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  1. 5 hours ago, coco said:

    This would be my team at KO.


    James      Silva     Zouma     Chilwell

                   Kovacic    Kante


    Ziyech           Abraham          Werner


    If we need to chase goals later on......


    James      Silva     Zouma     Chilwell


                Havertz      Mount

    CHO           Abraham           Pulisic

    Why did you remove Ziyech when we need to chase goals?  

  2. Rest him. He was gassed out by min 45 but the threat he brings is lethal so I can understand why Frank lets Timo play the whole 90.

    With the way he's playing and our chance creation, he'll score boatloads

  3. 10 hours ago, Floyd25 said:

    Seen salty spurs fans saying easy pass, absolutely cracks me up how bitter they are. Class assist and a very solid performance from him. 

    If Kane made that pass, they would have made a dvd about it

  4. Just now, Sindre said:

    I'd say Havertz in midfield in general needs a lot of work.

    Might develop into a bit of a headache if the trio of Kante, Kovacic and Mount continue performing. Recently we've been great in 4-3-3 so it would be stupid to change that up but in that formation the only role for Havertz would be as an 8 in midfield.

    Havertz plays as an 8 to begin with. It was his manager at Leverkusen that played him all over the place. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Strider6003 said:

    Footy365s early season lookback with points they got wrong

    10) Mikel Arteta was a genius

    9) Crystal Palace were in trouble

    😎 Sheffield United would be alright

    7) Liverpool couldn’t keep it up for a third season

    6) Leeds would finish comfortably in the top half

    5) James Rodriguez would struggle

    4) David Moyes would be sacked

    3) Frank Lampard was not good enough

    2) Manchester City were title favourites

    1) Jose Mourinho was past it

    Liverpool, Lampard and other Premier League predictions we all got wrong (football365.com)


    Same goes for Harry Kane cheat apologists. A bit expected though seeing as Jose wanted the Tottenham team to be c*nts

  6. 5 minutes ago, driller97 said:

    Me too, I was a massive doubter of Chilwell but he has proven me wrong for sure, been a great signing. And for 45m? thats doubly good! If we did sign him for 80m like it was initially reported, i'd still be a bit doubtful, but for 45m he's really proved hes worth it so far.

    Though in my defence, I did say we should go for Reguilon as our main choice, and he's been just as good for Tottenham. Even Telles was an option and hes been good for Utd as well.

    There have been a surplus in talented fullbacks in recent years that we'd have bound to get at least 1

  7. 2 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

    We really have wasted a couple of years trying to play him as box to box haven't we?

    I'd say no because I'd argue him being a box to box player for 4 seasons actually improved his decision-making, close control, ball retention and dribbling. 

    He would have not played this well today back in 2016

  8. On 22/11/2020 at 20:54, Amputechture said:

    That David Luiz lad at Arsenal might be worth a shout.

    The lad is a midfielder that grew 5cm taller than he should have. 

    Had a coach early in his career played him in a defensive mid role and moulded him properly,  he could've been a world class DM. 

  9. 13 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

    Out of interest, who would you have in your first team, Kovacic or Havertz? With Kai being out, Kovacic has done well and I'd say based on his performances merits a starting place. Personally I would keep Kovacic in the starting line up for a couple of weeks at least, while Kai gets back up to speed. I think we have been pressing better as a team without Havertz and I'm slightly worried he may disrupt the rhythm, despite being one of our best players.

    I'd put Kova on merit. Our schedule is so packed this season that I doubt anyone would have issues about playing time. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

    I'd really love it if he could do that for us but sadly, I think if he's going to do that anywhere it'll be PSG. Understandable really. 

    You never know. Most players that won titles with us tend to look fondly back in their Chelsea career bar the occasional falling out. 

    Hoping Silva wins some trophies with us! 

  11. On 23/11/2020 at 04:34, Richard P said:

    Would be great not to have to change keeper for 10 years. He could go on to have a great career here just like Petr Cech.

    I think he could last very long as well. He doesn't do ridiculous Neuer sprints, positions himself well and doesn't depend on his reflexes too much. 

  12. On 23/11/2020 at 12:00, Mouwry said:

    I think Silva has been the biggest signing for us this window. His play has been amazing but it’s his leadership that’s the most important to me. You hear it from the manager who he says he speaks with everyday. You hear it from the player interviews saying they now fully understand why he’s regarded as a top CB. You can see it in the improvements in Zouma and James defensively.

     It’s not like there was any coaching change. He is basically a player/coach. It sucks that we may only have him for a couple years but the affect he will have on our younger players is unmeasurable. 

    Mendy deserves credit too but the amount of shots he faces and quality shots at that are drastically reduced from last year.


    If he learned English well, I hope the board allows him to stay at the club in a coaching capacity. We have benefitted a lot from veteran players being involved in those capacities at the club. 

    He's one of the rare ones that can see and read the game yet able to guide others despite speaking very little English. 

  13. 9 hours ago, SydneyChelsea said:

    Thing is, players are actually more likely to incur muscle/joint injuries in training than in games. That's what makes injury management in football so difficult, versus sports like basketball or baseball where the athletes train less but play more often and therefore 'minutes management' is a thing.

    Pulisic is still really young and injury prone. It's going to take some years before things settle down and there is the risk of serious, career-affecting injury (such as ACL or Achilles tear) that he needs to avoid. Arjen Robben had glass ankles and paper hamstrings, but he managed to have a fruitful top-level career until the age of 35 by learning when to step it down a notch. To do that, he needs a club that will be patient and understand that this is a transient thing, and a fanbase to match.

    I agree. We have the squad depth and quality to cope as well. 

  14. On 22/11/2020 at 17:28, jack_super_class said:

    We didn't rush him back last injury though, he only got injured because he slipped in a warmup.

    We kinda did rush him back by putting him straight into the first team soon as he was fit to start. It reminded me of the season where Hazard had hip issues and he wasn't anywhere near his best because he keeps getting niggles here and there.

    I'm just saying that Lamps could give him the Kante treatment like last season, have him in and out the squad as he steadily gets fitter. 

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