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  1. No offence taken but what is lampard brand of football because all i see are crosses. We dont attack teams down the middle and dont have a clear identity or philosophy
  2. All we will do with lamps in charge of Haaland is cross to him. It is plain to see that we have no identity
  3. Leicester had an identity , wish i could say the same about Chelsea. We need a World Class coach. Lampard and Abraham are championship material
  4. what has he shown to prove that he will bring success. he needs to learn and improve as a manager.
  5. He still managed to beat Bayern to the title and took unfancied dortmund to a champions league final. You honestly cant be comparing Lampard to Klopp. I am talking about Klopp pre liverpool
  6. The only team w have beaten in the top 11 is West HAM.. SHAME Lamps thanks for the memories but its time to hit the road jack
  7. He won the league with Dortmund and took them to a UCL final. He also had an identity with his high pressing football. All i see from us is cross and INSHA ALLAH
  8. i dont mind Nagelsman at the end of the season but honestly Sheva and Lamps are in the same league
  9. Luckily there are no fans in the stadium due to covid or we wud be heaing boos. Who is this magical manager on the market that can get us top 4 that u suggest
  10. I want lampard sacked but there is no quality replacement on the market.
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