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  1. Sarri ball is a media term. It's just possession based attacking football. Control the game, play direct into final third. Not hugely different to what city do now. It's why we have lots of shots like city and lots of possession, like city. What we don't have is the players who can make things happen in that final third. Just hazard, who is going. I genuinely believe that can be fixed next season and the gap to city and Liverpool will be closed. Not all the way, but some of the way. What will probably happen is we chop Sarri and get a manager in who will play a different style. So another year of the team learning how to play football differently. And probably a year where we come between 4th and 7th.
  2. Yeah! Going to be good to see us replace Sarri with....well let's just hope lampard joins. Will be a fun year before he gets sacked for us finishing 7th with the fans on his back same as how united are on OGS's back. Otherwise we will be in mid table with Gracia or....literally no idea who joins us. Also be nice to see Sarri win the champions League with Juventus in two years. Not a hope in hell Allegri comes to Chelsea. But I'd rather Sarri than him anyway.
  3. I think that's just bad reporting. Achilles injuries take a year maximum. I'd be surprised if he isn't back in the fold by January. Still very very long though.
  4. I think that's just bad reporting. Achilles injuries take a year maximum. I'd be surprised if he isn't back in the fold by January. Still very very long though.
  5. Sell Zappa and hazard, keep Tammy giroud mount kovacic (unfortunately), pasalic, James, lose higuain. We have a squad that can compete for 4th as united and arsenal aren't going to massively improve. But if not then who cares. It's a throwaway season and it will show Sarri isn't the right manager for us. After the year we will be stronger and in a good position for the season after with a clear idea (and big purse) to sign players. Maybe we lose Sarri then and get lampard. But let's base that on how our year goes.
  6. I wouldn't freeze the ban. Suffer next season. Integrate youth. See who can step up and then buy
  7. I wouldn't freeze the ban. Suffer next season. Integrate youth. See who can step up and then buy
  8. Regardless of our run, when the crunch Europa League games happened we didn't lose our Sundays whereas arsenal did. It's why we are in third and they 5th
  9. The only player in our midfield whose job is not to score goals is Jorginho simply because he plays too deep in the midfield and in front of our defenders. I never criticize Kovacic for not scoring goals, but when you are playing for top 4 team as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder or box to box, and the attackers aren't firing in the goals, you have to try and score some goals yourself. And thats what Kante who I always thought was bad in front of goal has done for us this season. So that's a bad excuse for Kovacic. Anyway I don't really rate him that much but I believe he is talented and possibly Sarri isn't playing him in a position where we can get the best out of him. I just think kovacic isn't composed enough with final ball / shot. I have no problems with signing him, we need midfielders next year and cannot rely on Barkley / mount to be our only midfielders as that third option. Would be interesting to see us look at pasalic in the summer.
  10. Can't see how Nuno would join us anyway. Lampard it might end up being, I'd just rather another season of Sarri, wear the ban for these two windows and then give it lampard. Unless of course Sarri does really well next year!
  11. If you think keeping him is demoralising, wait until we sack him and appoint Javi Gracia as his replacement. Fighting for top half of the table will be fun next year. Football looks a lot worse when your team only gets 50 points in a season. Maybe I am in the minority of match going fans, but I haven't had a chance to survey all of them.
  12. Roman doesn't organise sh*t. He didn't write the papers to buy Chelsea, doesn't mean he didn't want to buy us. Don't be obtuse. But he wanted this game to happen, that is obvious. It's the only Chelsea match he's attended all season. Maybe you aren't a woman hater. Lots of men with daughters view women as inferior. But either way you refer to her gender a lot.
  13. Yup. Weird for me to agree with you!!
  14. It's why at the time I was ok with the game. We needed to play Liverpool Tottenham and arsenal will all play games behind closed doors. But the pitch will be a different standard and in our case, Ruben would be managed so that he wouldn't be risked on a bad pitch. I am assuming it's why sarri has been silent. He didn't like any of this and decided better to say nothing than to criticise or say something he didn't believe.
  15. I didn't care about the match beforehand but I assumed 1) the pitch would be at a great standard and 2) our first team wouldn't play more than 30-40 minutes (and Ruben would barely feature!)
  16. I know you are related to him, so I want you to tell him that: "On behalf of all fan's of this cluster f**k of a club, we want him to resign immediately so we can move forward with winning trophies." I think reading Twitter / this forum, you are actually in the minority of wanting him to leave. Earlier in the year, people wanted him gone. Now most fans want to back the team ahead of a final and see him be successful.
  17. I think the question at the moment is will he stay. Why would he want to be manager of this cluster f**k of a club. Rumours of him being sacked constantly, forced to play a friendly shortly before our biggest game of the season, transfer ban incoming. Madness
  18. I actually think united and Chelsea are run similarly, aka badly. The owner sets the direction, marina / Woodward see out this direction. It's not marina and Woodward's responsibility to hire someone to undertake more football focused decisions. It's the top dogs. Liverpool is an example where their owners are fully focused on setting football driven decisions. City are an example of a club wanting to do everything and become an empire.
  19. No, it's Roman. Its a match organised by two jewish billionaires to raise awareness of anti semitism. Marina is a pawn in this situation. 100% if Marina said its not a good idea (which she may well have done) he would have said, no we go ahead. Don't let your misogamy detract from what obviously happened.
  20. That's what im worried about. If he doesn't sign this summer then I assume he's on his way out. My hope is he's waiting to see if we sign anyone this summer to take his place. Kante and jorginho are undroppable, he's the third starter at the moment. If we don't - which I assume we won't - then I suspect he will sign. He's still on f**k all wages wise.
  21. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would sound. Chelsea sack Sarri after coming 3rd and reaching two cup finals. We'd be a laughing stock.
  22. Yup. Why play youth if a manager knows they will out the door after 12 months
  23. Would be incredibly depressing to see that happen and I think we would need to be prepared to see us spend a few years battling for the top 6. Regardless of what some say, I have no idea what manager we can expect to get who will improve our team next year. Especially with no new signings. I'm excited to see how we perform next year after a pre season with sarri, I won't be if we hire Javi Gracia or Frank lampard which is who I suspect we will end up with.
  24. If he signs a new contract....he's got two years left...

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