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  1. I once heard his name repeatedly chanted to the tune of the Le Marsellais, it sounded pure class yet doubt it ever happened again, a bit of a tongue twister.
  2. I was wondering more about if Frank would play 5 at the back for Spurs, don't think he will yet think they are favourites for this one despite our recent form.
  3. What you say about not giving access is very true yet how many of us would have gullible partners that just might open the door.............. to a large fine.
  4. Might be helpful if he can come on against Spurs should we find ourselves behind. I don't see Pulisic once fit missing many games and agree with @Browerkid that he might benefit from a few sub appearances at first.
  5. Bale might figure in this one, he must be getting back to match fitness soon.
  6. I've been tempted too, though think if you have a TV you are legally required to pay.
  7. He did have one of those moments on Saturday yet got away with it. Mendy makes us harder to beat yet so does Silva, I would expect Silva to play against Spurs.
  8. Reading a short while ago that Drinkwater had commissioned a DVD of his best moments to try and get a move, can't think of any in a Chelsea shirt.
  9. Yes that must rank as a bad defeat when Liverpool should have been vulnerable. I see Rogers mentioned an early handball against Matip not given, haven't seen it so cannot comment.
  10. Think Aubameyang misses Luiz's accurate long balls. Not sure where Luiz is perhaps considering another career wearing gloves 🙂
  11. @Mouwry Good intro and welcome.
  12. Just seen the highlights and he did well, won a penalty and scored. Not much more you can ask from a sub and if their penalty taker was on his game they would have had a point.
  13. I think we are lucky getting the win against Newcastle and then playing Rennes early on Tuesday, giving us time for a couple of training sessions before Spurs on Sunday. We are at home too and will be fascinating to see how Frank sets us up for this.
  14. RLC has had a lot of injuries, might be last chance saloon for him at CFC. Similarly, I see Barkley did his hamstring yesterday a couple of weeks back he got the winner though even before that match Barkley was doubtful with his knee. Seems injuries continue to prematurely end careers for me. Back to RLC let's hope he comes off the bench and scores or provides an assist.
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