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  1. TomCFC85

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Back Sarri Sick of player power winning again If Hazard wants to leave, he can go. If any of them want to leave, they can go. We've created a toxic culture. Time to change the tide.
  2. Now imagine what it's like to play this way with a striker who can score
  3. Arguably the best Left Winger in the world, being played in the centre THE best defensive midfielder in the world, being played high up the pitch. One of the most promising young Left Backs of the Serie A, not even making the team. A left back who can't defend and has only got this far as a free kick merchant in the team. A vibrant and promising young winger being bench by a Brazilian fraud. A midfielder who's only attribute is to pass sideways. A terrible formation that has as much attacking threat as a blind folded nun. And a manager who refuses to change any of it.
  4. Sarri is 100% Alonso's sugar daddy
  5. See, I believe Sarri ball can work, I just don't think we have the players to implement it. The problem is, we don't have another option. It's forcing a round peg into a square hole.
  6. Utter sh*te Not good enough
  7. Remember when under Jose our style of football was called ugly and too defensive? Well now our football is beautiful
  8. How about Luiz in Jorginho position and bring Christensen on
  9. We've apparently rejected an offer from Barcelona of Cash plus Malcolm for Willian...
  10. TomCFC85


    Christ, if they wanted a chubby and slightly overweight thirty-something year old up front, they should've just offered me a contract.
  11. TomCFC85

    Mauro Icardi

  12. Alonso and Barkley have been dreadful
  13. Sarriball in a nutshell: