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  1. I really didn't like our performance on Saturday. We beat them 3 times last season by engaging them high up the pitch, winning the ball back and then countering. We were way too deep on Saturday. It just seemed like the tactics were to defend deep and hit them on the counter with the pace of Werner and Lukaku. I thought Werner did well, but nothing stuck for Lukaku and he did seem a bit languid. I'd have taken Lukaku off at half time. It's disappointing because we really could have made statement in this match, but we've now given them a massive confidence boost. Let's put this down to a bad day at the office, get over it, and make the most of our upcoming fixtures over the next couple of months. P.S. Ruben staking a big claim for a lot more minutes than what I previously expected this season.
  2. You'd make an except and have Kante or another player drop back if he leaves his position. Or even better, play him in a double pivot.
  3. Buzzing for Ruben after that performance. He's been so unlucky with injuries pretty much his whole career, but the talent is undoubtedly there. I've also always said that I thought his best position would be in the 6 - he's technically superb and has great strength which makes him press resistant. It's also a great position for him to be in to start counter attacks as he can beat the press on his own with his excellent ball-carrying skills.
  4. By high level I didn't mean numbers, I meant quality of the assist/strike. 3 assists stick in my mind from last season which were such a high level most players wouldn't be able to pull them off - The assist for Hudson-Odoi away at Rennes, to Havertz at home to Fulham and obviously Havertz in the biggest occasion of them all the champions league final. Great strikes include the freekick he scored against Wolves when we needed to win to secure champions league footy. Mount's ceiling is so high - brilliant talent. The consistency will come.
  5. I think this is just and age and experience thing. There was a time when Mount was criticised for his ball retention skills as he was very lightweight - now he's a beast! He has high level shooting and assists in his locker as showed in the champions league final and with the odd banger he's scored from outside/edge of the box. I've got every confidence he'll become more consistent with it and become one of the world's best.
  6. Saul having a bakayoko level performance so far. Crazy to bring him in as a starter, we'd have been better off playing Ruben or Chalobah in midfield.
  7. I don't want to debate you because we will never see eye to eye on this one. Your views are obviously extremely strong on Jorginho after that essay. It really does baffle me why you have such a view as we've just won the pinnacle of the game with him in the team - he's one of our players and we should adore him for the achievement along with the rest of the team. I'm just grateful that Tuchel sees his skills as I do. As does Mancini. As do most professional managers he's played under.
  8. You don't win the champions league convincingly with any passengers in the team. All 11 were great, including Jorginho, so I find it sad that he doesn't get credit from some. He's a Chelsea legend now after that Champions League win along with the rest of the team.
  9. That's where our views differ because I actually think he does protect the back line. He might not be able to chase back if he's beaten, but the amount of times he intercepts our opponents passes when they try and attack us is ridiculous. He's always there mopping up and restarting the attack. Brilliant reader of the game and stops a lot of attacks before they get started. He'll never be one for chasing down the channels but we're lucky we have 2 kantes for that! 😉
  10. Yeah I agree with you. And to be fair he has had some very bad games where I've been shouting that I never want to see him in a Chelsea shirt again in the heat of the moment haha (west brom one of those games). But the positives far outweigh the negatives for me, especially against the best teams and in the Champions League.
  11. Jorginho is an amazing player with a unique skill set, so will never get the plaudits from certain fans. He doesn't look like an athlete and he's not fast or strong, so he'll always be doubted. He's a masterful reader of the game with excellent technical ability. The way he can set the tempo of the game is phenomenal. So lucky to have him.
  12. I love Ruben as a player, I still think he's one of if not the most talented youngster that has come through our academy. Really doesn't look like he's going to make it with us now though, although I hope I'm wrong. The injury killed all his momentum. He had a year out of the game which is a huge amount, he's had 1 season back under his belt with Fulham which would have done him the world of good, although he'd have been nowhere near his best. I think a season long loan move to Lazio would be absolutely perfect for him and I think he'd do really well. Not sure he'll be with us long term though no matter how well he does.
  13. Mendy Rudiger Silva Azpi James Chilwell Kante Jorginho Mount Werner Havertz (coin toss between him and Pulisic)
  14. Love Jorgi, he's brilliant. I don't know how any chelsea fan can dislike him, just listen to his interviews. Such a competitor and team player. Yes, he's made some shocking individual mistakes this season, but that's because he's brave enough to ask for the ball on the edge of our own box constantly to help us break through the press. We are at our best when he is in the team and I hope that he starts alongside Kante tomorrow - and I'm one of Kovacic's biggest fans, I think he's brilliant! But Kante is the world's best and we play better as a team and more connect with Jorgi in there.
  15. I've been his biggest critic and he was playing awfully to be fair. He has been brilliant under Tuchel though and was amazing last night! Back 3 suits him perfectly.
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