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  1. Lampard 164, Holland 115. No one's taking that record away from lampard, it's a different level.
  2. Was just a rumour. I imagine someone worked out that if Leicester need a LB, that will be the first one they go for and arsenal won't definitely say no.
  3. Especially if he then signs Tierney for 25-30m.
  4. I'd happily sign FIFA 20 Chilwell. THAT Chilwell is great! But we are talking about the real thing and I don't see it. I definitely don't see it at the price being talked about.
  5. Sancho. But I have a feeling Lampard might prefer Havertz. Versatility. Also Havertz will be about one Chilwell cheaper than Sancho.
  6. Werner / Abraham Pulisic / Mount / RLC / Ziyech / CHO / Havertz Jorginho / Kovacic / Kante / Gilmour Goodbye Barkley? Would be difficult keeping all those names happy with 50% game time.
  7. My expectation is we find out in the next week whether he is being charged or not. I think the norm is to wait up to 28 days before being charged so the police can conduct thorough enquires. The complete absence of any media on this issue indicates that it is still ongoing.
  8. If we do sign Chilwell for 60m will that be the most unpopular signing any club has made for that money? No one seems to think he's worth over 50m.
  9. I think pretending nothing happened is a legalrequirement until we know if it goes ahead. Figure we will know more in next couple of weeks
  10. Our total midfield going into next season, max 5 players is Kante, Kovacic, Jorginho, Gilmour, Barkley, RLC, Mount, Ziyech, Pulisic, CHO. It feels like Barkley is a bit of a luxury in that squad, perhaps we will run it until January. Though if someone puts in a bid in the summer I suspect we will sell.
  11. With these three signings I'd expect top 4 and a trophy.
  12. Some of the figures floating around for him are insane. He's a 40m player at best.
  13. What was stranger? Chelsea signing Ruud or Chelsea sacking him.
  14. Neither article says the issue is settled. we will find out tomorrow.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8378005/Plans-increase-subs-five-register-players-lead-dissent-Premier-League-ranks.html
  16. I have googled, I couldn't find anything on this particular case. Having looked into it more than this, the subject of "re-registering" hasn't been settled yet and is being voted on this week https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8378005/Plans-increase-subs-five-register-players-lead-dissent-Premier-League-ranks.html As I've been kind to share my source, what do you have that shows the matter is settled? Technically we could have been without both Willian and pedro whilst one of our other wide players on trial for rape. It's a unique situation and Ziyech being able to play from 1st July isn't a settled issue yet.
  17. I haven't seen a reason why he can't play this season fro. July 1st. Have you got a source?
  18. Don't forget Ziyech. He is eligible to play from 1st July unless I have got something incorrect somewhere. Kepa James Rudi Zouma Azpi Kante Kovacic Ziyech Loftus Cheek Pulisic Tammy
  19. I am just frustrated that next season will undeniably be affected. On the bright side, we get to see Ziyech play for us this season!
  20. You need a reason to be arrested right? The police leak a lot of info to papers. That's how they found it out.
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52416192 This makes an interesting read related to this game
  22. I actually think the opposite. Media has rules about reporting on crimes.
  23. It's pretty much accepted be was arrested for rape 3 days ago after breaching both national and club guidelines on how to behave. I don't think that's in doubt. And he's back training today. I feel uneasy about it. I feel uneasy having him associated with the club with this allegation. I don't want a rapist playing for Chelsea. I hope that he's been severely reprimanded in private and that this is something where the club feels they can't publicly punish someone awaiting trial due. Maybe he's innocent. But the club do not know that. They cannot possibly know that.
  24. Disappointed personally. But hey ho. Let's see what happens next
  25. Some matches worth youtubing. 1970 FA Cup Final vs Leeds - when we won the FA Cup for the first time 1997 FA Cup final vs Middlesbrough - First trophy for 25 years 2003 Premier League, Chelsea vs Liverpool, final day of the season, winner qualifies for Champions League. We were then bought by Abramovic afterwards. 2005 Premier League, Chelsea vs Bolton, when we won the Premier League, first league title for 50 years 2008 Champions League Final vs Man United. The JT slip and we lost 2009 Champions League Semi Final vs Barca. The horrible ref performance that hurts to this day 2012 Champions League Semi Final vs Barca. The revenge and qualifying for the final 2012 Champions League Final vs Bayern. Drogba header to equalise and penalty to win it. 2016 Premier League vs Tottenham, the battle of the bridge If you watch these games you'll pick up on the most important players and who we hate the most.

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