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  1. Best support we had at Fulham was the promotion season in the 70’s, a 3-1 defeat around Easter. Putney End rammed solid, took the Thamesbank End and filled it right across the back and about half of the rest of it plus the seats. Even my Fulham mates said when Chelsea scored a consolation goal the whole ground lifted. I honestly don’t know where the Fulham fans were able to watch, good old pay on the day and who gets there earliest.
  2. And a lot of the enclosure, that’s where I was.
  3. Geoff Hurst, f**king disaster that was too.
  4. ^ .....and on that farm he had a w**k.......
  5. True, but look how many were still there for the 1970 cup final. That would never happen in the modern game.
  6. Subbuteo Football Express was good, that was the five a side version.
  7. Serving some decent beer instead of that Singha sh*t would be a start.
  8. I’ve always loved that photo, Best in all his glory, balance, eye on the ball.
  9. John Aston of United. His name has always stuck with me because on one of his football cards back in the 60’s he had a really big head.
  10. Already relegated. The day the Holte End was taken.
  11. Exactly the view I had at Loftus Road that day, I don't think many ends were fully taken like that by coming across the pitch, I've read it happened at Bolton too but how many others can people remember?
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