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  1. Franks grown a lot this season you can tell I no longer even think about his lack of experience, he’s competent it’s as simple as that and next season he will have possibly the deadliest front three in the EPL with Pulisic Werner Ziyich.. one thing I love about him is how vocal he is in the media about for example Pulisic reaching Sterling, Mane, Salah levels and pushing the players on .. Barkley is the same he’s been garbage all season but frank has him fired up for the run in it reminds me of Jose how he seems to make certain players really step up with the belief he has in them think over the season Kovacic he was praising a lot and them Kova scores back to back goals and was just in the most ridiculous form, Mount Tammy and Reece too also Jorginho from pre season he praised a lot for work rate and attitude and ever since he’s looked like the best captain we have. He’s certainly a motivator and has us all the squad on side, he even dropped kepa and kepa gives interviews saying he wants to stay and likes Frank a lot.
  2. Watching highlights of today’s game just further made me concerned Kante is on the decline, we’ve said he’s injured, we’ve said he’s been unfit, we’ve said he’s been rushed back to early and now we’re saying he’s being played out of position when that was also the argument when he was playing RCM like a lunatic right winger. It happens to players they can be world class for years and then all of a sudden they don’t ever hit close to them levels wayyyy wayyy way before there peak, we should know that better than any team having watched Torres tear us a new one and then he signs for us and was just like a timid tortured kitten. look at how both of those players rely on there freakish physical attributes of speed and mobility to literally look levels above the players they play against, it’s a shame but Kante IMO won’t hit the same levels for us or even close.
  3. This all feels a bit like 2012 for me. We signed hazard, Oscar, and Marin I think and had left footed mata already. Hazard had the end product (20 goals for Lille that season) Oscar looked like the next kaka and was having the most amazing articles wrote about him saying how he would probably surpass Hazard. 2020 is Werner, Havertz, Benrahma? And we already have left footed Ziyech. Werner = end product, bags of potential, Hazard. Havertz = huge potential being tipped for the top, Oscar. Benrahma = lesser known diamond in the tough, cheap. Marin manager 2012 - ex club legend Robbie manager 2020 - ex club legend lampard both seasons we had stale wingers and we went out and revamped the whole forward line bar the ST. really hoping Havertz develops further than Oscar did here that’s for sure! and hoping Werner hits the ground like Hazard or Alexis Sanchez first season at aresenal.
  4. For me the thing I’m most hoping to see is Tomori start, it’s a guarantee they set up to counter so the most important thing for us defensively is pace and that means Tomori is tailor made for the game alongside Rudiger. If we go in a 3 of zouma rudi and Tomori we will struggle breaking them down as they will be set up exactly like us in a 3. So Tomori - Rudiger is important we don’t need to focus on aerial ability as much with them having Kane missing so zouma is not necessary imo and to be honest I just can’t be arsed even considering Christensen I feel he is the most error prone defender we have for a brain fart since Luiz left
  5. All over breaking news we’ve agreed a 45m euro deal for the summer... our club is bonkers absolutely nothing and then this! What.a.signing !!
  6. Crosses was soooo good, now I’m excited by him
  7. I only watched highlights but he looked like he made really good passes and runs looked like a quality player yesterday but I refuse to get excited by him he’s had me over like this a few times before
  8. Just out of curiosity how would people feel if it was announced we was signing Jack Grealish? I know it feels like he might block Mount but I’m sure he’s someone Frank would love if he never had Mason and Ruben.
  9. To be fair your probably right about Isco, I don’t know why probably because I was annoyed I forgot all about RLC who I’d prefer to see over Isco any day.
  10. Agree, mounts best game for me was actually away against United first game of the season Where we got hammered, that’s literally the best I’ve seen him over 70-80 mins he was immaculate and looked phenomenal he doesn’t look anything like that player as the season goes on
  11. His biggest mistake is ever messing with Jorginho and Kovacic partnership, it was working beautifully he shoehorned Kante in to try sure us up defensively but the problem was average cb’s not the cm’s and now both are out of form and Kante is just not the player he was imo
  12. He was crap today, passing it to zouma and rudiger is so depressing. him and Kovacic all of a sudden find themselves out of form since being rotated and Kante’s form is the worst out the three. I can understand lampard wanting to get Kante back in the team who wouldn’t, but it’s failed spectacularly tbf and is derailing our season.
  13. Are you living on planet earth.. what has he done to warrant starting for a top four premier league team ? A 25 minute cameo against arsenal where he didn’t lose the ball and didn’t do anything decisive either ?
  14. Whilst I’m at it I really don’t see what all the fuss is about with James. He got into good crossing areas in there area twice in first half and played two poor balls with his head down when he was about Five yards outside the 6 yard box and really should have out at least one of them on a plate. I love the idea of him but he’s nowhere near the player I thought he was going to be from being Wigan’s player of the season, not asking him to be Trent Alexander Arnold but he’s not added anything in any game I’ve seen to make us more dangerous down that right hand side.
  15. Kante all of a sudden sprinting at there left back every game and then we lose the ball and have one CM trying to defend a counter attack is getting old fast too. That’s why we look so much better with Kovacic and Jorginho because they don’t just decide to leg it into the corner flag for no reason or at the wrong time

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