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  1. He’ll be gone at the end of the season. Shame. Wouldn’t mind Sean Dyche as his replacement.
  2. Great footballer, wish him every success with us. Terrible human being. Never should have signed him. I don’t celebrate when he scores. I’ll quietly be pleased when he’s moved on.
  3. Disliking Bakajoko = troll. I can see how you made that connection. Very intelligent reasoning and deduction.
  4. That’s only because he gives the ball away so much, the opposition aren’t sure whether he’s playing for them or not. I fully expect to see Crappyoko start on Wednesday and subsequently not contribute anything to the side except pain and anguish. Eden deserves so much better than to be lumbered with this useless lump in midfield. Sell him if we can, sack him if we can’t. He isn’t fulfilling his contract. I’m sure it says on there somewhere that you’re expected to play football at some point.
  5. I'm glad to see 99% of people on here have finally turned on him. He is beyond gash. I have never, ever seen a worse player at Chelsea. As others have mentioned, he doesn't even have the basic abilities to be a footballer at any level, He can't; - Pass - Intercept - Tackle - Run - Shoot - Head - Get into the right positions. What does Bakayoko offer except aneurysms for the fans? I have never screamed at a television screen so much in my life than when he gets near the ball. It's gone far beyond the point now where I actually want him to get near the ball.
  6. dkw in name calling shocker. I’m sure the mods will be along to amend his posts or give you a ban. Oh, that’s right. They overlook transgressions if you’re part of the clique. As I said then, I don’t want to sell Hazard as you proclaimed. I said that I even hope he leaves for his own good rather than be surrounded by the other rubbish in midfield. Prick.
  7. No I don't. Quote me. Oh, dkw in making stuff up shocker.
  8. Neither would I. It's performances like that where I even hope he leaves. He's far too good to be wasted like that.
  9. The worst player ever for CFC. Currently leading the worst player in PL history category. He’s awful, awful and more awful combined into one giant sandwich of utter tripe.
  10. I can't go back and edit them I'm afraid. I'll refer to him by his proper name from now on.
  11. I want Awfuljoko to make it at the club, but he’s not going to. I have never seen anyone so inept when on the ball, and we’ve seen some horrendous players at the club. Its like he’s never seen a football before and timidly swings the wrong leg at it to see what happens. How did he become a professional footballer?! Complete waste of money. I’d be surprised if he manages to score again this season. As soon as Drinkwater is 100%, he needs to replace Crapajoko asap.
  12. Drogba contributed, and it's easy to say that when you're looking back with the benefit of hindsight and seeing that Drogba ultimately went on to give so much to the club. You can tell instinctively that Crapash*tto isn't that player. He is beyond gash. I would rather have Mikel back and that's saying something. Shooting, passing and intercepting is not unique to the English game. He can't even get the basics right.
  13. I would be really happy if we sold him in January. Who would take him though? Maybe we can flog him to Swansea or something.
  14. It was. I don't think he's playing or has played particularly well so far, but seeing as we have absolutely no credible replacements at the moment then I hope he stays and improves for his spot. I'm hoping that Kante and Drinkwater will eventually form a really good partnership a la Leicester days.
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