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  1. You might be right and we may come to feel like Newcastle with Ashley at the helm as every other club of note upgrades it ground and we are still stuck in a rut with just 42k seats.
  2. I do too, thinking Kante must be due one soon. I loved that winner he got against Utd a while back.
  3. Ah, I wondered if my last comment would register across the pond, it was a reference to the type of underwear. The comment used to be used against gents of a certain age wearing Speedo type swimming trunks. Not a judgement on the person.
  4. Perhaps someone mentioned budgie smugglers............
  5. God or should I say Jehova, imagine having a season ticket sat next to him, I imagine after a while it might become a little like 🙄
  6. Noticed with Kovacic's goals they have both been slide-rule grass-cutter shots, as soon as he tries to welly it, he skies it.
  7. She doesn't appear to be the brightest bulb in the box, would be intriguing to see her meet him though just to see his reaction!
  8. I think Willian is our best front player this season behind Tammy. Pulisic has been better on occasions yet Willian is more consistent so far. He can normally beat his man and some recent crosses between the defenders and keeper have been excellent. He is not a natural goal scorer so others needs to step up and I don't like him taking corners. Interesting when he starts to link up with James on the right, only seen it briefly yet looks promising.
  9. I like him too, his desire to win reminds me of JT. Does have the odd error in him yet if he is really fit think he will be our best CB.
  10. Trying to be realistic I don't see Aubameyang coming to us, he is getting old and wants to win trophies. Unlikely to happen with us this season.
  11. With Boris the USA foreign policy will likely influence our attitude to Russia, however if we get good trade deals with rest of world perhaps less so. Not sure under a Corbyn coalition how this will pan out, we have just made two aircraft carriers operational and he is generally perceived as more pacifist. I think he will probably want to align with the EU. The EU has factions too, when Clinton was the foreign policy guru under Obama, war over Ukraine looked on the cards with battlefield nukes being sent to Poland and Rumania. The world is back to the old cold war days yet we are not told this as they previously noticed people stopped spending.
  12. I guess one is RA's man the others have been banned 😃
  13. I've have considered whether RA has scouts following our threads though in this case think it was about Frank making it clear we did not physically compete with Everton so think yesterday was the knock-on effect.
  14. Can't see Zaha going in January he is crucial for them staying up.
  15. That is a possibility though see Johnson being more realpolitik if he wins on the international stage so it could go either way.

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