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  1. Probably won't change much. Towards the end of the season the midfield of RLC, Kante and Jorginho worked quite well. I'd say Lamps probably need to tweak the fullbacks and wingers so that our game can be more expansive.
  2. I know it's the internet but can you at least have some modicum of respect for a manager that got us to 3rd this season and a player who've served us for a good chunk of his career?
  3. If we're only banned in the summer then we should pull out all the stops and sign this guy! At least he's better than any of our striker options
  4. His goal was the icing on the cake. After that Barca just gave up. Tbf to Torres, it was his run that gave us the corner that led to Didier's equalizer
  5. But we knew about this transfer since Jan. What's there to be excited about when we'll only see him play in July? So I'll reserve the excitement until then.
  6. Oh yes, Big Pete's coming home! Most probably he's not playing in the Europa final anymore
  7. Tbf Marina did amazing work there selling Djilobodji for a profit!
  8. Is Timo Werner still a good striker? The hype around him died down considerably?
  9. Whilst I'd like to agree with you, he at least needs to prove that he can coach, motivate, improve players and be tactically astute enough to show that he can win matches from the dugout. Nothing wrong with being a romantic but he needs to start somewhere where the pressure isn't as high. Remember Neville's stint at Valencia? Just because a person seems like an obvious manager candidate doesn't mean he can start straight away at a high profile club like ours
  10. What kind of pro-Pool agenda is this lol. It's like they don't even care about being impartial anymore lol.
  11. I struggle to see what WC attributes Coutinho has. All I've seen are the occasional flashes of brilliance which every average PL player shows or the once in a blue moon thunderbasterds. For 100m, we can surely find someone better.
  12. Can you guarantee that RLC will be fit to play in all EPL and Champions league games? Based on recent events, RLC is out for the year so... Who knows?
  13. 52m + 180k p/wk, not a bad deal. Sucks that we can't get someone like him.
  14. We should sell all the old loan army. It's time we give these guys a new lease on life. They will never make it at Chelsea FC

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