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  1. 8 minutes ago, WhiteWall said:

    They said tonight that this season's defence has statistically been the worst Chelsea defence for 30 years. That's pre Hoddle.

    It really is shocking, for so long this club has had a strong defensive foundation built up in many teams we've had in recent decades, to lose that and become so poor at the back has been a really unpleasant surprise, even with the warning signs at times in recent seasons, this season has been a shocker defensively and really made it clear what a problem it is - whatever attack we've got, just can't be confident in most games when we are so liable to concede.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Spiller86 said:

    Glad that's over. I'm still trying to work out if Bayern are that good or we are that bad. That was a friendly for them in the last 30 and they still scored 2 goals. 

    Some bright moments but our complete inability to be compact and defend when needed is maddening. Some of it is the personnel but most of it is the structure. 54 matches with only 13 clean sheets and 75 goals conceded. That's 15 more than the last two seasons and even worse than the Jose's last season where we finished 10th. 

    It has to be fixed. I fear Frank won't get a third season if we concede as many again next year. But from losing 4-0 in our first game to 4-1 tonight I'm not sure our defence has improved at all.

    Just noticed you got there first befoe my post with the defensive stats of the season, fair play mate, and absolutely correct - it clearly has to be a priority, can't have such high goals conceded, and a less than 25 per cent clean sheet rate, so poor for a club aiming high. The club seriously needs to focus on a plan to fix our serious defensive weakness, immediately.

  3. If needing any reminder about the state of our defence, particularly when up against top level attack, tonight just showed it yet again this season,

    But just consider our season overall - just checking quickly, as far as I am aware our defensive record this season in domestic and European competitions is as follows:

    Played: 55

    Conceeded: 79

    Clean sheets: 13

    It speaks for itself - and has been so unlike most Chelsea teams in recent decades, we have lost our defensive stability and reliability so very much currently, and urgently need to repair it if we are to challenge at the top again soon.

  4. Great determined effort by Pedro today near the very end of the game to try and make a difference - special respect to him for that, and thanks for all his efforts in his time wearing Chelsea blue, hope he recovers from the injury today quickly and best of luck to him at Roma

  5. 1 hour ago, Stas1 said:

    Arsenal will get well f**ked in Europa league and it will be my pleasure to see them playing Thursday football failing there and then failing again two days later in PL.

    I knew Taylor would be a c**t in this game, but I clearly underestimated his sole purpose on this planet - to be a c**t of all c**ts.

    Anyhow, this game was a farewell for a few of our players, and there is a clearly visible new dawn, new era for our club with very exciting young players coming through and joining us.

    A few fixes at the back, and we will be kicking Arsenal next season in all our fixtures with this cheating revolting lot.

    Yeah arsenal have such a stellar record in European competitions - anyone needing a reminder of how they usually fare can just take a quick rewatch of the 2019 Europa League final for a fun example:wink:

  6. 7 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

    I have to salute Pedro, he was really pushing hard for the equaliser, that was his last contribution for Chelsea and he's paying a price for it too

    Yeah credit to Pedro giving his all at the end, sorry to see him injured, hope a quick recovery, as well as to Pulisic and Dave, tough day for injuries for us, so much against us today, including the joke of a ref

  7. Just now, Jezz said:

    Very galling to lose another FA Cup final to an inferior Arsenal team.

    Missed opportunities to add further silverware in 2017 and today.

    That's what is so aggravating, we lost out on a chance to get a double in 2017, was really pissed off about that then, now the match today feels like deja-vu, another repeat disappointment to lose out on the FA Cup again, really infuriating to lose to them lot again, especially with their incredibly annoying fans - bloody tiresome when they are the inferior team, damn it.

  8. 1st half was itself a tale of two halves - before the drinks break we were on top for the first 20 minutes, deserved lead and could have had another quite possibly, or more - but then for the second part after the drinks break, 25 minutes or so of being under the cosh, most painfully with the penalty, but pretty much the rest of the half after that too, disappointing. Really need a reaction and to get back on the front foot 2nd half, cmon' Chelsea!

  9. Other than the goal, most of that match was a struggle to stay awake for, one of the dullest matches in a while - but an important 3 points, and that is what counts now, to keep an advantage in the top 4 race with two tougher league matches ahead.

    Though we actually got a clean sheet tonight - now that is something special for us this season!:laugh2:

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