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  1. I don't know. Somehow it looks that Kante doesn't fit to his present role on the pitch. Or is just too big expectations that I have for HIM.
  2. CHO looking like he was before his injury. Willian has been a bit quiet.
  3. A shamefull performance, from everyone.
  4. They can only blame themselves. When you have a posession of 70 % you just can not loose the game.
  5. Total sh#t tonight, don't believe in CL next season
  6. Really strange that our best player in the beginning (Kova) of the season is not getting minutes.
  7. That's it. Max what we get is one point. Azpi and Emerson not a good pair of fullbacks.
  8. I like Mount but he has been really poor for some time now.
  9. This is a must win. In the coming six games we will play Arsenal, Leicester, Spurs and ManU.
  10. Why can we not practice our corners. They must be the worst in the League, no thread at all.
  11. We need a proper alternative for Tammy. He has been really mediocrate today.

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