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  1. Try the page before this when someone asked how we would be doing if we kept courtois
  2. That bit I disagree. He had the time to shuffle and should have been doing it better than he was and reacted quicker. But you seem to think he's at the same level as courtois. So cant see how you can be convinced of anything!
  3. Should Rudi have showed him wide? Yes. No one is saying the goals are ALL kepas fault. But he is partly to blame. But that didn't happen, and in the time the player was cutting inside Kepa should have moved with him. He didn't. He stayed stationary and left the space. The video is much more damning than the still image.
  4. I assume he's implying it's a race thing. I dont actually think Willian has been great. He still doesn't have end product. 2 penalties and a free kick don't change that for me. But he's all we've got at the moment as CHO is injured, Pedro is worse and we are waiting on Ziyech. I have never bought that Willian plays better when hoping for a contract, I think he's just inconsistent.
  5. I can't believe there are still Chelsea fans who have their eyes closed to how appalling Kepa is as a premier league goalkeeper.
  6. Courtois was poor in the last season. However he was poor in the way that Kante has been poor this year. Kepa is poor in the sense that he hasn't been premier league quality at any stage of being here. He isn't good enough. Kepa isn't a top goalkeeper and he never will be. He has no spatial awareness of his box. Under courtois I guarantee we would have been leading 1-0 at half time against West Ham.
  7. Delusional. Seriously seriously delusional. Goalkeepers don't just make saves and pass. (Although Kepa makes very few saves). They organise the defence. They organise at corners. They point out what defenders should be doing and highlight danger They catch the f**king ball from crosses when it's in the 6 yard box. They throw themselves towards the ball when it's on the ground in front of him. Kepa doesnt do any of these things but apparently he's better than courtois because he can pass the ball 10 yards!! (Except against city when he nearly gave away a goal doing that).
  8. Keepers are meant to save shots. He doesn't save enough. He was at fault for the first two goals (I'm counting the goal disallowed). Any goal that goes in off a corner for me is always the fault of a keeper + one defender. He martials the defence, he is in charge of his 6 yard area. It is his responsibility. I'm tired of people making excuses. He's not good enough.
  9. Yeah that's it. The problem this season is they are consistent.
  10. I think Wolves and United will both get 10 points. I would hope we get 9. But who knows at the moment, we could easily get 4. Leicester who knows, wouldn't be surprised if they get 0 points.
  11. Yeah but he's young, he's going to develop, keepers dont become world class until they are in their 30s, none of the goals were his fault, why don't you try being a keeper in front of that defence. Get rid. Hes sh*t.
  12. Yokohama are still a sponsor, I am assuming there was some agreement made. If not, the contract would cover us. Yokohama contract expired end of June and 3 started beginning of July.
  13. I don't understand why our 3rd kit isn't the exact same style but yellow instead of red. That would have been a throwback to one of my favourite kits - the yellow 97 away kit. It feels like someone had that idea and then someone else changed it from red to yellow.
  14. I swear Christensen has hit the woodwork 3 or 4 times in his chelsea career. After his performance against City I feel now is the time!!
  15. Team hard to predict but am very confident of a win. Mainly because they beat us early in the season, I can't see Lampard letting anyone forget that.
  16. Not that surprising. He's a quality player who just needed a rest. He's got years left in him if he's rotated well with James.
  17. Another midfielder, one that will definitely want to be playing. Can't see us signing him. Interesting if we do though and who makes way to give him the playtime he needs.
  18. It's getting announced on Wednesday and I assume we are wearing the kit against West Ham on Wednesday night. Just a guess, but I imagine our contract with 3 starts on the 1st July.
  19. Luckily I get a significant and completely legitimate discount on replicas otherwise I wouldn't bother. I don't like wearing to a game - unless its the fa cup final.
  20. Think I'm going to get it. Too ugly to turn down.
  21. By Chelsea fans? Every club in the world hypes its kids.
  22. He had a bad game, which shows some people he isn't going to win the ballon dor. Other than that, meh.
  23. They've seemingly deliberately gone with an extremely bland kit to contrast against an aggressive sponsor logo.

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