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  1. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Mateo Kovačić

    Kovacic is terrible in the Jorginho role , he gave it away against Sheffield, he lost his runner for malmos goal 1st leg and was so iffy on the ball in the first half I remember the crowd going mad because he swivelled round two players and sprayed a lovely ball out to the wing but he so very very nearly had the ball punched of his toes and just barely escaped which was impressive but wow it didn’t need to be that difficult and that’s exactly why Jorginho gets slated because he makes that look simple and doesn’t skin two players and play a Hollywood pass he’s controlled the ball and played a far simpler but as effective pass by playing it quicker .. I honestly wondered about kova there but it was so obvious last night why Jorginho plays there, kante and we would be even shakier in possession although harder to play through so a side good at the back but that can’t play football and hoofs it long ? No one would like that either. I’ve said before I think Sarri has completely lost the dressing room at this point and think it’s impossible he turns it round, but I don’t actually think it’s his fault. The squad/team is just sh*te basically .. hazards effort is inconsistent and it seems to me him saying he might leave he might not all season just basically reflects in his play that he might show up or he might not he might be arsed he might not,Willian Pedro both so poor, kovacic underwhelming same Barkley , Jorginho frustrating I just don’t think the teams very good .. full backs are never considered our biggest weakness but they definitely are attacking wise and defending wise ... azpi isn’t the same this year whether it’s position change or age I dunno but he is nowhere near the best defender in the league any more , and alonso well there’s no words he’s shocking, that first City goal and him blaming Eden was just the last straw he has no football brain he’s just gifted with another one of those magic wand like left pegs that left footed players seem known for .. he can’t cross for sh*t but even in current form if a awkward volley came into the area in the last min against spurts next week I’d want him on the end of it but he still shouldn’t be anywhere near that team ahead of Emerson. i think we are pretty much playing to our potential bar CHO not starting and the sh*te subs. Ps. Although results are shocking we look much better with higuain up top IMO reminds me of having Eto’o I never felt we had a peak killer but I always felt we had a proper footballer which at the time Torres (Morata) wasn’t.
  2. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    So many people on here are being so hypocritical on this thread it’s laughable.. funny how Conte is held in such high regard now and “flexible” no, that’s what happened what so ever. Conte joined and used our old system we got trashed at Arsenal 3-0 and he went to his three at the back counter attack it worked unlike sarriball and then he had blind faith in his own system long after it was failing just like your accusing sarri of now .. everyone was accusing him of playing bakayoko as a message to the board and making the same subs and not trying any thing to change it. When we played city away and hazard complained and even conte said it’s better to lose 1-0 than 6-0 everyone wanted contes head on a stick saying he was spineless and should of at least played football even if it meant a hiding. Which is what sarri did and everyone wishes we had stayed compact and played on the break.. I actually think we played pretty wel vs city going forward in that first 20 mins even the commentators said it a few times. Ive no idea what the solution is and I think sarri has completely lost the players and fans but people going on about conte now your absolutely full of sh*t to be honest
  3. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Bournemouth V Chelsea (PL) Wed 30th Jan 19:45 UK

    That Is literally the best team and the team I'd most like to see play ever to a man.
  4. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Chelsea v Spuds (LC) Thur 24th Jan 19:45 UK

    Just wondering how people think Jorginho is playing ? Too me his passing and closing down has been quality
  5. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Eden Hazard

    http://www.skysports.com/share/11615362 wowzers, it's all over folks .. wouldn't be surprised for Real to bid this window. Sarri isn't messing about here he's clearly had enough, " it's very difficult for him to play as a striker but also very difficult to play as a winger as he is more of an individual " woah.
  6. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Eden Hazard

    Feels weird to be writing this but I've felt for a while now we might not improve till he goes and his transfer/contract situation is hurting the team. he looks half in Madrid to me, Sarri came out over a month ago asking for this to be decided, problem is with him not declaring what's happening when I'm 99% sure he knows he's going is delaying Chelsea .. we can't go anywhere till we know because if he goes we need a revamp and reinvestment to keep fans happy after selling our star player and stay competitive. If I was to bet in the Chelsea dressing room and your going through a huge slump of not scoring goals and dropping points and the media being all over the farce of false 9, Kante/Jorginho and to top it off your star player is already in his head in Madrid are you set up in a positive or negative environment. i don't think he's our main problem I think he's more than likely a reason for our bad form though.. his forms not good, his attitude and body language has definitely changed to that mourinho season again, it's so obvious to see with him because usually he gets kicked all game and gets on with it and now he's totally moaning and gesturing to his teammates. Inknow he doesn't like false 9 but your our highest earner so your going to have to try.. just feel if he applied himself more and stopped sulking about if he would be more effective there. Also he with Willian is one of the worst for too many touches and slowing down the play, I love him I mean absolutely no hate just think this has ran its course now snd it's time to move on as it's best for all involved, the sheer amount of times hes talked about them this season especially on international duty just tells me its time to move on.
  7. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Sarri's system, Jorginho and our progress

    When they blew us out the water in 20 minutes last time we played them, ok mate sure
  8. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Sarri's system, Jorginho and our progress

    Ok he offered absolutely nothing in defence that's why his overall defensive contribution was the best on the pitch yesterday for both teams
  9. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Jorginho the defensive liability .. had the best defensive contribution of the whole team higher match rating than CHO ..
  10. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Sarri's system, Jorginho and our progress

    ok, saying people saying Jorginho is sh*te and we are dismal to watch and have made no improvement and Sarri isn't changing anything is thinking you are pep?
  11. I think people in the match thread after tonight's win slagging off Sarri and the way we play aren't very clued up on football. All I see is everyone moaning saying we aren't making any progress and are boring to watch.. here's how I see it the first few months went smoothly and we transitioned to phase 1, it's stagnated now but it's still getting better and here's why: 1) Jorginho - he is the scapegoat unfortunately because he's sarris favourite, but I've noticed over the last 2 months he has improved so much defensively tonight he constantly hassled spurs and won it back, yes he can't shoot but he is finally shielding the defence and I believe it's not so much when Sarri gets a couple of players he wants Jorginho will go up another level, but when he keeps getting more physical and used to the league like he is really showing now. 2) Kante - coincidentally at the same time Jorginho is better shielding the defense Kante has been brilliant going forward recently and looks so much better passing, making runs and even shooting ! So that criticism of Sarri ruining Kante for Jorginho can now Be put to bed, hence the system is working and he's improving the players. 3)Azpilicueta - anther criticised at the start of the season has totally turned his form around and it's another reason why we look so much better at the back and he's now outperforming alonso each week going forward! Look how much solid we are recently has nobody noticed this? Because I never see it spoken about. Everyone moaned that Sarri had us open at the back AVB style, well we are the second best defence in the league and look great now in defence and playing out from the back too. now Sarri has said he just needs to solve the problem of a blunt attack now that we are more solid at the back and people doubt he will because if you think about it he's stuck to his system and improved us in every way - we play out from the back nearly as good as city spurs and Liverpool - we dominate the ball against all teams even spurs away - Kante is evolving into an even better player somehow - Jorginho is toughening up and getting effective defensively, this is night and day for me I constantly notice him tracking back chasing wingers and covering and breaking up play now. - Hudson -odoi will feature a lot now and Sarri will see he is the difference to sharpening up the attack imo we are just a striker and LB away from really flowing and looking brilliant. Hazard and CHO on the wings with a top number 9 and we are set. Don't see why everybody has to be so negative, we played really f**king well tonight! Maurizio is some coach and we're going to be some team when it clicks
  12. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Alvaro Morata

    You seem like the sort of person that would complain about Kleenex man sized tissues being sexist.
  13. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Alvaro Morata

    Agree 1000% and these are the same points I was making although you made them more level headed and clear than I did .. your not allowed to criticise any player according to some on here .. even the ones that arent only up to it but not up to it and don't even look like they want To make it work, funny I never see anyone saying morata is "trying to hard" if he was I'd feel different - by now I'd want him gone still - but I'd wish it worked out different, but he isn't he just moans sulks and had the nerve to apparently hold a grudge against one of the clubs greatest ever players because he said "he is technically great but needs to find belief in himself to show it "? How disrespectful, self absorbed and made of glass can you be, what if he had Ramos giving him abuse and roughing him up in a champs league game ? Can we rely on him to smash in a winner when he has to make a public point against our coaching staff giving him constructive criticism.. and guess what else do people think that sort of first choice striker is good for the dressing room morale ? His attitude is toxic and it will wear of on the rest of the team he needs to go asap
  14. I Am Gay 4 Diegod

    Alvaro Morata

    I'm saying he had a shocker against NOTTINGHAM FOREST not a good game, that offside chance was truely embarrassing. If he's too weak (mentally of course as id never dare question his technical ability to a morata fanboy) to be able to make two embarrasingly shocking misses against forest hows he going to fare mentally with the same chance against newcaste in a premier league game ? Oh hang on im sure he will bury it and kick on now after his amazing perfomance scoring two tap ins that were absolutely put on a plate for him if only fans like me would just cut him some slack. Do me a favour, it was callum that made you be able to carry on hoping morata isnt a lost hope for another week.. callum made both of our goals and is sh*thot imo, morata managed to score two sitters out of his umpteen attempts against yes NOTTINGHAM FOREST