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  1. I think it’s Geoff Hurst chinwagging with a young Diego Costa.
  2. Bobby Moore eyeing up the Jewellery shop across the road.
  3. Bobby Moore eyeing up the Jewellery shop across the road.
  4. She’s probably in her teens, times were hard back then.
  5. I was at that match, it wasn’t against Spurs though. Was it Wolves?
  6. I don’t think he’s ever played his Spurs past down though or bigged his Chelsea one up. Maybe I’m being harsh but I always think of him as one of them rather than us. Is he still around, haven’t heard him for years.
  7. I think that’s the Stretford End. Eddie Macs wearing yellow socks so must be the replay.
  8. I went there in the late 70’s , the day of the rampage though the DIY store. Game lads though, our lot turned up in the side terrace before kick off and came a bit unstuck.
  9. Jeff Astle taking the penalty in a FA cup home defeat. I remember my dad coming home fuming after this match, it all kicked off on the pitch when their goalie John Osbourne sat on the ball.
  10. Went in the Bridge on the Friday on my way home from work, there were a couple of Everton fans taking pics in the North Stand. I got talking to them, go easy on us tomorrow they said. High Street Ken the next day !! The barriers were still being painted yellow, it was pretty warm but didn’t dry in time and peeled off and smothered our clothes.

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