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  1. Will be interesting to find out just how close Pulisic and Ziyech are to being back
  2. I know it's Barnsley but some of these performances have put a smile on my face
  3. Simple football minds think Barkley made a mistake when missing when in actuality he was paying tribute to his close friend Morata who secured a move to Juve this week
  4. CHO has been given the opportunity to prove Frank wrong and he so far looked dire.
  5. I meant while Pulisic was injured where we've had Mount on the wing...
  6. Really don't understand why we don't play Werner on the left and Tammy in the middle
  7. I picture a Patrick Swayze style pottery making training session
  8. Willy Azpi Tomori Silva Chilwell Barkley Kante Loftus-Cheek CHO Tammy Mount
  9. Christ, remember when we had a few scrappy wins before getting spanked by Arsenal 3-0 in the league? It was well and truly the end times then, the season just didn't get better after that...
  10. Okay, from looking at the Twitter reaction, I may be in the minority but I'm optimistic on this occasion. We lost 2-0 to the league champions with a number of players injured and a player sent off. Yes, a poor result but I can't help but feel some are overreacting so early in the season.
  11. Can't stand Gary Neville on this constant doom and gloom patrol
  12. Can't help but feel these injuries are occurring more often than they used to. Don't know whether it's the medical team or Frank's training but it seems we get an injury every two or three matches.
  13. My predicted line up: Kepa James Zouma Christensen Alonso Kovacic Kante Mount Hudson-Odoi Tammy Werner Subs: Willy, Rudiger, Azpi, Jorginho, Barkley, Havertz, Giroud Gone with a midfield three, feel Lamps will trust Mount to start over Havertz due to fitness and settling in issues. As much as I'd prefer Azpi to start ahead of Alonso, got a feeling Marcos' natural attacking ability might be favoured. Don't think Pulisic will be in the squad, he's an absolute game changer but right now I don't think he'll be risked.
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