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  1. That goal from Alonso was phenomenal too, had shades of Alex Sandro
  2. The fact that we beat this City team without many of our best players is a testament to the Thomas Tuchel system I am in love
  3. Ziyech and Gilmour off Havertz and Jorginho on I have spoken
  4. Jeez, hope we don't miss out on playing European Elite football next season. Would be good if we got guaranteed access whatever position we finish yknow, feel like a lot of people would like that idea
  5. Just to be clear, I'm not watching but Havertz needs to come off for Werner and Ziyech to come on for Kante but again, I'm not watching just to be clear.
  6. I for one will not be watching the match It's the principle, the club has disappointed me. If someone could send me a link to the match so I know what not to click on, that would be appreciated.
  7. Thank God, the league won't be formed and most importantly, Thank God we won't have to play against a team with Alex Sandro, don't think any of our wingers would be able to cope.
  8. Then with respect, I feel you didn't know the full extent of the problem.
  9. POV: You're Perez, you've just spent 4 hours in a press conference justifying why you're creating a new club competition that has been labelled disgusting and money-grubbing by the press. The public hates you. You say among other things: -Teenagers don't watch football anymore -Matches should be shortened You know you've put your entire reputation on the line in order to make money. You know the backlash is hard, but with perseverance, eventually the Super League will be formed and this will be a distant memory. The literal next day: "All 12 Clubs meeting to disband the league"
  10. I hope this isn't the end of the backlash, I don't want any of these clubs to be recontextualised as "saviours of the football" They knew what they were doing, they don't deserve any credit. If anything, we should celebrate the power of fan power and make sure nothing like this happens again.
  11. This is a coward's back track, the positive thing would've been never to agree to it in the first place.
  12. Really have no motivation to watch to be honest.
  13. Also just wanted to say this: If it comes to a point where the ESL doesn't go through or Chelsea withdraw, do not give any of them any credit, do not commend them for listening to reason or "listening to fans" Whatever decision they make will be made on whatever fills their pockets alone. This is why the only way to stop this from happening is to fine their pockets. Withdraw government loans, deduct them points, do whatever it takes. And if the day comes when all of this circus is over and the ESL seems like a distant memory. Do not forget what these clubs tried to do, do not forget
  14. The Players must speak out now, all their hard work going down the drain.
  15. I may be naive but surely the extreme backlash from basically everyone will be enough for them to back down.
  16. And here it is folks! Champions League has been temporarily suspended.
  17. I'm fairly certain Twitter is united in opposing this from what I've seen.
  18. I'm sorry guys, I feel sick to my stomach. I'm embarrassed, I can't put into words how upset I am.
  19. Absolute scum. Looks like PSG and Leicester are winning the Champions League and FA Cup then as we could genuinely be kicked out of both.
  20. Guys, I will take a one legged Alex Sandro at this point, it's the only way I'll be free of this pain. It's the principle.
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