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  1. Is this guy swimming across the English Channel for his medical?
  2. So if Moses, Matic and Cahill remain starters and we are replacing Costa with an inferior Morata then we have obviously made our starting XI worse...
  3. Tell me where the improvement comes from? No doubt I will just cop abuse for my post but I'd actually like someone to engage me politely and put forward a rational argument that counteracts anything I've said. Some people just don't like the truth and as soon as someone dares to speak up about it they just get personally attacked and called out as "negative".
  4. Lol if we replace Costa, Matic, Moses and Cahill with Morata, Bakayoko, Danilo and Rudiger we are actually going backwards. I can already see us trying to replace these extremely average players this time next year. Our infamous transfer window where we signed Pedro, Begovic, Rahman, etc would even be better. The truth is we struggle attracting quality players. Even as champions we couldn't sign Lukaku. If we think Real Madrid's scraps, Roma's worst starting defender and Monaco's biggest donkey are going to improve us then we are wrong. There are/were actually very good players available this window. Dahoud, Silva, Aurier, Fabinho, Aubameyang, Belotti, Koulibaly, Alves, van Dijk, etc. yet here we are trying (and struggling) to sign overpriced garbage.
  5. Reports are that he is yet to reject a new Juve contract. Still very skeptical.
  6. SKY are reporting we are only in talks for him now, a few reports coming out of Turin saying Juve won't sell because he's a required player, La Stampa saying Juve are confident of keeping him, etc.
  7. Just a hunch. So many conflicting reports suggest no one really knows what's going on. I think Juve will increase his wage payments and it will be enough to keep him on board. Juve are on another level to us generally speaking. The only reason he would leave to play for us would be because of money. If Juve can offer him more money then he has no incentive to leave.
  8. Starting to think this one isn't going to happen. He will sign an improved contract with Juve.
  9. A lottttt of Italian journalists are putting their reputation on the line saying this is imminent. I would be surprised if this didn't happen now.
  10. This is happening I reckon
  11. Seems he doesn't want to leave. Oh well. Onto the next target.
  12. Juve have offered him a new contract. F*** them
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