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  1. Tammy did very well before Christmas yet has since not scored, I don't think he is able to vary his game and he does not seem to be able to convert crosses. I think he will struggle next season to get minutes unless he can add more skills to his game this summer.
  2. I think where we see him in the last third is when he has had to dribble in the middle and thereby breaks the defensive lines, if he could be coached to offload the ball better he could be very special.
  3. I'm not sure on his motivation, against big sides he works very hard against others looks lack lustre and he has played every match recently. I agree with the exception of set pieces (excl corners) his end product is lacking.
  4. I think Azpi needs a rest so would look to give James a start if he is fit.
  5. I thought Frank would play with 3 at the back against City so think at home it is unlikely we will use that formation against Watford as he sees it as too defensive. I also don't think Tomori is tall though has a good leap.
  6. I would like to see Zouma back for this and to start with Giroud.
  7. JM on the BBC saying race for fourth was wide open, seems to have had the wrong effect. 😉
  8. Tomori was certainly quick and I recall had a couple of matches where he looked nervous. He is also a little short for a CB these days and that goal West Ham scored where Azpi was on the back post, Azpi looked like a kid in comparison. Perhaps if we had a better keeper on crosses Tomori would get more of a look in as he certainly has qualities.
  9. Would like to see RLC and Kovacic on together. Think it would be good if RLC could read his runs and be ready to pick up Kova's lay-off. I often think players need to read each others game, like Jimmy and Eidur or Fabregas and Costa.
  10. I think both of us will keep the same managers next season. The season after will depend on results for both. Also for you if Liverpool continue their winning streak they leapfrog you in the clubs honours list which I think will put more pressure on Ole. I think Lampard might turn us into the old Arsenal of staying in the CL not sure if he yet has the cup winning ability.
  11. Perhaps if Willian starts throwing the toys out of the pram as he realises the three year contract is not coming then it might be time to bring back our old penalty taker Jorginho who was pretty reliable in this regard. I say this as Pulisic's running is likely to earn us a few more before the season closes.
  12. I said in July last year we would get fourth, that is where we are now. I also thought we would get to the semis of the FA Cup, just wish I had visited the bookies back then. Frank will look at this and change something that will motivate others not wanting to be dropped. I also thought Moyes will keep the Hammers up just unfortunate they beat us though not the first time we have slipped up at West Ham by any means.
  13. I think we will get 8 points from those last 4 Utd probably get 8 too Leicester probably 8 too Wolves 5. I see this going to the wire, disappointed with last night though West Ham often pull the rabbit out of the hat against us.
  14. I don't think we played badly just didn't create enough good chances and Moyes got his last sub right. Just feel it was slack not having Kante back with the CBs to stop the counter attack.
  15. I only caught 30 mins of this match yet thought it was odd trying to see Kante win a header in the opposition D when we lose possession and they counter attack with speed and numbers and our defensive midfielder is at the wrong end of the pitch. 🙁

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