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  1. Strider6003

    That Sterling Incident

    Looked online and can't back that up, they are part of the DMG media group which has a global flavour. Can't recall where I heard the Russian comment. Could be to do with the shareholders or may just been malignant gossip. One thing I do notice with the media in other respects where they go over the top. I'm not a fan of Corbyn yet detest the fact that TV cameras are placed outside his residence and question him while he is getting on his bike to start his journey to the HoC. I think in both respects you are potentially making people a future target for real nutcases.
  2. Strider6003

    Alvaro Morata

    Nor as much as we spent on Torres.
  3. Strider6003

    Alvaro Morata

    I guess it is about good scouting I'd never heard of Drogba, Costa or Diego MIllito (Inter) yet they none of them cost a fortune (not cheap though) and performed.
  4. Strider6003

    Alvaro Morata

    I would agree that we don't often get luck though we have had some very good ones over the years such as Drogba, Hasselbaink, Dixon.
  5. Strider6003

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I wondered if he would regain his mojo and bounce back at another club, to be fair he had some moments yet no consistency and the quality of football has seriously annoyed a lot of fans. Recently by dropping Pogba he is trying different things though looking like another season with little reward. This could be his last big appointment.
  6. Strider6003

    That Sterling Incident

    Don't buy that though accept TV companies and press can afford to employ them to highlight examples of interest.
  7. Strider6003

    That Sterling Incident

    I think the Mail has Russian ownership now rather than being English.
  8. Strider6003

    That Sterling Incident

    @atomis He won't though. the old phrase about a picture showing a thousand words or something to the effect runs true. Unfortunately he was showing complete hatred with his expression and working in a respectable job they would be horrified their man had been seen in that light. For me the real crime is showing a picture of his house and stating his town before he has been charged you don't even do that to a pedophile after they have been charged. I always noticed strange things and to give an example I noticed something strange after one of the finals in 90s. I left early because of the friends I was with and noticed about 200 chaps crouched down in the rain all with dark hair and wearing leather jackets. I got eye contact with a couple and they looked down. 'Why are they sitting in the rain?' Anyway on getting home the TV news was full of Chelsea fans riot in Wembley Way. I thought back to those chaps and about 20 years later decided to investigate as I had time on my hands and looked to see who was arrested, were they Brits? On going to Collindale and joining the British Library I went back through the newspapers and found just 2 arrests with names and addresses withheld, Horseferry magistrates. That didn't compute given the TV coverage so I looked through the next two weeks of newspapers and found Thatcher was looking to bring in more restrictions against football fans yet it was blocked in parliament. It is what I refer to as the dirty tricks brigade.
  9. Not only that yet he follows up and passes the ball out to Hazard who slips it towards Kante for 1-0.
  10. Strider6003

    Eden Hazard

    At least until it stops working. Conte tried it and first match great yet it didn't last. Might work better with Sarri.
  11. Strider6003

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Yes I liked the fact that him and Pep shared a hug after match, nice touch.
  12. Strider6003

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Got two assists and we scored two, not saying it will work long term yet deserves to be tried again and if we keep winning............
  13. Strider6003

    That Sterling Incident

    Well the police with all the other more serious crimes happening in a time of austerity are going to have 'fun' looking into this lot. For me 5 or 6 culprits from this angle. Three of them look obvious for abuse though maybe not racial abuse and there are others that are saying something that could be racially abusive or not. Time and money will tell hopefully though the JT one with a more obvious culprit was never quite satisfactory. Pic from F365
  14. Strider6003

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    So for me going forward Hazard is the new no.9 with Pedro and Willian the others in a front three. Conte tried it a couple of times, once with success and then it fizzled out though I would like to see it tried again against Brighton.
  15. Strider6003

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Not so sure if the off-side is being judged against the black defender no.5 (I think) versus the White one No.6. If the former it is very close.