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  1. I like Mount but he has been really poor for some time now.
  2. This is a must win. In the coming six games we will play Arsenal, Leicester, Spurs and ManU.
  3. Why can we not practice our corners. They must be the worst in the League, no thread at all.
  4. We need a proper alternative for Tammy. He has been really mediocrate today.
  5. Really poor first half. Unfortunately there is nothing much on the bench. Barkley?
  6. There is not much on the bench for us. This looks really worying.
  7. Game over, no chance we will score today with this kind of playing.
  8. JPH


    Typical Willian today: after a superb performance against Spurs very poor and fightless performance.
  9. I don't understand manager just sticked to the bench like a statue when all the players should have been given a kick on the arse.
  10. Our performance has been so awfull today that the audience should get their money back.

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