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  1. They were playing very well but one of them could have come off for fresher legs and received standing ovation. Bringing him on at the end against a team where he must of been finally thinking that would be his first league start without Costa, he is limited to seconds. Conte could of brought him on earlier to try and get him a goal. The game was well in our hands and we looked increasingly likely to keep picking them up on the counter which would have been perfect for him. Batshuayi will not be given a chance next game, well definitely from the start anyway. If we are battering them then maybe he gets more mins later in second half rather than seconds. However if the game is tight, highly unlikely he features. FA Cup yeah he will start but it is a shame that he has hardly got to prove himself this season in the PL. P.S- Your English is fine mate.
  2. While I agree with you, I also agree with Bola as well. I think it was quite humiliating, the way he was treated. I am elated with the win and Conte obviously did pick the best team judging on the result but I felt Bats could have been brought on a lot earlier, for one of the front free to give them a rest, especially Pedro as he worked his socks off all game. Then when Chalobah came on, is it me or was he almost playing as an auxillary CF, who was often dropping back to midfield when we did not have the ball. But we had the game wrapped and he could have got more minutes than he received today tbh. I always get confused between him and Chalobah, but I was irritated when I saw us bring on Chalobah and Aina before we brought on Batshuayi. I just did not understand the logic of bringing on Batshuayi with seconds to spare. I viewed that as humiliating as you knew it was highly unlikely he would get a touch of the ball. Would of rather he was kept as unused sub tbh. But bigger picture is we won and another 3 points but I did feel really sorry for Batshuayi on a player level and personal level.
  3. It was just over £30m mate, not £20m.
  4. I will be really annoyed if he does not start tomorrow. We bought him for a lot of money and he is a very good striker who just has been unlucky because of the form of Costa but regardless of lack of match games, this is time to shine and Conte should give him that chance. Otherwise what was the point in paying so much for him. He will be eager to get himself on the scoresheet tomorrow and it would be a real confidence blow to not start him.
  5. Bournemouth have one of the weakest defences in the league. They concede for fun. Batshuayi is a very good striker and as it was pointed out when joining us, he is use to playing up front on his own. He has hold up play, pace and can use both feet. He needs to be given starts before we judge him as a CF. Bristol Rovers, he scored 2, Leicester he did not score but overall was impressed by him. Really, he should be licking his lips coming up against this defence. Especially with the likes of Fabregas and Hazard creating chances for him.
  6. He was not injured. He has been starting for them for past few weeks. Been on a massive goal drought before today though and the goals seemed to have dried up so good to see him back on the scoresheet.
  7. That s the frustrating thing about assists. It really does not tell the whole story. For instance Matic has more assists but Hazard has created more. Look at Hazard's great turn away from Otamendi and he set up Costa perfectly however he fluffed his shot. That would have been a perfect assist. When we lost to Arsenal 3-0, he also set up Willian brilliantly however unfortunately he missed. I think there is a moment every game where Hazard sets up one of our players but it is not converted a lot of times. Either way, I think he has been player of the season so far along with Costa. Sanchez closely behind.
  8. Well I think Conte would have worked well with him. What you have to remember is people probably were saying the same thing about Moses before this season...
  9. I think his goal return last season was quite impressive too considering the awful season we had and it was his first season with us and outside Spanish football, despite all the criticism he received.
  10. While I do believe he has got the hot streak in him, a lot of the media image of him being a player 'who fights people', is very short tempered, needs to be angry to play at his best and just generally perceiving him as a time ticking bomb, it is just bravado that Costa has played up to, to live that image to an extent. He has proven in the recent weeks if suspension facing him, he does not need to get involved in any stupid fights or arguments with refs or players as playing football is the main thing. Not living up to a rep. I remember hearing silly comments from pundits like for Costa to be at his best he needs to get angry and wound up but no, he just needs to focus his head solely on football and scoring goals and ignore the other petty stuff and look what you get in return. Not only does he score goals, he creates a lot this season too and should have more assists to his name if the recipients of some of his assists were converted.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3973468/Eden-Hazard-taken-shots-season-did-entirety-last.html WOW. Assuming that is true, that speaks volumes of not only how underwhelming he was, but just in general shows how he has been way too passive before this season. The amount of times I see him go past players but then lay of a pass just frustrates me because you know if he has that same mindset such as the likes of Sanchez, Ronaldo, Messi, he would be scoring bagful. He just needs to have the mindset that he is capable of scoring every game and go for the killer instinct. Because if he really keeps up with his more 'selfish' approach, we can see him getting 20 goals a season easily imo.
  12. Jay Dasilva is not ready for the first team. He is a very exciting talent but if you are expecting him to make an impact, you are wrong. He is very diminutive for a start and he defo needs more development before being considered for the first team. If Alonso and others was to get injured, more likely Aina will be playing but highly doubt Jay Dasilva will be considered for first team this season.
  13. He also would improve by playing with better/world class players. Just look at Moses this season.
  14. If Costa is fit, he is starting every league game for now as he is undroppable right now. There will be no rotating with him in next few games unless he is injured or suspended.
  15. Disagree. Muller disregarded the opponent by calling them "amateurs" and basically saying game like this should not go ahead in first place. My point was that when Hazard was taken off because of the injury the game was already done and they should have taken him off. I was not stating "they should not include him in the lineup because they would win anyway."
  16. This is why I f**king hate internationals. The game has been over for ages. Why could they not just sub him off earlier, especially considering he played the whole 90 mins in a friendly game against Holland the other day. Fuming. I pray he is fine for Sunday and it is nothing serious.
  17. It was not because of that. Like the previous poster said, Costa would of walked into Brazil's team. This is what he actually said:
  18. I love it when people are proved wrong, however I also appreciate it when people accept it and apologize. This is Garth Crooks: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37892037 And who remembers after the Liverpool game when Souness and Carragher were chatting a lot of sh*t calling Luiz a 'panic buy' and stating he will not be a first choice CB at Chelsea? He started every single game and apart from Arsenal game he has been very good and has been one of the best CB in the league this season.
  19. I am not sure Batshuayi is better than Sturridge yet. Sturridge is faltering but on his day a top class striker. But yeah, Hazard is the best player out of those mentioned. However the trio of Firmino, Mane and Coutinho has been tried longer and performed longer in league however in the 5 games we have played Pedro, Hazard and Costa, all three have been brilliant.
  20. Crazy to think he already has 3 more league goals this season than he had for the whole of last season. Shows how poor a season the club and he had. Was just a total disaster. Anyway, I never slept on him and always insisted if we are to rebuild ourself and get back where we belong we need him to stay because form is temporary, class is permanent and he is proving that. Just a joy to watch. Just a shame about this international break. This game alone should win him POTM again :D I just can't get enough of that second goal. What a f**king goal that was. Beyong brilliant.
  21. Have you seen how many minutes Batshuayi has got this season and he is second striker? Why do you think Abraham third choice will get minutes. Assuming we are in both UCL and PL, Costa will play majority of them. Abraham will be lucky to get starts in any of these. He has outgrown U23 football and if he stays here next season, that is where he will be playing because he will need match fitness. The best thing is football out on loan. Training is sone thing but the one thing they need is games.
  22. And when does he play? For our U23. That is not going to aid his development. The only way he stays here next season unless he is promised satisfactory first team football which is unlikely, thus he will go out on loan again which will be best for all.
  23. Good point. Maybe it would be be good to see Abraham go out on loan abroad like Baker has done for past 2 seasons. If he can keep his form up, clubs from Europe will look at him for sure. However with regards to Bamford, I would have much more faith in Abraham making an impact in the prem than Bamford. He has the phsysical attributes that a striker needs. Strong, tall, fast and he has a huge desire and is getting better and better. And it depends. Like the other poster said, I don't want him here next season simply to play cup games and few minutes in league appearences etc. If Costa and Batshuayi are here his playing time will be hugely reduced. Best thing for him is to keep playing regular football.
  24. Realistically, I don't picture or even want Abraham in the team next season regardless of how much he scores this season. He will be best off playing for a better team (hopefully a loan in the prem) where he can get regular starts. He still has years ahead of him. He just turned 19. Yes, just turned 19. So I would rather him go on loan once again so he keeps on getting games. Hopefully in a few years time, he is ready to stake his claim as our no.1 striker.
  25. He does not want to miss any PL games. I would have had my money on him getting a yellow against United so he misses the West Ham game but he behaved.
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