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  1. Would love to see prime Zola in the team now. Fergie mentioned how. Man Utd passed on him before us, and he didn’t realise just how good he was. Clever, industrious, two footed, eye for a pass, good finisher. Edit: Universally loved. He regularly got clapped by opposition fans which rarely happens
  2. Big barn of a place full of the old firm. Remember walking down Wembley Way- plenty of bunny going on with us and the geordies- AG had his five year old son on his shoulders having the craic with some rentagob- ended up passing his boy on and laying the fella out.
  3. Some good CFC lads from Willesden. Lovejoy ( Sam), Tommy Davis RIP, Tommy Murphy.
  4. The second triple decker stand in the country. What was the first? It’s still there now- it’s not totally cantilevered like ours, there’s a few stanchions dotted around and restricted views. Answers on a postcard.
  5. Went to that plus the 4-Nil. Always looked forward to playing Newcastle home and away early 80s through to the Keegan in charge era. Anyone got an memories of the FA Cup Semi 2000? Good pre match drink in that massive social club Willesden direction.
  6. Good points. Ronaldo’s not known for link up play. Can imagine him kicking off if Maurizio blows smoke in his general vicinity.
  7. Went to Fulham a lot mid 70s as a kid when it was seen as a safer environment than ours. At ten I thought it was a right old mans club- not much in the way of singing or atmosphere- the Hammersmith End was a big covered end and with the right fans in there it could have been a cauldron. Look out for AFC Wimbledon and Sutton Utd, plus Sheffield Utd; a mate played for them in the 90’s and had many a good night up there.
  8. Yep. IMO there’s a good few people “ cheating a living “ in Kick it Out too. A growth industry who’ve extended their original remit from domestic race incidents, to any form of alleged discrimination worldwide. ( not just racism) Its in their interest to overplay incidents and exaggerate to justify their being.
  9. Three day week as well. I’d forgotten all about that song... Eddie...Eddie....Oh Eddie Mac....When are you coming back.....
  10. Reminds me of eating magic mushrooms as a 15 year old this pic. Can’t look at it much longer otherwise the walls around me will start moving.
  11. Like a lot of players and managers of years gone by he came from a pit village- Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Bobby Robson, Jackie Charlton and many others. Maybe as young players they worked on their game more than others- the alternative being a lifetime of toil Underground. Edit: bit off topic but Shanks was one of 5 brothers who all became pro footballers. He reckoned at their peak they could have beaten any 5 brothers in the world.
  12. Veron was a classy player not suited to the hustle/ bustle of the Premiership. Thought Mutu was pretty lively just a shame the way it transpired. Ps was on my honeymoon in St Lucia for 2 weeks when we were signing players galore. Only seems like yesterday
  13. Remember watching announcement of Russia and Quatar being chosen as World Cup venues in a Wimbledon pub ( it was in between Xmas and New Year ) The choices stunk the place out- general consensus then and now was that FIFA was a gangster organisation doling out prizes to gangster states. Hope one day Blatter, the odious Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer and Platini all end up doing time but I wouldn’t bank on it.

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