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  1. And Bego and Ake... that's almost a full team there... I daresay they'd give us a run for our money if we played them this week
  2. Good shout, if he matches his potential we'll do well, if not as a fan he'd rather be a deputy here than up in manc. Should have involved him in the Matic deal somehow, now they'll probably just quote 40m for him.
  3. On CFC's mobile site he's now listed in the first-team squad, number 27. Looks like he'll be with us for the season then. Get some minutes Andreas!
  4. Good luck to him, suggests Tomori will stay with us, what with the one-interprem-loan / team. That means we've got 4 serious English prospects playing in the PL for next season. Palmer at Huddersfield Abraham at Swansea RLC at Palace and Brown in Brighton.
  5. I think it's more we went to China to make our fans out there happy. A fringe player has probably caused more repetitional damage than the tour could make up for. The club have to be as apologetic as possible. It's a PR question not a PC one.
  6. that 3-5-2 is where I think we will be if we get to quarters or more in the Champions League, maybe with Azpi at RWB though for extra security versus the Neymars and Bales of this world. Hopefully Christensen would step up at that point or Cahill adds extra steel, him and Luiz have been through a lot let's not forget.
  7. You would drop azpilicueta>!!>??
  8. The change of profile pic on Twitter is a bad sign. Why would he go out of his way to hurt the supporters of the club where he broke through?
  9. not even...he's been loaned out immediately to Fulham again
  10. bloody piazon http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2017/07/piazon-returns-for-fulham-loan.html
  11. Seeing his record of trolling he'd probably still say no to getting his name printed on the shirt. He'd just lurk there for days revelling in evil joy.
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