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  1. Exactly. And at this rate they may end up with Fellaini and Baines, who they dont even need. It's not as if they don't have money but maybe the Glazers are even greedier than Arsenal's board
  2. 12 hours later and I look like a fool. Just how on earth are Real selling a player as good as Ozil? And how are Arsenal offering this amount of money for him? And how the hell is everyone else standing pat when a player like that is moving? Madness He's undeniably one of the best in the world and now the most transfer-inept top team has a free* run at him, during the last 24 hours of the transfer window? *not free but you know
  3. You can practically take that to the bank Adam. If one of those two are suddenly available in the next 24 hours, you can bet some of Monaco, PSG, Man Utd/City, whoever else will be in the running too, and Arsenal are never going to outbid them.
  4. I may have been in an altered state this morning, but I read some headline about this when I first woke up, and it convinced me to give up on the day...and on life in general. In the sleep that followed the news burrowed its way into my subconscious, and I assumed it was definitely happeneing. If not maybe I can lay off my blood pressure meds and cancel that weekend yoga retreat I had planned
  5. Oh, and lastly, if the reason is "nobody else could afford his wages" then there is still blame to be had. No way he should be making so much that a club like Newcastle, Sunderland or Villa couldnt afford to take him. That would be scandalous. And even if they couldnt, supplement the f**king wages. Does getting a 1m pounds fee for the loan actually mean anything in the long run? f**king desperate.
  6. I guess someone at CFC thinks Operation Return-liverpool-to-glory must be preceding slower than expected (despite gifting them Sturridge who is now coming into his own). So I am glad we decided to give them a player for free, just to help them along. Seriously, this is f**king maddening. Gave them money for absolutely nothing (Benayoun) and a king's ransom for a player who was obviously busted. Is this some kind of campaign to become liked by the backward c**ts that run History FC? I hate them. I cant even imagine the recriminations if they actually win something and this club ends up trophyless.
  7. Is it possible that rejecting an Ajax loan offer causes them to turn down the Spurs move for Christian Eriksen? Hope so. Also, according to wikipedia his full name is "Wulfert Cornelius van Ginkel" which is just f**king awesome.
  8. Really hope we do not loan him there. I am sick to death of helping Liverpool out. I want to see him go to a place where he is going to get a bunch of playing time under a solid manager, and given their personal history together (and Everton's thin squad) Martinez seems perfect for the task If Moses comes on strong this year away, and Jose somehow adapts KdB and Oscar to deeper midfield spots, Moses can return a better, 23 year old player with less competition for his position.
  9. Yeah, doubtless it added value. I dunno if it was 10 million in value, but here you strike a very different tone: Which implies that the whole point of the transfer is screwing Tottenham. I dont exactly see it as the best use of resources either, but the idea that the club would spend 30 million pounds just to hurt a rival without forethought is one straight from the pages of the DM. And since you (or I) are not privy to the club's inner workings, maybe they judged the difference in value to be worth the extra money. Maybe not. Ignoring the fact that he proclaimed Kalas was ready in the summer, dont you think the cover that is there is sufficient? Its extremely likely that we are going to lose two of Luiz/Cahill/JT, and still have to play Brana in the RB spot. Has JT been much better under Jose so far? (yes) Does it matter that Cahill is considered top class when he routinely puts in mature, accomplished performances for the last 18 months? (no) Is Luiz extremely talented already, and about to come under the tutelage of a coach who has improved countless defenders? (yes) There are positive signs and premonitions about the future of the backline right now at CFC. Unless Jose wants to rip out the wiring and start from scratch, I see no reason why 40 million (on Mangala or Varane or whoever) needs to be spent on the position when every position does in fact have 2 players for it. And unless Jose decides, conclusively, that someone like Cahill or Luiz needs to go to get things how he wants them, I would argue 40 million spent on the backline is nearly as superfluous as 30 million spent at wing.
  10. Willian has been linked to the club over and over the last few years. Someone obviously wanted him, despite the logjam that now exists for wide players, so it clearly wasnt just about screwing Totteham And 40 million for Mangala? A world record bid for a defender would be a bit crazy considering the squad has adequate cover and quality at the position (dont know how it can be argued, once Luiz gets back to fitness). And that number will definitely go UP at the end of the window If this were a striker, I would say that kind of money is justified. But not there.
  11. Bang on. As much as we can all say "it doesnt matter what the papers write", the Willian thing just comes as a real surprise for everyone who is waiting and hoping for Mata to come storming out of the gates again. The longer he waits on the bench, and the more they write, the realer the nightmare of him leaving the club starts to seem. In a bubble, the Willian signing is fantastic. The fact that the club have chased him for 2 years, and then stole him away from Spurs, is enough for me to think he will be yet another star (considering how quality the creative additions of the past few years have been)
  12. As long as we could strap him to a rocket and then shoot it to the moon. Realistically, Moses as a makeweight would still mean giving them a huge fee. And a Torres exchange would just never happen. But if we could clear Torres out, and make sure Suarez never played a game for us, I would do it.
  13. Dont take it the wrong way, but I really dont understand you at all. You love sharing these fanciful transfer yarns that some sport pages would not dream of publishing, as if you were the agent involved in the deal. Then, when people ask you for evidence for any of these stories being true, you do one of three things: 1. Provide links, like the ones above, as evidence, despite the fact that most media sources will now invent these links at the behest of players, managers, agents, and freely be manipulated by them. Stories are recycled all the time. The press in other countries like Spain will act as a mouthpiece for specific information a club wants out there. Yet this time, the Evening Standard must have been correct, eh? 2. back off your position, albeit slowly. You did this in the case of Isco to Real Madrid, and when I was genuinely curious about your claims, you slowly made it clear that you had no actual evidence, but that you had reached your own conclusions about the situation, seemingly out of thin air. Just reading the previous page, your claims are met with skepticism or derision, and you explain them away through a variety of tactics. I highlighted this post because Stim replied to your claim that this was just a rumor. Yet, based on nothing, your response was "more than a rumor". No, Stim had it exactly right. It was just a rumor. A rumor that you liked the sound of, so you repeated it and removed all qualifiers, as if you were sitting at the table with Malaga and Chelsea brass. Then there is something like... That's funny, because unsubstantiated theories (which you present as factual) are pretty much all you post. It seems clear to me that if you want to push a rumor (and yourself as the oracle that is calling it) and you can find a link for it, that counts as "evidence". But then someone says something to counteract your claims, and you dismiss it Honestly, my only question is, what do you gain out of doing all this? This is not to be a jerk, but you seem to be totally focused on transfers on this forum. You're met with skepticism by most people, and yet you soldier on when the vast majority of your claims are ultimately proven false (or, when challenged, are given up on). If this is about impressing people on an internet community, or standing out, it really is needless.
  14. Exactly. Spot f**king on. Another slap in the face of supporters by a club heirarchy that clearly thinks every Gooner is total fool. Looking forward to their bids for Messi and Schweinsteiger and Aguero too.
  15. Exactly. I find it very difficult to believe the Sun would scoop this story. So I went looking for this quote. Wow. What a scoop for sport uncovered. Looks like he also gave the exactly same soundbyte, verbatim, to the daily mail too.......18 months ago. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2112665/Chelsea-told-rebuilding-Stamford-Bridge-cheaper-relocation.html In all likelihood, Dan King and his colleagues the Scum don't know anything new.

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