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  1. I think it's superficial hate at best. He'd be loved again after a few performance
  2. Pretty rich coming from the guy who had young KdB and Salah but chose to play and stick with Matic and Willian instead.
  3. Just saw the news and went wtf?! Judas is an understatement now
  4. Not trying to disprove you but it's 12 games into the season. I'm very cautious that if he ever comes to us, he'd be targeted especially with City's tactical fouling and with knobheads like Ashley Barnes in the Prem. It'd be the sequel of Costa crimes and the pundits licking their lips trying to get him carded every other match
  5. After doing a bit of research on him, he gets a bit too many red cards. Could be Aurier 2.0
  6. I think if anyone of them are on form then Lamps has a job to do but that's hardly the case anymore. Players form comes and goes not to mention niggles and injuries come into play towards the business end of the season. As I see it, it's up to the players to perform and deliver. The club and board should always go for the best targets available. I've had enough of going for average players for the sake of finding subs.
  7. First Chelsea Hero: Branislav Ivanovic, rock in defence and terrorised opposition fullbacks. Was the reason I changed my outlook on how good a FB can be. Club Signing That Excited You The Most: Michael Essien. Beat Utd to the punch and was a beast of a midfielder. Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed: Sergio Ramos during my teen years, Lewandowski back when he was first breaking through with Dortmund. Favourite Chelsea Goal: Torres against Barca, Matic FA Cup screamer vs Spuds, Alex against Pool and Drogba Vs Munich. Fav XI: Cech, Cole, Terry, Carvalho, Ivanovic, Kante, Essien, Lampard, Hazard, Drogba, Robben Honorable mentions: Azpi, Makalele, Zola, Ballack, Fabregas
  8. We're competing in CL, PL, FA Cup and League Cup. We have plenty of games to go around.
  9. If we ever sell Kante, we should then buy Ndidi. Anyone else and it's a significant drop in quality
  10. If we can't get Sancho then we should get Ziyech before City or Leicester get him.
  11. Harsh words there. Don't forget Kepa made the save against plenty of teams last season and even spared us a couple of blushes this season. This is just a minor blip in form and he'll get better with the right coaching and guidance. Have a bit of faith. It's not that he's completely useless like Bakayoko or Drinkwater
  12. Deino

    Ben Chilwell

    No. He hasn't even perform in a final or against a big team on form yet.
  13. Deino

    Ben Chilwell

    I agree. People are buying the English hype atm because the next crop of golden generation is starting to emerge.

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