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  1. Prove it. Anyone can say Chelsea only pay fees of <35m based on the recent transfers at Chelsea
  2. True, either way this information should not be leaked considering the fact that we have 1 striker atm and that we're supposedly in negotiations with clubs who are fleecing us. Such a bad move all around. We should keep our cards hidden until everything is certain
  3. The club should have prevented this from leaking or at least make a smokescreen or something
  4. Allows us to milk 30-40m more for sure
  5. Sturridge wasn't that crocked when he was with us so I have confidence in Chelsea's medical team and fitness department
  6. I just want to see him in a Chelsea shirt just so that we can stop all this rumour about medicals and City etc.
  7. Has the stench of Mendes all over this transfer
  8. I thought I'd be ok with it but 22m is really taking the piss. He's been major injury-free for the better part of 2 years and he's arguably a better player now than he did back then. At least pay the original sum back to us if you won't include any player into deal
  9. He was the one tipped to be WC, Sandro was deemed too defensive. In other news, rumour has it that Christensen is up for sale: https://theshedender.com/2017/07/tabloid-talk/chelsea-reportedly-set-26m-asking-price-to-sell-danish-international/ Ofc this is from calciomercato so take it with a pinch of salt
  10. After the way they treated us over the course of the Stones saga, she'd better
  11. You know how Marina loves pennypinching, it was always going to take a bit of time for deals over 35m
  12. It'd be funny if after all that spending we said no deal at 90m and want 50-60m instead. Honestly though Lukaku is worth at least 35m max 45m given how very little he has proven on the international/continental stage
  13. It was always going to take a long time I think. It was a combo of fake news, fan's assumptions and Nike announcement that culminated in the rumour that the signings will be unveiled July 1st.
  14. Thank heavens we're not in this perpetual Perisic mess that Utd seem to be in.
  15. At least the sudden silence about his news means that at the very least he's still contemplating.
  16. In other news, media are now stooping to report on liking someone's Instagram and Twitter posts
  17. What the f**k is this sh*t? Not only do I feel torn about this but why is he holding his shirt while wearing that same shirt?
  18. Nothing of note yet but apparently an agent of a Juve's loanee is asking for the sale of A. Sandro so that his client can stake a claim at Juve
  19. It's a shame this signing was delayed by an ACL injury but we got Luiz out of it so ws're even stronger at the back now possibly
  20. The talks are being held today, any news or leaks about him will surface within 24hrs
  21. Notwithstanding that we need 8HG players for CL. 4 Club trained and 4 Assoc. trained.
  22. Speaks pretty good english, even more plus points
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