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  1. I agree Dan, we could win all three though don't see it happening. The worst situation with a Sarri team would be needing to win at Leicester with their counter attacking style on the last day of the season.
  2. Disappointing today and we are running out of matches
  3. Just need to beat Utd now and Rudiger will probably be back
  4. Yet then we score a lot of late goals....................
  5. Come on Chelsea focus and a one bit of magic...........
  6. Think we need a bit of Reuben or Hazard magic. if we change too early we might get caught out by RLC and injuries he was limping in first half.
  7. Similar to UTD stats yesterday still at least we have scored.
  8. One subs left, let's hope they can conjure up a winner.
  9. Now Pedro is on I hope Luiz can feed him with a 50 yard pass for a winner
  10. I hope CHO and Hazard switch sides a little to give them something more to think about.
  11. RLC should be good against Burnley as his physical presence will upset them however Hudson-Odoi on the Right will likely disappoint as he will cut in or go backwards. Higuaín was a known miscalc let's hope after 60 we bring on Giroud.
  12. He was too and didn't he look uncomfortable at the time.
  13. Welcome back Tom and good to see you are on top of your problems.

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