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  1. I'll throw in a different opinion, Hazard could have stayed at Chelsea he didn't need to go to Madrid. He chose Madrid as he wanted to play with the best and liked Madrid (as opposed to Barca or say Juve). Unfortunately his injuries have probably spoiled that ambition so will be interesting to see what he does next.
  2. Slightly off-topic yet looking at the table above and one thing stands out, Barnes a midfielder at Leicester. Now I don't see that much of Leicester yet enough to see he scores some cracking goals. Footy365 raved about him the other day saying he could pass, dribble and shoot yet no top side has come in for him, strange. Any thoughts?
  3. It was Suarez that made Rudiger and Alonso look really stupid and set up a goal chance. Rudiger poked the ball away from Suarez yet it came off Alonso's foot back into Suarez who dribbled through both to put in a far post cross. I thought Alonso was generally good defensively yet offensively recall two of his crosses, one found Mount in the box in space. Mount mis-controlled the ball the other to Mount led to Olly's goal. I don't recall any crosses from the right side that were threatening? Alonso also had the first shot on target which was too close to the keeper yet on another occ
  4. An agent whispering in his ear, 'you can earn more Tammy'
  5. Good interview and some interesting points, picked up on not necessarily changing formation if the match is going against you as players come to expect that as the solution which can be counter productive. Rio comes across as ok to be fair, though from supporting CFC not my favourite ex-professional, he committed a few dodgy moves against our players back in the day. Notice this is not the first time he has done an article on us, is he now based in London? See he has had a lot of dental work done too and smart wearing a beard as it makes it less noticeable.
  6. We always had a punchers chance, with the likes of Drogba and Lampard etc yet to go that far we also needed a bit of luck to go our way. The odds on us wining this time are 2% and I have no argument with that as we are struggling to score though defensively not so bad. Something about playing Barcelona that day even allowing for the sending off and being behind galvanised the team to rise above it and focus. Ramires surprisingly scored a great goal against the run of play and then Torres who had been somewhat underwhelming since his arrival to say the least is suddenly in a pos
  7. It's almost like the situation Lampard faced for different reasons. Still we should get a better player in CHO and good to see the regeneration of Christensen and Rudiger who have played well for us before.
  8. I think the match against Utd will be a draw. They have so many dangerous forwards even if we are dominating they are likley to put at least one past us. Good vibes from yesterday to take into the Utd match and will be interesting to see who TT picks. Was watching his post match and he explained why Giroud was not picked for Newcastle so knowing they look at each match tactically you know it will be a little less predictable.
  9. Yes thought he was going to get Azpi booked, he thrust his pelvis into Azpi and claimed a foul, nothing of the kind. He is an expert, he was simulating a knock to the mouth yet still controlling the ball as he ran, the only good thing about him is to know Barcelona and Real Madrid have to face him at least twice a season. I also enjoy the thought of Sergio Ramos and Suarez playing against each other.
  10. Think we got that fortune with Giroud's beauty of a goal! TT deserves credit for game management today of bringing on the subs after we scored and near the end to close out the match. We played well today though were also excess nerves at times, AM were missing a number of players yet you play the team in front of you. Mendy 6 - some poor kicks downfield and a scare early on though a bouncing back pass did not help. Rudiger 7.5 - generally sound and helped keeping us moving. Christensen 7 - decent though gave away a needless freekick. Azpi 6.5 - Suspect defensivel
  11. We looked a bit nervy out there at times and if the final ball had been more precise could have scored a couple. Mount missing the second leg is a blow.
  12. Odds of 6-1 for 1-0 to the CFC. I'd settle for that though we will need some fortune I expect.
  13. I've never been that fussed when any of our managers have been sacked under Abramovich (except Ranieri* & Carlo). All of them were justified to a degree and as we had won silverware so often it was arguable that the constant change kept us winning. That 2nd season under Conte where we bought a number of sub standard players seems with hindsight like such a bad move with FPP about to kick in and still we cannot clear these players from our books. With increasing regulation about the numbers of players you can have on loan etc it is really likely to hamper us moving forward too.
  14. Suprised we have gone with Giroud though if he is on form that might work.
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