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  1. Totally baffled at Tuchel's words in why he subbed him. He was growing into the game and I certainly did not see lack of fight. He should of actually gone to LWB at least but taking him off was extremely, extremely baffling.
  2. Good. CHO on. At least Tuchel is willing to make change when things going wrong.
  3. Another game where we dominate possession but still lacking ideas in final third. For first time in Tuchel era, we are a goal down. No need for three CB. Take one of them off, go to a back four and bring Ziyech on please.
  4. Kovacic for me by miles. Was top class.
  5. That was a dominant first half performance I have been waiting to see. Although we were dominant against Burnley and Spurs, the performance today is just top class. Dominating possession as well as looking brilliant offensively. Kovacic has ran the show literally. One of the must underrated players in our team. So much class. CHO is ripping them apart. He has messed up a couple times with his end product but other than that he is looking really good. Newcastle don't know how to deal with him. And Werner scoring. Relieved for him as his performance deserves that. Might go down as his assist but either way if he can get into double figures for goals and assists (which is very realistic with the chances he creates also), he will actually have had quite a stellar season. Get that third goal wrapped up quickly please.
  6. Overreaction at it's best. The problem with fans nowadays is the lack of loyalty and how easily the y turn on their own players. When Ziyech had that spell in October/November, he was probably the first name on everyone team sheet and now people have already given up on him. A lot of deals nowadays does not have involve competition. Bruno Fernandes, United had a clear shot at him? We just got the deal done very early before any teams could have a say but had it been left in the summer, then there may well have been more interest in him. Let's not forget he has had his fair share of injuries and there are many other players who also need to push their weight.
  7. Disagree with that. When he made his return from injury in October, and he was rewarded with his first start he scored against Krasnador and generally had a good game. He then few days after, played against Burnley and scored a goal and made an assist. Another top game. Sheffield United was his best game for us. Star of the sow that game. Had 2 assists which really should have been three but Werner missed an easy chance. Probably would of gone down as one of the assists of the season. Got inured against Leeds quite early on but it was his magic that set Reece James away to assist Giroud which got us back in the game. Got rushed back against City which was not the wisest decision in hindsight. Albeit, Morecambe are in L2, impressed against them. Thought he was arguably our best player that game. So I would not say there have been any outstanding players at all this season. All have had their fair games of bad performances. Mount is an exception as he is probably the one player that has probably been better than the rest but I think all of our new recruits have had games where they have looked poor and also had games where they have looked really good.
  8. Wolves beat us away from home, yes but tbh under Lamps do I reckon we would have lost that game? No. I actually reckon if Tuchel made changes earlier in that game we would have won that but he left it too late. Wolves sat back all game and actually had the best chance in that game but Neto missed. They would have set up same way against Lamps but I think Lamps probably would have brought on likes of Pulisic earlier. As @ForeverCarefree said Lamps record against teams below the top 6 was fine. It was the 'bigger teams' we struggled against. Burnley pulled off a massive win against Liverpool, but that is the PL for you. I am still confident that under Frank we would win that game. Unless for some unfortunate reason such as events in past such as Cahill getting sent off and Matic reacting to a leg-breaking challenge from Barnses and getting sent off, we usually cope well against Burnley. Beat them 3-0 away this season under Lamps which I thought was our best performance this season. I know Burnley have improved but yes I reckon Lampard probably would of had similar results. Sheffield United we scraped a 2-1 win and deserved it but again apart from dominating possession, their was still a lack of fluidity in attack for me. Lamps could have easily won that game too. We dominated Spurs but even for all our dominance we did not finish them off and Vinicius missed a goal-glaring chance which if Kane was playing that is a different scoreline. Tuchel has made a good start but still think we have lacked productivity in the final third and I think it is unfair for people to immediately go right now "this is why he was brought in". I am not saying you are one of those btw but apart from more improvement defensively, I have not been fully convinced by the style of play. We need to wait till we play likes of United to make a true judgement. I am not sure if it is players getting used to new formation that is not making the attack very fluid, but I want to see improvements. I expect us to beat Newcastle but it will be good to see a performance where we finish off a team by 3 goals or so and look menacing in attack.
  9. Wasn't a fan of playing the 3 at the back in this game and wanted us to go 4-2-3-1 as thought it would suit our attacking players. Yeah really wish Tuchel switches the formation sometimes because the lack of attacking fluidity just isn't there.
  10. I am hoping for 4-2-3-1. Kepa, James, Zouma, Christensen, Emerson, Gilmour, Kante, Ziyech, Havertz, Pulisic/CHO, Abraham.
  11. I was worried when I saw Christensen in the lineup against Sheffield United, knowing they are quite physical, but I thought he was very good yesterday evening. Dealt with everything his way.
  12. It is exciting to have all these amount of players in disposal and very exciting but my only concern is with all the attackers we have, is that there is never that consistency, because of the huge chopping and changing. It is good to have depth in the squad with all the turnaround in fixtures, but we literally have so many attacking players at disposal. I assume Pulisic has picked up another injury, but it is not even that ludicrous to suggest that even with the 9 man bench rule allowed, we just have far took many players and players sometimes won't make the matchday squad....
  13. Mount MOTM for me. Brilliant pressing and his runs off the ball are fantastic to break away and find space. James was brilliant. Another one who went under the radar but dominated the ball and dribbled through the opposition with ease is Kovacic. Thought he was excellent last night. We have some games now where we can easily go on a winnign run. My only gripe again since Tuchel took over is our proglifacy in front of goal. Vinicius scores that and it is 1-1 in a game we dominated. Kill of teams please more convincingly but all good. Three clean sheets in a row.
  14. Nice to see their North London rivals, Arsenal lose. Their fans were getting way too cocky recently and they were building up a little run. Good to see them brought back to earth.
  15. CHO was our best player again. Mount had a quality game too. Dominant performance. Annoyed the scoreline was only 2-0 though, as we have seen goal difference can make a huge difference. Last season United finished above us based on this. Burnley only had 1 headed shot and that was their only shot this whole game. We need to be more ruthless. Unlike the Wolves game, at least Tuchel didnt wait till the 70th minute to make a change. In hindsight if he made those changes at H/T against Wolves, we win that game which is frustrating as it was clear against Wolves we were struggling to penetrate them. At lease he has got his first win now anyway. Big game next against a Spurs-less Kane.
  16. Although we are 1-0 up, apart from CHO and Mount we look too slow. Kovacic has looked bright too. I would have preferred we lined up with a 4-3-3 tbh. We destroyed Burnley in the reverse fixture with that formation. Need to get the second now and up the pace.
  17. Subs made way too late. Seriously, I don't understand why he left it that late. Had he done those subs earlier we win the game I reckon. Hudson-Odoi MOTM tonight. Constant threat throughout.
  18. Way too static in the front three. Not enough pace. The way we are playing suits Wolves right now. No penetration at all, no runs behind and when I saw the team before the kick off, that was my worry.
  19. Although it looks a huge task, just bear in mind this time last season, we were 19 points behind Leicester whilst United were 20 points behind them. We sit 9 points behind them at this stage, despite them being joint top. My point being, although things look really bleak, all can change. We just need to get a winning run going again. Easier said than done but if the players play to best of ability, then we definitely can go on a run.
  20. Leicester scored 2 goals that we handled poorly. Just cheap, cheap goals. The midfield as I have said before is too lightweight. No muscle and we do not know how to deal with the counter attack. With or without Kante. Second half Havertz actually looked good, made nice passes and done some good runs on and off the ball. Kovacic for me was our only decent player throughout the match. He was constantly running with the ball and trying to make things happen and rarely lost possession. But Leicester read us like a book. They new we would have a lot of the ball and how it is easy to counter us. Did exactly that.
  21. The shame is once again we have really good passages of play going forward but we have no idea on how to defend and once we lose possession we are so suspectible to the counter and conceding. That second goal for Leicester was so predictable.
  22. Agreed. United have not been great but what helps Ole is the physicality in midfield. We couldn't play the type of game they played on Sunday because we don't have the muscle in midfield to contain the opposition. Players are too lightweight and easy to counter and brush off the ball. Hence why a player like Rice is needed to provide better protection and more muscle in midfield. Even Arsenal look more solid and keeping clean sheets and being tougher to break down with Partey in that team now.
  23. I would leave Ziyech on the bench tomorrow. Not denying his qualities but sometimes without the ball, can look a little bit of a liability and Leicester's fullbacks love to bomb on. If we lose possession we need to ensure our wingers are able to match them. Leicester also play with a high line so think it would be worth trying, CHO, Werner and Pulisic. Werner has been poor but I would play him this game. His pace may well be needed.
  24. Harsh decision imo. If Azpi gets up straight away then I would not be surprised if that was a yellow but sometimes you have to exaggerate to get what you want. Really fortunate as Fulham were getting into the game and missed a guilt-edge chance. We must cement this opportunity now.
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