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  1. This showed it again: our squad is much too thin. We need to replace at least Giroud, Bats, Willian, Pedro and Alonso.
  2. The changes made didn't improve our game at all, on the contrary.
  3. Willian is continuing where he left at Valencia.
  4. Congratulations to Liverpool for the title 2019-20!
  5. City is not very brilliant team. And yet we will loose. I think this shows that unfortunately Pool will win The PL with at least some 15-20 points.
  6. City has not been very good but unfortunately we have given them a couple of easy goals. When doing that to City I don't think there is a chance to win. When the transfer window will be open for us we should consider a huge amount of money to The LB.
  7. Entertaining but very poor game from us. Shows that Alonso shouldn't be anywhere near the pitch when Chelsea is playing. Reece James coming on made a big difference.
  8. JPH

    Next window

    Entertaining nyt very poor game from us. I think this should show Frank that Alonso shouldn't be anywhere near the pitch when Chelsea is playing.
  9. You can nothing but laugh at our defending - wait, there is no defending.
  10. CHO in for Willian and James for Alonso at half time or something. You can't wait with the changes till the last 15 mins as usual to change the game.
  11. Frank do something. Why save the last change till last quarter?
  12. Our second halfs have been awfull this season. I am afraid of a real beating tonight.
  13. This looks really bad. We have been forced to use two changes so it will be very difficult to change much in our game. Alonso and Willian have been poor as one would expect. Kante is clearly not yet match fit. Abraham has been toothless today as well.
  14. My thoughts after first half: transfer windows, there is no position we need it for. My thoughts after second half: transfer window, there are all the positions we need it for. This seems to be the picture of Chelsea this season.
  15. We have serious problems in defence (Zouma &Azpi) and still lacking a striker. Abrahams was far too soft for PL.

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