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  1. I agree and think the delay has been him celebrating his 40th.
  2. I saw some and thought the ref was frightened to get the cards out for some nasty challenges by the Cameroon players. I haven't seen a good replay of the VAR decision for what would have been Cameroon's equaliser, was it a clear offside?
  3. I looked up Lafayette's stats earlier played 35, scored 13, assists 8 so something positive in 21 out of the 35 in the league or 60% in the League. Not brilliant yet not sloppy either. What we need to recognise with Lacazette is he plays up front with Auba not leading the line on his own. It's like comparing apples and oranges instead of apples and apples.
  4. There's that old saying about class. Something along the lines of money can't buy you class. Any player with a decent amount of pride would take a pay cut to get regular football, IMO. Neymar has been in some unsavoury stories recently and although talented he doesn't seem to be invaluable like some other front men.
  5. The gossip about Maguire moving from Leicester to Utd seems consistent, that will strengthen them IMO. The Crystal Palace Right Back also looks Utd bound. Agree lots of rumblings about Neymar and some recent ones concerning Mbappe. One of things that does strike me this season is two very highly paid front men that are not wanted by their own clubs yet are neither keen on playing anywhere else unless their wages are met: Bale and Sanchez.
  6. It will be fascinating if Makelele does come back and if he can inspire Bakakyoko to play better that would be good for us.
  7. That was a cracking strike though unfortunately he did not score many for us, in the previous clip I noticed George Graham's Leeds agreed to bring forward the match to assist Chelsea with a European fixture.
  8. I hope Emerson stays another season at least. This 'dragging of heels', can't help but wonder if it is related to our efforts to sign Alex Sandro a couple of years ago.
  9. Hazard, Jovic, and Ferland Mendy and there is some 'noise' about Pogba too.
  10. I doubt anyone will have an issue with that now since his spell at Utd the gloss has worn off though respect for the trophies he delivered while here.
  11. I think we would be best to cash-in on Timmy B, why he still has a reasonable rep.
  12. Yep younger than me and I can remember him playing for Spurs. Seems to have done reasonably well as a lower league manger, RIP.
  13. Yes Lampard might come in next season and we achieve nothing yet perhaps in that season we embed a couple more young players like Reece James and Tammy into the first team enabling a more seasoned manager to come in a year later with no transfer ban and get the 2-3 players we will likely need.

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