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  1. I'm interested in seeing how he does, I agree his transfers at Inter do not look inspired yet seeing how he got Moses to play right wing back, I'll leave it a bit longer before judging.
  2. Ironically they beat us last season at home, you could argue we've improved, especially if the midweek fixture is considered.
  3. Kante's effort was poor, he should have used his left foot. Sure last season he fluffed a crucial chance by not using his left too.
  4. I reckon RLC will be back around Feb. Either of them can play wide too.
  5. He did better with his header than Tammy did, IMO. I do agree though at the moment he is not a 90 minute player. Yet let's be fair the goal he got was phenomenal, he knocked their player off balance, someone tried to hack him down he lost his balance and then slotted it past Schmeical
  6. I really like what I have seen though have been surprised he has not been taken off in the 2nd half.
  7. For me he can only play in a front two and that has gone out of fashion these days with more in midfield.
  8. I hope that does not continue, some on here said last season our fans were like spoilt brats at times. They didn't want Sarri and with our transfer ban and extra time in Europe this was always likely to be a tough one.
  9. I still think we might make 4th I said 3rd last season and we made it though not because we were great it was more because other teams imploded. Wouldn't be surprised if Leicester reach fifth. We need to takke into account we played a cup final mid week and going through extra time against the 'best' team in Europe.
  10. A physical game and didn't agree with a lot of the decisions I saw out there. Tammy is still struggling. Willian first appearance since injury so I'll give him a pass on this one. Bloggers suggesting previously Azpi can be our CB, as I said before he is not big enough with just two CBs. Mount continues to impress as does Emerson. Zouma is improving too. Kante was muscled off the ball a couple of times yet we needed him. Pedro again a great work rate. Tammy was arguing with the defender with the Turkish sounding name, it looked handball to me on the replay. A lot of positives yet at times we were hanging on in the second we will need to wait and see if that is just because of ET in Europe. Good to get a point and great goal by Mount.
  11. Just remembered they signed Ayoze Perez, he can certainly score a goal. One I hope our defenders are aware of.
  12. Not sure if Giroud can find Mount running forwards it could work really well.

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