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  1. If the buy-back clause is £3.5 million then I think it's a no-brainer to get him back. Give him a chance to impress in training and if he doesn't we'd be able to sell him for £20-30 million. He's started the season on fire and reached levels that I never expected of him.
  2. I thought Dave had a good game, but didn't do enough for their goal at all. Their winger found to far too easy to beat him and get in the cross which led to their goal. Dave seemed tentative in that action, like he didn't want to risk giving away a foul or hand-balling a cross.
  3. He looked very composed and confident on the ball which was great. Really poor defending from our defense for their goal though and he also made a howler at the end which nearly cost us qualification. Considering that he barely had anything to do all match, that isn't great. A similar mistake from Christensen or Zouma and the forum would erupt! I'm putting it down to a bit of rustiness - hopefully the mistakes will be ironed out once he's had a run of games. I really like his presence at the back.
  4. We weren't open against Norwich or Wolves, but we were in the others and Jorginho was indeed playing. To blame Jorginho for our openness though is unfair, it's not one players fault. We're an attacking team now and are creating more chances and playing better football, but when we're bombing forward it also means that you're going to leave more spaces at the back. I didn't think we looked any more solid in the middle last night than we did when we beat Brighton 2-0 for example. Or against Ajax away, our best performance of the season.
  5. Certainly did. How many of those matches did we lose Davey? We won the midfield battle in all those games except Ajax and Valencia which were both crazy games with no control from either team.. Jorginho was actually absolutely brilliant against Wolves away, I don't know why you've put that in there. Utd was our only loss in those 7 games which was our first game under Lamps and it was probably naive tactics on our part in that match.
  6. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. With 2 defenders in the 6 yard box (Christensen and James), I think Kepa had every right to protect his goal-line. Great cross, poor defending, (another!) fluky finish.
  7. Whipped in first time dipping with no time to react. Absolutely no chance. Tibo was slow! Tibo’s biggest quality was collecting high slow crosses in the box because he could just walk out and reach above everyone else because he was a big giraffe.
  8. I can't believe you're blaming him for their goal last night - no keeper comes out for that cross. It had absolutely nothing to do with his height (it wasn't even a high cross). Sometimes you've just got to applaud the superb delivery. The blame for their goal was 1. allowing the cross to be delivered in the first place 2. Christensen getting bullied by their attacker and getting nowhere near the header 3. Reece James not picking up the runner.
  9. It's a myth that we've been open in midfield this season when Jorginho has played. Jorginho was brilliant for us in our run of 6 premier league wins in a row, and we've bossed the midfield area in every game we've played this season. Our weakness this season has been set pieces and crosses into the box. We're just lucky to have some brilliant options in the middle of the park at the moment. Jorginho deserved the rest not because he's been poor (he's been really good), it's just that Kovacic, Kante and Mount have also been very very good.
  10. 2 good games on the spin. Kept the scoreline from being embarrassing against West Ham, and pulled off a good save at the death last night which secured the win. Getting back to some good form - keep it up Kepa!
  11. Barring the penalty save that was Kepa's worst game for us. The penalty save was superb though - as Frank said it wasn't just an ordinary penalty save, it was special. Not many keepers in the world could have pulled that off. 1st goal Kepa should definitely be doing better there. 2nd goal was a fluke that was miles over his head. He'd have needed to be 9ft tall to save that! The 2nd goal isn't on him. He generally looked shaky last night and his passing was poor.
  12. Kovacic in beast mode! Unreal player!
  13. Sounds like I'm the only one who's not particularly worried about him. The only time I have a little bit of anxiety about him is dealing with crosses with a packed penalty area. He makes all the saves he's supposed to. I can't blame him for any goal we've conceded this season. Maybe some would say he should have saved Ziyech's freekick or Rodrigues goal for Burnley, but if he saves those they would go down as saves of the season. He's not prime Buffon, fair enough, but he's a long way off being a bad goalie. The talent is there. Courtois no way pulls off that double save that Kepa did in the Super Cup final against Liverpool.
  14. He made one mistake against City and that was the crap pass to Aguero - it didn't result in a goal. Absolutely nothing he could have done about the 2 goals so to hear the criticism from some on here is ridiculous.

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