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  1. Step by step. Mendy, Silva and Chilwell breathed new life on our stale backline. Really impressed how all 3 changed our defence so drastically. Now our midfield is starting to click. All that's left is to combine the attack with the midfield and defence properly. Awesome
  2. Needs to cut out silly mistakes before they form into habits. Otherwise he's been good
  3. The guy is good. He makes it seem like he's been with this defence since forever.
  4. Has always been an 8 ever since he was a kid. He should always be played as an 8. Anything else is just like putting Ronaldo on CB
  5. He's better at running in behind. Ziyech-Werner will be a good combination
  6. Awesome win. Our defence just needed a proper GK and a world class CB. With Mount and Kai in Midfield, Kante doesn't need to be all over the place and is able to just win balls and protect space (his best attributes). Ziyech putting the magic back in our attacks Timo had a poor game bar the goal. I'll take it. Havertz needs to cut out cheap giveaways. Pity for Pulisic, he just can't catch a break atm. Slowly going the Robben route but hopefully he is managed well.
  7. Are you saying he is turning into the next Mikel?
  8. Oh no! That's the thing as well. I'm sure he can hack it at Athletic Bilbao and they love Basques. Surely they can afford some of his fee and wages
  9. Sell him quick and get a decent DM with the money and we are sorted.
  10. Mendy needs to be wrapped in cotton wool after every game. He's our key to winning something this season. Krasnodar would have scored early on with Kepa in goal.
  11. He makes everything look so simple.
  12. No, we still need a Zouma type CB. Azpi and Thiago lacks that bit of pace
  13. Zouma tends to be adventurous. He needed a partner that can support him in the mental and tactics side of things
  14. That's the thing, we commit too many men forward in attack. We could have Pulisic or Tammy drop back to open up space again but what happens in our attack is both FBs will be ready to cross and all our forwards are already on the opposition box but weirdly enough, the ball almost always goes to Kante.
  15. Kante is good at ball winning and recycling possession. He's not a playmaker and should not be used in offensive plays, especially as he's not the imperious man that he was 2 years ago
  16. Wonder what happened to him. We could have used him in helping us break through the lines
  17. To have him even be 5 years younger. We need him and Mendy in the side at all cost
  18. He had brilliant moments and the save at the end there was the cherry on top.
  19. He looked so tired. Probably haven't fully adjusted to the scheduling yet. I mean the Bundesliga really took care of it's athletes. In the Prem, we have back to back games every other week.
  20. He probably wasn't fully aware of what was going on. It was too fast for him to realize I think
  21. It feels like years have gone by since I've seen a good save from a Chelsea GK
  22. It sucks that a lot of our attacks breaks down when Kante gets the ball
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