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  1. Would you guys take him back? I'd deffo be interested in at least seeing him play under Sarri Pre-season (if Sarri is still around)
  2. A friend of mine got me thinking about the amount of deadwood in our squad, Feel free to reply with your own (Hazard isn't on because I think his future is already decided) In my opinion: Keep at all costs: Hudson-Odoi Kante Christensen Kepa Rudiger Preferably Stay unless an amazing offer comes in: Jorginho Luiz Azpi Emerson Giroud Pedro Willy Sell: Alonso Willian Drinkwater Zappacosta Barkley Cahill
  3. Whatever the outcome, we need a director of Football.
  4. Hi guys, Tom here. I used to be a lot more active than I've been recently due to life problems. But I'm hopefully going to be on here more now!
  5. Tbh, we weren't that bad and I'm not overly sad about the loss obvs disappointing though
  6. Hey guys, I've just come from the future to tell you we win this match 3-2
  7. Don't worry Cardiff, I'm sure VAR will come to the championship too
  8. Back Sarri Sick of player power winning again If Hazard wants to leave, he can go. If any of them want to leave, they can go. We've created a toxic culture. Time to change the tide.

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