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  1. Must have been around ‘74 at a guess, maybe a bit earlier. I like their old pinstripe/yellow collar kit as well as the one with the wide vertical claret and blue stripes down the middle.
  2. Tooting & Mitcham can be pretty cold when the wind blows through those high opened back ends.
  3. Fulham was fun when it was foggy too. One friday night they were playing Southampton and me and a mate went in the Putney End to check out the Soton away following, we weren't impressed. You couldn't see the other end in the fog and at half time we went up the Thamesbank, told our Fulham mates and they went round to have a go. They soon came running back calling us a pair of c**ts saying they'd been annihilated by 'men with beards'. Down at Putney Bridge station afterwards we could see what they meant.
  4. I wonder what year that is, my wife's uncle played for Racing in the late early 60's.
  5. Incredible game that, the ground just kept filling up, no-one was expecting it. It was a Saturday by the way.
  6. That Wimbledon game was the first time I went to Plough Lane. The next time soon after we got chased all over the place by Pompey after coming back from Southampton on Boxing Day.
  7. 90 minutes of taking the puss out if Malcolm Macdonald. And on that farm we had a w**k e i e I o, with a w**k w**k here, w**k w**k there.....
  8. You’d have thought the blue kit with yellow trim and socks would have done. Why did refs and the linos always wear such unfashionable boots?
  9. First game that I can remember a segregation gap at the Bridge.
  10. I was brought up in Fulham and it wasn't. You had Clem Atlee Estate on Lillee Road which probably the roughest, Fulham Court along Fulham Road near the fire station and then a couple of roads off the north part of Muster Road, Twfold Road I think it was called. Then there was the West Kensington Estate which was a bit of out my area and I could image Sands End around the power station being rough. Some of the schools were pretty tough though, Henry Compton were bastards and so were Hurlingham Girls.
  11. Grimsby fan got a 3yr banning order yesterday for trying to bring a pyro in the Bridge.
  12. Really good that, Burnley back in the 70’s to this day has probably been my favourite away ground. Funny how a scouser called it a place frozen in time, one of our old managers at work thought Liverpool was a place which looked like the war had just finished, that was in 2010.
  13. Some queue that one, if that big building in the background is the Earls Court exhibition centre. !! Which it is. It's Seagrave Road off Lillee Road.

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