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  1. Terrible performance. He has the height but is sh*te in the air. His movement is terrible.
  2. Made Antonio look like a good footballer. Terrible performance
  3. We managed to secure his signing without any of the other big teams bidding or fighting us for him. He'd instantly improve any of the top teams
  4. We are so lucky to have gotten a free run at Pulisic
  5. Tammy has been woefully out of form and I'm starting to hate his habit of complaing. He wasn't like this early on in the season
  6. Rudiger you farce. Boot it out!! Then Christensen runs away from the striker. Dumb!!!
  7. How old is Mark Noble anyway? He's been playing ever since I was in school And he's still playing?
  8. We have had multiple defensive managers over the years. How have we declined so bad in defending? We went from Terry, Carvalho, and Ivanovic who are so strong at both ends of set pieces to comical Rudiger, Azpi and Christensen levels
  9. Exactly but he loses his head all the time in decisive moments. He isn't tall enough to catch it but tries anyway leaving an empty goal. That is the absolute basics of gk-ing. Knowing when to go out and when to sit.
  10. It doesn't help the fact that he goes to guard that side of the goal. He was clearly outmatched, why doesn't he swap with someone else who's as tall as the other guy
  11. Kepa is good at reflex saves but loses his head. Azpi has heart but goes for a mismatch every time. Rudiger needs someone who can guide him what to do in shaky moments. Like wtf, smack the ball long. Our defence is so pathetic. We have nearly men for defenders and it shows how average we are at the back
  12. 2 corners 2 goals. We are massively weak in set pieces

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