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  1. Conte wasn't backed but what he wanted is ridiculous imo and in hindsight helped us in the long term. Imagine having Lukaku and Sanchez in our team now on obscene wages. The only transfer target from Conte's time with us that was worth anything was Alex Sandro. Not to mention the fact that he threw his toys out whenever he wamted things to go his way. He was a good player and a good coach but his professionalism leaves a lot to be desired
  2. Worked hard to get the goal, sees our player down. Instead of kicking it out and having a physio come on to kill the momentum and burn some time, they go and do this sh*t. Stupid!
  3. Tammy is being wasteful. Ffs we need a striker that can give him competition
  4. He did early on in the season. Don't know what happened to that Frank. Nowadays he keeps talking to Jody
  5. I thought playing with youth means hungry, energetic, daring to be creative and being relentless??
  6. He needs to play a simple box to box role. He harasses, tackles and passes the ball to whoever is available. Yet Lampard plays Kante like he's a Muller. Kante doesn't have an attacker's instinct
  7. Kova's the only one in midfield who actually tries to thread the ball and moving the ball. Kante is anonymous trying to be a No. 10 and slipped yet Kova gets hooked? Come on Frank everyone is ignoring Kante!!
  8. We dont need Kante for this game now. Arsenal will plan to sit deep and counter, we need someone who can keep them pinned at the back
  9. We should be like sharks that smelled blood when Luiz came off. Instead we're playing like we are 10-0 up already
  10. The team is disjointed. Frank just needs to scrap this formation and start back from scratch and play the players in form. We're in the business end now.
  11. That's 8 games we lost and most of them to poor teams. We can't lose 1/4 of the games and expect to maintain our stay in the top 4. Frank should have enough time to see that Jorginho-Kova partnership is the default go to midfield for now until he decides Kante's best position tactically. You can't have someone like Kante being AWOL in midfield and drift so far up he's basically a No. 10. He's Kante not Isco. Our LB needs sorting out and the transfer ban is not an excuse anymore. I don't understand Willian. He basically has all the ingredients to succeed as a top level winger but plays based on mood. We desperately need a backup CF who can give us the edge and challenge Tammy. I won't blame the defence as much because our defence this year always have that lapse in concentration at the final minutes. That's all to do with coaching
  12. Kante needs a proper rest and Frank needs to have him go back to basics instead of trying to be everywhere at once. Once he gets his fitness and stamina back to what it used to be then we may be able to see the Kante of 2016-2018 again
  13. Lets get him on loan with an option to buy from Real. He's perfect competition for Tammy and has the added benefit of being able to play as a 2nd striker
  14. I'd agree if they had a Lingard Rashford sort of relationship but they seem to be decent boys. Why worry?

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