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  1. That's where our views differ because I actually think he does protect the back line. He might not be able to chase back if he's beaten, but the amount of times he intercepts our opponents passes when they try and attack us is ridiculous. He's always there mopping up and restarting the attack. Brilliant reader of the game and stops a lot of attacks before they get started. He'll never be one for chasing down the channels but we're lucky we have 2 kantes for that! 😉
  2. Yeah I agree with you. And to be fair he has had some very bad games where I've been shouting that I never want to see him in a Chelsea shirt again in the heat of the moment haha (west brom one of those games). But the positives far outweigh the negatives for me, especially against the best teams and in the Champions League.
  3. Jorginho is an amazing player with a unique skill set, so will never get the plaudits from certain fans. He doesn't look like an athlete and he's not fast or strong, so he'll always be doubted. He's a masterful reader of the game with excellent technical ability. The way he can set the tempo of the game is phenomenal. So lucky to have him.
  4. I love Ruben as a player, I still think he's one of if not the most talented youngster that has come through our academy. Really doesn't look like he's going to make it with us now though, although I hope I'm wrong. The injury killed all his momentum. He had a year out of the game which is a huge amount, he's had 1 season back under his belt with Fulham which would have done him the world of good, although he'd have been nowhere near his best. I think a season long loan move to Lazio would be absolutely perfect for him and I think he'd do really well. Not sure he'll be with us long term though
  5. Mendy Rudiger Silva Azpi James Chilwell Kante Jorginho Mount Werner Havertz (coin toss between him and Pulisic)
  6. Love Jorgi, he's brilliant. I don't know how any chelsea fan can dislike him, just listen to his interviews. Such a competitor and team player. Yes, he's made some shocking individual mistakes this season, but that's because he's brave enough to ask for the ball on the edge of our own box constantly to help us break through the press. We are at our best when he is in the team and I hope that he starts alongside Kante tomorrow - and I'm one of Kovacic's biggest fans, I think he's brilliant! But Kante is the world's best and we play better as a team and more connect with Jorgi in there.
  7. I've been his biggest critic and he was playing awfully to be fair. He has been brilliant under Tuchel though and was amazing last night! Back 3 suits him perfectly.
  8. His delivery is ridiculously good. Absolutely nothing to criticise about his performance today.
  9. James was ridiculous today, especially in that second half. He dragged us back into the game - he was so so so good! Unbelievable that he's only 21!!!!
  10. I'm still a fan. His pace puts a fear into our opponents, especially those that play a high line. He'll come good.
  11. I personally think we've been playing good football under Tuchel. We've had some very tough games since he joined and have generally played well. Also looking really good against the top teams, which are games we've struggled with in recent years. We played some of the best football in europe during the Crystal Palace game a couple of weeks back, especially in the first half. I think a lot people forget our attacking players are all still so young. Mount 22, Pulisic 22, Havertz 21, CHO 20.
  12. Jorgi dominated today. What a lad.he slaughtered their midfield
  13. Jorginho and Silva ffs! Jorg has been absolute dog sh*t! I was screaming at the TV after 2 minutes telling the players to f**king wake up! They've all looked half asleep.
  14. Mount to score the winner against PSG in the final. I'm starting to daydream haha. Nice draw, but we cant underestimate Porto, they're a very good team.
  15. Tommy likes playing very high wingback, they are basically wingers. And one of those is usually a bit more offensive. Looks like Pulisic is playing right wing in a 3-2-4-1 formation
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