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  1. After all the critical analysis I guess objectively, we go away up North with 8 changes against a team challenging for the Championship and we beat them first time of asking. Not pretty or convincing just that we did enough to get through.
  2. Decent might do if the alternative is Bats.
  3. That was the only one of my 3 modest bets that delivered yesterday, realised after making the bet it was Slaven Bilic returning to his previous club. Will be interesting to see who they get next in the draw.
  4. And yet he plays DM for France..............
  5. It's probably difficult for Pedro as he has played so little, I thought his movement was good yet his execution was poor. It's shame he did not get a move, I would expect him to retire this season yet who knows. I agree Christensen has been good yet never looks like scoring, that's the second time this season Tomori has scored and while we are struggling to score I think that seals it for me.
  6. Then you can certainly have a go back, I know you're not shy about it 😉
  7. I was very impressed by how Gilmour threaded those passes through the lines and he actually had a decent shot on target.
  8. I would like to see Alonso back in the team, just think he gives us something extra in attack. I've been one of those criticising Kante in his advanced position yet think in left midfield covering Alonso's forward forays would work as Alonso adds a better attacking quality than some of our forward men. I also would hope Gilmour goes straight to the team or bench not sure what midfield position he will fill yet looks quality. For Leicester I would consider this: Kepa Rudiger Tomori James Alonso Gilmour Kante Kovacic Willian Tammy Mount
  9. Kovacic appeared to do a lot of running and took a knock that he looked to have shaken off. We were hit and miss down the Right and although CHO didn't give the ball away he was too predictable cutting-in nearly all the time. He was also pushed off the ball a couple of times too. Beginning to think Reece might be stronger in that forward position rather than defence. Barkley's set piece was good for he goal yet a lot of times today he got caught out or made poor passes, a mixed bag. I like Tomori's fighting spirt and would like to see that in the League.
  10. Only against Hull yet Gilmour was impressive, hope we get to see him in the league soon, he looks ready to me.
  11. Think you mis-phrased that unless you are watching the club training and agree but for his injuries he would be recognised as one of the better midfielders in the EPL.
  12. Agree on Barkley and Bats, didn't notice Willy's kicking.
  13. Compared to Emerson defensively Alonso gets my vote.
  14. A lot of disappointing performances today yet also some unexpected good ones. Gilmour looks better than some of our regular midfielders. Think we need Tomori back in the side. Azpi, ok. Alonso did ok. Now for the bad stuff: Kovacic for that freekick, you hold your balls watch the ball and jump, you don't turn, get a spine man! Zouma looks clumsy again. Barkley looked mediocre, Pedro, poor final balls. Willian overhit an easy pass to create a goal scoring opportunity.

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