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  1. Baka must be on his way out on another loan or hopefully a permanent deal. There is no other explanation considering he isn't injured.
  2. Somehow he has looked quite good vs. Bournemouth so far.
  3. Please no. There is something about him that I just can't stand.
  4. Why? Who gives a sh*t about a second place medal in football right after losing the final in a penalty shoot out.
  5. Sancho, Saka and Grealish didn't really do much either to be honest.
  6. He was just as poor as Sterling and Grealish, which is a tell-tale sign of a bad system.
  7. Agree. In a moment like this you need experience.
  8. I swear when I saw Rashford's stupid face walking up to that penalty I knew he was going to miss. Absolute garbage. And WHY does a 19 year old have to shoot the deciding last penalty??? FFS
  9. I wasn't aware how good Chiesa is before this tournament. He is totally underrated for sure.
  10. Should have been saveable ... was not even close to the corner 😞
  11. I think that has more to do with how this list is constructed. What has Belgium done to be considered the best footballing nation in the world?
  12. There was slight contact from with his arm but the Belgian player exaggerated way too much for my liking.
  13. I can't say it enough. The refs are pathetic in this tournament. Absolutely ridiculous pen
  14. I feel indifferent about him to be honest. Haaland as a player is great but his off the pitch behaviour and agent raise a lot of red flags for me.
  15. Never a red card. Scandalous decision IMO. I guess UEFA is scared of Switzerland vs Ukraine finals.
  16. I must be watching a totally different game.
  17. Eden is not even half the player he used to be. Sad to see.
  18. More like terrible goalkeeping to be honest.
  19. Oh nevermind. It's actually a PL referee haha 😄
  20. Anyone that thinks PL refs are bad just needs to watch these Euros. The ref in the Italy vs Austria game is once again completely clueless. So many incredibly stupid decisions, I am shocked.
  21. Does anyone understand how this tournament is considered fair when certain teams play at home every time while others need to travel for every game? I am so confused. Hungary now played against Portugal and France in front of nearly 60k people in their home stadium. Germany will play EVERY single group stage game at home. Same for England. ??? Along with the terrible refereeing this tournament more and more feels like some random preseason cup in America or Dubai to me. A total mess. Nothing makes any sense.
  22. I don't think it was even checked tbh. At least that's what it seemed like from my stream. The referee was generally horrific. It started with the yellow card for Kimmich in the 6th minute which was the first ??? moment.
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