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  1. Conte is a jerk. I very much doubt you or anyone would hold any liking towards him after a few press conferences.
  2. Think it's the perfect time to play them since they'll be in-between tactics. We need the lads to perform
  3. Baker won't score. Saul has a 1 in 100 probability I'd say
  4. We would have been unstoppable for a decade at best
  5. I think he needs that tbh. He seems to be one of the few in our teams that look like they'll get carried away and gets a big head.
  6. I thought he didn't have a career at Chelsea anymore but my word what a resurrection. He's the perfect Jorgi replacement
  7. Something something Lampard's son and all that
  8. Maybe he's playing for the contract but my word. On form right now, what a beast.
  9. Fancy a win this. We need to try going for all available trophies
  10. Now needs to add more end product. He had 3 assists today alone. Last season he only had 2
  11. Tbh I wouldn't mind us going for Saint-Maximin. I think the guy has incredible dribbling. Much better than Sancho
  12. Not for me. Only reason you take on players like him on the verge of retirement is for the motivational, leadership aspect of it. He was never the one to push the other lads and he always led by example so him going to us right now won't really be anything more than cashing his last chips really.
  13. Played very well. Keep it up Callum!
  14. I agree with those who wants to take Billy back. It's panic stations over there and almost zero fight. Get him back!
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