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  1. Personally think we will recover yet won't for a generation if we shut things down for as long as 3 months or longer! I recall that the larger part of the economy was in the private sector at over 17m. This is what is largely closed except supermarkets and food distribution. Now we might already have lost several million jobs and people either don't know if they still have a job or have enough savings for now. That will change if the shut down continues too much longer as many more people will need to claim universal credit. Lasting changes might be getting more ventilators and protective equipment for staff though might add normally once a crisis is over the incentive to finish this dies away.
  2. I can't comment too much as I only know a few in state jobs. The fire service used to be abused by some working two jobs and then sleeping on the job at the fire station until they got a call-out. I think these days they do more educational training in the community. The post office used to be part of the civil service yet that got changed and like the fire service salaries were reduced. The police have started using police cadets as way to get new recruits, not sure if this is a good idea or not. A couple of chaps I used to work with in Banking were getting well paid on a state job. One has retired yet is being asked to go back occasionally to help out. I'm generally wary of the unions being a child of the 70's yet support train drivers against driverless trains.
  3. The Queen takes homeopathic remedies, I do too, as well as nutritional supplements, each to their own of course.
  4. Yes she may indeed have influenced him though a bit late in the day to decide he is repugnant.
  5. Suspect he is being careful and responsible as his partner is pregnant.
  6. I imagine there are many families being impacted financially and this increases family stress. No excuse for violence's though.
  7. Kids rarely get COVID-19 as they are so active and eat vitamin C rich foods, additionally they have less intestinal fat for viruses to hide in so their infection rates are lower.
  8. Totally agree with that logic and think some of the European stars did try and help local enterprises.
  9. Re the second one although I respect our freedom to speech going out of your way to test the reaction of the police seems silly. This was on the BBC recently and might be annoying some that have not felt unwell and are losing work and not likely to get compensation.
  10. We have so many off-shore financial dependencies, I'm beginning to feel they are part of the 'national interest'. I do recall Branson asking for state support for one of his islands battered in a violent storm which annoyed a few as he had grown his company interests by using these tax 'efficient' zones.
  11. Should give JT may Dad's address he likes Pie & Mash 😁
  12. Footballers seems cheap target to me. There are others like Rugby, Boxing, Dragons Den, BBC broadcasters (and more no doubt) who all might be in a position to donate money. Yet not sure this is the right approach, we know some footballers will be spending close to their disposal income on flash cars and mansions others will be careful and have a nest egg. Surely this should be either state aid via taxation and or donations by any rich person that wants and feels they can.
  13. The chat about Coutinho joining us is becoming more persistent. One to watch. Not my favourite choice yet neither was Fabregas and he did well for us.
  14. I see Valerie last posted 22nd March, hope she is not affected by the COV1D-19, I say that as she has revealed before she is on medication for health issues.

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