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  1. One of my favourite ever home games. He was a chippy bastard McDermott. Can’t remember who he had a spat with when he was Keegans assstant at Newcastle- might have been Alan Hudson for some strange reason? Anyway, he said to him “ put your medals on the table”. Only a twat of a man would come out with a line like that Edit: Just checked online it was Hudson. Bit off topic but according to Kerry Dixon, in 83/84, when him and Micky Droy weren’t picked, which was pretty much all the time, they used to hit the bar in the second half.
  2. Valid points and apologies to Gol15 for the talking rubbish tag. The Premiership has been duopoly's of sorts for most of the last 25 years. Arsenal and Man U was getting a bit Celtic or Rangers until we upset the applecart, then it was either us or Man U for a period, followed by City or Man U again. A couple of curveballs thrown in with Leicester and us under Conte, then back to another period of dominance split between City and Liverpool. I think the smaller clubs have generally improved, which is why traditionally big clubs ( other than the current runaway two), seem to come unstuck more frequently than previous seasons. Saying that, I concede that there seems to be some elementary defending mistakes across the board this term.
  3. I can’t agree with that. The Premiership has a higher quotient of the worlds best players compared with 10 years ago, and elite coaches/ managers. Liverpool are dominating on a par with the best club sides ever over the past year or so, Man City did similar without copping a Euro trophy recently. We are not as good man for man as a decade gone by agreed, but unless you think that the standard worldwide has dropped I think your talking rubbish
  4. According to a mate it is me in previous pic. This is the back of his head circled in 82 at St James’s Park where it was going off big time.
  5. I’m looking at this on an iPhone- the top picture- Im not 100% sure but it looks like me at the front with a wedge haircut and dark v neck jumper. ( off work today will have better idea when see on desktop)
  6. Funny I don’t remember it raining that day. I do recall Scorpion Dry Cider being heavily advertised on hoardings, because one of our lot who spewed up on cider the night before kept getting flashbacks
  7. Shed rebuild is the obvious one, cantilevered to incorporate another tier- can’t really construct a big flat bank of an end like the Holt because of space restrictions. If that did happen, a good chunk of the new space would be devoted to corporate facilities because that’s where the dough is. Who knows...
  8. Read some bonkers article about him- he and Joey Jones used to drive down from Wrexham every day for training ( 4 hours each way) and kip on fans sofas or along those lines.
  9. Joe Corrigan was the only old first division player taller than man mountain Micky Droy according to me brothers Panini socket album in 78. Half an inch higher at 6’ 4” and a half. ( They used to have statistics- age, height, weight, birthplace, favourite fish etc) Wee Ian Britton one of the smallest. Little Britton
  10. Not a bad Osgood volley with his weaker foot. Couldn’t see an Arsenal contingent in the Shed during the crowd shot. We’re they around that year?
  11. When the “ new” East Stand was built some wag wrote to the club along the lines of “ Love the stand. There is however a major design flaw. It’s facing the pitch”
  12. Am I right in thinking that the old East Stand, and the Johnny Haynes Stand at Fulham were identical?
  13. Don’t know mate. I’ve had some good nights up there in the past but it’s not cheap.

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