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  1. Height is a factor only when the person in question actually knows how to use it. Tammy is tall but it's barely a good quality of his.
  2. Sometimes I think PL clubs are too rich for their own good. That City squad is a billion dollar investment and they still buy the wrong signings at 100m. They don't need Grealish at all. They needed a good DM ever since Fernandinho lost his pace
  3. Can't believe Real lost both Varane and Ramos in one transfer window
  4. The negotiations are not like Fifa. When a bid comes in, lawyers and general managers are involved to take a look at the bid plus a lot of revisions. Sometimes you get clauses and sometimes you don't
  5. This is a bit of an unfair criticism at the Academy. You can't expect the scouts to be able to foresee how a kid is going to turn out much less the club being able to convince everyone involved in a kid's life to believe in the project considering only 1~10% of kids actually make it to the senior level, all the while battling it out with other football clubs. A great center forward doesn't come along often. They're actually very very rare.
  6. 40m is a steal for Arsenal albeit should be his appropriate market value. He is a solid player, good goals to games ratio but if he was in the same situation Havertz was in the CL final, would he have scored that goal? As a squad player, Tammy is good enough but for where we want to go or for what he wants, is it worth keeping him? In my opinion, he should just stay and focus on developing himself here to become a better well-rounded striker. There shouldn't be any rush to get the starting spot considering his attributes at the moment. It's not like he's the next Harry Kane
  7. I agree. We need him for games where Kante or Jorginho is having stinkers
  8. It's crazy how Raiola makes more money than the average frontliner by simply being the douchebag that he is. Can we just look elsewhere until Haaland fires Raiola?
  9. The 2 Harry's were ok but who in their right mind would put Saka, Sancho and Rashford on the last 3 pen. 2 have never been in that situation before and 1 lost the shootout against Villareal.
  10. Bloody hell never in a million years would I think Jorginho and Emerson would be the champions of Europe for both club and country. Football, bloody hell.
  11. We all know Gol15 is Jorginho. It just makes too much sense
  12. Well both won the continental trophy. Messi is a huge favorite because he's Messi. Jorginho needs a huge campaign to have a shout
  13. Surely everyone knows not to put the last pen on a 19 year old boy..
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