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  1. I was just wondering this, which squad would win if they played each other? 2012 Starting 11 or 2021 Starting 11 I'd argue our strongest Champions' League Final team was the only one that lost
  2. Sergio Augero said he's not leaving City till they win the champions league. Incoming 5 year contract renewal
  3. 2012 rearranged is 2021! I'M OVER THE MOOOOOOOOOON!
  4. I am absolutely sh*tting myself, come on you blues!!!!
  5. Kante at 50% is is better than Jorginho at 100% at times, let's be honest.
  6. Pretty naff result but we've got Top 4, never thought I'd say this but thank you Spurs. What worries me though is that this should've been a wake up call, but then I couldve said that about the Arsenal and Leicester games, we've had way too many so called "Wake Up calls" and I truly hope by the time the final roles around we'll pull something out the bag. Mendy getting injured worries me, but the Kepa we had last season isn't the same we had now, that being said I'm still bracing myself for a final defeat. Seems to me we've been limping towards the finishing line for the last mo
  7. That goal from Alonso was phenomenal too, had shades of Alex Sandro
  8. The fact that we beat this City team without many of our best players is a testament to the Thomas Tuchel system I am in love
  9. Ziyech and Gilmour off Havertz and Jorginho on I have spoken
  10. Jeez, hope we don't miss out on playing European Elite football next season. Would be good if we got guaranteed access whatever position we finish yknow, feel like a lot of people would like that idea
  11. Just to be clear, I'm not watching but Havertz needs to come off for Werner and Ziyech to come on for Kante but again, I'm not watching just to be clear.
  12. I for one will not be watching the match It's the principle, the club has disappointed me. If someone could send me a link to the match so I know what not to click on, that would be appreciated.
  13. Thank God, the league won't be formed and most importantly, Thank God we won't have to play against a team with Alex Sandro, don't think any of our wingers would be able to cope.
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