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  1. I think it's Peter Lorimer, if that's the cup replay which I'm sure it is then that's the second high foot challenge I'm aware of.
  2. I did all the EL and League Cup matches last season.
  3. Leeds Sunderland was the first final I saw in colour at my uncles flat in Mitcham.
  4. Lovely picture. I’ve never seen that badge before, 1970/71 would normally be the single or double star.
  5. The Leicester smoke bomb game was something else, friday night as they couldn't play on Saturdays during the Rugby season as it was more popular. Constant fighting during the first half in the enclosure to our left (camera side on the telly) and they pulled hundreds of Chelsea out of there, a constant stream and stuck them in the small seated stand on our right. Then toward the end it all kicked off in the Leicester pen next to us on our left where Chelsea had got in there once the gates opened, that went on for ages too.
  6. We took the Homesdale in a pre-season around that time, they escaped across the pitch. Not massive numbers on either side though.
  7. That’s a mighty big badge ! Is it Forest?
  8. That’s a mighty big badge ! Is it Forest?
  9. One Hammer who knows quality when he sees it.
  10. I was in the North Stand, poor sod was limping when he got the ball, then lashed it in.
  11. The old away at QPR, the School End was always open, not that any Chelsea bothered to stand there. When they developed the ground that end was covered first so the Loft became the away end. I cant remember if they took the cover off though.

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