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  1. Giving a player who's just returned from injury a first performance off the bench couldn't be more normal and makes a lot of sense. If anything you could be annoyed about Frank being too honest about players' fitness status in press conferences.
  2. I am and always have been one of the Christensen critics (particularly when he was supposed to compete with the man Zouma) and Tomori supporters on this forum. But if we look beyond the obvious red card against Pool, Christensen has already shown hints of aggression and leadership this season that go beyond what I've seen from him before. Tomori however, despite a strong half against Liverpool, was annoyingly sloppy in both League cup games, as if our leads in both instances took the pressure/urgency out of his game. Made me a bit worried about a 'turning up for the big games' patter
  3. ------------------Werner----------------- Pulisic-----------Havertz-------------CHO ----------Jorginho-----Kante------------- Chilwell-----Zouma-----AC4---------Azpi -----------------Caballero---------------
  4. I've found Zouma more convincing than Rüdiger at any point they spent in this league simultaneously. I'm not denying Rüdiger has been a convincing CB for us at times, but Zouma has always been more reliable, focused and committed. The one thing Rüdiger got on Zouma is appearance. Just like pretty much any CB, Rüdiger looks sleeker and more elegant in his movement and more gifted on the ball. But with Zouma, appearances a deceiving. They are considered a limitation to his talent ceiling. I disagree. I believe Zouma is becoming a master of his craft and, if things go right, will become on
  5. Billy Gilmour is expected to be available again in a month
  6. Non-improved CHO 2021 for 70m GBP to Bayern + buy-back clause. Easy for Marina
  7. I hope today's performances by Leicester and Liverpool make some people question their assessment of what we achieved against West Brom
  8. After Zouma's mysterious absence against West Brom, maybe Frank is working on his defense in case Rüdiger can't be sold by tomorrow, pointing out that all CBs have to stay home at some point in this big squad and that Rüdiger was always part of his plans... But maybe there's another, less useless explanation
  9. No I'm saying the fact he hasn't done that in 6 years means it has no elevated relevance for our considerations regarding the coming game against Palace.
  10. I was talking about whether that tackle more than 6 years ago should impact our view of him as a penalty threat, not on whether or not he should be in prison for it. And to that I say his tackle against Tottenham didn't worry me at all, because it's what he's been doing for 6 years now.
  11. Oh so we're not talking about his performance but about his guilt?
  12. Don't care what he did 20 years ago, 6 years of Premier League football is sufficient evidence for me
  13. I don't mind the sale of Rudiger because I've seen good signs from all our CBs so far this season. Zouma strong as always, Christensen displaying a bit more aggression and leadership and Silva - despite to major blunders - already looks like he could add another dimension to our defense in terms of boldness, aggression and forward passing. I'd therefore be fine with any combination of these three. I've also liked the look of Tomori but I feel like at this stage of his career he needs to be careful to not only show up focused for the big and difficult games but try and establish dominance again
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