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  1. The match is on Youtube., that was pretty much the last kick of the game when Chelsea were 2-1 down. Jeff Astle's winning goal is a superb example of a great goalscorer, two players on the break and the way he gets into space to receive the ball and get a shot in. Bonetti could have done better IMO, very similar to one of the goals in the World Cup against West Germany a year later. but he also makes a wonderful penalty save. My Dad and Uncle came home fuming from this match.
  2. v. West Brom FA cup quarter final 1969. WBA goalie John Osbourne saves by sitting on the ball, Chelsea players piled in as he didn't have it in his hands and and there was an almighty melee.. It was quite common for both teams to wear their away kits back then.
  3. Yes, for that old c**t of a Sergeant from Fulham nick who looked like the bloke with glasses in 'Please Sir'.
  4. Carnage going on in the concourse by all accounts.
  5. Left hand photo is the Cardiff v Man Utd match in '74 where the Red Army got the shock of their lives.
  6. I'm sure it is, I've just watched it on Youtube and Chelsea had most of the Hillsborough Kop end that day.
  7. I used to go the Fulham and even QPR. Living in Fulham in the 70’s meant I had friends who supported both clubs. The Best/Marsh time as Fulham was enjoyable for the nearly neutral like me, still wanted them to lose mainly down the the half time announcer (David Hamilton?) milking it when Chelsea were losing away.
  8. Chelsea Ladies were in a really good position to win their league as were our kids in the Youth Cup.
  9. Back then people used to go where ever there was a big match one, I'm sure they would have had a favourite but think noting of going to WHL or Highbury when the big teams were in town.
  10. Chelsea Ladies beat The Thieves tonight so it’s not all bad.
  11. Unless they opened the centre bit Norwich was horrible with the view blocked by the fence. One time we took so many we filled both pens and it turned into a coin fight.
  12. Didn’t we play there in the League Cup 76ish? I know I was still at school but can’t be certain of the year.

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