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  1. You need a reason to be arrested right? The police leak a lot of info to papers. That's how they found it out.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52416192 This makes an interesting read related to this game
  3. I actually think the opposite. Media has rules about reporting on crimes.
  4. It's pretty much accepted be was arrested for rape 3 days ago after breaching both national and club guidelines on how to behave. I don't think that's in doubt. And he's back training today. I feel uneasy about it. I feel uneasy having him associated with the club with this allegation. I don't want a rapist playing for Chelsea. I hope that he's been severely reprimanded in private and that this is something where the club feels they can't publicly punish someone awaiting trial due. Maybe he's innocent. But the club do not know that. They cannot possibly know that.
  5. Disappointed personally. But hey ho. Let's see what happens next
  6. Some matches worth youtubing. 1970 FA Cup Final vs Leeds - when we won the FA Cup for the first time 1997 FA Cup final vs Middlesbrough - First trophy for 25 years 2003 Premier League, Chelsea vs Liverpool, final day of the season, winner qualifies for Champions League. We were then bought by Abramovic afterwards. 2005 Premier League, Chelsea vs Bolton, when we won the Premier League, first league title for 50 years 2008 Champions League Final vs Man United. The JT slip and we lost 2009 Champions League Semi Final vs Barca. The horrible ref performance that hurts to this day 2012 Champions League Semi Final vs Barca. The revenge and qualifying for the final 2012 Champions League Final vs Bayern. Drogba header to equalise and penalty to win it. 2016 Premier League vs Tottenham, the battle of the bridge If you watch these games you'll pick up on the most important players and who we hate the most.
  7. Different time, different clubs. I can't see CHO playing for us whilst he is awaiting trial for rape, it would create a bit of a sideshow we would want to avoid. I'm so pissed off about this I personally want him out the club but I know that's now impossible unless he's convicted because of the stupid amount of money we had to throw him. There's no doubt in my mind he's done something incredibly stupid and considering how he's performed and behaved over the past 12 months I don't believe he is ever going to be a top level footballer.
  8. It's an arrest for rape, so it's different. The club wouldn't play him until 4. I wouldn't play him until 4. I don't know what the difference between 2 and 3 is but he shouldn't be around the club. It's a distraction we don't need and are not obligated to put up with. CHO needs to realise at a minimum how close he is to his career being thrown away.
  9. I don't think anyone on here thinks that. I think he should be suspended, with pay, until this is resolved. Doesn't mean I am assuming he is guilty.
  10. Chelsea won't take that risk of playing a suspected rapist and the ongoing backlash. I am certain CHO won't be playing for us until this is finished and I suspect he will be suspended pending the outcome. Sunderland is a different team with different priorities. A global commodity like Chelsea fielding a suspected rapist is different to a club who are fighting to be in the PL each year. Losing CHO won't materially impact our results on the pitch, playing him would impact our revenue outside of football.
  11. I'm a supporter of the club, I'm not his employer. I don't need to presume any innocence. Fact is, he will be a Chelsea player until he is found guilty. At which point his contract will be torn up. But I can't (and don't want to) see him playing for us unless he is proven innocent
  12. Yeah I was right. It's building. Accused of rape. f**king idiot. An absolute f**king idiot.
  13. Drugs are great. Not if your a professional footballer. This could build as a story.
  14. Getting arrested....woman gone to hospital. WTF happened?!
  15. The style of the away kit was apparently leaked I thought? I'd seen it somewhere I thought before. Either way, I don't really care. The worse the kit looks, the more I end up loving it in 10 years. That third kit will be popular in 2040.
  16. 3rd kit and away kit I've seen strongly rumoured. I imagine they are close to what the real thing will look like.
  17. I agree. The biggest game he had ever reffed by a magnitude of 10. He wasn't the right choice.
  18. Bruno fernandes has played 5 games.
  19. I don't care what other leagues do. It has no relevance to this one question. In this hypothetical situation the league can award Liverpool the title or they can void it. Doesn't matter what happens elsewhere in any decision. I would rather they give it to Liverpool. Because ironically that would end up being more painful to Liverpool fans than if they were denied it.
  20. Why? I don't care about other leagues, but why can't we award it to a team that hasn't won it. The alternative is they are not awarded the title. Can you imagine how insufferable Liverpool fans will be then! Give them their sodding title.
  21. Why? No one loses out by Liverpool being given an honorary title. Personally I would rather that than listen to them moan for years about how unfair life is. But genuine clubs and fans lose out by the relegation. A relegation that no one can agree who should be in it because it's that close.
  22. What is quite clear is we all agree that none of us are interested in seeing some forced attempt at ending the season. We just differ slightly on what should happen if we end the season today with edge cases.
  23. Why? After 19 games you could void it. If Leeds and West Brom were level on points with Fulham, I would propose they stay where they are. But they aren't. If Liverpool were 1 point ahead of Man City, I would propose no one wins the league and it is voided. If half the season was left to play, I would propose voiding it. Why does everything have to be so black and white!
  24. That's why I said cancel the league cup. If I was the 3rd best team in the Championship, 6 points off promotion places. I would rather the best two teams were not in the league next season. So yes, I imagine they should be quite happy. Your second point does make sense. The PL will still be profitable with all games behind closed doors. But the football league will need fans otherwise it is not going to survive. I don't know how we solve that issue. Why?

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