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  1. Actually the most frustrating thing about him is that is his only 'if'. If he sorts out his finishing, he's world class. That's it! He doesn't get injured, he has endless work rate, seems liked by the team, can pass, tackle, positioning is great. Just...finishing.
  2. I imagine the idiots who slate Mount haven't been anywhere near the ground. Unfortunately we have multiple types of idiots who follow us.
  3. 100th appearance for the club and unlucky not to have a goal contribution. Interested to see how he gets on this season, glad he got a run out further forward.
  4. Thats because transfermarkt classify him as a Chelsea U23 player. Same with Livramento https://www.transfermarkt.com/fc-chelsea-u23/alletransfers/verein/9250 Obviously the money coming in goes to the same place, but they just record it like that for some reason. Is a bit annoying. City have the same problem. What then happens is media outlets lazily only look at transfermarkt data without knowing the hidden u23 sales and then sky report that our net spend is less than it is.
  5. The weird thing with arsenal is they are probably signing the right players for their level, but they are paying way too much. Put Marina in their negotiating team and they'd have spent half the money they did.
  6. I suspect they've made an error as Abraham (35) Zouma (30) Tomori (25) Guehi (20) =110m (and those are conservative numbers) and then we sold Zappa, Livramento, Ugno, Bate and Moses (20m total) So for me, we've got a net spend of minus 30m before you get into loan fees. I suspect they've taken their data from transfermarkt which categorises some of our sales as Chelsea u23
  7. Ultimately sending James off was the right decision. But he handled the situation poorly. He needed to show due care, attention and explain his decision to James and Azpi. He needed to actually look at the video. Running to the screen, glancing at it and then immediately showing James a red card was what is poor refereeing.
  8. I love the guy but I just find that ridiculous. It also really highlights how pointless indvidual awards are. Jorginho is great when part of a great team. Without Kante, Mount, Silva, Azpi around him, he's nowhere near the conversation.
  9. Donnarumma is definitely top 5 in the world. It's not controversial to say he's best.
  10. Think the addition of donnarumma wijnaldon and Ramos might be more crucial there than Messi But got to feel the team that beats PSG wins the thing. Surely.
  11. I think we are potentially the best team in Europe, but that doesn't mean we win the league. Best for me beats the best. The winner of the league is the team that can beat the most. I think city have the experience we don't have as a team to unpick the stubborn well drilled teams in the bottom half more consistently than us over the full season. I think we're going to have a great year, watch some great football and I would be surprised if we don't live some silverwear. But I wouldn't be surprised if we finish 3rd in the league.
  12. It wasn't entirely serious, but when you look at the charity work Rashford and reece James, do, the entire england squad anti racism stance and how they donate all their fees to charity, it's not entirely wrong either. Just think the throwaway comment that most footballers are thick isn't really fair anymore.
  13. Got to assume they are profitable assets for us if we are extending. From their side there is probably a value, not sure what. Maybe they earn more in wages on loan through us than if they joined another club permanently.
  14. This isn't the 90s anymore. Footballers are some of the best people our society has nowadays.
  15. Ive heard they haven't sold out their tickets. How on earth can they call themselves the biggest london club if they can't sell out against us. I imagine you won't be the only Chelsea fan in the arsenal end
  16. Well he's right a lot more than he's wrong. If you don't trust Romano, then you don't trust any journalist. He's no more a charlatan than anyone else. The BBC, Sky sports, guardian, every reputable outlet were all reporting all 3 of the above.
  17. Chances are an exiting player is extremely unlikely to become a world class player. It's not happened yet and so priority should be getting as big a fee as possible. Losing 10% or 20% of the fee to add a buy back clause that probably won't be used, and can only be used if the player actually wants to rejoin. Not worth it.
  18. Tragedy. I thought he was our best academy prospect. I wonder what we are getting for him?
  19. Yeah definitely seems like we will sign a new striker. Havertz + Werner + a new striker + Broja More than enough without Abraham.
  20. Trippier is a top full back and better defensively than Chilwell and can play left back as well. Chilwell would only play if Shaw was injured and we played 4atb, Trippier will play if we go 5atb. Much better to give minutes to the person more likely to play. Let's not obsess over one of our players not being picked. Shaw has been world class, Trippier is our best defensive full back. Chilwell gets a nice holiday and will come back fresh for us in August.
  21. Just can't see sterling accepting that move. I've said for a long time that Tottenham won't sell Kane, I've not changed that opinion. City need to give 150m cash in my opinion or it's not happening I am curious now seeing Kane toil for england if he's a good signing for either us or city. Everything is built around him at Tottenham and if he doesn't have that, does he struggle?
  22. Well they don't understand Mounts role. He's not meant to be the most attacking player. He's meant to be the bridge between defence and attack. The problem is that southgate plays two 6s and an 8. Whilst ahead is a number 9 in Kane and then 2 10s in Sterling+Foden. Fans are used to seeing 4 out and out attacking players in a team, instead they are seeing 3. I personally think England should play Rice as a 6 and Mount as an 8 and let grealish foden and Sancho be the creative players ahead. But southgate wants to bore us all to death.
  23. Yeah I actually really like the home one. I'd like it more if we could win in it. Ill wait and see on the other two. I actually think Nike for us have been making kits that look better on.
  24. Would Tomori want that though? First team at Milan or 4th choice at Chelsea. No brainer to me. What I am surprised by is that Man United aren't dropping in a £30m+ bid to us to test resolve. They could do with Tomori in their team I'd sell Zouma and bring in Guehi for the squad next year. I'd also look at whether there is a top top CB on the market as a replacement for Silva the year after next. I'd be very happy with a squad of Rudi + AC + Silva/new CB + Guehi.
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