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  1. They had an established system with a clear way of playing. Each of their player understands their role. Lamps is changing formations and lineups every time and even in games. Different circumstances.
  2. Frank's tactics does not suit the Prem. We commit 8 men on attack and leaving just 2 CBs to cover. The front 4 should be dragging the defenders out of position instead they congest the middle and both fullbacks bombing forward with both our "DM's" also supporting the attack and interchanging positions with Havertz and Mount. No wonder our CBs get exposed quite a lot
  3. He was good but he should have covered for Thiago's mistake.
  4. The only one that puts in consistent workrate. Wasted on the wings
  5. Mix of both. Can't account for Alonso and Thiago being sloppy because you can't anticipate sloppiness. That being said, we are such a 2nd half team which means Frank is a reactive coach and not a proactive one.
  6. Good comeback but what the hell was that first half. We play so much better when we move the ball faster. Should we just tell the players they have 5 minutes to win each match for them having the urgency to move the ball fast and shoot as soon as opportunity arises?
  7. Frank just needs to settle on his first 11 and formation already. If some of the players are not fit, then train them on set pieces and defending. We commit so many men forward and have them rotating like it's musical chairs, everyone is congesting the middle and no one is dragging any of the opposition out of position.
  8. I'm starting to get annoyed with Frank's so-called fluid front 4. We interchange positions so much everyone is rotating their time on the ball and their positions. We always threaten to attack only to pass it backwards and sideways until the opponent gets a good tackle in and cuts through us like butter.
  9. Our midfielders and fullbacks overcommit too many times. At least have one fullback go up and the other maintains the position. We're always isolating the CBs against at least 3 players
  10. We are getting outplayed by Brighton and West Brom. Wtf?
  11. Boohoo, I've dishonored the Chelsea supporter's name for "insulting" Kepa who has factually performed poorly as opposed to using numerous expletives to call out his performance. Because poor is an insult nowadays 🙄 Forgive me oh great one!
  12. The fact that our Technical Director had to go down onto the field to coach our new signing highlights how poor Kepa has been.
  13. RLC doesn't have the speed, toughness and defensive nous to play that role. He also doesn't have the sublime passing and tempo creating skills either. So he can't become a ball winning or playmaking No. 6 What he has is physique, technical ability and a shot for goal which is much more ideal for a No. 8
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