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  1. Wonder if a club will put in an offer for him?
  2. Germany were very good today. Re Portugal they kept going and I was impressed with their subs, even though they lost today they look too good for England. If I heard right Pepe is 38!
  3. The Qatar thing for me is geopolitics, they are strategically placed in the Persian Gulf. The Nations League for me was a piss-take, just devalues the other competitions for me.
  4. Good game this between Portugal and Germany, three goals in the first half. They are certainly playing better than in the first game,
  5. When do England ever get a decent manger? However I agree let's smash the Czechs and face whoever it is.
  6. The thing is you want to get your team playing well. We certainly are not. What is worrying is that Grealish looked yesterday just like I had seen him at Villa, great at winning free-kicks yet no end product. Yet he preferred Grealish to Sancho. He must see them in training so it is concerning for us England fans. I fear he is tactically clueless after the whistle goes.
  7. Some of the football press are calling Southgate a coward. We were being stifled and said we needed a formation change and he bottled it. I guess he thought on it and worried about Foden vs Mount and Rice vs Phillips as two of them would probably had to go off. For me it is the key point, now is he afraid to drop the media darlings? The press acknowledged he did drop Kane and that showed he wasn't totally inept as Kane did not look fit yet added it was crying out for us to go with 3CBs and two wide men.
  8. Not quite cricket, is it I agree it seems a bit arbitrary on which teams get home advantage. Great to see the Hungary crowd buzzing and am wondering how Scotalnd will fare when the Tartan army heads back home from virus hot-spot Leicester Square.
  9. I think we will make the 1/4s though will need to change things for sure. Never rated Southgate as a tactical manager so don't expect him to change too much or make telling substitutions yet we live in hope he gets some inspiration. Would be nice to see Sancho next time we need a goal rather than Grealish.
  10. Agree though think his stinging shot saved him from the fallout today. There must be someone else than can take them surely?
  11. KDB had a class finish and a great assist yesterday. Also a badly scuffed shot though will forgive that after his 6 hour surgery!
  12. I think Southgate has been ok up until today though think Steve Clarke did better on the night. England have some big names that are not producing, both Kane and Sterling. Sterling did score last time out though also missed a few. Not even sure if the replacements are much better. The only unknown now is Sancho who has not been used.
  13. Twice Mount found Sterling and twice Sterling could not control it or tripped over his feet, Kane was also pedestrian. Reece was very slow on the ball down the right meaning we had no momentum there. He is like this at Chelsea at times and am not sure if it stress or he is not quick enough to see the pass and then it is close down. He did put in a cracking cross in the first that Kane was close to connecting with. Mount had a cracking shot in the second yet apart from this opportunities were few. Also Mount's corners were poor never getting past the first defender. Shaw was much
  14. You know we are doing badly when everyone starts calling for Jack Grealish. Fair play to Steve Clarke you have got England asking a lot of questions.
  15. Yeah, perhaps one big move to kickstart the market
  16. There is suggestion that the Scots will play both left backs Tierney and Robertson with one further forward. Other pundits suggesting perhaps Reece James should start on the right to counter this.
  17. Lukaku was much more of a threat in the second and for me that was because KDB was there and they had more people to mark so Lukaku had more space or at least one less marking him. Hazard was very good in finding KDB and as soon as KDB got the ball the Danes cold not tell where he would go and so one would leave Lukaku.
  18. Think he also injured himself in that celebration, silly boy.
  19. An entertaining match. Both De Bruyne and Hazard make a difference coming on. Don't see Belgium winning it though expect them to make the semis.
  20. I was surprised too then heard 6 hours of operations.
  21. I was thinking Lukaku had been poor then a close up and it is obvious he is being heavily fouled.
  22. Welcome Andy, How long and what persuaded you to support Chelsea?
  23. Bale does it again despite his penalty miss, two assists. Ramsey's finish was top drawer for the first.
  24. I reckon £85m plus Tammy will do it.
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