against west Brom. Can we move the rumours thread /have a different title.
  10. Personally I don't care but I can see why someone would. If we are trying to offload him though then may as well get a big fee now so we can buy a replacement. Him going on loan will be us saying good bye to him at some stage. There's something clearly not right with the kid.
  11. Jonathan wilson has publicly stated that he will be overly critical of frank lampard because he believes the rest of the media give him a free ride. I'd read everything he writes on the topic of football as he's a fantastic writer but nothing on chelsea until Frank leaves.
  12. Maybe. But who was going to make that decision in January and if you were Tariq Lamptey would you have gone for it? He was the one who wanted out and it was a fantastic decision that he made.
  13. @Gol15 The rule is clear. Is the action a straight red card decision? Yes. That's it. In all cases that has been applied. Same with the Brighton game before it. Or to make it clearer, the decision is not whether the referee was right to give a yellow. The decision is whether the referee was wrong to not give a straight red. FYI - It was 100% a red card. It was clear as day. You even say "Mane would almost certainly have scored". That means it's a red.
  14. We do, but I think lampard is pushing him wide in the absence of our 2 best wide players and CHO upsetting lampard. I assume Havertz will resume the number 10 role when either Ziyech or pulisic is fit. But I'd personally rather w do that sooner than later.
  15. I'd be perfectly happy to see a line up that had Jorginho + Kante with Mount/Havertz/Barkley further forward. That seems to make sense even if the individual personnel may or may not be right. But yesterday Kante was our attacking midfielder in that midfield 3. That isn't ever going to work. Others have answered more elegantly than I have. He can't play a through ball and he can't shoot. Stats are quite clear on this but anyone with eyes will agree. How many goals? How many chances created? How many assists? Kante offers nothing in the final third.
  16. Oh come on. We've conceded three goals this season and 2 of them are 100% kepas fault. Frank is at fault for that. He made the correct decision to drop him but made a mistake bringing him back.
  17. I continue to think he's holding our team back and surrounded by people who think he's still our best player. Either he plays as a DM (and I imagine he plays that role poorly) or he needs to contribute in the final 3rd. Kovacic has a role of sorts in his position, he can carry it out of danger and lay it off to a better player. Kante I don't understand.
  18. 3 mistakes today. One flap at a cross any decent keeper would have caught, one charge out when the ball wasn't there to be won and of course, the goal. Hopefully for him and us it's his last meaningful contribution in a Chelsea shirt.
  19. Liverpool would have been 1-0 up at half time if Christensen hadn't fouled Mane. Don't forget that. I think we needed to play Mount or Havertz through the middle and have Kante play deeper with Kova. Adding another attacking player - Barkley, CHO, Giroud, don't care who, up top. This experiment of kante being an attacking player needs to end. Kante Kovacic and jorginho as a middle 3 doesn't work as only Kante ever gets forward and he has no idea what he's doing when he gets there.
  20. I don't think it was the right thing, I don't think it was deliberate. He put himself in a bad situation through his poor starting position and then the rest was inevitable. We weren't set up right. We were playing 2 attacking players and someone who hasn't got to the pace of the premier league yet. We should have had kante kova and Havertz as midfield 3 and mount Werner and Giroud up top.
  21. Unlucky from Christensen, sometimes you just got to do that. The ball was too good. His starting position was poor. If he hadn't fouled mane we'd be 1-0 down.
  22. I always went here to find a stream. Never failed me. https://redditts.soccerstreams.net/home
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