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  1. Did anyone see the feature on Cech on Sky Sports yesterday? Comes across as a genuinely nice guy. A class act in every way.
  2. Got this in Camden Stables Market in 2001. A mate picked me up to go to drive to Weston Super Mare where we stayed in a B and B the night before the Final v Arsenal same year. ( Cardiff) Was wearing this. “ What you doing wearing Arsenal colours you ....” he said. Hardly ever wear it now. Bit self conscious wearing a tracksuit top in my 50s
  3. Feature on Micky Thomas in today’s Mail. Not much on Chelsea but happy to report he’s cancer free.
  4. What a mad day that was. “ Boro, Boro run, Boro run from Chelsea.....”
  5. Okay then. Thanks for your contribution in the forum. Your welcome
  6. Please keep in mind we all need heroes. This woman is a big one for younger women and girls. 99,99% of the cases the ref is there by merit. She was given the chance albeit with the agenda. Now she has that merit. Please end the one man crusade. We understand your point. “ A big hero for younger women and girls” Reminds me of the London Olympics, and the vacuous platitudes that we’re trotted out by politicians, administrators and commentators. It was going to “ Inspire a Generation” The reality was/ is that there was no uptake in kids involvement in sport afterwards, despite the how to get involved links on BBC and others. Its all a big fat cliche
  7. She has not been a top flight referee. She has officiated in the second tier of French Football, so on that basis she has jumped the queue on the basis of her sex On merit, there would have been scores/ hundreds of refs operating in the major European Leagues that she has leapfrogged for gender inclusivity reasons. I understand the logic behind the move, but it’s social engineering pure and simple.
  8. I believe in meritocracy, not somebody being awarded the job due to gender.
  9. Understanding of satire not your strong point obviously. Diabolical as a description of her part was an exaggeration, however she has limited experience as a ref which showed on the pen in our favour. She only the gig because she’s a she. Her performance was always going to be deemed a success by the footballing bodies however well she and her colleagues officiated. Like the women’s game in general, it has not been able to grow organically ( from zero to max coverage under the banner of diversity in the blink of an eyelid) If your in thrawl to all this great. Crack on, award yourself a gold star you big tit
  10. Thought the ref was diabolical. Is there a drive to get Men officiating in Ladies netball? Suprised the Lino’s weren’t transsexual wheelchair users of colour to be honest
  11. Where has this 300- 500 M figure come from?
  12. Chelsea briefs ( do I put on the men’s or ladies today.....) The V Neck Lambswool jumper with pucker embroiled badge was a thing of beauty. Disposable lighter was a bit lumpy for the time @ £1.50
  13. Slightly off topic but on BBC News London last night there was a feature on a monument which is planned for Waterloo Station in honour of the Windrush Generation. Sounds OK with me. Next thing there’s a hatchet faced Labour councillor saying it’s outrageous that the monument is not in Brixton. Cue some other chip on his shoulder, self appointed “ community leader” insisting that there should be separate monuments in Waterloo, Brixton, Notting Hill, Harlesden, and Hackney. All the while the reporter is nodding his head in agreement, no doubt to scared stiff to do anything other than give the interviewees free reign.

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