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  1. If Sarriball is making quick päästä (one touch pass) Hazard and Willian are not suitable players for him.
  2. So no CL next year, no Hazard next year, no CHO next year. That's the way to go board!
  3. And all of his games have been poor this year.
  4. Ten minutes player, why haven't we made any changes heti?
  5. Why do we give high balls to The penalty box when we don't have any forward ovet 1,60?
  6. Sarri is out of his mind if he doesn't make at least two changes in half time.
  7. Our game is getting worse and worse game by game.
  8. And Hazard himself as well: trying to dribble throug ten players.
  9. We have been really poor tonight. There must be changes made for the second half. Pedro, Willian both have been terrible today. Jorginho and Alonso usual themselves - poor.
  10. The same old sh*t continues. There is no way this squad can score.
  11. Alonso, Jorginho, Willian...I won't have good feeling about this.
  12. We have too thin squad. We didn't receive anything Grom The bench today.
  13. What has Emerson done to the coaches? It was the same with Conte: No matter how poor Alonso is he starts ahead of Emerson.
  14. Me too, don't understand the amount of negative comments. You can't expect Lewandovsky and Auba level players to come and be happy as second choice strikers. Giroud is a proven goal scorerer, his is not too old, Conte is not trusting Bats etc. I think we will be happy for this signing. (And yes, for me too he has been very annoying player when he played for Arse, but hey he is wearing a blue shirt now!)
  15. And think all the money we are wasting when paying for two top class (=expensive) managers at the same time. I'd rather spend that money on a top class player.
  16. This is obviously due to the lack of quality players as almost all have stated here. We should have added quantity into our squad last summer. Now some key players just simply have to play too much.

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