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  1. We look worse at the back with him and Andreas in the team imo.
  2. He’s really underwhelming I’m not trying to dig him out again I’m just being honest, he doesn’t have the demeanour of someone that’s about to burst into life any time soon either I think he’s happy getting the odd assist but I want to know why he seems scared all of a sudden to just go for it , run at the man, take him on , dare to be great.
  3. I don’t understand why there is a huge war about Kovacic, Jorgi and Kante. IMO all 3 are genuinely world class. Kovacic is absoutely awesome but he’s human he lost the ball a few times dribbling in our own half and once in our box so he’s not perfect. Jorginho sometimes misplaces a pass or gets tackled and Kante sometimes misses a simple 10 yard pass. We are so lucky to have all 3 why can’t we rejoice in that without having to have a favourite and a least favourite and agenda’s.
  4. But you do concede now that we are no more solid with Kovacic and Kante as we are with Jorginho right ? because we just got licked up 3-1 at Everton so just wondering who your going to blame it on been as there was no Jorginho and Kante was where you want him to be in our best midfield pairing “ that our coach finally agrees with you about “ so what’s going on ? Is it Jorginho why we get played through week after week still or has your opinion changed now you’ve seen it happens no matter who we play in CM
  5. “ and I suspect our manager is coming round to that idea too” if you think frank lampard doesn’t see jorginho is his best team your beyond speaking to, hes his vice captain and I could dig up about 10 articles of him saying how good he is, your problem is you IGNORE the 8 wins on a bounce that jorginho started in and FOCUS on the defeat where he played badly and blame it on him. Then you drive your agenda home by using a 2-1 villa home win as proof you was correct all along, it’s embarrassing. Is that our manager that you also say is out of his depth tactically and Along with Jorginho gets a sh*tty comment of you in every defeat or draw “ and that’s something Frank needs to learn and fast he’s been outclassed by the opposition manager” you are a tool you are blinded by your own ego. You always have some sort of narrative about whoever you don’t like and when you get called out on it turn into how I imagine a passive aggressive feminist or vegan argues on the web.
  6. He’s a tool, look through his posts he absoutely loves slating Jorginho apart from when he was playing so well he had to say he was doing ok through gritted teeth but still managed to criticise him and say people are biased to how good he actually is but acts like Kovacic is the best midfielder defensively in the world and he’s totally justified in telling us all for ages what a liability Jorginho is because we beat villa at home 2-1 with Kova and Kante. Posts are totally agenda driven.
  7. 👀👀👀 Why aren’t the people who all had a baby when I suggested he might have a bit of an ego and not great attitude 2 months ago ridiculing the posters who are saying the same thing ? Because there mores than one poster saying it now probably.
  8. Does anyone get the impression Hazards popularity has fallen off a cliff since leaving for Madrid? Even the die hard Hazard fans on here seem just like almost it’s a breath of fresh air that the teams more cohesive and we are better off without, not just that but the general football population and pundits and ex players (wenger, Mikel, etc) saying a few negative things about his attitude. is that just the moving to Real effect? That there that disliked from the way they take team’s star players that the player get seen as a mercenary? Can’t help feel abit sorry for Eden it’s like in 6 months he’s gone from top 5 in the world to everyone saying your fat, lazy, unmotivated. His forms poor at Real and Marca are slating him, and the Chelsea fans are sort of thinking there better off without you I know how much they get paid but it must be really difficult for someone to take all the twitter idiots aswell.
  9. I’ve been aware of me waxing lyrical abit with Jorginho in my last posts about him but he’s outstanding. I think it’s took people a while like it did with me because he’s not what I expected..when I heard we beat city to there number 1 target and had signed a world class midfielder from Napoli for 60m called Jorginho. I expected a different player and I don’t even know why because I thought I understood his position, i was thinking yeah it’s good that he can keep the ball but what else does he do? the playing out from the back Which we are one of the best in the league at isn’t possible with Zouma, Tomori, Azpi etc without Jorginho, he allows us to play a defender like zouma and play out because he tells him how to do it constantly. Zouma’s upturn in form is because he doesn’t look like a rabbit in the headlights when he gets the ball now.. he knows Jorginho now and trusts him and Jorginho is Zouma’s eyes, he sees the picture and tells zouma where he can pass it without zouma panicking. Honestly watch out for it, leaving zouma to pick his confidence up and impose his beastly defending. Jorginho does it with the whole back line, kepa and kovacic too. He’s magnificent and the bit I love the most is how nasty he is, that with delefeou was awesome to see right in his f**king face 5 mins after the pen, letting him know what a cheating little prick he was not hiding or dwelling on giving away the pen - fighting to death to keep our aggression up and not letting them bully us out of the points. Stand out player of the season so far. I actually can’t believe I’m saying that I’m not sure if him and kova are the most suited Well rounded two man midfield we can play now.
  10. Rudiger won’t play a regular part this season I’d say the same with Kante but he’s such a freak he will probably prove me wrong .. rudiger and (probably) Kante are out for the season.. I’ve read about players before that get these niggles after long term injuries and they usually don’t stop picking them up until they get a long couple of months break and the pressures off to return ( end of season) fascinatingly it’s thought to be Actually be a psychological reaction that causes injury like a negative placebo, the player rushes to get back and is anxious and stressed to get back out there , body releases cortisol, tendons, ligaments and muscles are strained and injuries happen very easily. Human consciousness is so amazing but when you consider the human brain can create multiple personality disorder due to childhood trauma it’s not all that surprising. Just thought I’d offer some pessimistic predictions about our injuries.
  11. When La Zoumance ran out into there half and lost the ball, Jorginho got absoutely done for pace it looked like and then absoutely gave it everything to the point he looked like he was going to fall over sprinting back towards the player and managed to pressure the Ajax player into passing it to tomori and then without stopping started pointing for tomori to pass it to I think azpi which he did,and then screaming and pointing at azpi to pass it alonso and we played out there press beautifully.. that’s why he is so much more than the quick passing which he played a few lovely ones in that second half the speed of that pass to michy for might to shoot just outsid the box was brilliant. Some player for one player.
  12. Tomori’s heads fell clean off I’m afraid 😞 nearly slipped again there.. makes you wonder if it would of been best him sitting out today after them mistakes in the Lille game.. Tammy and Willian fighting for MOTM at this point
  13. If CHO could finish he’d be our most dangerous winger although I think he’s fine better than some have said. Games set up to give pulisic a run, might find himself with a a few chances; I’d swap CHO for pulisic and pull mount for kovacic both around 70 mins

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