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  1. What you have just described is what Sarri was aiming for. It's how his "brand" of football differs from the tiki taka style. However he was one season in and converting a team who had just been managed by Conte. It was a transition season. Lampard has continued what Sarri started. He's done it really well and I'm impressed with him.
  2. Lampard has failed to get our entire defence singing. This probably has something to do with overlapping full backs and no holding midfielder and a goalkeeper who anyone doing opposition scouting will have worked out he can't handle crosses. It's definitely noticeably worse this year than last. Lampard has got our midfield playing well, that is 1) Carrying on the work Sarri did (who oversaw a huge change in style successfully) and 2) Excellent man management of young players.
  3. Rudiger, Kepa, kante, Christensen have all performed worse this year. Weird dig at Sarri considering our defense has been shocking this year. I'm all for praising Lampard. But let's not go overboard. We are probably going to finish 4th. We might finish 5th. We've had a good season. It's not been spellbinding and the real test starts next year.
  4. Why do we get so many injuries now
  5. Impossible for us to have any clue whether Jody is doing a good job. But I've seen no evidence he isn't.
  6. I think he improved in the second half. But he needs to get into the game quicker.
  7. He finds space better than gilmour and moved the ball quicker. It was actually quite interesting to see the level above gilmour and again surprising that lampard didn't start him.
  8. Stop blaming Kepa. Clearly that is James fault for giving the ball away. You shouldn't be relying on your keeper to make saves. Even if they are right at you. And you are supposed to be one of the best 3 or 4 keepers in the league. /Sarcasm
  9. Why is Jorginho even on the bench. I worry this decision will backfire. Jorginho is clearly a better player currently than Gilmour. Gilmour will be targeted tonight in a must-win game. I hope he comes through it.
  10. If true it also means that we get Rice for below his value. I assume that the loan is part of the deal.
  11. Whenever I see a youtube video of a player's highlights, I always think of Interesting stats though.
  12. Yeah the Greenwood who has scored the same amount of goals this season as Abraham. If you have only heard of him recently then you just haven't been paying attention. The boy is very very special. CHO was special. He might be special again. But it's been a long time since he showed it. He needs to seriously give himself a kick up the backside as I am not convinced he wants it enough.
  13. There's a host of players who academies make mistakes on. He could well be good enough. I'm interested to see what happens here, if we sign him to be a CB it could either be a massive failure or a masterstroke. Clearly someone in Chelsea has been doing their scouting and thinks the latter.
  14. Frank agrees with my analysis. He must be reading theshedend
  15. Add to this further, In 2018, our commercial revenue was 170m. Compare that to United with 276m we are talking about a 100m difference. In 1 year. How much can the number 1 American player ever bridge that gap is questionable. But over his contract, it will eclipse the amount we paid for him if he continues his growth in my opinion.
  16. I think we paid 58m for him instead of 48m because he is American. I don't think we signed him to sell shirts as anyone with half a brain in football has realised if you sign a player to sell shirts, they have to actually be good. I am not an economist so can't speak to what he will bring in. But if he is one of our top 3 players over the next 3-4 seasons (and through the next World Cup), it will be a lot of money. A f**k tonne of money. The American market is going to keep growing and it will be massive. When we tour America, we will be able to command a lot more money than we used to. When we sign a new shirt sponsorship deal after 3, we will be able to command more money. We don't have that many commercial partners at the moment - compare us to Man United, so we have the scope to add more. This all adds up and there's no simple calculation. Not just money, but softer influence. Schurrle was delighted to sign for Chelsea because Ballack had played for us. If literally the best American footballer of all time (which Pulisic could likely be) is synonymous with Chelsea, then the next great American footballer will probably be a Chelsea fan. It makes him think twice if his options are Chelsea, United, Liverpool etc.
  17. I think we are only a step up club for Real now. You wouldn't push to leave Chelsea for anyone else. No one is going to leave us for Bayern, only a German would choose moving there instead of us. Barca look to be on a decline and they definitely cannot afford to be spending 100m anymore. Havertz might be tempted by Madrid in a few years time, but on the flip side, he might never be needed there.
  18. He's different to Hazard. He's more direct. Hazard frustrated me a bit as he would often slow down the play. Pulisic always looks to move the ball forward quickly.
  19. You need to take a trip to reddit. Every time he scores it is one of the most viewed videos of the day. Of all content. On one of the biggest internet platforms. You are seriously underestimating how many new fans we will get. Over the next couple of years you will see the deals come in. But you might not hear that our American tour next summer will generate a lot more revenue than it would have otherwise. This is all dependent on him being successful with us. That will bring American brands in. That's why every game we play will be watched there. I think him being American added 5-10 mil to the price, but isn't the reason we signed him. That's all. However if he becomes one of our stars, we will make more.off him than the cost. Looked it up, beats by Dre sponsor us, if that renews the price will increase. We are also now sponsored by fiserv who are an American brand for 1mil a year. Pulisic would have helped that deal.
  20. Chelsea will make money from bigger sponsorship deals because of pulisic. American brands will want to be associated with us. We would have the largest fan base in America. Shirt sales aren't the answer.
  21. Pretty sure we will announce away kit and play in it this week

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