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  1. Apologies for the delayed reply. I don't visit this forum very often. You did use the phrase, "would wipe the floor with him". The training methods argument is a red herring. Any player from a bygone era magically transported into the modern game would train, fuel and lift as modern players do. Physically, they'd be fine. As someone who has been watching football for fifty-four years I can attest to the fact that football tactics have evolved. I also attest however that not every modern defender is better than all defenders from previous eras in terms of their skill set and phys
  2. I don't happen to agree with you but that doesn't really matter. Nor does it matter that I have never heard anyone claim Ronaldo is a better player than Pele was, That's almost certainly simply because I've missed it rather than because no one said it. Of course many people do prefer Messi over Pele however. If you believe that the two modern superstars are better than Pele then you are in plenty of company. Plenty of highly respected company to boot. If however, you seriously believe that Messi & Ronaldo, "would wipe the floor with him", then you can't ever have been more wrong with
  3. I didn't see the game so I accept what you say about his defensive work last night but, in the past, I've usually found myself defending Ruben on that score. My point has always been that he does his work when we're out of possession; it's when we have the ball that he's lazy. Lazy is probably not quite the word I'd use though because I don't think it's laziness. I think I'd call it inactive.
  4. First, I didn't see yesterday's game. Tournaments apart, I'm on strike from international football. I hate international breaks so I won't give them any gate money, or be part of a TV audience whose attention they can sell to broadcasters and sponsors. Ruben has been doing this since he was a youth team player. I've been talking about this trait of his since 12/13. I was asked my opinion of his Chelsea prospects back then. I said he'd be lucky even to get a game below Premier League level if he didn't buck up his ideas and learn to affect the game more. I said he needed a big kick up the
  5. The more sober reporting of the Morata fee was £58m.
  6. Callum plays in exactly the same areas that Eden occupies for the first team so I think pairing them would involve shifting Eden. Our Belgian has more experience so it's reasonable to expect him to cope better with a different position. By the way the score in the FA Youth Cup final, second leg was 4-0 (7-1 aggregate), not 5-0.
  7. For all but 19 years of its existence, and for all of its heyday, Wembley stadium has been owned by a private company. A sale would just be putting things back to the way it used to be. When you consider the absolute hash The FA has made of the rebuild, them owning it is the worst thing that ever happened to Wembley.
  8. Sorry, I misunderstood the point you were making. I’d say it’s bound to be a number of factors rather than one. Our reputation for playing dour football must be in there somewhere as, I think, must be the fact that, win or lose we are regularly outplayed in the high profile games. We could talk about unpopularity due to events like the Paris metro, the Eva incident, the nonsense of the pitch in that second encounter with Barca, the JT/Anton Ferdinand incident and others. We could talk about the perceived instability of the club. When all is said and done however, I just don’t think t
  9. Three main categories into which more than a few Chelsea transfer targets fit. These examples are by no means a complete list: - Players who would be tempted by our status and financial power, but who are simply not excited enough about joining us to kick up enough of a stink to force a move. Luca Modric, John Stones, Kalidou Koulibali, Sandro, Bonouci, Vidal, Naingolan. Players who string Chelsea along, not in an effort to find a good agreement with The Blues, but simply as a bargaining tool in their contract negotiations with other clubs. Too many to mention. Players who outr
  10. Well you've heard of, or read about, the same events in previous transfer windows, as I have. If you have a different interpretation those situations, that's fair enough but my opinion is firmly as I stated.
  11. I agree with most people about the positions we need to strengthen but I also believe you have to take good players whenever they are available. With that in mind I hope the club is throwing its hat in the ring for Goretzka and Malcolm. Our problem of course is that we’ve manoeuvred ourselves into a place where good players have little or no interest in joining Chelsea. Goretzka is a tremendous footballer, and therefore unfortunately an impossible target. Malcolm’s reputation might not yet be as firmly established so let’s go all in before he too moves beyond our reach. (Assuming he hasn
  12. I hope so. He’s a good prospect. He deserves a peek at the first team. Well, at a first team fixture anyway.
  13. Sorry, I'm fed up with this nonsense. How do you know what the board do or don't do? How on the face of this planet are you able to tell us the size of the picture they look at? You honestly believe the drivel you've written here? The board know: - The manager's wishes. The owner's wishes. Who they have or have not bid for. Which of those players are, or are not, interested in joining. The precise response to any offers we've made Which of these offers has been conclusively rejected or withdrawn. The size of the budget at their disposal, and the r
  14. For me this is a huge story. I hate the way football's money & player distribution mechanisms entrench certain clubs to allow them ongoing, and self perpetuating, advantages over their would be rivals. What you've said above hadn't occurred to me but it makes perfect sense. It's logical for LA Liga to try to protect the privileged position of its top two clubs, and so its whole league. Logical, but disgusting. I hope that PSG & City will keep sticking it to the old money clubs until they feel forced to accept FFP regulations which are actually fair. Speaking of FFP, Paris mus
  15. It's the attitude of posters who assume a very complicated problem has a very simple answer which is ridiculous. It is the belief, implicit in so many posts, that we internet bandits know better than the professionals how to negotiate 8, and now 9, figure transfer deals which is ridiculous. In any case Neymar did have a price so a club could choose to pay it. The point many just refuse to see is that, until Juve decide to sell, they won't have a price. They will play the game for sure, and encourage Chelsea to bid sillier and sillier amounts, but they will not name figure, or even have on
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