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    Not being deliberately awkward by asking this, but if we do sell him, what's the solution given the transfer ban? It'd be Pedro and Pulisic on the wings until CHO is back again, which doesn't seem ideal given Pulisic is still a young player himself, plus he's new to the team and league. Also, it leaves no cover for injuries.
  2. Definitely a Chelsea legend. He's one of the most talented, and most exciting to watch, players to have graced the PL and we've been very fortunate he's done so in a Chelsea shirt. He's been a huge reason for the success we've had in his time here, and he's provided some really special moments. I admire his professionalism during all this speculation and compared to the way Courtois left, he's doing it with class. I'd much rather he stay, obviously, but he's given us a huge chunk of his career and you can't blame him for taking his last chance at a big move, and no matter what you think of Real, there's no shame in losing a player to them. I hope he does go on to get the success his talent deserves, and I'm sure he'll always be a blue deep down! It'll be interesting to see what we do to replace him, especially with a transfer ban looming, but we have to be positive and look forward to seeing our next superstar emerge.
  3. To be fair, regarding that Players Tribune piece, I read it as more of a personal thing, revealing his childhood, growing up, his family and his wider life. He talks a lot about the World Cup with the England U17's, but that's understandable, it's the biggest achievement of his career so far. Even then, he talks about being scared of a peacock almost as much as that! I'm not saying I don't get a slight vibe that maybe his heart isn't with Chelsea as much as we'd want it to be, but maybe the damage had already been done, or maybe that's just who he is. Personally, I still have a lot of hope that should he recover fully from his injury, he can go on to become a big player for us. Maybe with some time to reflect on what's been quite a big season in his senior career he'll see the amount of support he has here, and that the potential is there to make his mark as a club legend. As it stands, one thing at a time; he's going to be out for a while, so firstly let's just hope that he can sign an extension in the meantime and focus on getting back to where he's at now, as he had built up some good momentum.
  4. Fair enough. Serves me right for listening to the commentary. I think their point was about not really trusting the 'backup' players, but I guess the same could easily be argued about us. Kudos to our medical staff and fitness coaches I suppose!
  5. I think it was mentioned during the commentary that they've had a tough season and very little squad depth, so by this stage of the season they're knackered. I thought we put in a good away performance too, it's a shame that we couldn't quite make our second half pressure count and grab another goal, whilst they managed to score with far fewer shots. Story of our season to a degree! Still, an away goal and a draw isn't the worst result away from home in Europe. Thought RLC and Jorginho stood out, Pedro did well for the goal too. Christensen had a good second half after looking a bit shaky at times in the first and picking up a silly yellow.
  6. Plenty of talk of ‘another famous night of Anfield magic under the lights incoming’. It’s a myth tbh, I remember earlier this season when PSG fans outsung them there, even though they were losing and massively outnumbered.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if they just say 'screw it, nobody gets 4th' and it jumps from 3rd to 5th.
  8. The one thing I noticed was when we kicked off after 2:2, there was none of the fight and urgency we showed to get it to 2:1. It seemed like they thought that fighting back once should've been enough and when it wasn't, just had a bit of a sulk. I don't know if that's a fair assessment but that's how it seemed at the time watching it. Either way, it's poor to not get a result. Sure, Burnley played every (dirty) trick in the book, but when you're a team fighting for top 4, you have to find a way. I'm not about to get involved in working out whether that's on the players or the manager or both, but I think we can say that as a team we bottled it.
  9. Getting in early with a question about where people are getting their streams from these days, what with the downfall of the various Reddit pages!
  10. The Wayne Hennessey thing is a massive joke. Going on about he doesn't know anything about Hitler, or the Nazis, 'his generation not knowing' blah blah. The guy is 3 years older than me and we definitely learnt all about it at secondary school. He's just followed the Donald Trump method of deny everything and plead ignorance and they bought it. As for United, 'Ole's at the wheel' appears to be driving them off a cliff! Excellent stuff 😂
  11. Looks like our brief spell is over. We needed to capitalise and get a goal but we fluffed 3 chances.
  12. Heard it mentioned on the radio on the way home, but after they'd spent all morning only mentioning the Chelsea thing, and talking about that more than the actual game.
  13. I'm hoping this is one of those situations where a team appoint an unexpectedly successful interim manager full time, then absolutely tank after the honeymoon. Fair play to Wolves though, this was no fluke and they've done exceptionally well against the 'Top 6'. They're a well managed team full of good players who fit what the manager wants perfectly. Hopefully we can FINALLY take advantage of an opportunity to move up a little closer to the top 4 after failing to do so the last few times...
  14. If Hazard goes and the transfer ban is upheld, then the club need to be doing everything to make sure CHO feels like he's a big part of our future. Even if it wasn't the case with Hazard, we still need to be holding onto him and prioritising him over the likes of Willian. That's nothing against Willian, I rate him higher than most here I feel, but CHO is clearly a special talent, and it would certainly mean a lot to us fans to have a young English talent come through the Academy ranks and stake a claim to being a future club legend. Especially with the grim prospect of missing out on the CL and a transfer ban looming...
  15. I'm struggling to be too fussed either way about it. It's definitely pretty impressive, but it's far too much like a generic Pro Evo stadium for me to be getting too jealous. Plus it's taken so long it became a bit of a joke. I'd love for us to be building our new stadium next, but it's slipped way down the list of things to worry about for me! I do wonder if they bothered fitting a trophy cabinet...?

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