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  1. No point risking kante. The hamstring injuries have shown that the players are running on empty with lampard refusing to rotate during this cramped up period even though it is understandable. I don't care about the result in this game as long as we don't get any new injuries. Absolutely gutted for azpi and pulisic . I just pray it is a strained hamstring and not a torn one because that will take months to heal. Caballero James zouma Tomori Emerson Kovacic Barkley Mount Odoi Abraham Anjorin
  2. So when you say we need at most 4 new players is that including the 2 we have already bought? Because from my view point we need a new keeper, centre back , left back ,defensive midfielder and of course HAVERTZ. We have no creativity players down the middle and rely solely on our wing play, that's why with pulisic and Willian out we look clueless. We need a MASSIVE overall of this squad and hopefully we get rid of some dead wood like Kepa Emerson Rudiger and or Christensen Jorginho Drinkwater Barkley Pedro ( Thanks for Ur service) Batshuayi
  3. we really missed Willian on that right side. Hopefully he signs the contract
  4. On the plus side this loss shows that the team needs massive upgrades , if we had won the board might have felt like we have good defenders and only need a few players. It is obvious that we need a massive overhaul. Hopefully Rudiger and Christensen are sold. The former has rocks for brains and the latter is just too soft for the premier league.
  5. The fact of the matter is that he took a risk that wasnt worth taking.
  6. I don't know about weekend ruined bro. I would take top 4 over the fa cup and Europa... It's a sour taste but won't dampen the sweet taste of lamps first season
  7. Wouldn't have happened if the ref had called the blatant foul by Pepe.. This ref is truly a c**t
  8. Why risk his hamstrings when we already have azpi and pulisic injured
  9. Lamps has been too slow in this game.. totally outcoached to be honest

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