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  1. Stand out performance for me today was RLC, so good to see him back. But of course, the penalty shootout brings its dread.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving Marcos' form right now. I think he's discovered something within him that hasn't been there consistently since Conte's first season, I'm really impressed and plaudits must go to both him and Tuchel. I am concerned however at his recent stance and comments surrounding not taking the knee. I understand his point of view that it's become part of the furniture and thus the thing you do nowadays before games. I understand how that can be seen as losing a bit of its meaning. I just wish however he'd take a step back and consider the optics. I do not think for one moment that Marcos is racist however I think he himself needs to recognise what kind of message it sends and what the act of not taking the knee encourages. Already right wing platforms such as Nigel Farage etc have been praising his "act of courage against the woke". Similarly, Marcos apparently did not inform his teammates before hand that he was not going to take the knee. Now, I don't for one second would like to speculate and put words in people's mouths but surely players like Ruidger who himself has been very vocal about his experience with racism as well as his English teammates and Tammy a couple of years ago, must have interesting opinions on the matter. He has a right not to take the knee of course, I just personally feel he should reconsider what kind of message it sends. Just my opinion anyway.
  3. Chelsea v Juventus, my dream of finally seeing Sandro play at the Bridge will be realised.
  4. I hear North Korea being rumoured. Poor Human Rights record ✔️ Rampant Homophobia ✔ Government Corruption ✔ Why it's made for FIFA!
  6. Give him a squad number and chuck him in the squad
  7. At worst, a rotation player till Billy Goatmour returns. At best, a really good bargain
  8. I just don't think we'll pay the clause. Think of the optics, a club bullying Marina into agreeing into their demands. It's not the type of message our negotiators want to send across Europe.
  9. This point feels like a win, goes to show you the incredible defensive acumen Tuchel has coached into these boys
  10. My lineup: Mendy Azpi Andreas Rudi James Jorginho Kante Chilly Mount Lukaku Werner
  11. In a season where Ronaldo is going to United and Messi went to PSG, just shows how much of an arsehole Daniel Levy is to Harry Kane
  12. £42m for Kounde, Marina Masterclass yet again, she could take the lower option on The Chase And still negotiate with the Beast for more money. Absolute wonder woman
  13. My predicted lineup Mendy Chalobah Andreas Rudiger Azpi Kovacic Jorginho Alonso Mount Lukaku Werner
  14. I saw his story, apparently it was earlier this week so what potentially 10 days? There's a chance he could make the Liverpool squad.
  15. Can see it going to KDB unfortunately, Man City is their golden goose. Don't think he deserved to win POTY let alone this.
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