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  1. Nice Timo, nice one son, nice one Timo, let's have another one!
  2. I think we can safely say there will be changes if not at HT on 50-55.
  3. Interesting selection from Tuchel, good to see Chilwell back too.
  4. It is the less prestigious of the cups yet as the final comes early it adds momentum for a double. I tend to notice with the FA Cup further rounds, you have CL matches and the League matches and get in danger of having too many matches too close together.
  5. We don't need Hulk, we have Captain America
  6. Haha, if they shooed you out for Jaws they must have locked you up for The Omen. Released closed together I think. Love the scene in the cemetary as they are digging up the graves they suddenly find they are not alone and have to make a run for it.
  7. I did process risk analysis in a previous role and when you look at Operation Market Garden is it just incredibly ambitious with so many points that could go wrong. So many brave men died for what was a very badly planned operation. Too many factors to mention of what went wrong though many decades later gives us some entertainment and also recognition of the bravery of previous generations.
  8. I saw No Escape the other day with Owen Wilson and in a supporting role an aging Pierce Brosnan. I think I missed the first ten minutes and found it through flicking through the remote. It's a cliff hanger and thriller. Owen is an American Exec working in SE Asia and is family is there perhaps joining him for a holiday. A protest starts and it all kicks off with the police and then the police disappear and the crowd turn on foreigners. Owen is better known for comedies yet here tries to hold it altogether and for me it works well with suspension right up until the end.
  9. I get your point though think Mount will normally be picked due to excelllent work rate and good commitment. The others struggle to match that though technically may be on a higher level.
  10. Lukaku certainly now looks a good buy. Good to get our first points on the CL trail, however scrappy.
  11. Nice to have a striker that can score, think he will be a contender for the golden boot too.
  12. Would be top of the table but for goals scored, certainly a great start. Due to international break would not be too hard on our performance and good to see TT turn it around with decent subs. Nice to be back above the Spurs.
  13. TT needs to change something Villa twice as many shots as us, otherwise.....
  14. Yep and a nice move by Bates offering Hoddle training facilities after Spurs turned him down. I liked Gavin Peacock too though an old Alan Dickens was not one of the best signings for sure.
  15. Welcome @Gordon Bennett I remember the early 90's too, grim years yet character building.
  16. We got a point at Anfield, if the card was wrong we can appeal ................
  17. I think Barkley is the better prospect to keep, he has been a game changer in the past for us, RLC very rarely.
  18. Will be interesting to see if by playing back in Brazil he can get back to the national side, I doubt it though some times a surprise happens in a 'new' environment.
  19. Wolves had some reasonable chances with Traore having good runs yet not clinical or poor decisions on the ball. After about 28 mins Utd started to comeback into it and Greenwood with perhaps the best chance of the match on 45 mins tries to hit the far post and just misses. Surprised to see just one minute of injury time.
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