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  1. He is an Engliand international. That usually comes with a premium.lol
  2. Can't wait till next season when we sell Pedro willian and Barkley. We will have our number 11,10 and 8 jerseys with worthy players
  3. Willian should have taken a tactical foul there.. he is so lazy for a substitute...
  4. Wtf.... We better not draw this game or our winter break is f**kED
  5. We will definitely concede another attempt on goal. Hopefully our keeper can make a save
  6. I think he should play on the left where he can cut in and shoot. On the right all he can do is dribble and cross
  7. That defense splitting pass from kovacic was orgasmic shame we cudnt finish it
  8. Definitely does more than jorginho in that holding role
  9. Bogarde just came here to get a pay cheque after retiring from international duty. Bernard lombarde actually got games and wasn't as bad as you are trying to imply. Batshauyi is a Belgian international and has scored goals in Germany and France . My point is that he can't be called trash until given a run of games... Emerson on the other hand is certified trash
  10. I don't think I can call a player who hasn't been given a run of games in his chelsea career trash. It's tough getting rythm when u only come on as a sub once in a while. We can all see CHO"s game improve with the run of games he has had due to pulisics injury... I recall batshauyi lighting it up for Dortmund when he went on loan and was a regular starter
  11. It is imperative we don't get a replay today.. spurs tied and now they have to play a replay during their winter break.. I want to laugh at them but don't want to jinx us.. let's just bludgeon these lot

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