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  1. Kepa wouldnt have dived for the Rashford effort. All he would have done was make eye contact with the ball
  2. Who is the v.a.r referee . That w**ker has been bought.. How is the Azpi foul not a penalty or at least get the ref to go look at the screen
  3. My heart agrees with you about Kai being an X factor but my brain tells me Kai hasn't shown any signs of that since he joined us. To be honest I see Ziyech being more of our X factor when he gets fully fit. I would rather we switch Giroud and Mount for Werner and Havertz.
  4. I have no problem with starting Mount. I think most of us have a problem with starting him on the wing. I dont mind him as an INVERTED winger in a 343 or as a number 10 or number 8. My problem is with him hogging the touchline because in that position he only offers us defensive stability but absolutely nothing going foward.
  5. I know what you mean about kai but I think Mount has been bad because Lampard plays him on the wings. I actually think that currently Mount is a better number 10 for Chelsea than Havertz because of his energy off the ball and also because Kai is still gelling with the pace of the premier league.
  6. I am sick of Lampard trying to force the new players to gel . Lets just stick with the Pulisic Giroud combo that got us top 4 after the international break and let the new attacking players earn their stripes. Mendy Azpi Silva Zouma Chilwell Jorginho Kovacic CHO Mount Pulisic Giroud
  7. Just heard this was our first 0-0 in Lampards 63 games in charge. lol...
  8. Mendy and Silva are the only positives after today....
  9. It is a disgrace the way Chelsea treat Giroud. Especially with him dragging us over the line last season after the restart.
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