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  1. Glad we are starting with Puli-Havertz-Mount on top again. Not sure what happened to Kovacic? Must be last minute injury.
  2. No, it's just more important to have 3 WBs on the bench instead of Gilmour.
  3. Why would we want Bakayoko back? He has proven to simply not be good enough to start for a big team in his recent loan spells.
  4. Where are Silva and Christensen? We don't have a CB on the bench which seems a bit strange unless both are injured?
  5. I have seen a lot of questionable excuses for Werner's poor performances but this must take the cake. The guy is missing wide open chances and blaming Jorginho and Kovacic for that is just ridiculous.
  6. To be honest the only selection I don't understand is leaving Thiago Silva on the bench. We need his experience in a game like this. The first yellow card against WBA wasn't even his mistake, it was completely on Jorginho. Then the second yellow was just unlucky as he tried to block the shot and mistimed the tackle slightly.
  7. Liverpool plays like a completely different team compared to last season. They are horrible.
  8. The last two games have definitely given us some hope that he might turn out to be a great player for us. Hopefully he doesn't end up having the same problems Timo has in front of goal because his finishing today was pretty poor.
  9. That's what I was thinking the last couple of weeks as well. Ziyech needs too much time and space to really do anything.
  10. Christensen MOTM for me. Havertz also very good and should really get a chance to start the next couple of games.
  11. Alessandro Nesta and Paulo Maldini have been reincarnated in the body of Andreas Christensen. The only explanation of his recent performances that makes any sense.
  12. THIS. VAR itself is a good system but if there are complete idiots enforcing often times stupid rules the outcome will always be a mess. They need to fix the rules and have competent people watching the game.
  13. It would be a disaster for Liverpool. Same goes for Fabregas in combination with Hazard and Costa.
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