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  1. I agree with everything you say. If we don't sign Sanchez it's a disgrace and I think the fans should air our grievances to the owner at the next match.
  2. I feel like Jokeyoko deserves a new name every time, though. He's that awful. He stands there like a dementia sufferer, having just had several massive strokes, not really knowing what he is or who he is. Is he a professional footballer, or is he a failed DJ? No-one knows.
  3. You doing your standard whine and complain at every single thing you don't like, which seems to be everything because you're an awful bore, won't make Trashyoko any better.
  4. 1-1 tonight. Tie left precariously balanced because of a Slippyoko error undoing all the rest of the team's hard work, meaning we need to play a full team and go all out in the second leg.
  5. Strong Arsenal win if Whatajoko plays. 1-0 scraped win for us if he doesn't. We'll need every advantage we can get before the second leg because Antonio will definitely play the stupid berk for the return.
  6. He’ll be gone at the end of the season. Shame. Wouldn’t mind Sean Dyche as his replacement.
  7. Very annoying misses against Stoke and Arsenal but unfortunately it happens. His movement is still fantastic and he’s getting into the perfect positions to finish chances. It’ll happen for him sooner rather than later if he keeps it up.
  8. Great footballer, wish him every success with us. Terrible human being. Never should have signed him. I don’t celebrate when he scores. I’ll quietly be pleased when he’s moved on.
  9. Disliking Bakajoko = troll. I can see how you made that connection. Very intelligent reasoning and deduction.
  10. That’s only because he gives the ball away so much, the opposition aren’t sure whether he’s playing for them or not. I fully expect to see Crappyoko start on Wednesday and subsequently not contribute anything to the side except pain and anguish. Eden deserves so much better than to be lumbered with this useless lump in midfield. Sell him if we can, sack him if we can’t. He isn’t fulfilling his contract. I’m sure it says on there somewhere that you’re expected to play football at some point.
  11. I'm glad to see 99% of people on here have finally turned on him. He is beyond gash. I have never, ever seen a worse player at Chelsea. As others have mentioned, he doesn't even have the basic abilities to be a footballer at any level, He can't; - Pass - Intercept - Tackle - Run - Shoot - Head - Get into the right positions. What does Bakayoko offer except aneurysms for the fans? I have never screamed at a television screen so much in my life than when he gets near the ball. It's gone far beyond the point now where I actually want him to get near the ball. The further away the better really. Hopefully he can stamp on someone and get banned for a hefty amount of time or get a season-ending injury in training where we can flog him off to the likes of Stoke for pennies. I'd pay any club just to take him off us.
  12. OverAndOut


    He won’t be played as a winger if Conte goes for 3-5-2. The only place for him is in CM.
  13. OverAndOut


    Imagine come the Barcelona game and Kante, Drinkwater and Fabregas are injured. A midfield line up with Bakayoko and Barkley in it is really something to behold. Finally, decent replacements.
  14. SplishSplosh suggested loads of mad ones but I always believed him to be sound in his reasoning. His advocation to sign Carroll was a stroke of genius when no one else could see it. Why did he get banned?

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