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  1. I had a dream about a week ago about the the first fixtures of the new season - including particularly us scoring four winning over Brighton. So I'm going for Brighton 0 - 4 Chelsea. Werner 8'
  2. It really is shocking, for so long this club has had a strong defensive foundation built up in many teams we've had in recent decades, to lose that and become so poor at the back has been a really unpleasant surprise, even with the warning signs at times in recent seasons, this season has been a shocker defensively and really made it clear what a problem it is - whatever attack we've got, just can't be confident in most games when we are so liable to concede.
  3. Just noticed you got there first befoe my post with the defensive stats of the season, fair play mate, and absolutely correct - it clearly has to be a priority, can't have such high goals conceded, and a less than 25 per cent clean sheet rate, so poor for a club aiming high. The club seriously needs to focus on a plan to fix our serious defensive weakness, immediately.
  4. If needing any reminder about the state of our defence, particularly when up against top level attack, tonight just showed it yet again this season, But just consider our season overall - just checking quickly, as far as I am aware our defensive record this season in domestic and European competitions is as follows: Played: 55 Conceeded: 79 Clean sheets: 13 It speaks for itself - and has been so unlike most Chelsea teams in recent decades, we have lost our defensive stability and reliability so very much currently, and urgently need to repair it if we are to challenge
  5. Great determined effort by Pedro today near the very end of the game to try and make a difference - special respect to him for that, and thanks for all his efforts in his time wearing Chelsea blue, hope he recovers from the injury today quickly and best of luck to him at Roma
  6. Yeah arsenal have such a stellar record in European competitions - anyone needing a reminder of how they usually fare can just take a quick rewatch of the 2019 Europa League final for a fun example
  7. Yeah guess not surprising to see arsenal so overjoyed with the result, Europa League qualification against the odds a big deal for a mid-table side like them
  8. Wrecked the match, especially in 2nd half, we should have played better, but he tipped the scales against us, and no chance of any punishment for refs failure makes it worse
  9. Yeah credit to Pedro giving his all at the end, sorry to see him injured, hope a quick recovery, as well as to Pulisic and Dave, tough day for injuries for us, so much against us today, including the joke of a ref
  10. That's what is so aggravating, we lost out on a chance to get a double in 2017, was really pissed off about that then, now the match today feels like deja-vu, another repeat disappointment to lose out on the FA Cup again, really infuriating to lose to them lot again, especially with their incredibly annoying fans - bloody tiresome when they are the inferior team, damn it.
  11. Unbelievably pro gunners ref, practically every decision, sickening. 7 minutes to turn it around
  12. 1st half was itself a tale of two halves - before the drinks break we were on top for the first 20 minutes, deserved lead and could have had another quite possibly, or more - but then for the second part after the drinks break, 25 minutes or so of being under the cosh, most painfully with the penalty, but pretty much the rest of the half after that too, disappointing. Really need a reaction and to get back on the front foot 2nd half, cmon' Chelsea!
  14. C'mon lets do this lot and win another trophy, the FA Cup needs to be blue again!
  15. Well done Zeta for running the competition well, nice to add an extra bit of fun to following matches this season, and well done to Scott as the winner with the best predictions - congrats! Would be great to see the competition return next season too
  16. Brilliant effort Chelsea, players and manager, all done right - well deserved victory - FA Cup final ahead! And must add best wishes to Eric Bailly, bad seeing an injury like that anytime it happens, hope he gets back to good health soon with treatment and rest.
  17. Rudi!!!! Game, set, match! FA Cup Final on the way!!!!
  18. Love it! Mount! doubling our score, what a start to the 2nd half!
  19. Dominant 1st half performance, and really enjoyed that Giroud goal, super satisfying to watch on the replays at half-time just now. Just have to keep it going 2nd half!
  20. Other than the goal, most of that match was a struggle to stay awake for, one of the dullest matches in a while - but an important 3 points, and that is what counts now, to keep an advantage in the top 4 race with two tougher league matches ahead. Though we actually got a clean sheet tonight - now that is something special for us this season!
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