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  1. Thousands of times. This has been going on for years no matter who the manager is.
  2. I wonder what Werner and Hayech are thinking of joining a team with no CL games next season.
  3. Tammy thinks he still plays for Aston Villa
  4. Forget Havertz, we need at least four defenders.
  5. Typical from us. No efficiency at all. Need to make couple of changes. Barkley has been totally useless and so has Tammy as well. And I don't see the reason playing Kante on the pitch against these lessor teams which are not trying to keep the ball. We need to be much quicker going forward.
  6. This is totally ridiculous our defending corners.
  7. Frank do something, this is not working at all!!!!
  8. The most important thing for the rest of the evening: no more injuries.
  9. Let's hope City takes care of Utd tonight.
  10. Great, very energic first half. Gillmour is superb. Mount, Pedro, Willian and Giroud have also been very good.
  11. I must say I'm not suprized that we lost. What suprized me was how much superior they were compared to us. The positive thing is that now we can totally focus on staying among top four. Now the cap between us and the European top teams is huge but I am sure our young team will narrow the cap in the years to come. And it is clear that to reach the absolute top we need quite a few signings in several positions.
  12. Even this was disallowed you can see what a difference a striker right from the start would have made.
  13. Even a five year old idiot can see we needed a striker but our board....
  14. One more poor performance again. Showed very clearly the need for a proper striker to support Tammy.
  15. Why are we attacking from the left when we have Reece James on the right?
  16. Barkley and Willian have produced nothing so far.
  17. Barkley for Tammy??? A protest against the board?

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