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  1. Really? I'd say it's the opposite and that he's too eager to score which made him lost his composure
  2. Why did you remove Ziyech when we need to chase goals?
  3. Rest him. He was gassed out by min 45 but the threat he brings is lethal so I can understand why Frank lets Timo play the whole 90. With the way he's playing and our chance creation, he'll score boatloads
  4. If Kane made that pass, they would have made a dvd about it
  5. Havertz plays as an 8 to begin with. It was his manager at Leverkusen that played him all over the place.
  6. Amazing player. Immediate improvement on the defending aspect soon as he came on. Was even threatening on the counter.
  7. Nope. Guirassy managed to get in between Silva and Zouma. Both lost their concentration for a split second
  8. He is such a good player. It sucked that he spent most of his prime at Arse. He is the best sub striker in the world.
  9. Steadily becoming a great player. Good fight to win the ball then to cap it with a ball over the top? Brilliant! The boy is made for European nights
  10. The defence was good up until that lapse in concentration that allowed the Guirassy goal. Our midfield with Jorginho, Kante and Havertz needed a LOT of work. Timo and Ben had terrible games. This game could have been 4-0 had they scored their sitters
  11. Giroud with an amazing header!! Timo needs a rest. That was a sh*te shot. Ben should have just hit it across goal or kicked it. We had 4 players ready to pounce.
  12. Sloppy as feck in that last 15. Kept giving Rennes the ball. We also looked gassed out. That being said, beautiful passes forward from Kova and Mount. Callum's goal was really well taken. Callum's impressing me this half with his willingness to track back and bursting with pace when needed.
  13. C*nts. Same goes for Harry Kane cheat apologists. A bit expected though seeing as Jose wanted the Tottenham team to be c*nts
  14. There have been a surplus in talented fullbacks in recent years that we'd have bound to get at least 1
  15. I'd say no because I'd argue him being a box to box player for 4 seasons actually improved his decision-making, close control, ball retention and dribbling. He would have not played this well today back in 2016
  16. The lad is a midfielder that grew 5cm taller than he should have. Had a coach early in his career played him in a defensive mid role and moulded him properly, he could've been a world class DM.
  17. I'd put Kova on merit. Our schedule is so packed this season that I doubt anyone would have issues about playing time.
  18. You never know. Most players that won titles with us tend to look fondly back in their Chelsea career bar the occasional falling out. Hoping Silva wins some trophies with us!
  19. I think he could last very long as well. He doesn't do ridiculous Neuer sprints, positions himself well and doesn't depend on his reflexes too much.
  20. If he learned English well, I hope the board allows him to stay at the club in a coaching capacity. We have benefitted a lot from veteran players being involved in those capacities at the club. He's one of the rare ones that can see and read the game yet able to guide others despite speaking very little English.
  21. He did ok. Good start to him restarting his career
  22. I agree. We have the squad depth and quality to cope as well.
  23. We kinda did rush him back by putting him straight into the first team soon as he was fit to start. It reminded me of the season where Hazard had hip issues and he wasn't anywhere near his best because he keeps getting niggles here and there. I'm just saying that Lamps could give him the Kante treatment like last season, have him in and out the squad as he steadily gets fitter.
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