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  1. Utd wins due to a penalty again. Wtf at least 40% of penalties of the entire league at this point?? Firmino is such a good player. I hope Real buys him next season.
  2. The youth players keeps saving our skins. Kepa needs to do better! Brilliant work from Tammy! Hope it's just a minor tweak or a niggle and he'll be fit by next week! Alonso is good as a LWB but horrendously slow even more so when he had to contend with perhaps the fastest player in the league Traore. I wonder if Emerson would suit the LWB role. The rest is just a mix of decent to good. Rudi comes off and defense looks a bit shaky. The physios have their work cut out if we are going to want to challenge for top 4 spots
  3. Hope Cech gives him some pointers after this. He can't keep having this weak wrist moments
  4. Tammy's making me eat my words. Keep improving and we don't have to spend any more money on mediocre players. Just on those world class players!
  5. Please just sell this guy. At this rate he'll be a 30yr old who's been with us the longest yet never to have played a role in the team.
  6. I still have optimism but will hold my judgement after we're half a season in. Too many variables at the moment
  7. Disagree on buying for depth. It got us into this mess in the first place with players like Zappacosta and Drinkwater. We are just a world class CB away from being a top 4 challenging team (provided our best players are fit and on form)
  8. It's not exactly doom and gloom. More like people are baffled by the way Lamps handled the situation at Sheffield. In the long run, people may come to thank him for putting trust in youth but at the moment, you can't say people aren't justified after blowing a 2 goal lead. It's an uphill struggle and fans need to manage their expectations now.
  9. I'd argue it's the opposite. Players get better at reading the game through experience and tactical training. Playing with his feet is more technical and is usually very tough to learn partly because after a certain age players tend to be set in the way they play football.
  10. The bolded statement is almost bonkers if you ask me. That's like saying Messi and Ronaldo both play on the wing so they're not that different. Lamps has Pulisic playing more of a wide midfielder role for us whilst James is being played like a forward because both team have different attacking mindset. Utd plays more long balls and counter attacking football whilst we play a high press possession football. 2 totally different systems yet you want to judge them the same way?
  11. Still raw, will learn but most importantly he must learn the art of reading the game rather than focusing on his physical abilities to get him out of trouble.
  12. Zouma needs to wise up and learn how to read the game. Someone in the coaching staff better grind him hard on tactics and movement because he is tactically naive for a top team's CB
  13. Love the man but he is done. Teams are now deliberately targeting him. When City comes, you know Pep would put Sterling on him with the fastest fullback they have just to make sure.

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