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  1. Multiple reports have him on 180k, I don't see any evidence any other player is on more than that. Maybe he's not. Maybe he is. But he's not exactly on a prospects wage. Anyway we are rehashing old ground. We all hope he proves me wrong. My prediction is, and has been for a long time now, that he wont be at the club or a bigger club than us when his contract runs out. I'd love to be wrong.
  2. I think the intent of my post was misconstrued. The person I was replying to implied that this proved he acted honourably. I was pointing out that it didn't. It didn't prove he acted honourably and it didn't prove he acted like a rapist. It doesn't prove the woman lied (as a later poster suggested). It proved nothing. The highest paid player in the club should be our best player. CHO isn't and I don't think he has the ability to become that player. I've seen far too many talented young wingers turn out to be sh*t. Not just Chelsea, januzaj and macheda, anyone remember them? So when I see us reward one of these young players with a huge contract and then he takes the piss by breaking lockdown and ends up being arrested for rape after a number of poor on field performances pre lockdown , it will take performances on the pitch to change my mind that we've not significantly f**ked up. Obviously in the ground I'm not going to boo him. But if he wants to be the star then he needs to show it.
  3. This line upsets me. It doesn't actually indicate that at all. It indicates that the police felt there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute. A very small number of rape accusations go further than this stage, the latest figures are 1 in 65. To say therefore this indicates he got consent is a leap. Statistically its just as likely that the woman still thinks he raped her and feels wronged. So let's not jump to any conclusions that he was in any way honourable. It could well be that he wasn't and got a "lucky break".
  4. If at 19, I think if I was being paid 180k a week from a football club and still hadnt broken into the first team on a regular basis, I wouldn't be copying Kyle walker and Lacazette. I don't know why we are treating the highest paid player at our club like a youth player. He's meant to be the star. He's meant to be Michael Jordan. Hes not meant to bring strange women to his house in the middle of the night and then do something that leads to her accusing him of a rape. Also, obviously he wouldn't make a statement before being "cleared". He has lawyer. That's worse than stupid. But I have to give him a second chance, because we're stuck with him. Hopefully he turns this around. Hopefully he's a POTY contender next year as he should be. Hopefully we've not spunked a ridiculous amount of money on a flop. I would love to be wrong.
  5. Sorry got confused as you asked me that question when quoting my response to the person who said we should be praising him.
  6. It's impossible to know what each player is paid to be fair but I think you are using the lowest estimate of CHOs wage (120-180) and the higher estimate of other players. https://www.givemesport.com/1535874-every-chelsea-players-wages-for-the-current-season-have-been-revealed this site doesn't guess at CHOs but it would place him as either 1st or 4th. I also question when we've seen his quality in the first team? I haven't seen it.
  7. Sure. I can accept that. But as he has demanded to be treated like one of our top 3 or 4 players he has to then meet that expectation. Both on and off the pitch. I don't think he showed enough on the pitch to deserve that, now I don't think he's showing enough off the pitch.
  8. If I could swap him with Havertz, 100%. He's shown me f**k all that he is worth the money he is on. This event has hardly made me think anything other than he's an idiot. He begged and whined for the big money contract and he deserves the scrutiny that comes with it. Unfortunately, Bayern aren't going to give us 30m for him anymore and he's not going to get the same wage at any other club. So we are stuck with him. Hopefully he proves me wrong and turns into the star he expects to become. And as Valerie says, you said we should give him praise? What a bizarre thing to forget.
  9. He invited a strange woman he met on Instagram into his home in the middle.of the night which as you say, was breaking lockdown rules. So 1) he did something wrong and 2) he was stupid. So yes, hopefully he can learn something from this. He shouldnt be getting any praise and this should be a wake up call.
  10. I mean youve read absolutely nothing I've said and just parroted back nonsense. So I'll leave this conversation now.
  11. You are just buying into the overplayed "peak" narrative. Cech and Casillas were both world class keepers at 22/23. They were 100% known as world class keepers at 25. Kepa isn't even top half of the premier league standard at 25. Maybe his peak is still 2-3 years away but that peak is still not world class, it's still not good enough. Too many people think Kepa is young and that he will develop into a world class keeper. There is no evidence for any keeper in the past 10 years making a transition that large after the age of 25. (Also KDB is a weird example, he won the bundesliga player of the year in 2015 when he was 23, then was the man city player of the year at 24 and 25)
  12. Saying he is young implies he will improve. Modern goalkeepers don't noticably improve after 25. Cech, courtois, de gea, Allison, ederson, Buffon, neuer etc. All hit their prime by 25. I don't want this version of kepa for 10 years.
  13. Kepa isn't young.
  14. Havertz can fill that role. I'd view him as a similar style of player to Mount. Can play wide and can play as a number 10.
  15. Lampard 164, Holland 115. No one's taking that record away from lampard, it's a different level.
  16. Was just a rumour. I imagine someone worked out that if Leicester need a LB, that will be the first one they go for and arsenal won't definitely say no.
  17. Especially if he then signs Tierney for 25-30m.
  18. I'd happily sign FIFA 20 Chilwell. THAT Chilwell is great! But we are talking about the real thing and I don't see it. I definitely don't see it at the price being talked about.
  19. Sancho. But I have a feeling Lampard might prefer Havertz. Versatility. Also Havertz will be about one Chilwell cheaper than Sancho.
  20. Werner / Abraham Pulisic / Mount / RLC / Ziyech / CHO / Havertz Jorginho / Kovacic / Kante / Gilmour Goodbye Barkley? Would be difficult keeping all those names happy with 50% game time.
  21. My expectation is we find out in the next week whether he is being charged or not. I think the norm is to wait up to 28 days before being charged so the police can conduct thorough enquires. The complete absence of any media on this issue indicates that it is still ongoing.
  22. If we do sign Chilwell for 60m will that be the most unpopular signing any club has made for that money? No one seems to think he's worth over 50m.
  23. I think pretending nothing happened is a legalrequirement until we know if it goes ahead. Figure we will know more in next couple of weeks
  24. Our total midfield going into next season, max 5 players is Kante, Kovacic, Jorginho, Gilmour, Barkley, RLC, Mount, Ziyech, Pulisic, CHO. It feels like Barkley is a bit of a luxury in that squad, perhaps we will run it until January. Though if someone puts in a bid in the summer I suspect we will sell.
  25. With these three signings I'd expect top 4 and a trophy.

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