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  1. I'm rather devastated that you rate our title winning chances at only 29% :/
  2. I believe the 3-5-2 with Hazard-Morata as front two would be excellent, due to their different physique and possibly strong technicl compatibility it could work out perfectly. It gives you so many options, one of the two might move to the wing while the other stays in the middle, one might fall deeper while the other stays up front, and both have the technical abilities to do both. I feel like this would add such great offensive flexibility and unpredictability, especilally with Fabregas in behind, which the rather fixed 3-4-3 was maybe lacking in some games. What it does require though, is very strong wing backs (as they are even more vital than in the 3-4-3) and sufficient MF back-up for three positions. So, for the 3-5-2 to be effective, we'd probably have to do a bit more transfer business. But when talking about the 3-4-3, Sanchez might indeed be a bit of an update on Pedro, but the latter was also very strong last season, and I believe there are bigger concerns in the starting 11 than him on RW.
  3. How can these newspapers be so dumb and seriously state we might buy van Dijk?
  4. Cedric Soares would be my favourite RWB purchase. Check this guy out, pacey, composed, good crosses, a great defender and PL experienced. Actually the better player than Bertrand in my opinion, even though the latter could also challenge Alonso for the spot. But Sandro for LWB and Cedric for RWB would be my absolute dream solution!
  5. A thread with the completely surprising and shamelessly radical title 'Alexis Sanchez', written with a capital A and S. Those Chelsea Fans must have gone mad!
  6. Actually I just read recently that we have had the highest transfer income worldwilde over the last 4 years, and the best transfer balance of basically any big european club (even after Morata)! But if people want to stultify themselves, I don't mind...
  7. As my gal Taylor tends to say: haters gonna hate
  8. I know, what's coming next? MOST ATTRACTIVE HAIRCOLOUR FINALLY REVEALED? My sister suggested I should colour my hair blonde. If you wanna know what my collueges think about that idea, read on...
  9. Obviously, and I wouldn't even say that it is a serious, considerable factor. I think it's a combination, as the article rightly pointed out. On the one hand there is the general fear or dislike towards club ownership and investment in Germany, which is manifested in the 50+1 rule (even though some supporters start to point out that this attitude might actually inhibit the growth and compatibility of the league), and on the other hand the specific RB-marketing aspect in this case, which is indeed pretty questionable by any standards. Must be a bit tough when the only purpose of the club you support is to sell more sticky soft drinks on the continent.
  10. Not really that complicated after all
  11. The recent development of Dortmund is indeed a bit sad, their rise under Klopp was the best thing that happened to the BL in a long time. You're right about Leipzig, and I cannot understand why whole Germany hates them so much, after all they spend about 50m last year, and not 200m or something. The truth is money doesn't score goals, but clever management can, and what this all new club achieved with those 50m in transfer sums last year was more than impressive! Probably the BL was just a bit shocked how fast their traditional big clubs could be overtaken. So if Leipzig are smart, and last season certainly looked like they are, they could indeed be a threat in the long term
  12. But they are very, very far away from that. The direct duel showed that the gap between these clubs is huge, and I don't see any German team reaching Bayern's level within the next 5 years. As a German I can tell you it's hard to find a more boring league across Europe than the Bundesliga. It's really funny to see German football fans being confused about why the PL is so much more popular internationally and more lucrative, rather than our "best league in the world".
  13. ... and the others of course!
  14. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/832386/Chelsea-transfer-news-Arsenal-Alexis-Sanchez Congrats mate, you made it into the Express!
  15. Right now, it doesn't really seem to me like were running into a HG problem. Our current core squad excl HG or U21 players is Thibaut, Willy, Eduardo, Luiz, Rüdiger, Azpi, Alonso, Kanté, Bakayoko, Eden, Pedro, Willian, Morata, Batshuayi which is 14 players (plus Moses, Christensen, Cahill, Fábregas, Baker, Kenedy, Musonda etc who are HG or U21). That means we can sign 3 more non-HG players (eg 1CM, 2 WB), and only if we wanted to sign more than another 3 (which sounds quite ambitious to me) we'd need to look for HG/U21 players (Chamberlain, Bertrand, Richarlison), and if not, we can consider non-HG from our squad like Remy, Pasalic or Baba. So right now, I don't think we should make this difficult transfer market even more difficult by exaggeratedly concentrating on the HG status of players.

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