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  1. My gf has decided to cancel the trip Valerie and I said I'd back whatever decision she decided to make. Ultimately, we thinks its just too much of a risk - we're more worried about catching it and infecting some of our older relatives than ourselves. Also it seems like there could be a chance that we'd end up getting stuck out there. It's a shame because it's cost us a bit of money, but you cant put a price on peace of mind. I'll probably end up catching it in London now but hey-ho!
  2. I tend to agree with you Yorkley. I think it's madness that we're not taking this more seriously - if you look at the trends in europe its inevitable that we're going to be hit hard. We will be shutting up shop sooner or later whether Boris likes it or not, the public outcry will be too loud to ignore when the numbers begin to fly up.
  3. Triple digits today. 120+ new cases
  4. I am finding it pretty strange that our numbers are so low considering the amount of tourists that enter the UK and the size of our population. When you compare our numbers with the likes of Denmark and Norway who have much smaller populations and less tourists its pretty baffling. It's making me think that we're going to have a huge explosion of cases in the coming days/weeks.
  5. I'm booked to go to Seville for a week on Saturday. 7 cases in Seville and 100+ in london where I live and work. Do I stay or do I go? My girlfriend is siding with cancelling the trip, but I'd like to go.
  6. Big breakout in Madrid over the past few days and thousands of Atletico fans on route to Liverpool for the Champions League tonight. Recipe for disaster.
  7. Kepa James Tomori Zouma Alonso Gilmour Barkley Loftus-Cheek Pedro Mount Giroud Would love to see this line-up on Sunday. If Willian is fit he will probably start over loftus-cheek with Mount dropping back into midfield. Azpi may also start over Alonso or James to offer us some more defensive stability (even though he seems to be losing out on so many of his individual duels this season!). Tomori over Rudiger. Rudiger is a disaster waiting to happen at the moment - got very lucky with some of his suicidal passing last night.
  8. Did everything right tonight and pulled off a brilliant triple save. I also liked that he wasn't scared to mix things up and go long to Giroud as well as short.
  9. Thought Zouma had a really good game tonight. Also seemed to win a lot in the air which was pleasing.
  10. It's a shame that he missed the 1 on 1 tonight because apart from that miss he was brilliant. Put in an amazing shift.
  11. What an unbelievable talent! Billy is going right to the top!
  12. He's a headless chicken at the moment. Probably the worst of our 4 centrebacks. I'm not writing him off at all, but he needs to massively improve!
  13. I just worry about jorginho’s mobility when he’s in a 2 rather than 3. Similar to how fabregas struggled in a 2 with us.
  14. Very uninspiring line-up and formation. I know Franks’ hands are tied slightly though with injuries to the squad. Hopefully Frank knows what he’s doing and we put in a good performance. I don’t think our squad is suited to 3 at the back like it was under Conte. Our best players are central midfielders, so I’d rather see a tailored formation to get as many of them in the team as possible. Much prefer 4-3-3.
  15. Frank sounding like Ruben will play a part tomorrow. Very complimentary of him.

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