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  1. Imagine if we could behave like a normal team and realise we have the ban coming so get it froze and move fast and hard in the market, splashing on 3 top quality players. Imagine if with just three players we could look like this next season, the moneys there with sales and if we spend abit over it balances with not buying in next two windows. Starting XI first game of season Kepa Azpilicueta Rudiger Romagnoli Aina Jorginho Kante Mount Pulisic Icardi Pepe Starting XI everyone fit Kepa (Bulka) James Rudiger Romagnoli Aina (Azpi) (Luiz) (Christensen) (Emerson) Jorginho (Ampadu) Kante RLC (Barkley) (Mount) Hudson-Odoi Icardi Pepe (Pedro) (Abraham) (Pulisic) three signings ! Pepe, Romagnoli, Icardi 9 youth players in the squad and about 4 starting. Why can’t Aina and James get close to Alexander Arnold and Robertson ? Where was they before they got a chance. That team would have us all excited for the next 6-7 years and surely is achievable such a shame we don’t seem to have any idea what to do next when it seems fairly easy to make an exciting new team. I appreciate I’m playing football manager a little but I’m not signing six players and spending well out of budget when you consider Hazard sale and the need a) to replace our best player b) get as much business done as we can for the next couple of years
  2. So with all the absolute doom and gloom and constant arguing on here I thought I’d make a happier topic so I can at least read something lighthearted when I read the forum. so as the topic says who would you choose if you could have only one in the Chelsea XI Please before anyone starts arguing and dick measuring with me for this topic “ dumb thread Kante is not a DM” I realise they are not carbon copies of each other. but in a 3 man midfield who is/was the more effective/better player. You can argue makelele was more limited attacking and you could also argue a lot better defensively. So who ?!
  3. Love watching him play everything that happens that’s positive attacking wise comes from either Eden or Ruben now.
  4. He’s hugely overrated on here and it’s probably not fair on him but expectations are high now with our fans campaigning for him to start and he’s not living up to them, he’s looked fairly dreadful in Past few games and I know people won’t like that but it’s true, I don’t see him trying to take his man on hardly, he loses ball more than Willian and Pedro and when he gets it he generally stops and passes it back to azpilicueta, he doesn’t track back nearly as well as Pedro and Willian the only thing he has over them for me is it doesn’t feel as “stale” when he’s on the pitch but in terms of what he’s actually bringing it’s been very little maybe this is could be a good thing for him, get out the spotlight and come back hard, his form had fallen off a cliff since he’s got in the team and it’s pressure and expectation which funnily enough is what Sarri said would happen if he got in the team too quickly.
  5. Looks like he’s putting weight on since he’s joined .. shockingly slow and out of sorts looks physique wise like Brazilian Ronaldo when he played in soccer aid
  6. No one can say sarri is only playing cho and rlc because of fan pressure now, he had every right to swap Willian in for CHO and he has left him in away at anfield in the premier league, and almost started RLC like it was an absolute given ! It’s official we can get excited now, they’ve broken through and we have two youngsters as first team starters! If we’re not good enough today no complaints let’s build on it for next season. Well done sarri shown your bollocks yet again.
  7. Would you mind explaining to me why it’s obvious, I haven’t seen him in any videos or at any of the games or in any of the squads that I recall since early feb
  8. Kovacic is terrible in the Jorginho role , he gave it away against Sheffield, he lost his runner for malmos goal 1st leg and was so iffy on the ball in the first half I remember the crowd going mad because he swivelled round two players and sprayed a lovely ball out to the wing but he so very very nearly had the ball punched of his toes and just barely escaped which was impressive but wow it didn’t need to be that difficult and that’s exactly why Jorginho gets slated because he makes that look simple and doesn’t skin two players and play a Hollywood pass he’s controlled the ball and played a far simpler but as effective pass by playing it quicker .. I honestly wondered about kova there but it was so obvious last night why Jorginho plays there, kante and we would be even shakier in possession although harder to play through so a side good at the back but that can’t play football and hoofs it long ? No one would like that either. I’ve said before I think Sarri has completely lost the dressing room at this point and think it’s impossible he turns it round, but I don’t actually think it’s his fault. The squad/team is just sh*te basically .. hazards effort is inconsistent and it seems to me him saying he might leave he might not all season just basically reflects in his play that he might show up or he might not he might be arsed he might not,Willian Pedro both so poor, kovacic underwhelming same Barkley , Jorginho frustrating I just don’t think the teams very good .. full backs are never considered our biggest weakness but they definitely are attacking wise and defending wise ... azpi isn’t the same this year whether it’s position change or age I dunno but he is nowhere near the best defender in the league any more , and alonso well there’s no words he’s shocking, that first City goal and him blaming Eden was just the last straw he has no football brain he’s just gifted with another one of those magic wand like left pegs that left footed players seem known for .. he can’t cross for sh*t but even in current form if a awkward volley came into the area in the last min against spurts next week I’d want him on the end of it but he still shouldn’t be anywhere near that team ahead of Emerson. i think we are pretty much playing to our potential bar CHO not starting and the sh*te subs. Ps. Although results are shocking we look much better with higuain up top IMO reminds me of having Eto’o I never felt we had a peak killer but I always felt we had a proper footballer which at the time Torres (Morata) wasn’t.
  9. So many people on here are being so hypocritical on this thread it’s laughable.. funny how Conte is held in such high regard now and “flexible” no, that’s what happened what so ever. Conte joined and used our old system we got trashed at Arsenal 3-0 and he went to his three at the back counter attack it worked unlike sarriball and then he had blind faith in his own system long after it was failing just like your accusing sarri of now .. everyone was accusing him of playing bakayoko as a message to the board and making the same subs and not trying any thing to change it. When we played city away and hazard complained and even conte said it’s better to lose 1-0 than 6-0 everyone wanted contes head on a stick saying he was spineless and should of at least played football even if it meant a hiding. Which is what sarri did and everyone wishes we had stayed compact and played on the break.. I actually think we played pretty wel vs city going forward in that first 20 mins even the commentators said it a few times. Ive no idea what the solution is and I think sarri has completely lost the players and fans but people going on about conte now your absolutely full of sh*t to be honest
  10. That Is literally the best team and the team I'd most like to see play ever to a man.
  11. Just wondering how people think Jorginho is playing ? Too me his passing and closing down has been quality
  12. http://www.skysports.com/share/11615362 wowzers, it's all over folks .. wouldn't be surprised for Real to bid this window. Sarri isn't messing about here he's clearly had enough, " it's very difficult for him to play as a striker but also very difficult to play as a winger as he is more of an individual " woah.

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