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  1. But they haven't trained the past 2 days. What's the point playing
  2. Their only hope is that the game is postponed till Kane and son return from injury..
  3. Our midfield looks very dynamic. I hope it's the last we see of the jorginho kova and Kante midfield...
  4. Gilmour scoring will be the icing on the cake
  5. Hopefully Kepa starts. I dont think we can play a back 3 with gilmour in a midfield 2. I also hope Christensen doesn't play or he will be eaten up Calvert Lewin in the phsical game.so i will go for Kepa Azpi Rudiger Zouma Alonso Gilmour James Barkley Willian Giroud Mount
  6. Gilmour has shown that he is ready to take jorginhos place
  7. Unlucky from Giroud . He has hit the bar in our last 2 games
  8. With our injury crisis we should be taking off Pedro and giving anjorin a run out
  9. Now William is injured... Pretty dumb playing a strong team today in this Fa cup match
  10. Can mount ever get a rest.. Even on his rest days he has to come on for an injured player

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