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  1. At one point all the top clubs were creaming for Odegaard, Renato Sanches etc. Just because more than one club "are rumoured to be interested" doesn't mean it's real or a smart move.
  2. It's not trophies, that's for sure. I'm of the opinion that he wanted his final lucrative contract because strikers of his kind tend to drop off immensely after hitting their 30's
  3. Hazard had the same problem early on where he'd always use being lightweight as a way to draw fouls. Over the years he'd developed to the point that the only way to stop him is to foul him. If Christian can develop his lower body like Hazard did whilst maintaining the quality of technique, that'd be awesome. A very good replacement for Willian and Pedro. Nobody can replace Hazard for the foreseeable future. He was that good a player.
  4. What happened to Christensen?
  5. If this post was for someone like Hazard or Cesc or David Luiz or heck Kante even, I would agree. But this is for Bakayoko. His performances just go from crap to average. The worst was the Watford game. We have better midfielders now. If the club is desperate for that kind of midfielder then might as well buyback Ake next year and put him at DM
  6. Don't even care if he makes it at Utd.
  7. This argument is irrelevant towards the Kovacic signing seeing as we can't sign anyone for a year. The rest I agree with.
  8. Bayern loves stockpiling talent and have all of them compete for the spot. It's how they remain competitive at the top level for so long.
  9. His only weakness is goal output. If anyone can teach a midfielder how to score, I hope it's our highest goalscoring midfielder Frank Lampard
  10. Bakayoko is still mediocre. His best trait is just to be there and put a tackle in, He is a very poor man's Makalele.
  11. A kid barely turned 20 and people already comparing him with Messi, Ronaldo then added on about legends of the game. For someone who barely kicked a ball for Chelsea, he has high expectations placed on him already.
  12. If we could somehow merge Kante and Jorginho together, we'd have the best DM on the planet. But tbh, if we had a world class No. 10 or a world class No. 8, both Jorginho and Kante would fit in together
  13. Should have sold Zappacosta then give the spot to Aina. We could have gotten more money and the squad gets an extra homegrown player.
  14. Agree to disagree then. I cannot subscribe to the idea that Bakayoko offers more than Kovacic until Bakayoko is proven to have a stellar season with us next season. -- Talk of not fighting for Ndombele, Saul, Rodri or Tielemans is a slight disappointment for me. Having multiple competent midfielders used to be a highlight of Chelsea, we used to have Lamps, Ballack, Makalele, Obi Mikel, Essien and Lassana Diarra all competing with each other just to get on the starting 11
  15. Not gonna lie, with that lineup we lack a star that can take us to the next level goal-wise. Unless Pulisic hits the ground like Hazard, we need at least someone with that quality.

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