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  1. Do your best lads and put in a performance!
  2. For a boyhood Chelsea fan, Shaw sure doesn't do us favours when we need it huh
  3. United w**kers. Now we have to push the players to their limits every game till the CL Final
  4. Certainly. Given that we're the only London-based teams that consistently fight for top spots at the moment. It's more down to us performing well over the years and Arsenal declining every year since 2006 that we can get people born in the 90's regardless of CL football.
  5. I knew Utd would drop the ball. 3 matches in 6 days is overkill
  6. It's not but a majority of the examples either chose money, boyhood fan of said club or past their best. But having CL football is the sweetener when they consider between us and the bigger clubs. Only reason we got Werner, Havertz and Ziyech was because we were CL hopefuls. I doubt Marina didn't bring it up during their discussion with the players and agents.
  7. Now we're stuck hoping for Utd to win/draw after being given the most horrendous of scheduling.
  8. I still hate this loss. Everything that happened for the goal was all needless. Needless backpass, needless no look pass from Jorginho, referee could have also stopped the ball by calling for indirect free kick albeit from 6 yards out. Tuchel should have subbed Jorginho so he could've been rested for the FA Cup Final. Have Mount play next to Billy and bring on Giroud next to Kai or something. 2 steps forward one step back. Wish I could delete the game and the feelings from memory
  9. Ramos has long past his expiry date for a top defender. He is just there for shock value
  10. I'm way too tired for this game. I'd rather sleep than see us lose to this shower of sh*te 10th place playing rubbish
  11. Everyone kept aiming for row Z. It's actually mindnumbing
  12. We always lose against Arsenal when they're at their sh*tty lowest and we are on the crest of momentum. Every time. Can this team turn it around? Doesn't seem so
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