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  1. I was wondering if RM had paid him a retainer to wait until January in case they needed to move quickly.
  2. They are probably reading similar about us, the team have stepped up after losing Hazard.
  3. Happened to be stood next to him once outside some pub singing 'Who the Fxxk are Man Utd?' I only noticed him as thought his coat looked a bit upmarket and then realised who it was. RIP - Matthew Harding.
  4. Drogba is the first striker I can remember that led the line alone and successfully. He broke the mold for me.
  5. I think we will win both, as SFL's Blue army marches forwards.
  6. So now after 9 games across the board for all clubs we are now in fourth with a two point margin over the nearest rival Arsenal. Kudos to Frank.
  7. That got me thinking of Cantona - When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.
  8. I thought Mount was unlucky to not be on the scoresheet against Newcastle, that turn and shot was a reflex save by the keeper. Re Andy's point him about him drifting out of a game was comments we got from Derby's fans. I like him though fear with his assertive reading of the game he might get injured nicking the ball off someone. Glad he is playing for us as he has been a good part of our early success as he is fully committed.
  9. I agree about Pulisic, his awareness in the box is good, he didn't finish well though the chance fell slightly behind him. He did well to quickly control it just a shame it was not a goal. He was important to the build up in Alonso's goal too.
  10. VAR has certainly added more controversy. I do see a difference, I agree on Origi diving to get a free kick once he realised he had contact. That did not directly lead to a goal as the ball was in Utd's half. It still needed a couple of passes. Wood on Evans, for me is harder as Wood 'appears' to prevent Evans clearing the ball. A point that interested the pundits was Alli and Fred playing on after the ball hits their shoulder. They agree it was a 50/50 for handball on both incidents as the rules are open to interpretation. Good to see Klopp looking aggrieved after that well worked goal we had against them ruled out for an offside several passes before the goal was scored.
  11. The kit reminds me of that confectionary from childhood, Rhubarb and Custard.
  12. They could have done with him yesterday I suspect as they lost yet Hazard chose to witness the delivery of his fourth child. TBH I didn't even know he was already a Dad.
  13. I've noticed in recent years in the EPL you need a number of runners and runners that can change the pace or open a defence. Without Kova (at the start) or Kante, Willian was a nailed-on starter. It was good to see Pulisic get some minutes as we need a squad for the winter months than can perform in all competitions.
  14. I only caught the highlights looked like he has come on a lot. He showed good long range cross pitch passing, good crossing ability and the awareness to find people in the box. First match I have seen where I can see instead of just trying to score he has now imposed himself as a genuine player which should give him the chance to develop all that he can deliver. That could be special too. Needs awareness of when he can make those shots cutting in from left, against a packed defence very tricky unless someone else's movement creates the space.
  15. Welcome, TheFrankOne, look forward to reading your posts.

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