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  1. I can take being 5th because of our performance this season but I can't take seeing West Ham outperform us.
  2. You are right but I hate the fact that football is reduced to people going out of their way to justify technicalities. The handball rule in the box is far too strict imo. It should be reduced to does using the hand directly stop a goalscoring opportunity? If yes then it's a given. If not then no.
  3. Kante for me. That last ditch tackle to deny a goal edges it above Christensen
  4. I see it as Serie A defenders can't handle his physicality but that might just be my bias talking.
  5. I think at one point people are far too obsessed with winning and losing that people forgot that watching football is supposed to be entertainment
  6. I agree with you except for the Lukaku part. He's the worst ballerina you can get. We are due another Drogba-like figure
  7. I think people are frustrated about the attack because we are far too wasteful when we have the ball. It's a chore to watch our play and when we finally get to the final third, someone always messes up.
  8. I understand that. What pisses me off is the game has been boiled down to deep defensive blocks when managers can't figure out how to outmaneuvre the opponent or kill the momentum through 5 yard passes. Passing for passing sake is the modern equivalent of long ball football. It's frustrating as hell for the fans watching the game
  9. We can't lose the 4th spot to West Ham. Not to Moyes.
  10. He was still warming up in the first half. In the second half his performance went up a notch. He performs better when he sits deep and snuff out counters. Then just do the Jorginho thing of keeping the ball moving at a decent pace and link up with Kova more. I thought he shackled Bruno pretty well today
  11. Every opposition team has a better attack pattern than us. I don't put this on Tuchel but he needs to sort it out quick because we're in the business end of the season now. So many times our attacking movements are so out of sync. It's like these players don't train attacking patterns together. When you add this to the fact that our finishing is woeful af, goals become really really hard to come by.
  12. Has he been having 1 on 1 coaching lessons with Silva? He's been really really good
  13. Our players have such poor shot technique bar Giroud. Almost every one of them likes to sidefoot the ball into the goal. What ever happened to thump it really hard and really low to cause problems instead of tame sidefooters
  14. This whole Marina picks our players need to stop. There is zero evidence to suggest that
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