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  1. Millwall played a pre season friendly against Tunbridge Wells in the early 80s which made the papers due to fighting with local Chelsea fans ( SH and Co) People talk about the Sunderland and Boro disorder at home, but the most fighting I’ve seen around the ground was definately Millwall in 95, which carried on all the way to Whitechapel High St at 11.30 at night
  2. Suffered bomb damage during the war and never reopened. I remember in the 70s and 80s before passenger trains were put back on the line, you'd see a rattler going past the back of the East Stand hauling carriage after carriage of aggregate; massive long thing that would take ages to go past. It was more interesting to watch than some of the dross football being served up.
  3. Many years back I watched Sutton Utd play at Gander Green Lane. They had a pitch side advertising hoarding which read TODAYS MATCH IS SPONSORED BY SPAGHETTI HOUSE RESTAURANTS. The sign must have been sh*ttily made in two pieces; a player collided with it and it split in half, leaving TODAYS MATCH IS SPONSORED BY SPAGHETTI for most of the game
  4. Bottom pic front middle the bloke with the stripey shirt looks like JM of MacIntyre fame. We used to take thousands to Europe when there was a novelty factor to it
  5. I went to the 83 one. New Years Day or thereabouts. Lots of Deerstalker hats I remember for some reason. Almost got my head panned in up there by a loony with a ponytail late season 95?
  6. Was walking down Fulham Broadway in 1980 when a mate who was more clued up than me pointed him out as the new top boy. That Marseille game they gave us a V Shape open terrace in the corner. Thought we made a lot of noise seeing as there was no roof. It went off down the front with OB which made the Standard the next day. Got a coach back to Nice which took forever. Was talking on the way back with a Wolves fan who went out there looking for a bit of aggro because he got battered out there the previous year in the World Cup, which didn’t make a lot of sense
  7. Wonder what Doug the Thug looks like now? He was missing a couple of teeth, don’t know whether it was gum disease or someone’s elbow in his mush
  8. Great pic. Difficult to date but 85’s my guess. Nice Cavalier in the background. I had a 4 door saloon in dark red and me brother had a harvest gold hatchback. Both parked on the same drive and both leaved oil.
  9. Chelsea legend, Rhani “ Chopper “ Harris, and Six Million Steps. Very talented man.
  10. Tom Finney, by many more lauded than Stanley Matthews,one of the greatest players in the world at the time, used to top up his meagre wages with plumbing work. Garincha got the groovy moniker of “little bird”, Eusebio’s the Black Pearl, and he’s the flaming poor old Preston Plumber.
  11. I know he used to rent some space off Chelsea supporting Romany Gypsy mates of mine in Culvert Road Battersea. Thought he was in the motor trade at the time but might be wrong.
  12. Just looking at big Micky Droy going for a header there got me thinking, has he been back to the Bridge since he stopped playing? Tremendous servant in mostly a crap side for many years, if he was introduced to the crowd he’d get a hell of a reception.
  13. I don’t think Hazard was great getting up and down the pitch but he could open a tin of baked beans with his left foot. Pains me to say but Spurs had a top midfield with him, Hoddle, Ardiles, Villa, Perryman etc
  14. Strange how Colin Lee, an ex Spurs player was accepted by Chelsea fans, yet Mark Falco around the same time wasn’t. Falco got the worst reception I’ve ever seen at Rotherham in 82
  15. A good mate who went on to play for Sutton Utd including the Cup win against Coventry played for Wimbledon Youth Team. Several times I watched him play South East Counties- Against Millwall John Fashunu looked a handful at 16, against us the only player that made the grade I can remember was Keith Jones who I played against several times. Of our gang and we’re still mates today Paul Rogers went on to play for Sheffield Utd and Stuart Massey Palace and Oxford; both played semi pro before going full time. I saw them play in a friendly against Spurs at Gander Green Lane and Ardiles really looked a class above. He used to run with his elbows out and no one got near him. Spent a couple of years playing Senior Level including a year for Corinthian Casuals. Some years I played Saturdays, some years it was watching Chelsea, but back then with games getting called off all the time plus suspensions always saw the Blues a good bit. Sunday football I’m sure we all played, normally with a raging hangover.

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