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  1. Can’t believe I’m reading certain fans on here saying the answer is a Kante - Havertz - Ziyech midfield. Think they know better than Frank, want him out and then suggest that midfield as the answer to our problems haha Pressing is our main and biggest issue. Pressing is why we are knackered, pressing is why our positioning is all over the place and why our defence becomes isolated from the midfield with one pass. Pressing is why Mount and Kante are playing dreadfully and why there knackered same with why Werner and pulisic are so out of form. This shows franks shortcomings as
  2. Was gobsmacked at his performance yesterday wow, towards the end he played a stepover and through ball to Werner just outside there box now that Jorgi can’t do haha ! Majestic yesterday happy to eat humble pie if he keeps that up, I thought he was done but wow that was so encouraging. One things for sure now that defence doesn’t change and neither does this new Mount-Kante-Havertz midfield because it’s clicked. Werner - Giroud - Ziyech might be worth a shot if Pulisic is injured. But Werner given freedom to wander inside because he has mount covering his side.
  3. I love you @Gol15, you are here constantly just shredding Jorginho haters with truth and stats everyday. I read all of these and occasionally try fight a case with you against the absolute delusion with world class Kante and hate of Jorginho but I am lazy and usually just lurk as I’m a stoner. I literally can’t believe This has happened with Kante because I remember when there was PSG rumours last summer for 86m and I felt insulted and annoyed they even tried to get him. Fast forward to now and bar 1 performance in the super cup against Liverpool Where I thought he’s amazing and fit again and
  4. The sad thing is realistically we would have probably lost this game last season with Abraham, Willian and Pedro trying to break down Saints. 1-3.
  5. Your actually calling Frank Lampard a “bum” WOW
  6. Did you witness Southgate start him twice as 10 for England when all the England fans was complaining it should of been Grealish? Or is that just because he’s infatuated with Mount too
  7. You keep droning on that he isn’t press resistant but forgetting to ask yourself what is his midfield partner Doing who some call the best shield of a defence in the world ?!?! Ok I’ll entertain you Jorginho didn’t do a good enough job shielding the defence but he assisted and scored two goals the game before this. WHAT HAS KANTE OFFERED ?
  8. Your an idiot I’m not even doing this I’ll just ask you if you think Kante performed equally better or worse than Jorginho?
  9. f**k I wish we had signed partey to pair with Jorginho/kovacic that midfield and attack would be far and away the best in the league
  10. I think you have a balanced view on him.. but let’s frame it another way and see if he’s being viewed fairly.. was he as or more effective than his midfield partner Kante? Kante actually looks like a player signed from the French second division now and not a world class midfielder his passing was dreadful I thought. There was a instance in the first half where there rb was shaping to cross and Kante come steaming over 100mph and jumped in front of him and you could tell there fullback knew it was coming it was so obvious turned inside Kante like he was never even there and had 20 yards s
  11. Feel sorry for him it must feel horrible having every fan pundit ex players and ex coach’s saying your a comedy act when your actually a professional athlete. He isn’t up to it and lampard got it wrong thinking he could start today he is damaged beyond repair mentally he needs a good few months out the spotlight.
  12. Assist today aswell.. but as usual every time we have a game where we concede someone will be out to say he can’t shield a defence. Nothing to do with Kepa and Christensen it’s all Jorginho’s fault we conceded three goals. Weird how the week before kepa and Christensen didn’t play but Jorginho the useless defence shield did and we conceded zero.
  13. Can we please just use the City, United and Dipper results to apply a bit of context to our own start please ? being 3-0 down to West Brom and coming back for a draw doesn’t all of a sudden look so terrible does it ? I was looking at Liverpool 4-1 down at half time yesterday thinking they will 4-4 .. they conceded another 3 goals in second half with the best CB and full backs in the world apparently. They just had a dodgy keeper... like we have had. if we had lost 1-6 at home to Spurs people would want franks head on a spike. We are as good as any team in the league this ye
  14. Be absolutely ridiculous to send Jorginho to Arsenal .. who do you rate higher in our CM currently ? Because I know Kante and Kova aren’t actually as effective defensively as Jorgi is from organising and interceptions. Maybe harder to pass but nothing else either of them do makes me think there better suited than Jorginho. If I could sell one I would sell Kante.
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