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  1. Welcome to the conversation... If we could build it in that way we'd have done it years ago. The fly in the ointment is that it's impossible. It's an architecture miracle fitting 60k seats into the acreage and height of our current plot. Be happy with what we are getting, you aren't Chelsea's accountant
  2. Conte might walk in the Summer, because of that we need to be looking at replacements - such as Carlo. Hopefully not though, I would like Jardim of Monaco or Favre of Nice. We need to learn how to play in a league which where there is only one superpower ;)
  3. Badly is my guess. Just like he did when he played for us every other time. Needs the minutes at top flight.
  4. Nonsense, Drinkwater has been class in every game he has played. Loftus Cheek is looking good BECAUSE we sent him on loan. Loftus Cheek needed a season at Palace otherwise he would never get into the first team although I still dont think he is anywhere near good enough for our side. Just because Bakayoko is doing badly doesnt make Loftus Cheek a better player.
  5. Yup. Looks like Drinkwater has taken his first team spot though.
  6. Ah okay I should really know this, I am in recruitment. Just never come across Croatians in my line of work.
  7. I heard that there are visa issues with Pasalic. Edit: Dont know why I heard that and listened. He is Croatian so can work in the UK no issues. Always a strange one he hasnt been allowed to be a squad player, he would have played a lot of minutes at the beginning of this season.
  8. Hazard got the assist against Liverpool Stats are misleading
  9. If he does that then it's a different story. He has one goal and 0 assists? I've watched him, I also watched the England game he played where he was massively overhyped afterwards. It is his first season playing regularly, my point is be needs two and ideally the second in a better team. If he wasn't a Chelsea player no one would be suggesting we sign him to replace Baka. Do you agree?
  10. Drinkwater has shown more in the minutes he's played than anything loftus cheek has done for us or palace in 3 years. Pundits like a narrative. Chelsea not producing talent was the first narrative, now that we are it's that we don't give them a chance. He has been given a chance and at palace he hasn't been good enough, the team are in the bottom 3. If he was elevating that club to mid table then my mind might be changed. He doesn't improve us, he's a rotation player at best. Bakayoko is also young. 3 is irrelevant, we need the best not "our own" He's 21, if he doesn't want a season on loan at a better club than palace to improve him like Christensen had, then i say we cash in. My mind could be changed, but he needs to be playing a lot better than he is now.
  11. Loftus cheek will be abysmal if he comes back in January. He is as bad a defender as bakayoko and can't stay fit for more than a few games. Not sure why we think a player who has done alright in a relegation team can walk into the champions first team. Give bakayoko time to adjust and he will come good. He's shown all the attributes necessary to me, just hasn't adjusted to the pace of this league. Lots of our best ever players had similar issues.
  12. Then fine, let him compete at Liverpool or spurs and we get a healthy fee for him. I don't think he would actually be first team there anyway. We aren't trying to compete with those clubs, they aren't going to win the league anytime soon, we need to be. Christensen was champions league level starting defender for two years. Loftus cheek is not and has never shown he is consistently at the level to be a first team Chelsea player. The only reason anyone thinks he could be is because he is an academy product. I'd rather we sign zaha if we are going into crystal palace players. (And id expect him to influence the game so much that palace are a top 12 club, similar to how Kante influenced leicester).
  13. If he wasnt a Chelsea loanee and I was suggesting we sign this player who is doing well at the worst club in the premier league you would say I'm mad. No one is suggesting we sign zaha... He needs 2 seasons away before I can be convinced.
  14. He's too good for that role. He's a leading player for a top side in Germany. He wouldn't join Chelsea to be in what is currently Pedro or Willians shoes
  15. He's too good to sit on our bench and not good enough for our first team unfortunately.
  16. I know it's generally assumed hazard will leave, but I don't think he will. He loves it at Chelsea, he's the main man, he lives a quiet life which he likes (he won't get that at real and will have seen what Bale gets). We even signed his brother for no reason other than because hazard asked if we could and have built the team around him. The only thing that may cause hazard to look to Spain is the lack of being hacked at every game.
  17. If we exit the champions league in the group stage and go in the Europa league then our momentum won't win us the league.
  18. I am guessing you think it would be nice to be out of the Champions League by Christmas so we can fully focus on the league. Qarabag are not a bad side. The game on Wednesday is more important than Saturday. Play the second team against Liverpool.
  19. Nearly scored before half time but a block from rudiger.
  20. Nope, replying on my phone made it weird. Just annoyed by his snidey comment that he will just have to put up with playing in our under 23s and league cup. He was brought on for the last 12 minutes in the last game we played against united when only 1-0 up. Conte clearly trusts him and he is coming back from not really playing since April. And anyway, if he doesnt want to play for England why should he. Scholes gave it up at 29 and the media haven't stopped sucking him off since.
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5067653/Danny-Drinkwater-regret-saying-no-England.html#article-5067653 Here is the article he wrote that the metro is quoting.
  22. We should have loaned him out last season. Thankfully we have loaned him out this year and with a season (or two) under his belt he will improve We are learning all the time about how to develop the academy. It is going in the right direction. Also Chelsea produce more professional footballers than Southampton or Everton.
  23. http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/09/chelsea-star-danny-drinkwater-has-ruined-his-england-career-chris-sutton-7068425/ Chris Sutton comes out with some absolute crap.
  24. Just to pick up on "he signed Eden". That was 5 years' ago. There has been a failing by the board in the past 5 years' to get Chelsea to a point where we can sign world class players (and bear in mind, Hazard was just a world class youth player when we signed him). Whether that is a deliberate mistake as we don't want to spend the money. Or whether that is a failure of the club to elevate us to a higher level, I don't know. We are elite in terms of trophies won. We are competitive in terms of revenues, we have one of the biggest fan bases in England now (Arsenal and Tottenham can't sell 30,000 to a league cup game, we can sell 40,000). But it has been 5 years' since we signed a truly world class player and if you were to rank the best Chelsea XI of the past 20 years, only Hazard would get in the team. (Maybe Kante, but he wasn't recognised as the player he is today when we signed him). I can't blame Emenalo for that as I don't know all the facts, but that isn't a fault of the manager. That is a board issue.
  25. Well we need someone to replace him. So I am curious who we get to fill his shoes. Telegraph reporting that its Conte and Granovskaia who don't see eye to eye. All very interesting and of course we will never know the full facts.

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