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  1. Love his quote “ I’m really exited by the squad AND THE ACADEMY” No your not. Your just saying it because you’ve been a chequebook manager since forever, and in the light of SFL’s success with kids he’s hoping it will alter people’s perception of him. ( everything he says is choreographed ) Im amazed he’s got the gig. He’s a total busted flush IMO. Bet Spurs fans will really dig his groovy attacking football and constant bitching.
  2. Pretty much every Micky Droy photo his shirt looks too small for him. Umbro obviously didn’t stock man mountain size.
  3. Good gate that night. In me brothers long lost scrapbook the Daily Express backpage headline “ Chelsea are on their way up- and 42,000 know it” Amazing how we get that every week now and for big games could double it if we had the capacity.
  4. I played against Cambridge University for Corinthian Casuals. The year I was there it was the least Corinthian lineup they’d ever had- the whole team were either builders, scaffolders, doormen or in the second hand car trade. We won 4- nil and kicked lumps out of them. It was an annual fixture evidently, which ended up with a formal dinner in Kings College Hall. Posh as you want and we looked right out of place. One of me me team mates got sent back to the coach early for going back for seconds and giving it the “ Please Sir, can I have some more” routine which had us all in stitches.
  5. Working with a Geordie who recently bumped into our old mob in Magaluf- funny how Benidorm and Magaluf has jolly boys outings of old firms and where 20 years they’d knock the granny out of each of each other now they get along. Cut a long story, an old face described Geordies as “ Jocks that have had the sh*t kicked out of ‘em” which made him chuckle Along similar lines, the Salford Man U lot, met the Wandsworth/ Battersea firm in Spain a few years back. When we play at OT they stay in Manchester and get looked after, vice versa when it’s at Stamford Bridge. Kinda nice story I think
  6. Tony Hately there with the Doc, who didn’t pull up trees with us apparantly. He tried to big him up to Bill Shankly. TD: “ He’s a great player. A hundred thousand wouldn’t buy him” BS: “ Yeah. And I’m one of them” Edit- having looked again not sure that is TH
  7. Cheers Ersk. 74 years old today that game. It’s my birthday today. I knew about the Moscow Dynamo game but didn’t tealise it was Nov 13th. I was born exactly 20 years after the biggest gate ever at the Bridge I guess Not sure whether my Grandad was there. Reckon he hadn’t been demobbed yet
  8. We took the Holmesdale that night. I’ve never been able to work out why that game took place. He left us yonks before and only played for Palace 44 times in 77/78
  9. The top corners of the North and South Banks were weird- the steps faced towards the middle of the ends rather than the pitch ( in the South Bank they called it the cage I think) First year at secondary school in 78 we played them very early season- remember kids that went saying they had a torrid time in the South Bank- they got rid of their scarves and stayed quiet. I went to the 81 game- people older than me and in the scene have told me that West Ham begrudgingly were impressed with the firm we took. All changed by the 90s- we walked round like we owned the place night game 95- top firm out for the Cup Replay in 2001- a lot of them got wrapped up in Canning Town but there was still loads of Herbert’s that made it in.
  10. Is that Upton Park. Thought it might be where the Chicken Run joined the South Bank but doesn’t look quite right?
  11. Mitcham Roysls were a very handy youth set up. I’m coming up to 54 now- when I played against them they were decent, but not as dominant as a few years before when they were probably one of the best in London- a bit like Senrab that produced John Terry and others. Battersea Devas were also good, and s but later on YABAC, which stood for young and black and cool. Edit: Anyone know how many CFC players came through Mitcham Royals? Sparrow, Chivers, Fillery. I’m sure they’re s more. Mark Dennis who had the reputation as a bit of a nutter turned out for them.
  12. Highly unusual for a club side to play an international team ( albeit U21) I can’t think of another example.
  13. Check out the two tone four by two’s on the fella queuing for the boys turnstile. Pure 71 smooothie look. I reckon these photos are part of the batch by David Nicholson. The fella looks suspiciously like one of the group photo taken at Eel Brook Common. Still bugs me that he never released all those hundreds of pics

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