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  1. DannyVblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    That's probably the happiest I've been after a game since the Champions League final. I don't know why but this performance really affected me - absolutely delighted. Playing Hazard through the middle was a masterstroke from Sarri, I like the tactic a lot as Willian and especially Pedro are both excellent at pressing the opposition. Hazard didn't seem overly keen on playing through the middle as he didn't get as many touches of the ball as usual, but we were playing against City. He'll still see a lot of the ball through the middle against most other clubs - plus I think he'll also score a lot more goals!
  2. DannyVblue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    Fantastic team performance - everyone played well. Went for Luiz (goal and clean sheet), but thought Kante, Azpi and Pedro were all different class.
  3. Haha nice one yorkley! Saved me a job!!! Get in there!!!!!!
  4. Maybe first half but we bossed them second half!! Amazing performance! Can not wait to leave a lengthy analysis of the game on here tomorrow. I’ll be calling out a few numpties. Hate to say I told you so...
  5. DannyVblue

    Marcos Alonso

    He should definitely have started against Wolves, I was disappointed that he didn't feature. I know what you mean though - it's a tough ask for him to come in against City having barely played all season. Alonso will probably start anyway.
  6. DannyVblue

    Marcos Alonso

    Yeah, I'm all for giving Emerson a chance - I really rate him. I'd start him against City.
  7. DannyVblue

    Marcos Alonso

    I think he means his height is an advantage defending set-pieces.
  8. DannyVblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Another snippet from the presser "We need to have a collective target, we need determination, at the moment they are stronger than us, but our final target is to be the best in Europe. Anything can happen and we have to believe in it."
  9. DannyVblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Some people need to get a grip, we're trying to completely change our way of play yet we're still sat 4th in the table and have only suffered defeat twice. We've had Conte and Mourinho who were both fantastic for us, but they were both a lot more cautious in their approach. This approach is in some of our players DNA (because that's all they've been used to for the past 10 years), and it's going to take at least a season for that to change. I'm obviously so gutted about yesterday's defeat (especially as I somehow sit next to a huge Wolves fan at work - what's he doing in London!?), but I can still see the positives, and I believe the negatives are things that can be rectified with hard work and patience. I thought that we played very well for 60 minutes yesterday, I was really pleased until their 1st goal. We were playing good football and creating chances - we should also have had a penalty (how does this always go against us!!?). Their first goal was poor from us, individual errors cost us again. Fabregas should have taken the yellow card and brought Moutinho down once he got past him, and Kepa should have done better with the shot. As soon as it went 1-1 we showed our naivety and completely lost focus and another individual error cost us the 2nd (Willian), although I haven't watched this again it might have been a foul. I wouldn't be surprised. Cannot believe that some on here are still criticising Jorginho when he's not even involved! One thing I do think we're lacking is a nastiness to our game. We used to be a strong and nasty team in our heyday, no team would out battle us. For example, Son's goal against us should have been stopped by Jorginho pulling his shirt and taking a booking. And the same goes for Fabregas yesterday, he needed to do the same to Moutinho. That's what all the top sides do.. We're too nice a team. If we can get a nasty edge back I know we'll be OK.
  10. Yes confirmed! And Fabregas Over Jorginho and Willian Over Pedro.
  11. Not sure if it’s official, but our line-up is looking exciting tonight! Starts for RLC and Christensen! Hope it’s right.
  12. DannyVblue

    Eden Hazard

    That Jamie Spencer is an absolute nobody. 100% made up story.
  13. DannyVblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It just depends on whether you see the talent there or not. He's only 21 and has proven to be prolific in the league below us at a young age (especially for a striker). I'd rather give Tammy a chance than spend a fortune on another unproven import from abroad again. I'd also give Bats more of a chance.
  14. DannyVblue

    Hudson Odoi

    I would love so much for this to be our starting line up one day. Even if for only 1 game. -------------- Kepa ------------- Azpi - Rudiger - Christensen - Alonso ------------- Ampadu ------------- ---- Mount ---- Loftus-Cheek ---- Hudson Odoi -- Abraham---- Hazard You could even put Ampadu in place of Rudiger and get Kante into midfield. That would be 6 home grown players in the starting line up. It will never happen, but i'd love to see it..
  15. Jorginho was one of Napoli's best player when they played City in the champions league last season, which is part of the reason why Pep tried to sign him. He's got to play. We need to make sure we retain possession a lot better than against Spurs. Hopefully Hazard sees a lot of the ball from the start. I also think this game would suit RLC.