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  1. I have been saying this since May. No way we spend 60 million or more on a wing back and peeps wanted to take my head off. Even our record transfer morata is technically 59M , even though i am sure it will rise due to his quality
  2. I know what you mean but i dont want him going to Man u. Their team is already powerful as it is especially their midfield
  3. Well hopefully cesc and kante stay injury free . This just shows that we need another cental midfielder with chalobah gone.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4682852/Chelsea-transfer-target-Tiemoue-Bakayoko-teases-fans.html He apparently had minor surgery at the end of the season and thats what delayed his transfer
  5. Not at all. He played but wasnt 100 percent. he had a luiz style strap on his knee in the quater finals and semifinals in the champions league
  6. The stats show he was the striker than won his team the most points. Remember is last minute goals in our first 2 games of the season. we cud have easily drawn our first 2 games of the season. You are right that the team won the league but Costa was a HUGE reason. Even Conte was scared to bench him when he was out of form bcoz he knew how important Diego was to the team. Ona footballing Level He was a boss. And def earned the name GUVNOR (SALUTE)
  7. I honestly cant believe the amount of stick the guvnor gets. he won us 2 titiles and always gave 110percent. Ok he had a falling out with Conte but that doesnt erase all he has done for us.He pretty much benched Batshuayi for a whole season . He will always be a legend in my eyes SALUTE
  8. https://twitter.com/ConteTactics/status/886255672010166272/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Ftbrfootball.com%2Fhow-twitter-reacted-to-chelseas-40million-signing-of-tieumoue-bakayoko%2F
  9. OMG why the f**k is remy with the team. he shd be quarantined with matic. Unless he wants to do a falcao and turn back to his best. I am not a beleiever though. I see him getting injured and stuck with us..
  11. and chalobah just signed permanently with hull city
  12. Cesc didnt want to be on the bench but did job. I just feel that with bakayokos injury issues it wud be smarter to have matic as backup
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