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  1. I'm glad the club tried to enquire about Matthijs De Ligt. That's a quality CB at 21 years of age, plenty of time to grow. It's just too bad Juventus rejected it. They are on a downward spiral and don't even realize it
  2. Anyone saw the beauty Willian free kick at the 90th minute in Arsenal's meaningless game? I swear the man only turns up when his contract is in jeopardy
  3. Congratulations! Title winners!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  4. They always turn up when it doesn't matter anymore. The reverse Drogba. I expect them to put in world class performances throughout. Hope Tuchel rotates the squad adequately. I want to have Timo run their defences ragged but he needs to rest imo. Hope Kova is fit now too.
  5. I think Barkley's best position is as a No. 10. He's not an 8 that he thinks he is.
  6. He's so nervous when the pressure is on. He handled Karim fecking Benzema ffs. He should be more confident against any striker not named Lewandowski
  7. He always looks so normal outside of football that you'd think he's the colossus that he is. Our previous CBs bar maybe Carvalho all had the aura of top athlete around them
  8. Hope he has a good fitness team taking care of him. He's been a diamond and has gone from strength to strength. Our new Brana
  9. Bet on Alonso to be the clutch striker. Chilwell never runs into the box at the last minute. This is the key difference between them. A run-of-the-mill coach would be tearing his hair out at the ridiculous run Alonso makes
  10. We need them rattled for the final. Hope this result forces Rodgers to rotate his team
  11. Their literal cup final. Hopefully Arteta is still there by that time. We need to right a wrong. Also our final derby for the season
  12. I completely agree with you. That being said, Mahrez has a touch of magic and Gundogan has been their top scorer. Fernandinho the ar*ehole influences games for them though.
  13. Every time he plays half arsed, his tendency to score goals increases. The only forward besides Mount who actually tries to shoot from outside the box!
  14. Bernardo was always a supersub though. The rest I agree.
  15. Imagine having Sterling as captain to win you the title. LOL
  16. Gundogan, Foden didn't start. Mahrez was left out entirely. Obviously no KdB and Stones. Fernandinho didn't play right?
  17. Timo's impact is more like Hazard at this point.
  18. The CL Final just got tougher imo. Pep would pull out all the stops after today. The lads must NOT let this win get to their heads
  19. Werner, Werner, Odoi 1st offside by a mile. The other two were inches
  20. James absolutely schooled Pep's tactics. Azpi the ever reliable 2nd defender always knows where to position himself
  21. I'm terribly biased but even VAR checked it and didn't give it. Wasn't it a fair call? Everyone knew Sterling was waiting for it and he fell just as he felt Zouma's p****
  22. We'd be champions if it wasn't for that horrible run in November and December
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