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  1. Grimsby fan got a 3yr banning order yesterday for trying to bring a pyro in the Bridge.
  2. Really good that, Burnley back in the 70’s to this day has probably been my favourite away ground. Funny how a scouser called it a place frozen in time, one of our old managers at work thought Liverpool was a place which looked like the war had just finished, that was in 2010.
  3. Some queue that one, if that big building in the background is the Earls Court exhibition centre. !! Which it is. It's Seagrave Road off Lillee Road.
  4. At a guess I think it could be the September ‘66 first game of the season.
  5. The walk from the station was miles and took ages. As we were queuing to get in we could hear it all kicking off in the other end. Massive open terrace split down the middle that didn’t look that big on telly.
  6. Fighting throughout the whole match in the North Stand and then outside afterwards. Forest gave as good as they got.
  7. West Brom 1977, The Shed starting singing "Godden is a Moron" to their goalie Tony.
  8. f**king Emlyn Hughes, I’ve always hated that squeaky voiced c**t.
  9. I’ve never followed expensive football fashion other than probably DM’s. Jeans, donkey jacket, combat jacket, jungle greens. I’m no different today.
  10. I think it’s Geoff Hurst chinwagging with a young Diego Costa.

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