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  1. Pep would improve him tho or at least tweak his system to accomodate his characteristics. Even if he doesn't perform, they'd just buy another upcomer
  2. The moves taken by Liverpool, Tottenham and Newcastle is disgusting. Liverpool is the worst for me after their exploits last season. Imagine winning CL, tv money, 2nd in the league etc. and then taking govt. money?Disgusting clubs I hope Chelsea FC doesn't take the same route.
  3. He works better as a support/shadow striker. He needs someone upfront who occupies the opposition defence. In our case, he'd be good with Tammy or Giroud upfront but would bench Mount since they occupy the same spaces
  4. Or he'll go to Barca, gets frozen out then we buy him the season after for cheap
  5. I'd rather Morata. Lukaku is a waste of space.
  6. Sad to hear. Hope someone close to him can get him to go to therapy or something
  7. In my honest opinion, yes. Try to sell it to someone or get a refund. Better safe than sorry
  8. We've always had the odds stacked upon us in the seasons where we won trophies. Even the 2012 season, that Napoli side almost killed our hopes and we beat them then. No reason why we can't win. We have 90min to turn the tie on it's head
  9. Keep Alonso, Giroud and Azpi but only as backups. We are at a point of time where we should already have an established spine instead of being in another transition year. We've been in this transition for 5 years now.
  10. Bats is better.
  11. James is lacking game intelligence and that comes from playing lots of games and experience. He is the opposite of Lahm.
  12. We should sign the Dortmund scouts and development team. They'd make us into the best youth development team in the world. As for transfers, with Ziyech coming in, and possibility of Telles. We need 2 world class CBs and a world class CF in Giroud's mould. If we can add a world class winger into the mix as bonus, it'd be exciting times. But to be realistic, I'd be happy if we add Telles, a world class experienced CB that can guide Christensen, Rudiger, Zouma and Tomori and a 24-27yrs old top class CF who hasn't peaked yet, that's good enough for me.
  13. Milan will never sell him to us as long as Conte is there. He's the bedrock of their defence.
  14. Him at 20m would be amazing. Have Emerson go the other way and we'd have a surplus

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