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  1. We don’t know the workings of a changing room but Zola just seems too nice a bloke for a management. No doubt he can throw a few f...s in where necessary, and on the touch line he puts on his football poker face, but we all know his natural face is smily which is why everyone, everywhere loves the fella. Too nice, just as Pat Jennings as a goalkeeping coach was too Irish and laid back Ian Walker let’s one in through his legs. PJ “ Don’t worry about it son. I’ll introduce to some gadgees from the old country and we’ll have the craic”
  2. Well up for Frankfurt trip even though German cities are a bit boring. Texted a mate to see whether he’s gamei which he normally is. His response was “ I’m not wasting my time and money with that w....r in charge. The geysers our worst manager since Ian Porterfield” No fence sitting there.
  3. Diamond Pringle? I’d say the most popular colours were yours, the burgundy white and grey one, plus light blue white and grey.
  4. Think they should have stuck with Ray Clemence and Doug Liversausage.
  5. Anyone go to the George Graham testimonial at Palace, May 1980? Big ruck in the Holmesdale. I think Palace hammered us in a pre season game around this time also.
  6. Good post. Regarding DoF, one can only presume that our absentee owner is happy without one, or is waiting for the right person to come available. Do all big clubs have a DoF? It’s a comparatively new role, chiefly to fascilitate transfers which I believe is Marinas domain. I wouldn’t be surprised is he employs a football adviser/ advisers off his own steam, who are not on the company payroll to provide an overview.
  7. Good acoustics in both the pitch side stands at Palace. Went there with a mate, lost him at half time, shortly after he drifted away from our crowd and moved away. Didnt see him till 98 waiting for a delayed flight back from Copenhagen in the CL. His opening words 14 years later were “ Where the f..k did you go at half time”
  8. Is Buckie still a popular tipple north of the border?
  9. Plus donkey jackets and moustaches. Liverpool might have been the first with casual, but when Londoners got into the swing of things we made them look like sacks of sh*te.
  10. Neither of them won Best Director.
  11. That won’t make a jots difference to the “ boring game of football but we got three points and that’s all that matters innit” brigade.
  12. Yep. And according to the logic of some Alfred Hitchcock must have been a lousy film director because he never won an Oscar. Edit: Not to mention Quentin Tarantino and Ridley Scott. Good job they’re not football managers, bunch of ....... losers the lot of ‘em.

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