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  1. I'd say we've definitely been unlucky this season in comparison to some other teams. Just look at Liverpool - they've been gifted 2 last minute wins this season against Everton and Spurs due to goalkeeping howlers. Have we had a goalkeeping error like that go in our favour this season? I can't recall any. Hopefully it'll mean that next season we'll have some fortune go our way!
  2. I also agree that it's swings and roundabouts. This season we haven't had the rub of the green, but there have been other seasons where a lot has gone our way. When it's such tight margins luck can play it's part. And in my opinion we've had less of it this season than the rest of the top 6.
  3. Arsenal's win away at Watford was huge for them unfortunately. It was a must-win game for them and guess what? Everything in the match goes their way. Goalkeeping howler for their goal, then Watford going down to 10 men inside 15 minutes. They were then outplayed by 10 men and were lucky to escape with a win. If Arsenal continue like that they will lose their remaining away games. Compared to the other teams in the top 6 we've been very unlucky this season. Haven't had the rub of the green at all (bar Cardiff away).
  4. CHO didn't have a great game, but we have to keep playing him over Willian and Pedro. The experience he'd have gained from playing in that match is invaluable. I think Sarri got it wrong by playing CHO on the right - he should have been on the left where he is most dangerous and Willian or even Pedro should have played on the right.
  5. Absolutely huge game. If we win we will be big favourites to finish in the top 4, and it will also ruin Liverpool's title chances. If we lose I still think we'll make top 4 but it'll be a lot closer, and Liverpool will probably go on to win the league (which would be a disaster!). A draw would be a decent result for us - a point gained rather than 2 points dropped and City should also be able to close the league out. Regarding the match, we need to make sure that we keep things tight in the first 30 minutes. Liverpool are a first half team, but you can get to them in the 2nd half when there is less energy in their press. The tighter the game the more pressure on Liverpool as the game goes on as they will desperately be needing the win. It may not be a popular opinion on here, but I'd be very tempted to start Kovacic and Willian over RLC and CHO for this match. Then unleash both RLC and CHO after 60 minutes to have a go at Liverpool's fatigued legs. I'd also seriously consider going with a false 9 and use the same line-up as against City at the bridge and in the cup final. On the back of 3 league wins on the bounce, I'm confident that we'll get something from this match.
  6. Haha, that's much better coco
  7. I can't believe that numpty Rory Jennings has his own thread on here. Can it be moved? Or even better, deleted?
  8. Christensen is no slouch. And more importantly I think he is seems quicker over a short distance than Rudiger. It sometimes takes Rudiger longer to get into his stride, but when he's in his stride he must be one of the quickest players in our squad. I sometimes feel that Rudiger can be a little flat footed though.
  9. We were unbeaten in the league until late November, so you can understand why Sarri wasn't too keen on changing the team and playing a 17 year old. Also, RLC was out for most of January/February with his back issues, otherwise I'm sure he'd have played more. I do agree that we've left it too late to give CHO a league start, but only by a couple of months.
  10. Quote from an article last week... “It’s a great feeling to play week in, week out in a good league and to play on the international stage as well,” James said. “My ambition is to play for Chelsea, and every day I work hard to get there. “I was a fan as a kid...my heroes growing up were (Frank) Lampard, (John) Terry and (Didier) Drogba. “Sooner or later, hopefully I get chance.” I've seen similar quotes from Loftus-Cheek before. They love the club and really want to make it at Chelsea. For whatever reason I don't feel that Hudson-Odoi feels the same. Hopefully he will in time with more first team minutes.
  11. Yeah you're right, but I still have the faith that things are going to click into gear for us. Starting Ruben and CHO together will be the start of it - it's a no-brainer for Sarri. He will be getting the crowd onside whilst improving the starting xi at the same time. Whilst I'm always one of the first on here to defend Sarri's tactics, I have questioned his team selections this season. Hopefully he starts seeing what the fans see and starts playing RLC, CHO, Emerson and Christensen more regularly.
  12. I'm as excited about Reece James as I am CHO. And that's a lot! He has to be in the first team squad next season and starting a lot of matches. We have a great opportunity to get our world class British core back with CHO, RLC and Reece James.
  13. There is all to play for mate. I know performances haven't been good of late, but on our day we can beat anyone. And we've proved that this season with wins against Arsenal, Spurs, City and Liverpool already.
  14. Our next 2 league games are crucial. If we can beat Brighton and West Ham that'll be 3 league wins on the bounce and will give us a lot of momentum going into the Europa League/Liverpool matches. Liverpool have so much pressure on them at the moment, it's not easy fighting for the league and they haven't been that good of late - they've been grinding out the results. They also still have the champions league to think about. We can definitely beat both Liverpool & United away - and I think we will! I'm more worried about playing the likes of Brighton and West Ham who will most likely park the bus. If we win our next 2 league games we will finish top 4.

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