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  1. At least it wasn't 20 foot jpeg of Alex Sandro, because that's what I was expecting.
  2. My usual links aren't working, please can someone help me out.
  3. Just want Roman to ruin football again, those were the days
  4. Please can someone send me a link? My usual reddit soccer streams ain't working
  5. I had a dream last night Werner scored twice. We did end up losing 3-2 tho
  6. I also think this will give Tuchel an excellent spring board, if you can score against Atletico, they can score against anyone.
  7. I'm not getting carried away here but I reckon we'll win the Champions' League
  8. I worry when any manager publicly scrutinies one of their players, I really don't think CHO deserved to be called out like that especially considering he's been playing pretty decently recently.
  9. This reaction from a draw? Imagine if we lose...
  10. I'm sorry but why wasn't Jorginho, Kovacic and CHO all starting together today?
  11. Pathetic performance. Complete lack of urgency, when we get in the final third we just wait like lemmings for the opposition defence to position themselves. Alonso was trash Ziyech was trash Werner might as well have not played.
  12. I just realised I called him Timothy but honestly I don't want to edit it.
  13. The one match I can't watch live and Timothy scores. Let me guess, Newcastle sub Tupac on in the second half and a UFO crashes into the Shed End.
  14. We just won 7-0 vs BAR on aggregate! We're winning the Champions' League!!!
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