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  1. Personally think his height is less of an issue when we have a tall keeper like Mendy. As Zouma wants to stay in the UK it will be interesting to see how high we go to get him. I would hope we get the deal done even if we have to pay more if TT wants him, after all no-one else yet on the horizon.
  2. I'm not convinced by Grealish, he has skill yet little pace. Will be interesting to see how Pep uses him.
  3. I think we will sign one and then our options will likely be: New striker, Havertz false 9 and Broja. Still expect Tammy to move.
  4. Yes lateral thinking Azpi used to play left back under JM, could he deputise as LCB, maybe?
  5. I see him competing or replacing 1 or 2 of Azpi, James, Christensen at RCB. For me less of a position we need to strengthen more seen as getting a potential world class player that is available.
  6. I think their fan base is starting to react, they will give Arteta a bit of time, they were one of the clubs upset by the super league and wanted at the time for Stan to move on.
  7. I only saw bits of the 2nd and at the end when he was interviewed, surprised how good his English was.
  8. Broja showed some nice moves at times. RLC looked comfortable for the parts I saw in front of the defence. Gallagher worked hard and final ball some times let him down. Didn't recognise a lot of our chaps in the second half down the left side though they had some skill.
  9. As long as the club are keeping informed of transfer activity and progress and it is a two-way dialog we should be ok.
  10. I also believe Barkley is useful from the bench though think he might want more regular football again and Newcastle are interested if the rumour mill is accurate.
  11. Tommy T. takes the training some of last seasons' loanees are there:
  12. If rumours are to be believed £130m offer for Haaland rejected and Inter have put a £102m price on Lukaku............. With Sancho now a Utd player I think City need to act and suggest either Grealish or Kane. I don't think they will meet Spurs valuation either. Leverkusan reject Villa bid for Leon Bailey.
  13. Interesting as looking at one claim they are looking to offload Lacazette to fund the Tammy transfer.................
  14. I think he is building the dream that the likes of Saka, Smith-Rowe and other younger players will be their route back to successful times.
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