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  1. Great work done by the scouting team, purchasing team.
  2. Roman needs to invest on a de-ageing technology. Prime Silva and prime Kante working together would stop goals coming in altogether.
  3. Raheem sterling runs like a 10-year old girl waiting for her nails to dry
  4. Now that I think about it. The lineup could go like this Mendy James Silva Zouma Chilly Kante/Jorgi Kova/Kante Mount Ziyech Tammy Werner
  5. He won't be playing against harder opposition though. That'll be Werner starting uptop
  6. He'd be isolated for a month won't he. Get well soon!
  7. This is on the same level as Fergie saying that he didn't like Henderson because he runs funny
  8. I'd put Odoi on the right and Werner on the left.
  9. He came from a poor background. He probably had money as his first priority. It just so happened that he blossomed into a world class CB and was still able to play well into his thirties. Tbf, he did win the Serie A back then and AC Milan used to be a powerhouse too. The PSG move was when he was 28 and seemed to me like a last hurrah. Who knew he lasted until 36!
  10. Van de Beek is wasted at Utd. Would easily get into any top team and he chose Utd.
  11. Slowly earning a reputation for himself
  12. I think Lamps' have found his best team and formation.
  13. Yep. We have the squad to do so, I agree. Let's not risk it too much
  14. Really liking his forward play and defensive workrate more. It's what I wanted from him since the start of the season and he is delivering.
  15. We also got knocked out of several cups last year and conceded soft goals. Could we have won more? Maybe, who knows. Football is a game of small margins
  16. Yeah but he could still be sold because he has some usability and Conte likes him. Even still he was a free transfer but going by the time he's been there (3 years) and the wages he's collected plus the 9m payoff. That's about 60m + 2.4m + 3m + 9m = 74m loss give or take and if my maths regarding contracts are right. Kepa is going to cost us more.
  17. Agreed! Now we have so many options. Pace and directness from the left, intricate play from the centre, unpredictability from the right and fullbacks with great deliveries.
  18. But Sanchez could at least be sold and on his day he is a goal threat. Kepa is a goal threat for the opposition!
  19. His mentality is different. He is putting in the work, it's just his first touch that needs more work
  20. With Werner and CHO able to operate that left flank, Pulisic can take his time to have proper rest and recovery. Maybe Lamps should restrict him to 1 game a week for now or 45mins per game until his body holds up better. Robben used to be like that too until his later years.
  21. Quality-wise. I believe he's better than both Mount and Barkley but if he can't stay fit for 2 seasons, he should probably move to a different league. No point having a tank if all you do is let it rust in the garage.
  22. He's saying Kante is the more effective passer than Jorginho.
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