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  1. I can't believe people are comparing Werner to Drogba. What sort of logic is behind that?
  2. I would say Emerson is a great back-up LB. If he was any better he wouldn't be willing to sit on the bench every game.
  3. It always confuses me why some Chelsea fans Mourinho did us wrong. Why would Mourinho not manage another English club after getting sacked by us twice. What else is he supposed to do? It's his job after all.
  4. This was the first game in a long time that I found enjoyable to watch. Apart from the individual defensive errors our play looked much more fluid and direct. We managed to finally play some through balls and move the ball quicker. Good stuff and maybe the turn around Lampard needs. Still not sure how we are going to make Werner and Havertz contribute something to winning games.
  5. How does Kepa save this but let the first one in?
  6. Looking at that Luton goal again Zouma was also in a very odd position. He blocked Kepa's line of sight and was nowhere near the attack for some reason. That being said, Kepa still should have saved that.
  7. Agree. Kepa was ok under Sarri. He wasn't great and never as good as the 70m price tag would suggest but he was never really bad either. It's sad he has completely lost the plot last season.
  8. I thought we played MUCH better today. We moved the ball forward much quicker and even played some through balls (mainly from Ziyech). Unfortunately the Kepa howler has given Luton some confidence but so far I am happy with what we saw so far. Much better than against Morecambe despite Luton being a Championship side. Only player I am really a bit disappointed in so far (apart from Kepa) is Pulisic who seems to be a shadow of who he was last season. Not sure what is wrong with him.
  9. Very good post. This hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately James is not the only one who can't seem to spot these runs. It was criminal how often players made runs against Leicester only to never recieve the ball. It's not that our players don't have the ability to pass the ball, the problem is they don't even try to play some risky through balls for some reason. Maybe they are instructed by Lampard to play it safe all the time or they simply lack confidence. Not sure what it is.
  10. Eidur Gudjohnson used to play as an attacking midfielder in our first years after Roman took over. We used him in a 4-3-3 with Makelele and Lampard and it worked perfectly. It makes me wonder if the way we played back then could inspire Lampard to fix our midfield and find a role for Havertz in Lampard's preferred 4-3-3 system.
  11. Considering Lampard's cluelessness to implement Havertz and Werner I am starting to wonder if he really picked them out as transfer targets in the first place or if they were presented to him and he simply agreed due to them being "high-profile" players. Neither Werner nor Havertz fits into the traditional 4-3-3 Lampard is looking to implement. Chilwell, Silva and Mendy fit the system and have helped us tremendously. The jury is still out on Ziyech due to his injuries.
  12. ------------------------Kepa-------------------------- Azpilicueta---Christensen--Rüdiger-------Emerson -----------------Gilmour-----Jorginho--------------- ----CHO--------------Havertz--------------Ziyech--- -----------------------Werner------------------------
  13. The more I think about this the more confused I am as to how we managed to get 4th last year with a way weaker squad. People say Lampard lacks experience but he had even less experience last season and did well considering the lack of transfers and overall quality. How did we go from playing attractive football last season to this crap we are playing now? Imagine we had to play with Kepa, Alonso, Christensen, Rüdiger and an aging Azpilicueta as our back-four this season. We would be in the relegation zone by now.
  14. Everyone knew a midfield of Kovacic, Mount and Havertz wont work. What in the hell was Lampard thinking ?
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