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  1. Just to be absolutely clear; tickets are free for all fans, with a maximum of four per request. If you want to go as a party of more than four best bet is to book by phone to ensure you are all seated together.
  2. Obviously you can always compare any two players. You mean it's premature to conclude that the younger one is the better player when he hasn't yet competed at an equivalently high standard. Well, to me, that's just judging by rule rather than by observation; X is older, or X is playing at a higher level, so X must be better. I don't think that follows at all. You judge players by what you see of their attributes and by how they use them. Well, I've watched the two players and made a judgement which I think is based on those attributes. Naturally I may be wrong but I can't pretend to believe something when in fact I do not believe it. For me, Hysaj is not the better player.
  3. Definitely the best I'd say.
  4. In fact I'd have reached the same conclusion even if I had only seen Reece play youth football, which I did many times. Your attempt to belittle the football judgement of someone you know next to nothing about reminds me of someone on this site (I'm pretty sure it wasn't you) who criticised me when I said that Renanto Sanchez was a very ordinary player. I further said that although Sanchez had won young player of the competition in the Euros, he had not in fact played particularly well in that tournament. My critic said I made myself sound like a fool when I offered an opinion which disagreed with the people who voted for the award and with Bayern who had spent a fortune on Sanchez just before those euros. Who do you suppose is more likely to have changed their mind/s now, that poster and the decision makers at Bayern, or me? P.S. Reece is a very good player. Last May I described him as our best development level prospect currently and in fact since JT. I stick to that assessment.
  5. You have correctly understood my opinion. An opinion, right or wrong, formed from watching the two players concerned. It now remains to be seen whether or not you join the ranks of the people who have criticised my player assessments only later to pretend that they agreed with me all along.
  6. FB and WB are different positions so we need to keep remembering that Maurizo wants FBs. I'll be disappointed if we go for Hysaj. He is, in my opinion, less good than Reece James and he's older too. If Reece isn't good enough, and it'll be hard to convince me of that, then this bloke isn't either.
  7. I didn't see the game so I accept what you say about his defensive work last night but, in the past, I've usually found myself defending Ruben on that score. My point has always been that he does his work when we're out of possession; it's when we have the ball that he's lazy. Lazy is probably not quite the word I'd use though because I don't think it's laziness. I think I'd call it inactive.
  8. First, I didn't see yesterday's game. Tournaments apart, I'm on strike from international football. I hate international breaks so I won't give them any gate money, or be part of a TV audience whose attention they can sell to broadcasters and sponsors. Ruben has been doing this since he was a youth team player. I've been talking about this trait of his since 12/13. I was asked my opinion of his Chelsea prospects back then. I said he'd be lucky even to get a game below Premier League level if he didn't buck up his ideas and learn to affect the game more. I said he needed a big kick up the backside or he'd have no chance at top level. Well, he must have had that kick over and over again but it's not sinking in. Rubes is only getting caps because Southgate really likes him as a result of their time together in age group internationals. I'm sure the England manager is hoping the lad can unlock his talent more often but under any other Three Lions boss it's unlikely our man would be in the squad. I'm afraid I think time is beginning to run out for Ruben so I'm glad he's stayed with Chelsea. Glad because Sari hit the nail on the head when he said, "Technically good, tactically bad." Hopefully Ruben will get some tough love over the next three months and hopefully those three months will change his career. He must impact games more to hold a place in his current role, or perhaps he should change positions in exactly the same way Moussa Dembele has at Spurs. That role might suit his do something then stand around M.O. If he doesn't find a solution Ruben will end up sliding down the leagues to find his level.
  9. Nice article. Thank you. The midfield is the hardest puzzle to solve. We have three players in there who are all of the required calibre but the group is not balanced. Both Jorgi and Mat want to support the play from behind the ball. Get it, give it hover for a ball played backwards. This forces Sari to use N'Golo as the one tasked with breaking forward. He does it but it's not his natural game. Given the current squad, going with those three is an easy choice but from January onward, faced with opportunities to fine tune the squad to take it where we want it to go, there will be some tough decisions ahead.
  10. Nothing against the lad at all, and I know this is a crazy sounding idea, but I would have found it very hard to decide that Kepa is worth £71m more than Marcin.
  11. Bloke looks really bad in that video. If he's angling for a move then he needs a new highlight reel. Some of the nonsense he gets up to in that video makes him look like a clown.
  12. I've offered opinions on this at some length before so I won't bore anybody by laying it again. A short version would be to mention two things. First, I can't think of a single genuine Cobham graduate who has gone on to produce a level of performance elsewhere which proves the club were wrong not to select them. Second, the product coming out of Cobham seems to me to be getting better. Two key factors in determining a young player's prospects are talent and how well they have been coached. Talent is random and in a sense guided by luck. Clubs can't inject talent into kids, or even coach it into them. In terms of coaching however I believe the current crop of U18 players are they most well rounded footballers that Cobham has produced. Most of them are not as talented as say, Jerimie Boga, but they are better players than he was at their age. In short, the academy is doing a good job of educating them. Cobham can only teach Kids to become as good as they possibly can. Whether as good as they can be, turns out to be good enough is a different question. We fans have to keep reminding ourselves that when a player gets too old for the U18s, he's still probably four years away from the age at which most players who are going to make it begin to become starters. I think two of the current crop have very real chances of a breakthrough, perhaps even of doing so at an earlier than average age, but they are 17 & 18. Along with Mason Mount, they are among the first players to have gone right through their junior education (8 - 18) in the new Chelsea Academy. That is a significant factor in why they are better than the players who either partially learned their trade elsewhere, or who started at the old Chelsea academy before the club condemned it, and started again from scratch.
  13. Enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the link.
  14. I'm not yet convinced that Daishawn is on the right trajectory to encourage hopes he might make it all the way through. Parts of his game need huge improvement if that is to happen. I'm much more excited about reports that we've signed a young striker from the PSV academy. The stories that the lad has agreed to join us have been contradicted by some claims that he's joining City instead. If he does join, that lad will become part of the U18 squad. He looks a much brighter talent than any of our other development level strikers. He also looks to have a higher ceiling than any of our senior strikers, come to that. Jayden Braaf is a very exciting prospect.

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