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  1. Rudiger is not a centre back. He's poor on 1 vs 1, positioning poor, clumsy. Being big and athletic is masking his defensive difficiencies. So the reason we concede loads isn't because Kante is playing out of position, it's actually because we have 2 Centre halves who can't defend. At least it puts that debate to bed.
  2. Really good performance against one of the strongest sides in Europe. Definitely our best ball-playing centre back, just needs to keep the aggression in his game that we saw tonight, can sometimes look weak but he's still so far away from his peak. He's the best centre back we have at the moment.
  3. I cannot believe that we have yet to change a midfielder when it's been so clear that is where we are struggling. What is a lamps seeing here!!!??? Pulisic looking absolutely great though, very unlucky.
  4. I'd have started Gilmour. Our midfield 3 were wrong tonight against City. Needed ball players. Gilmour, Jorginho and Kovacic would have given us so much more control. Kante is lost in this central midfield role against a team like City.
  5. We need to bring on Kovacic and Jorginho to help us keep hold of the ball. This is horrendous, Kante having an absolutely shocker!! Mount not far behind and Barkley anonymous.
  6. I really don't think 5 at the back is the way to go here. We need the extra man in midfield against a team like City. We were the better team at the Etihad and were comfortable until the individual error and very bad luck changed the game. Kepa James Zouma Christensen Azpi Kante Gilmour Kovacic Willian Giroud Mount
  7. There's loads of space in this set-up for Ruben. He offers us something completely different to the rest of our midfield when he's fully fit i.e physicality, flair, strength, ball carrying that no one else in our midfield has (maybe Kovacic with the ball carrying). He was our 2nd best player behind Hazard last season and was the one player who you believed could create something out of nothing when our general play was a bit slow and stale - we looked a different team when Ruben was on the pitch. No doubt in my mind that he will be a big player for Frank in a couple of months.
  8. Havertz for me. Just as talented and can play on the wing and deeper. Sancho more of a goal threat but I personally dislike players showing off over social media about getting a haircut from a fancy barber whilst also flouting lockdown rules. Doesn't sit right with me and I'd question his mentality/maturity. Sancho is a brilliant talent, no doubt, but I'd prefer Havertz if I had to choose between the 2. I also think Hudson Odoi can better Sancho, although I know he's now having his own off the field issues! He's our player though, so going to back him.
  9. Next Kai Havertz and it would be the perfect window! 👀👀
  10. I'm so excited!! He's the striker I've been wanting for the past 18 months! I didn't think it was going to happen. Loads of talent, on great form, great age! Perfect signing!

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