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  1. To get the best out of Havertz I also think we need 4-2-3-1. Jorginho just too slow to stop attacks, Kante is roaming often too far up the pitch and Kovacic is often further forward. We need more of defensive sitting midfielder like Fernandinho. Does Rice have that potential, I' don't know.
  2. City imperious in the first and worked so hard. Second a different story and after Wolves pulled one back resorted to time wasting in injury time only then to score another in the last minute of injury time. Sterling fouling again off the ball and no comment from the officials. Ake and Stones did ok, commentators noticed Ake holding his hamstring a few times though didn't affect his play.
  3. I think once we play Havertz behind the striker we will start to tick. hoping we get to see this against Barnsley. Good chance for CHO to start too instead of a 10 minute cameo.
  4. Interesting to see Morata go on loan so soon. Yes Suarez and Costa could be a devastating front two then again.
  5. Yes the media think Chelsea spend £200m+ now we can attack them when they are not playing well. No account taken of missing Chillwell, Pulisic or Ziyech? Frank beware.
  6. ------------ Caballero ------------- Azpilicueta - Zouma - Tomori - Emerson ------ Kante --- Kovacic ------ Hudson Odoi -- Harvetz -- Werner ----------- Abraham ----------- I would try this, think we need to play some of our regulars to try and get a formation showing signs of working, hence still playng Havertz and Werner. Let CHO start and see what he can deliver.
  7. I'm disappointed he didn't score one yesterday. He works hard yet does not look clinical.
  8. I thought we did ok first half up until Christensen tries a bear hug on Mane. I noticed twice Kova go on his runs and actually lay the ball off well, Werner should have scored - 19th minute. Kante in the first was everywhere and looked like he has finally shaken off the injuries. Havertz with that excellent free kick and why was Alonso the only player going for it? Werner is quick and had great movement yet was poor today when it came to shooting or playing someone else in. Kepa was actually playing ok until that second goal. Tammy had our best attempt on goal dur
  9. The medical team knew he had an issue, IMO. I was there away when the CFC fans questioned Porterfield, he said we would understand in time.
  10. I saw about 20 mins and 10 mins before the winner WHU were working so hard at one point attacking's with about 6 players.
  11. A goal and an assist, suspect strongly that was a misdirected cross rather than a Balesque strike, nice moment though.
  12. Bale with his injuries and Welsh duties with Mourinho should be interesting. As much as I dislike Spurs I look forward to seeing some magic from the golf playing Welsh Wizard, just hope they come against Pool, Utd and City.
  13. Yes I know that feeling having lost a few things that family disposed of when I went abroad for a few years.
  14. Mount is not a great finisher but he is a top worker in closing down. If only CHO could show that type of work rate he might be a sure starter like Mount.

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