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  1. Thanks missed that and for me Ziyech also on the bench.
  2. This is who I would pick: Mendy Azpi Silva Rudiger James Kante Jorginho Chilwell Mount Ziyech Havertz Werner Kova - bench option, always unsure about starting someone just back from injury. Sames goes for Christensen if fit. Pulisic -bench with a view to bring on at 60 min mark.
  3. A bit of CFC and Leicester trivia, not too difficult and I got 6/8 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56907303
  4. I think he does do something better, it is attacking in that space between defenders and Keeper, I think he is exceptional there. The chance the other day was running head on at the Keeper, many strikers fail in that situation as they get caught in two minds yet lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Mount has different strengths such as running at players rather than finding the space between Keeper and last defender. Mount might even provide the vital ball for Kai.
  5. Some highlights of the German cup final. Both Sancho and Haaland score. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/57110107
  6. Win the FA Cup, draw in the League with Leicester 4 days later and beat Aston Villa on Sunday. In theory Liverpool have an easier run-in as opponents are safe yet one normally springs a surprise. It might come down to goal difference against Villa and Liverpool are quite capable of pulling back a 2 goal margin. The CL must wait until after Villa for me and of course we know the opponents well. The one big concern is over injuries as that could have a major effect if neither, Kante or Kova can figure.
  7. Its the RA factor without them being bothered to look at others club's owners too closely it has been decided that no credit can be given to a club owned by 'Putin's mate'. It would be interesting if we could do the double as that would out trump Pep and the oil boys in the North and we would watch the press squirm to give toned down accolades for yet another Chelsea triumph turning mid table obscurity to reaching the peaks. Big month for both us and City, COYB.
  8. Anyone get the feeling we ruined Pep's party, they win the league no surprises yet not on home turf
  9. Agree with this, my first take was a foul though on VAR it looked like no contact and more like Sterling was waiting for a chance to dive over Zouma's outstretched leg that never came.
  10. I still think we will get 4th, we play Leicester in the league after the FA final with them, think if we win the FA final we might drop points in the league against them.
  11. So curtains for WBA and Big Sam. Considering they took 4 points off of us, can't say I'm disappointed.
  12. Just perhaps Pep was going to give them some time off before the UCL final if they won......... otherwise agree no need to apologise.
  13. You don't see many goals these days from the ball played across the line, think before VAR the offside was level with the defender now with VAR feels like they have the ruler and compass out. I notice attackers seem to peer forward beyond the defenders to track the ball and that is offside. Re VAR, we must have been caught out a few times this season today it helped us with Zouma on Sterling, I thought it looked ugly in real time and we might conceded a penalty. Good to see TT not only discuss this yet deflect it with other points in the game shows he knows the media game. Looks li
  14. James for me, his best match for some time.
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