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  1. We have the second best defence in the league this year ! Really impressive considering how many goals we have let in at the start of the season (West Brom, Southampton etc) should state the important columns are first from the left Goal conceded, and third from the left clean sheets. If that doesn’t make sense it’s because I’ve had a space cake. Sorry. 1 Manchester City 15 0.60 15 2 Chelsea 25 1.00 11 3 Arsenal
  2. Don’t know but he’s been the most disappointing signing so far I can remember was really looking forward to him coming into a team playing well and seeing if he could help with Werner in this system. Huge gaps in between the cbs and Cm today will happen I’m 100% sure unless kova sits for Kante which takes away 70% of his game.
  3. I really don’t get no Havertz but Emerson and Chillwell on the bench ??
  4. That lineup is horrible. Same mistake as Frank breaking up kova and Jorginho to shoehorn Kante. why the f**k do we have a fit again Havertz not Even on the bench put two lb’s??!!?
  5. Can I ask you @dkw on current form would you start Kante or Gilmour ahead of him and break up kova/Jorginho?
  6. Does anyone have a picture of the league table when Frank was sacked, be interesting to see our position (9th?) and how many points away from the top 4 we was and compare it to 4 games later.
  7. All class in his interview. Nice lad and I honestly feel he will come good. Doesn’t duck from missing and didn’t duck any questions he’s certainly no weak minded Morata mentally he was all smiles !
  8. Also @Gol15 i too am on night mode. Like we’re ever going to change it after two Jorginho winners though haha
  9. Happy for Werner like it or not he’s all of a sudden along with Mount looking like our most dangerous attacker. And certainly the best so far under tuchel out of Abraham and Giroud for fitting the system. Worrying for Chillwell. Kovacic in the last 20 mins was really poor. He grew out of the game and Jorginho grew into it. Kante really poor again can’t believe another recklessly given away free kick. Mendy - brilliant not his fault rudiger is on the spectrum. James - Decent Mount - our best player.
  11. Kante was dire when he came on. Wasn’t anywhere near a Tottenham player when we were defending then he literally wasn’t marking anyone not within 15 yards of a player. Dreadful booking too. I think Tuchel only pulled kova because of how angry him just toe poking the ball out when he made that run and had Werner and pulisic wide open hope he sees quickly that Kante isn’t the same version he thought he was signing and doesn’t persist with it.
  12. lol “ despite how bad his final ball is “ so he’s our 10 playing dreadful passes and shots and he’s your man of the match so far whilst timo who nearly scored in first minute with a 20 yard header and won out pen our worst player ? Narrative.
  13. I must of missed them honestly didn’t see that.. saw him running into channels and dragging defenders out then passing into alonso/mount which was good work for the team and thought he looked quite sharp and involved .. also he nearly scored with a 20 yard header after 13 seconds ?! I know he’s been f**king w**k but can we just not be fair and admit he hasn’t been the worst player on the pitch like people are saying he’s probably had a 7/10 there.
  14. Won a penalty, which is why we lead. Mason has made about 4 beautiful half turns and ran at them and created .. nothing.. skied a cross from 15 yards under no pressure and shanked 3 shots.
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