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  1. Aren’t you an estate agent Chi? My brother bought into an estate agents franchise recently. Cannot trade at the moment or claim assistance because he operates under a limited company ( same as me). Is in serious financial trouble. He recently split from his wife- cannot see his kids because their mother is self isolating. He’s battling against four walls and pretty depressed. It’s not fun out there.
  2. We played Forest, cup replay 97 I think. My big boss was a Nottingham based Chelsea fan arranged to meet him at the Adelaide ( when he went he used to drink round the Broadway so new ,territory for him) It had a scary clientele back then- he was waiting outside for half an hour before I bowled up. ” No way was I ordering a drink with my accent’
  3. Cheers gents. Palmerston and Hand and Flower went brain dead over. Used to like the Rose round the corner by Imperial Square, with the old Roller parked up opposite the Gasworks Club for decades.
  4. Great photo. So many memories of that stretch of road. Trying to think of all the watering holes..... The Imperial, La Rueda, the CIU Club, The Adelaide, the Beer Engine, Come the Revolution by the Bridge. What was the pub on the corner front left ( just out of shot), and what was the name of the pub on the right before the petrol station before it became a Thai place? Ps This pic is taken from the flats above the shops. We looked at buying one of these in 2002 ( above a fish restaurant but no outside space or parking), sometimes wish we’d pulled the trigger. Remember when there was a good time to be had on this stretch on a Friday night. Happy memories.
  5. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Leeds. Good support and they’ve really been through the mill in the last 15 years or so. Probably in about 2000 they were going through a real lean patch but never stopped singing all game at the Bridge. The “ we’ll score again, don’t know where don’t know when” song made me chuckle. When I started work in 83 there was an older bloke ( bout 26) Leeds fan from York who took me under his wing. Bit of a nutter looking back. He got nicked in Luxembourg with England, and spent a good while out there sharing a cell with with a Chelsea fan from Morden ( That documentary I think it was the London Programme which did a focus on hoolies, he was featured on their as “ Ralph” but that’s not his real name) Reckon he was locked up for about three weeks but they kept his job open for him.
  6. Loving the post match summary with Brian Moore and Jimmy Hill.. Brian Moore “ We would like to show the goals in slow motion, but that’s been on the blink for a couple of weeks now so we will show in real time” 1970 technology for you. Ps Bestie didn’t have his shooting boots on. Pps Goal of the Season at the very end- decent Osgood effort v West Brom
  7. Blimey you don’t hang around Munkworth!
  8. Kingsway Road Car Park- been empty for a week now with no wardens in sight mate
  9. Still open- living 100 yards away- the car parks are shut though.
  10. I’ve grown to like and respect you Yorkey but you are a complete political fanatic, whose anti Tory zeal seems knows no bounds. One simply cannot reason with fanatics so I shall leave it at that.
  11. Sorry Yorkie but that stating that the £330 Billion that has been freed proves that austerity was unnecessary is just loony tunes crackpot. The economy has come to a standstill consequent to a pandemic. We are looking at a thirties style World Wide Depression here. Shame on you mate...
  12. The Andrex convoys are making it through to Cheam..... Was thinking about making the best of all this spare time by studying to become a brain surgeon, but instead have plumped for an online crash course in plumbing. It makes sense that the karzi paper hoarders with box bedrooms crammed from carpet to ceiling must be wiping their dung funnels way more than before, it only to free up some space. Too much to flush, toilets getting backed up, emergency call outs....this time next year we’ll be millionaires..
  13. It had the reputation as by far the most bonkers Greek island late 80s/ early 90s. Heard stories about the place being so packed in high season they wouldn’t let people disembark from the Ferry’s. Popular with Irish for some reason
  14. Get the impression there’s not going to be as much money in football post Virus. Financial crash has got to affect TV subscriptions plus ST renewals, also think the transfer market will lower massively- bit obscene having 80 mill transfers when the worlds on its arse. Semi Permanent player wage reduction has got to be on cards. Any clubs that had plans to replace stands or rebuild must be on indefinite hold. Fulham’s Riverside Stand and Brentford’s exception because are well underway/ almost complete

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