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  1. Lautaro Martinez is a brilliant player, but if we look at Inter's striking pair we already have the small fast player in Werner, what we need is the big powerful wall player and Lukaku is pretty damn good at that. Could be a powerful combination with Werner
  2. That's not what's happening though. It's easy to draw a line-up called "what the line-up of Whatever FC would look like today if they had held on to their star players (haha, silly Whatever FC)", but that's not how the business works. Dortmund are not choosing to stagnate for money's sake, it's just incredibly difficult to move beyond their current state. Every once in a while we witness European standout seasons, we saw Dortmund in 2012/13, Monaco in 2016/17, Ajax in 2018/19. At the end of these seasons, did the world consider these teams among the best two / four teams in Europe? No, an
  3. A great read and some very enjoyable messages, but it reads more like a press release than an interview to me. So much so that I wonder what the role of the so-called "contributor" Lee Igel was and whether he actually spoke to Roman or just got sent a written statement. It certainly can't be drawn from the article that he asked any questions, usually a key aspect to any interview. Don't get me wrong, I think Roman is a brilliant owner and even more so after these latest statements. I just feel like we're overcrediting him a bit on the interview aspect. Because giving an interview - partic
  4. In that case he's as tough as a daisy
  5. Looks like another attempt at making Emerson the next David Alaba in LCB - I'm all for it!
  6. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/03/21/chelsea-line-up-vs-sheffield-united
  7. Why does the line-up on the website look completely different?
  8. If I had to put my money on it I'd bet Kane to City and Haaland to United this summer. I believe Pep would consider Kane technically far superior to Haaland, he's at the right age and it might be the right time for him this summer. Might wanna try to win a title at some point. Out of the remaining suitors for Haaland, United surely is one of the most solvent and they're also an obvious fit. Cavani will be gone, Martial is a pretty useless center forward so it would be the obvious transfer to try and compete for the League next season. And us? I'm just not sure if I'm as e
  9. Seriously guys, I love our squad. I can't explain to you how thrilled I am about going through last night, because it means we'll get to see Mason, Callum, Tammy, Reece, Pulisic, Timo, Kai and Andreas compete with an international top club in a Champions League quarter final - I think this could be the beginning of an era. I love the prospect in our squad back to front, and it has made me think what additions we should make in the summer. How would you feel about - David Alaba (not actually that old) - Eden Hazard - Sergio Agüero for a combined GBP 30m? A bunch of high
  10. Yes but the further away from your torso the touch occurs, your opponent being closer to the ball, the worse it's starting to look. Was definitely relieved when the game resumed last night
  11. Thanks for the investigatory work now we know their entire plan and they have no idea muahahhahahaha
  12. Ok this might be nitpicky but for 3 weeks now everyone in the media has been talking about "how we managed to get the invaluable away goal" and it bugs me. With 1-0 being the only scoring away result that under no circumstances allows you to "go through on away goals", the fact that the goal was scored away has no inherent value. You may despise me for it but I'd argue we achieved an invuable away win, not goal.
  13. I've never enjoyed watching press conferences this much
  14. I don't know my experience is quite different from that, even with our latest game against Leeds. The game started out with good intensity (on both sides actually) which then faded, rather frustratingly. The other day saw someone describe our first leg against Leeds one of our best performances this season, now that game certainly had a very dodgy/nervous start to it. In fact it started out quite similarly to our first leg against Everton, but against Leeds we turned up whereas against Everton our frustration kept growing (with lots of woodwork involved). Last week against Everton I found the
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