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  1. Good goals. Giroud is always a good 45min player if you want goals. If you want everything else and streaky goalscoring then he's a good player. Just run down his contract, 6 months won't make much of a difference for him.
  2. No Silva and Kante. Henderson is levels below Kante and most England CBs nowadays are slow and is average at reading the game.
  3. We know it (Chelsea fans that follow his development). Most fans don't especially those that didn't follow his development. Even Lampard took years before English fans even recognize him as a good player
  4. He doesn't score goals. English fans love a Roy of Rovers type of midfielder.
  5. I'd like to believe Kante improved. The little genius is always improving.
  6. It's a bit sad that we didn't went in for him sooner.
  7. He's going the Jose 2.0 route. Ugly but winning football. Except he hasn't figured out how to get more wins
  8. Mendy allowed 1 goal in 4 games. The other 4 we conceded 9 goals. Hope we continue in this form
  9. Does this Newcastle team have a striker that hasn't scored yet?
  10. My initial worry is how Frank was going to adapt his tactics to suit the team. The early losses and draws seem to stem more from individual mistakes. Changes in personnel have really helped this team to go forward. So far I am liking the change. What Frank can do better is his in-game subs. Maybe rotate them better or give more chances to some players depending on the flow of the game. Excited!
  11. I think it's not that he's incompetent at the offensive part of the game but that he doesn't try to give his best on most games. I'd argue that he only performs well when he had to fight for his place and contract. The seasons where he put up good numbers are usually ones where we just changed our manager or his contract is up. Could he just be.. Lazy?
  12. Insurance. Might not be a buyback clause, maybe a first refusal. At least we can get him back even if he turns out good again. Even if he turned out like Salah or De Bruyne, we can at least get him back but if he does a McEachran then at least we know that the option is still there.
  13. He lost his pride as a football player and the board is surely thinking of cutting him or selling him in the next transfer window. If he had any pride left, he'd be putting in a transfer request even to a championship team and asking for wage cuts. Doubt it tho. His pension is secured just staying with the u-18s
  14. He has a brilliant anticipation on top of good fundamentals 👍 Very talented lad
  15. Thanks! I know how buyback clauses work though. The guy is 24 but he keeps getting niggles and nowadays he can't even break through a struggling Fulham team. What hopes does he have to replace Kovacic, Mount, Havertz and Kante? I'm a huge fan of Ruben under Sarri. But post-injury Ruben is just a terrible footballer. I hope he can push on
  16. Of course I did. Who are you to know what people are thinking? You are not part of CHO's closest friends or part of Lampard's coaching team either. Or are you telling people that you can read people's mind through a screen? First team debuts are one for the history books and bar trivia. It doesn't matter when someone breaks through to the first team. What matters is are they hungry enough to succeed and can they maintain consistency. 20 year olds need to be managed properly. They don't need to be having ridiculous expectations heaped onto them, they don't need 300,000 minutes on th
  17. Unless you are CHO himself or his family, how do you know what he feels or are you privy to his personal life? How do you even know who Lampard likes or dislikes? Only Frank knows what is going on in training and how he wants to finish games. Maybe it's a case of CHO not performing well in training? Again, the lad is 20. I don't know why there is a need to push every 20 year old on the pitch every time they show a glimpse of talent. We did that to Ruben and he kept getting injured so much that now we're not even sure if he'll ever make it in football
  18. Ah the classic Willian high for the first game after he signs a new contract. The praise looks like a checklist now for me: Driving the ball from midfield? Check Assists and/or goals? Check Workrate? Check Good tight controls? Check Winning the ball back? Check Good set piece? Check Be prepared though because it never gets better and gets worse over time. Soon the complaints will be: Poor decisionmaking Backwards and sideways passing Runs like a headless chicken Always hit the first man on corners Doing nothing whilst looking bus
  19. Idk, I see Azpi moving to Bilbao or Valencia or somewhere back in Spain. Might even be a Chelsea Ambassador at one point.
  20. I hate to be that guy but for me Ruben is done at the top level. He needs to be sold to a Bournemouth with a buyback clause. He needs to be somewhere where he can get consistent playing time and build back from scratch. He has to find a new way of playing because he can't jog all over the pitch and expect to be a Premier League player
  21. This is bordering nonsensical. CHO is 20, his time needs to be managed properly. He needs the run of games yes but against the lower level opponents for now to build his confidence back. If Lamps had lost faith then CHO would have been accompanying the u-18s or shipped out on loan to some random Italian or Dutch team. I reiterate the lad is 20. Have some perspective.
  22. Of course! He has played CM ever since he was 8 years old. My only criticism of Lampard playing him is when Lamps played Mount on the wings to do the Willian role. That's a waste of his talents and wasting someone else's time on the bench
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