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  1. That would have been possible if we drew a league 2 team but against a team like Southampton i think it would be smart to have him on the bench.
  2. He is just 17 years old but he should be on the bench along with the Giant Dutch Kid
  3. This is meant as a joke and not a RACIST or XENOPHOBIC comment. Just putting it out there because we live in a time of cancel culture. Actually I am too scared to crack it. I will just say I prefer my Dirty Money to come from RUSSIA. LMFAO
  4. I like the team besides ziyech not starting and I pray we don't start our only striker available ( Havertz) in this glorified cup game. You are right about Kante ,we need him fresh to deal with Saint maximan on Saturday
  5. Fun fact. Liverpool haven't beaten a team in the top half of the table but the media can keep on giving them fellatio .
  6. It is easier to mark a still target compared to a moving target. Tuchel is smart and i am sure he will find a way to alter his tactics to reduce the amount of times Lukaku takes up a position of Target man in our attack. The one thing i think Lukaku has to improve on is his off the ball pressing though.
  7. No freaking way. We will make 9 changes with only CHO and Chalobah starting from the Norwich game. We need to rest players and protect from injuries. Barkley as the False 9 Kepa Chalobah Christensen Sarr Azpi Kante Loftus cheek Alonso Ziyech Barkley CHO Makes me wonder why we loaned in Saul with him not even being able to start in Carabao cup game. Then again Tuchel might start
  9. He definitely impressed. The only thing he didnt do was score but his pressing and off the ball movement created space for others.. He is best as a false 9 in my opinion heck we won the Champions league with him as a false 9
  10. I made him my Captain in Fantasy. So gutted especially with us scoring 5
  11. I knew i should have predicted 8-0 in the prediction page
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