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  1. Oh ffs, expected and extremely disappointing, this is embarrassing, c'mon we should be smashing them not submitting meakly when we got the advantage and at home too ffs
  2. Need to get on it again 2nd half, a good dominant start and then going 1 up, both in goals and players, but then instead of going for it after gaining the advantage, we've been sitting back too much suddenly - don't understand it really, thought the chance to really give Arsenal a proper hiding would be plenty enough motivation.
  3. Nice one Jorgy! Cmon' lets keep going we're well on top lets make it count and really knock them down with the advantage we have!
  4. Thanks Sideshow Bob, our super secret agent Luiz 😉
  5. That really is shocking, knew had been poor too often this season, but didn't expect so bad. Considering how much paid for him, it says something that if we tried to sell him it seems doubtful if any of the rest of the top six (or more) would express much interest, even at a price cut.
  6. Ugh, far too many of these sorts of results, deserved defeats with the poor performances the team have been giving in matches like this one against Newcastle, as well as Southampton, Bournemouth, West Ham etc. We're lucky that Manchester United, Arsenal and Spurs are all struggling with inconsistency too, only reason we are still in top 4, for now. It's a transition season sure and some inconsistency to be expected, but serious work needed urgently to fix our shocking performances against too many lower and mid-table teams.
  7. Newcastle United 0 - 1 Chelsea Mount, 45th minute
  8. Was at the Bridge today and though it was a fairly good game, getting back to winning ways with a quite dominant performance, and a rare clean sheet too, 1st half was positive, 2nd half okay bit frustrating we couldn't put the game to bed, should really have got some more goals. Forest were not quite up to take advantage, but got to take more of our opportunities going forward or risk that other teams are gonna punish us more. If Pedro may be off then was nice he got another game in front of the home crowd, did feel rather sorry for Giroud not featuring at all, was expecting him to appear
  9. Much better second half, especially comeback at the end great to see, first half showed what we know that work still to be done, and conceding yet again disappointing, only 4 clean sheets in the Premier League so far this season is poor. Still brilliant we fought back to get the win, big 3 points to keep up a gap between us in 4th and the rest below, and satisfying silencing some of those arrogant gooners who thought they would get one over us today- they may have a different manager, but still the same old arsenal!
  10. So much for their fans to look back on and reminisce, all those seasons, those most memorable accomplishments of Poch - putting the pressure on!😂 Well for a little while at least, till the inevitable happens year after year😉 As Giorgio Chiellini put it: "It's the history of the Tottenham"😄
  11. spurs really are the gift that keeps on giving! The continuing comedy show of spurs dramatic collapse is top entertainment, Joker may be the big new release in the cinema currently, but spurs are the real joke of the moment! Fun start to Saturday seeing Brighton demolish them, lots of laughs, has already put a big smile on my face😁
  12. A match low in entertainment and quality, might as well have just watched the first two minutes and last ten minutes at most really. Still in the circumstances think the least worst outcome for this final was Liverpool winning it, however much the media praise spurs, they still end up all spursy yet again. Just wish Ajax had made it to the final instead, think they could have really given a better game and quite possibly won it. Overall glad of this most of all tonight - still the only team in London with the European Cup!
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