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  1. -------------------------Giroud-------------------------- ---CHO---------------------------------------Ziyech---- ------------------------Mount--------------------------- ----------------Kovacic----------Jorginho--------------- -----Chilwell------Zouma------Tomori----------James-- --------------------------Mendy-------------------------- IMO Silva, Havertz, Pulisic and Werner shouldn't travel and rest instead for the game against Burnley.
  2. I agree Kante can do well defensively but at the same time I feel like he lacks the positional discipline to really protect a back-four throughout the game. Maybe it's just Lampard telling Kante to roam as he pleases, could be the reason why he is so often totally out of position.
  3. I don't see how we beat Krasnodar on their turf 4 or even 5-0. They are in the CL for a reason and have the 3rd most valuable squad in the Russian League.
  4. So what is going on with Kovacic? I don't buy into this crap about him not playing because he recently became a father. He is a professional football player and surely doesn't need to babysit a newborn every day FFS Kovacic was POTY last year and just gets ignored this season despite looking good in the limited minutes he featured. I don't agree with how he this is handled at all and it just doesn't make sense.
  5. Yeah the midfield is not working yet at all. I don't know what happened to Kovacic?
  6. Silva and Mendy were amazing without them it would have been 2-0/3-0 for sure.
  7. I thought Havertz wasn't that bad to be honest. Difficult game to impress when there is so little space and overall momentum.
  8. I hate both our 2nd and 3rd kit with a passion. They are definitely the worst I have seen from Chelsea since I have started following the club in 2003. I like the current home shirt and will buy it once prices come down but the rest no thanks.
  9. Thiago Silva has been amazing. He looks so much better than all our other CBs. The difference between him and Zouma was huge today. Mendy had a good game too. Mount starting on the left wing again seems very strange to me. Mount should get a rest against United and then be played in midfield IMO.
  10. Yes and he looked pretty good in his recent games too. Not sure why he can't start for us and Mount gets run into the ground while playing out of position.
  11. Mount starting over CHO/Ziyech is very strange after how tired he looked against Southampton. If Pulisic is forced on the right again this would be a really really bad selection by Lampard.
  12. I struggle to consider Kante a box to box midfielder considering how little he actually contributes offensively. He does have brilliant moments going forward but he can't do it with any regularity and often is more of a hindrance than a contributor.
  13. ---------------------Mendy/Willy----------------------------- ----------------Azpi------Silva-------Zouma----------------- James-----------Kovacic------Jorginho--------------Chilwell ----------Havertz-------------------------Pulisic--------------- -----------------------Werner----------------------------------
  14. Kovacic might be the best midfielder we have but he is not particularly good at defending and replacing Kante with Kovacic is only going to make our defence worse I fear.
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