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  1. What does not being Italian have to do with anything?
  2. Needs proper rest and recovery. May be prepare to give him the season a write off and play him sparingly. It worked well for Kante and Hazard. He's been rushed back every time after an injury that it can't be good for him long term. We finally have quality on the bench and on the pitch for it not to be too much of a concern.
  3. He is becoming the model professional for every youth player out there. Always available, no complaints, gets stuck in and always puts in 7/10 performances.
  4. Solid option but still has shaky moments. He must be a good and positive person off field tho
  5. Mendy has been good. Quietly does his job. Never panics
  6. Improving to be a very good RB. His runs forward are better timed and now his defensive contributions have improved as well. My criticism has always been of him not producing crosses more and going awol in defence. Glad to see him making huge strides in those areas of his game
  7. Good goal, improving and is always available. Good for him. Having Timo and Giroud around him is pushing him to succeed
  8. Played really well. Complete midfielder's performance that lacks only a goal and assist. Beautiful passes forward and getting stuck in when needed
  9. Kurt was colossal! Every headar going his way, you have this confidence that he'll win it. He used to have a poor timing for jumps but it's improving and now he'll get chances in games to score.
  10. Should have smashed the goal when he had that 1v1 with the keeper otherwise it was an ok performance
  11. Need to be prepared for the Spuds. Mourinho will have them be extra c*nt-y and there's going to be loads of tactical fouls
  12. Just found out that the ref for the Utd vs West Brom game was also the var referee that didn't give red when Lo Celso stamped on Azpi's foot last season. Wtf!
  13. Spuds look dangerous and Utd is again saved by terrible officiating
  14. He knows he's second best and Italy is experiencing a transition between the previous generation and the next one and so far the Italian LBs are not as good as Emerson is atm.
  15. Kante and James MOTM. Most of the players were off the boil. None were sharp bar the midfield. Thought Kova had beautiful passes that went nowhere because the forwards were not on form. Regardless, 2 good and well worked goals. Hate lunchtime kickoff but am happy with the win. KTBFFH
  16. There shouldn't be a lunchtime kickoff after internationals. All our first teamers just came back ffs Need an early result before energy levels drop
  17. It's been a while since we have a roster full of high performing internationals. Now we just need them to work together and be consistent
  18. Our next CDM when Kante tails off.
  19. They were due for some poor luck. The last two seasons they had a phenomenal injury-less seasons
  20. Seems like this will be the lineup maybe Emerson for Azpi, Timo for CHO and Tammy upfront
  21. Good goals. Giroud is always a good 45min player if you want goals. If you want everything else and streaky goalscoring then he's a good player. Just run down his contract, 6 months won't make much of a difference for him.
  22. No Silva and Kante. Henderson is levels below Kante and most England CBs nowadays are slow and is average at reading the game.
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