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  1. Pretty lively down Wembley Way afterwards by all accounts.
  2. Quite a lot of photos of players with those shorts from the mid to late 60’s. That tracksuit top though and the great old badge.
  3. ^ Hardly anyone in the crowd facing the pitch- Chelsea in the Bolton section ?
  4. I'd love that to go with my Pinnace cards, all of those players feature in that set too, one of two possibly cropped from the photo above.
  5. Some of these kids have got a lot to learn about the history of Chelsea's No.9's.
  6. Getting their excuses for a sh*t performance tomorrow night ready?
  7. It was a mesh fence but the squares were large enough for 2pence coins to get through, every other time I went there we were in the corner.
  8. That day was nuts. Run of the mill league match but we took thousands, the usually empty segregation terrace behind the goal was given to us and as a result it turned into a 90 minutes coin fight with Norwich, the ballboys at half time were filling their pockets.
  9. Best support we had at Fulham was the promotion season in the 70’s, a 3-1 defeat around Easter. Putney End rammed solid, took the Thamesbank End and filled it right across the back and about half of the rest of it plus the seats. Even my Fulham mates said when Chelsea scored a consolation goal the whole ground lifted. I honestly don’t know where the Fulham fans were able to watch, good old pay on the day and who gets there earliest.
  10. And a lot of the enclosure, that’s where I was.
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