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  1. Leave it out, it's been one game. Some of the comments are totally not justified. If you're going allow Havertz time (which we obviously should) despite having no injury and having played the whole of last season, you need to allow the same for Ruben.
  2. Hoping he gets another start against Liverpool - a fit Ruben is one of the best players in the league. Really happy how Lampard defended him in the presser, the reaction of some so called fans and the media was way OTT.
  3. Last season was a write off for him due to injury, but he had 2 very good seasons before that. Under mourinho he was a teenager so to judge him harshly then is pretty ridiculous. He's had 2 starts in 16 months and had a serious injury. I cannot believe how impatient some of our fans are. Mind boggling.
  4. That's the thing I disagree with though Nibs, I think it's a myth that he's been given loads of opportunities to impress. He sat on our bench for years as the club thought he was too good for a loan, but Mourinho and others didn't give him a chance when he first came through. He then went and had a very good season with Palace on loan and broke into the England team (getting a man of the match for England too). Then under Sarri we were all screaming for him to be given more of a chance in the first half of the season, but a combination of Sarri being stubborn and niggling injuries meant that h
  5. This was his 2nd start for us in well over a year due to a serious injury and covid. Absolutely outrageous that some are writing him off. He didn't have a good game last night, but neither did Mount or Havertz (Havertz had a shocker - passed the ball out of play a number of times under no pressure at all). These guys need a run in the team to get up to speed. That being said, I think he needs to be played deeper to get the best out of him. That's where we will get the best use out of his main qualities - Strength and ball carrying ability.
  6. So happy with this line-up!!! Buzzing!! I reckon pulisic is a week or 2 away from full match fitness.
  7. Cannot wait for the season to start! Looks like we have a few injuries including CHilwell, Pulisic & Ziyech and Kovacic is suspended, so I would love to see this team start on Monday. ---------- Kepa -------- James - Zouma - Silva - Azpi ------- RLC ---- Kante ------ Mount ---- Havertz ------- Hudson-Odoi ---------- Werner ------- We have so many options now. Our squad is looking so strong! I still worry about us defensively though - I hope Silva sorts that out!
  8. Does he lack physically? Yes. Can that get exposed in certain matches? For sure. But for me he is still a quality midfielder and I can see him flourishing playing alongside our new attacking talent. It seems like he's the odd one out at the moment in our squad and probably most likely to be replaced, but he's still an important player for me and I'd like him to stay. He had a great game yesterday as Italy controlled the midfield against Frenkie De Jong and his dutch colleagues.
  9. So happy with this! I cant stop looking at his pic with Frank having just signed the contract. This guy has an aura about him - I cannot wait to see him play for us!
  10. His confidence was shot to pieces for the last few months of the season and it was painful to watch. He had a decent first season with us though, so willing to give him another season with a better defense/team in front of him. Although he was bad, the amount of clear cut chances we gave away last season was ridiculous. A new goalie would be good, but I don't think it's as essential as some on here.
  11. I can see us gatecrashing the top 2. Head says 2nd, heart says 1st!
  12. Quality player, fully deserved the award!
  13. I can't remember a worse defender for us in the past 20 years
  14. This ref is an absolute C UN T! Giving them everything! Formation isn't working. Hook Rudiger off and get Kante on and go 4-3-3 and win the midfield.
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