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    TheSocialShark reacted to big blue in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Not really sure you can level that at him. Barcelona refused to sell, no team would pay €700m release clause, and any court proceedings wouldve been lengthy and couldve seen city or messi being order to pay hundreds of millions. 
    I hate the whole debate to be honest. Ronaldo is a fantastic footballer, messi is a fantastic footballer. 
    There really isnt enough between them to argue about it. 
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    TheSocialShark reacted to kiwi1691 in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Rather shortsighted of Barca, they are in a bad situation financially. They could do with an approx 100m the could get selling Messi to city. Forcing him to stay one more season against his will, so he can then leave for free next season makes no sense. 
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Zeta in Lewis Dunk has a dog called Didier   
    No thanks.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to mad_mac in Sergi Reguilon   
    SUrely this can be put to bed now that we've signed Chilwell
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Imran_CFC in Edouard Mendy to Chelsea!   
    He is catching the ball in one of the pictures so he clearly is an upgrade on Kepa
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Argo in Malang Sarr   
    Probably because Frank has realized there's only so many new players you can put in in one go. A Silva Sarr partnership alongside our other new recruits we'd be looking at our preferred Xl having 7 new players in it, it's too much.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Munkworth in Malang Sarr   
    But apparently Abramovich will get bored with his new toy!*
    *according to the entire world circa 2003
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    TheSocialShark reacted to driller97 in Malang Sarr   
    Wasn't this guy really hyped a couple years ago? Not sure what happened but he's still only 21 and has bags of potential. Worth taking on a free and can loan out if necessary
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    TheSocialShark reacted to SFL82 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    But would you have been up for Sancho at 120 million euros? 
    A winger to me is far more high risk of becoming just another quick player with a few tricks and not enough end product than a guy that is intelligent, technical and can play in several different positions, offers you goals, playmaking, distribution, creativity...
    That type of player is the rarest to come by It means they not only have technical ability and intelligent but end product, you can cover over faults with pace and step overs and going past players, you can’t fake being a Zidane type of player.
    When you find one of those that can do what he can do  it’s a “generational talent” it’s not a stab in the dark there is consensus that this is what this young man is, it’s not hype, it’s observation. 
    Is there a risk with a high price tag, yes always, and if you want to be an average club, financially sensible, not taking risks then sure pass him up. 
    If you want to be elite, the best, then you go after the best, we have a rare opportunity and we have gone after it, it’s amazing anyone who wants to see Chelsea compete at elite levels would find issue with this. 
    This isn’t a shot at you so forgive me but In general the type of fan who would object to this is the type that gets an insurance policy for their budgie. 
    We want to be the best so we have to go in and take calculated risks, as stands we can’t afford or attract the top tier players at career peaks, so we have to buy them younger and even havertz we would not have got him under normal circumstances, we are doing the absolute right thing here to project us back to elite levels, talent attracts more talent. 
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    TheSocialShark reacted to dansubrosa in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Another foreign player with a fancy name that people have only watched for 1 or 2 games because we are linked with him. I’ll stick with Barkley thanks.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to SydneyChelsea in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Bollocks, I'd rather we knock them out of the Champions League and ruin their fairytale with Mason "Messinaldo" Mount scoring the winner
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    TheSocialShark reacted to CFCCAN in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Not quite.. if the club consent its a 700 million euro buy out; his contract doesn't end until June 2021
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    TheSocialShark reacted to CFCCAN in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    If they seemingly can't afford Sancho I doubt they have any cash for Messi
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Amputechture in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Yet another foreign player nobody has heard of a week ago. Pass...
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    TheSocialShark reacted to chi blue in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Can he play in goal?
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Gem in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    Can he defend??
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Gol15 in Lionel Messi to Chelsea?   
    We don't even need him, after we sign Havertz we're done with offensive players.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Sparkz in Nathan Ake   
    The argument was that Pep supposedly improves defensive players. The likes of Otamendi, Mendy, Stone and Cancelo haven't improved under his management. If he was so good at developing defensive players he shouldn't need to spend another 40 million on another defender 
    Ederson is probably the 2nd best GK in the League while Kepa has been the worst GK in the league, that's huge. You also underrate Laporte IMO who is top class and only behind VVD
    You also need to factor in that Pep has been at City 4 years and has spent 300 million on defenders while Lampard has been at Chelsea for 1 year and hasn't spent a penny on defenders. Of course City are going to be tactically better defensively than us
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    TheSocialShark reacted to jack_super_class in Nathan Ake   
    No he doesn't need to develop and make every player better but he hasn't developed any in defence.....  hes just thrown money at it. You said Ake will improve under Pep likes its 100% certain. But he hasn't improved any of the defenders he has signed. I never said Pep hasn't improved any players, but the defensive ones? not for me. 
    Lampard has and deserves criticism for our defending this season and the amount of goals we have conceded. But Lampard didn't buy these players like Guardiola has done a City. City have a much better GK than us which helps. Lampard is an inexperienced manager, so he will make mistakes. Some of the goals we conceded this season have been screamers, bad GK, bad luck, set pieces, bad defending, not all down to just our defenders.
    When did i say we shouldn't buy some defenders?.
    Your post is a bit like, im just going to make up stuff you said to suit my agenda.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to axman2526 in Nathan Ake   
    A must admit I am a tad disappointed we are not returning for Ake. Think he would be an upgrade and useful to have as our left center back.
    Could fund his deal for the most part by selling Christensen. 
    Should offload Zouma and Rudiger while we are at it too. Playing Abraham or Batman at CB would be no worse than them.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Chelsbear in West Ham Utd v Chelsea (PL) Wed 1st July 2020 20:15 GMT   
    Nicest way to say it. 
    It's been embarrassing and Frank needs to address his back 4 before they get him the sack
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Luca Vialli in West Ham Utd v Chelsea (PL) Wed 1st July 2020 20:15 GMT   
    Well done lads, You've made David Moyes look like a tactical genius.
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    TheSocialShark reacted to RIP Mourinho in West Ham Utd v Chelsea (PL) Wed 1st July 2020 20:15 GMT   
    Mount’s our most important player. Sets the tempo and brings energy all over the pitch. Has to start every game here on out. 
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Chelsbear in West Ham Utd v Chelsea (PL) Wed 1st July 2020 20:15 GMT   
    Reminds me of Hazard, not prime Hazard but the raw talented one we signed at 21. 
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    TheSocialShark reacted to Dr Gonzo in West Ham Utd v Chelsea (PL) Wed 1st July 2020 20:15 GMT   
    f**king water break! The most pointless thing I've ever seen. It's turned into f**king American football. 
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