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  1. Honestly, these circumstances would be even more intriguing had fans been in the stadiums Would they turn on Lamps or demand more from the players?
  2. As long as their is breath in Alex Sandro's lungs, their is a chance of signing him.
  3. There is no cohesion, no understanding or awareness. This may sound like excuses but how do you utilise a player like Werner if no one passed to him when he's making runs? We have neutered some of Europe's most promising and successful attacking talents.
  4. Feel like the fact that Gilmour still hasn't come on could potentially be considered a war crime.
  5. Imagine Werner suddenly springing into life, dribbling past that strong Leicester defence and scoring a wordlie. Then Pulisic with his magic feet gets brought down in the box, Abraham scores the penalty with sheer power. Finally in the 90th minute, its a corner, the ball is swung in by Mount and Thiago heads it in, in the last minute Whistle blows! FT Now read the very first word of this post
  6. Mount, barring the occasional error has perhaps been the most consistent player of the Lampard era
  7. Say what you want about Lampard as an icon but this doesn't look like a team playing to keep their boss employed
  8. Our hold up play is trash. Everytime someone gets the ball, we're dispossessed so easily. Its like they're playing against a squad of Exorcists
  9. I'm not saying my opinion on Frank one way or the other but sometimes you need to question the sheer amount of players out of form. People blame and label Werner and Havertz as flops but you just have to look at the rest of squad to know everyone is dire
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