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  1. I believe the last very good English goalkeeper to be produced from a big teams academy and play regularly was Paul Robinson at Leeds in 1998. Dean Henderson for united is the next likely one. It's incredibly difficult to identify goalkeeper talent at an early age for some reason.
  2. looking at that I question how he only managed to get that high off the ground!
  3. I think people are justified in thinking he should have put his arms out. I have a suspicion as he knew where it was going very early he should have been able to get to it, but I'll let it pass.
  4. He's 100% being loaned out and then sold. 100%.
  5. Jesus there is some nonsense in this thread. Willian is world class for about 10-15% of games. He was good yesterday, but his end product is still consistently poor for someone with his talent. Even the chance that led to the penalty he got lucky as a simple cross was blocked and came back to him. If he is happy to play occasionally next season and take the wage cut that comes with that role, then keep him. But he won't be so let's move him on. Ziyech is replacing Willian in my book. If Willian wants to replace Pedro then fine, but that is a role that could be better taken by a youth player. I'd love to see him at Arsenal. Yet another player that will drive that fanbase mad.
  6. I disagree. He's been 6/10 in both games for me. I'm apparently in a minority that thinks he made a mistake for villas goal, but I'm firmly of the belief that he made a basic gk error there. He also nearly gave away a goal last night and probably should have. Free kick happens, not his fault. He has looked slightly more confident on crosses. But hes not a world class keeper and he never will be.
  7. He did the exact same thing against Villa. The defender was winning the ball and Kante fouls. The reason for the foul was because each player knew he wasn't going anywhere and started to look for a kick from behind. KDB and Grealish both smart enough to know how to do this. Kante wasn't smart enough on either occasion to spot what was happening.
  8. People really need to stop thinking history helps teams win titles. It took Liverpool 30 years to use their history to win another title!!
  9. It wasn't like this when we drew with Tottenham in 2016 was it to give it to Leicester? I really felt that at the time they focused on the game as well as the historic achievement by Leicester. It's a shame as that was probably one of the top 5 games of the season so far. It was easily the best game since the league restarted - by a country mile.
  10. Liverpool have no competitive games left this season. For that reason I'll let them have the headlines. Hopefully this affects them next year. I'll be shocked if they win the title next year. I can see them coming 4th or 5th. I am a bit annoyed that it's hard to read any comment on our game, a game that was easily the best game of the post covid season. A lot more was written about our draw with Tottenham in 2016 which wasn't an important game in any great context and featured a more improbable and interesting title win.
  11. Yup. He did exactly the same foul against Aston villa.
  12. Made the correct changes but I don't think the same tactics will work.
  13. Worked for arsenal Wenger when he signed Henry
  14. Just because RB play him on the left side doesn't mean Frank does. I'm certain he's been signed as a striker not a winger
  15. I'm not getting into a Sarri vs Lampard debate on this. But you are essentially agreeing with me. If we sort out the rest of the team then the defence will also improve. For a variety of reasons.
  16. Boris is the one who prevented our Battersea power station stadium in favour of some houses and a business park. So I wouldn't hold out much hope.
  17. I don't think we can. So I've not really paid it much energy. I genuinely believe we have the ability to win the league with our centre backs if we replace our keeper and we start to convert more chances up the park and start to coach them properly. I am expecting Werner to lead the line next season. Just because Werner can play off Abraham doesn't mean he will.
  18. I wouldn't sign a CB. I'd get the coach like you suggest. It's Lampard's fault that we are shipping so many goals. Sarri had arguably a worse defensive team and conceded a lot less (despite the fact we shipped 10 in 2 of those games close together). Signing a new CB won't solve the issue as much as solving the coaching would be. So yeah, hopefully there is a John Terry like coach on the horizon.
  19. Or....Werner is a striker and plays there and isn't a left winger.
  20. Yeah I put it in here as we were linked to Henderson,who also made a mistake on the weekend. Then it spiralled.
  21. Yeah. Which is why I said either catch it or push it hard to his left (where there are no villa players). He could even push it down and smother it. What he did - as you say - was never going to end up successful unless he got lucky. It's a mistake made worse by the fact that our defence had not bothered to do any defending, but its basic goalkeeping 101 that you dont push a save like that out like that.
  22. I think he was asked to run with the ball (playing to his strength that he can and he was fresh) and he just wasn't sharp enough from the restart. It happens. Not concerned at all!
  23. It's the "get it away" I don't agree with. Pushing a shot out in front of you into the 6 yard box is not getting it away. I think a world class keeper does more there, it should have been pushed hard to his left (or caught). It looks unnatural what he ended up doing. That for me is a basic goalkeeping error. I agree that it's a bigger error that the defence were ballwatching. But there can be multiple things that go wrong in one goal.
  24. Another mistake from Kepa for the goal on Sunday. I class that a mistake, he pushed out a soft shot in front of him. There should have been defenders to help clear up but even then it's a high risk that still gets put away. Some talk about Henderson being looked at. I can't see how United sell him to us, but that would be interesting. He also made a mistake on the weekend though.
  25. If we win this, it's likely that will mean Liverpool are officially champions. Would be interesting as that would be the second time we've won the title for another team recently.

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