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  1. I've been in favour of selling him for some time. He's 29, his game is based on his acceleration, he doesn't fit into our style of play. If we could get 80-100m for him then yeah. But I don't think we can get that money in this market.
  2. No proof. Just a prediction. He's going to go somewhere, Tottenham make sense.
  3. Especially when he signs for Spuds in a weeks time.
  4. You could just say it's your business. That would go down better. Anyway, no chance I am going to Swanley in Kent to watch Chelsea in my car.
  5. That's because Willian is world class for 5-7 games of the season and average for the rest. You only notice players of another club if they are world class or sh*t. You don't notice the average. So other fans see his world class performances and think he must always be like that. Chelsea fans get frustrated because he isn't.
  6. I think we can all agree she's hot. Not as hot as Ruben though. What gets me out of bed though is someone who does a bloody good job and I'd fight anyone who says we don't have one of the top 3 or 4 Chief Execs in world football (essentially that is what she is). What sets her apart from Ed Woodward. Is that she has actively sought to reduce her role in the football decision part. She's clearly sought to bring Cech into the fold as a future DoF whilst Ed Woodward has done f**k all. Same with Daniel Levy. She knows her own strengths and knows what her strengths are not. Something those two twats haven't got a clue about and why they aren't going to be fighting for the PL for a long time.
  7. By fix the midfield, I don't mean signing anyone. I genuinely think Left back Havertz Goalkeeper In that order.
  8. We conceded 39 goals in 38 games last season with broadly the same players. Improving our LB and developing Christensen Zouma and Tomori to improve should be enough if our midfield can hold onto the ball. I don't see the need to spend loads of money on a CB until we fix the midfield. As an aside, goalkeeper needs improving. Kepa has been found out.
  9. Move the thread! He's a blue!
  10. I don't know what you are all on about. Ruben is definitely going to win POTY. But in all seriousness. Kovacic has been our most consistent player this year. I think he is miles ahead of any other contender.
  11. Unwatchable for me. Hope when it's Chelsea I feel differently. Apparently the Hawkeye tech failed as the keeper blocked every camera. It's never happened in 9000 games. Interesting.
  12. I'm just going to repeat what I said as it still actually is an answer. If the police wrongfully arrested 100 people in a year and 99 of them are black whilst 1 is white. The fact that one white person is in there doesn't mean the police aren't racist. It also doesn't mean that all 99 wrongful arrests of black people are racially motivated. But it does indicate the police are probably racist and that the average black person is having a harder experience with the police than the average white person.
  13. Yes we are. But racism exists. Just to shut this down. Please. If the police wrongfully arrested 100 people in a yea and 99 of them are black whilst 1 is white. The fact that one white person is in there doesn't mean the police aren't racist. It also doesn't mean that all 99 wrongful arrests of black people are racially motivated. But it does indicate the police are probably racist and that the average black person is having a harder experience with the police than the average white person. You do understand that right? That's the topic here. Your experience, whilst sad, is not relevant.
  14. I think we will see both during the season.
  15. Whilst there are reasons why some black men are better sprinters that are physiological, I believe east Africans tend to be better because they run at altitude all their lives. Might be wrong. However I'm yet to hear of any study that says white people process information faster. Why is what i said an example of racism? Coaching? How many English coaches subconciously play young white children in playmaker roles and black children in fast wide roles? Players like Sancho and TAA generate a lot of assists. They have to know what they are doing with the ball. They have to process information. John Barnes was as smart as they come with the ball, but we remember him as being skillful, fast strong. Did that reporting have a lasting effect on how young black players viewed their role in the game? Just food for thought. We are all racist. Advice is to be mindful of it.
  16. Well don't forget that Giggs is black. So maybe that's why the press went after him. 🙃
  17. The story of footballer spends millions and he isn't worth it, plays particularly well if that footballer is black. It also plays well if he is scouse. It's a class thing and unconscious racism. The general English public think black people are working class, poor and so it is "surprising" to see someone have an expensive house. The papers treat scousers in a similar way which is why Wayne Rooney got a lot of similar attention. People don't think of scousers or black people being rich or successful. That's my opinion on it. Hopefully we start to see that unconscious view change. I think CHO can't complain about race or unfair treatment in this instance - and he hasn't. On race, I found it interesting when someone said "how often do you call a black player 'intelligent' and how often do you say they are 'strong'". That made me think.
  18. I think the data set you are reading into is too small. Which means I could well be wrong as well.
  19. I'd be quite happy if CHO becomes 50% of the player Sancho currently is. I find that sentence mad from someone I think is one of the more level headed posters on here. The two assists you point out? I don't get it. I've seen that from countless players. How about the goal Sancho scored against Barcelona or his control, run and assist against Leverkusen. We're talking about two completely different levels here and players who are the same age.
  20. 1) I can say it now. I have never slagged off the club for selling KDB or Salah or Lukaku. I never did it. I wouldn't do it. It makes no sense to me to slag off the club for selling a player that wanted to leave. Why would I then slag off the club for selling CHO? 2) Jesus. What is this weird interrogation. My problem with CHO doesn't extend solely to his performances in a 3 month period following an achilles injury. RLC doesn't compare. Rubens attitude off the pitch in the last few years has been excellent. Ruben hasn't been caught with his pants round his ankles at 3 in the morning breaking lockdown trying to emulate wasters like Lacazette and Kyle Walker. Ruben hasn't been arrested by the police. Ruben didn't put in a transfer request. Ruben has actually performed for the first team on a consistent basis and was one of our best players last season. CHO has never been one of our best players. I don't think CHO is at the level we are paying him. I don't believe that he will ever reach that level (I COULD BE WRONG, I'VE BEEN WRONG BEFORE, THIS IS AN OPINION) and I think in the next season he won't be a first team regular like Ziyech, Pulisic, Mount, Havertz (hopefully) or Werner. I base that off how he acts off the pitch and because when I've watched him I don't believe he has the composure to put away chances or make the final ball. And because of his attitude off the pitch, because of his transfer request and because of his wage, I am not going to be patient and forgiving (on a chelsea forum where I can speak my mind) like I would with Mount, Ruben, Gilmour, Anjorin, Reece James. Is that alright?!
  21. Agree 100%. Rudi, Christensen, Zouma, Tomori, all 4 of these would be players would be on a fans wishlist if they didn't already play here. I'm very prepared to see how our CBs develop over the next 12 months.
  22. 1) I wouldn't have criticised the club. He put in a transfer request. I would have fully accepted the club selling for 30m then. I am not one of those fans who moans about KDB or Salah not playing for us. 2) RLC isn't on 180k a week and didn't put in a transfer request.
  23. Man City Midfield + Attacking line, against our fairly (I rushed this) equivalent player Aguero (Werner) Jesus (Tammy) Sterling (Pulisic) Sane (CHO) B. Silva (Havertz) D. Silva (Jorginho) KDB (RLC) Mahrez (Ziyech) Foden (Mount) Fernandinho (Kante) Gundogan (Kovacic) Rodrigo (Gilmour) + Barkley + Giroud + Bats + Ampadu Talk of RLC or Mount feeling they have to leave is ridiculous. Man City can keep those players happy. Barkley sure, Giroud yeah, but RLC, Tammy and Mount should be getting more than enough playing time and an opportunity to challenge against Havertz / Ziyech / Werner.
  24. 2 for Ruben and gilmour. 1 for Giroud mount and Willian Looks like we played most of the squad. I spotted Barkley, kante, jorginho, Tammy, azpi, kova, zouma and I think anjorin in the pictures.
  25. When I'm replied to someone who stated this proves he acted honourably, my language slipped in the other direction. Can I hold up my hands and apologise?

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