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  1. Of course it's absolutely absurd. All of it. But when we're talking about the difference between 520k and 320k then only in the context of the impact on our club's performances and success (lower remaining budget + mood of the squad). There it could make a difference for us as fans. From a moral viewpoint I've just personally reframed the whole thing at this point. I hardly spend any money on football any more, so if some guys pay some other guy 520k a week for my free entertainment I'll take it.
  2. So what, apparently we considered those loans a good deal, otherwise why did we agree on them? Cuadrado didn't work well for us, so he went to Juve. Instead of buying him, they loaned him. On the one hand, we didn't get any money, on the other hand the player remained ours. If he had suddenly exploded we could have said "thanks for achieveing that juve, welcome back to London Cuadrado" or could have sold him on for way more money. Ultimately he was only alright, so throguh the loans and the loans we only just about got our money back. All of that happened on our own terms though, no
  3. Not sure, you're comparing 2 very specific situations now with Hakimi and Tomori. Plus, there's nothing inherently immoral or "cheeky" about any of these things. 1. Any club can demand whatever sum they like for a player with a remining contract, unless that contract includes a release clause. They might end up with a dissatisfied player and missing out on some clever business, but it's well within their right. 2. It's not necessarily cheeky to offer a club a fee lower than the agreed option to buy. The option to buy is merely an option to unilaterally buy the player at a certain pri
  4. I think we`re all in agreement that Hakimi would not fundamentally threaten James but play alongside him. Now that could be as a RCB in a back 3, which James has played a lot towards the end of the season. However, for a long time I've been thinking James could also be a midfield powerhouse for us, physical, great delivery from the half spaces and a strong shot from a distance. I could picture James - Kanté to be amazing. I find it unfortunate that we hardly got to see him in that role last season, which would means there'd be some risk in having this assumption impact our transfer plans
  5. Well possible, but if Tammy had started all of Werner's games the season would be over for us today, we could tune into Man City - Real next Saturday and afterwards prepare for our Europa League campaign next season
  6. I'd prefer Mbappe, would be a logical transfer
  7. Mbappe is actually a really good call. Particularly if we win the Champions League Tuchel should give him a call and tell him to avoid the sinking ship Madrid. With one year left on his contract he probably wouldn't be more expensive than Sancho or Salah. The latter could then go to Paris in his place. Ideal.
  8. Pep isn't stupid, this cunning plan won't distract him from the fact that we're obviously gonna play 3-4-3 in the final. As to gaining experience, the 3-4-3 allows for very different approaches. Our schedule disadvantage might well see us rotate a little bit and for once sit a little deeper and look for counter attacks. In that case we'll be a very different side this weekend compared to in three weeks. Switching to a back 4 in this game equals immediate surrender imo, might as well be really secretive by staying at home all together
  9. I don't think Abraham is a good fit for this game, especially since we might not have the lungs to dominate the midfield today. Sending Werner over the top sounds much more promising. I think our best approach is to be compact, pack the area in front of our box and trouble City with counter attacks. This way we don't give anything away because our approach in the final will be much more aggressive -----Pulisic--Werner--Ziyech----- Alonso---Kanté--Gilmour--James ---Rüdiger----AC4----Zouma--- -------------Mendy-------------
  10. Nah I bet they wouldn't sell him for less than 100m. I think our attack is actually pretty strong and well stacked. Giroud will go so maybe getting Depay instead would be a good idea. Maybe he'll work out and if he doesn't it's not a massive loss. Pulisic - CHO - Mount - Havertz - Werner - Ziyech - Depay - Abraham would be a pretty strong group of attackers. I'd rather keep 23 y o Giroud and see 34 y o Abraham retire, but I guess that's not an option. I still think Abraham should stay and get more games against low block teams, in which his goal instinct would serve us better than Ti
  11. Doesn't have to be a disadvantage imo. Let's have Pep spend every minute of the next three weeks coming up with some magical way to screw it up while we keep our rhythm.
  12. When did Toni Rüdiger turn into the best freaking CB on the planet??? Ridiculous
  13. Crazy how much more composed Havertz looks now than at the start of the season
  14. I think it's a sensible response by UEFA. Much better to say "unless you do x by xxxday..." than simply retaliate for ultlimate destruction. That's one of the fundamental wrongdoings of the ESL 12. If they had really worried about the flaws of UEFA or the CL system they could have said in seriousness "look guys if these things don't change we'll have to come up with an alternative." One could have agreed or disagreed. But these clubs knew where they wanted to go so they didn't bother to waste time on any of that
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